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I miss working with props. I need more shoots with bubbles and lights and confetti 🎉
don't plan on staying too long, so you should come here ----------------------------------------- aqui eu, ó, batendo na porta envergonhada com o rosto escondido. mais de um ano depois, to de volta (ou tentando). é aquilo né, sempre tem uma coisinha que falta. preciso aprender a incluir essa parte gigantesca de mim na minha rotina. é ridículo eu ter tempo pra tudo, menos pra fotografia (e cinema). isso é uma tentativa de deixar público esse meu descaso vergonhoso com o audiovisual, no geral, e ver se alguém aí me dá um soco no queixo na próxima vez que eu ficar tanto tempo longe. eu deixei, pode socar.
So many parts of our lives and journeys together are personal. It's these personal connections and moments that make us our own special little tribes and couples. It's why on portrait sessions sometimes I just love to have you all share something special about the other away from myself as I'd there to watch the reactions and fun unfold. Emily and Tijs session was such a special one, especially catching it at the end of summer before all of the gorgeous autumn colours have begun to spring!
missing this beautiful place 💕
right here in the light🌞
carried away
Photographic looking with Iron Man vibes📷 In frame: Sara🤓
I am creating too much, but I have to fill that necessity of feeling empty. In frame: Elkin
Moody orange
//6:08 pm// • I want to give a quick shoutout to @fallenwaterlilly because she has really cool photos and is such a nice person! Go check out her page!! 🧡
Are you scared of heights? 🤔 • • #d3400 #nikon_portrait #artistic_avenues #d3400_fam
I like to transform my photographs into something else🌕 In frame: Ismael🤓
Sunday funday, better than Monday. 💐
Seriously, the only real planning Taylor and I did for this shoot was, “Let’s meet on the south coast of Iceland on the 11th of May.” I showed up at her Airbnb, picked one of four outfits she brought then we stepped out into the “backyard “ of her Airbnb for these shots at 20:45.. . . . . . . #smallfeature #fashionstyles_4u #theportraitpr0ject #pr0ject_soul #feature_community #prothofolio #buildandbloom #wonderearthportrait #dopeports #allcityportraits #portraitwizards #redhead #ginger #iceland
Collect moments not things 📷
Here’s to all you grads and all your hard work, cheers! 🍾
swipe to see a belly flop➡
Your path is unusual.✨ Model: @salome___brd
Before & After just cause I feel like it 🥀 Post-processing is almost as enjoyable as shooting to me, I love hiding up in my room all cozy with a cup of tea or coffee and getting down to work ☕️
Straight from Hell Work for @nothing.nuhc In Frame @_vinagras2000_
📖 🌿
After a long long time I finally found my love again for self-portraits. I’m quite busy with @bizarravintage so I don’t have much time for photography, but I hope I can pick it up again and take some awesome photographs this summer! . . . . [#makeup #thedutchphotographers #dutchphotographer #nikond750 #nikonphotographers #fashion #70sfashion #farrahfawcett #70s #1970s #winterswijk #hair #selfportraits #portraitphotographer #darlenedreeyersphotography #buildandbloom #nikonphotography #portraits #StartersOfIg #smallfeature #zoomnl #nikon #thevisualvogue #portraitsmag #portraitfeature #portraitkillers #portraitmood #portraitsnl #photography ]
Happy Sunday everyone!
And just like that, it’s over! Congratulations to the class of 2018, you have left your mark on Chapman, now go out and see where life takes you! ————————————————————— 800 edited senior photos later, I finally have a shoot for fun today so that’s exciting! #lcphotoportraits #lcphotoseniors #igers_la #portraits #igers_oc #la #seniorpics #l0tsabraids #model #buildandbloom #vogove #graduation #ftmedd #under3kyo #sonyimages #sonyalpha #potd #shutternation #creative_portraits #portrait_vision #exclusive_shot #summer #ilovela #smallfeature #vogove #startersofIG #vastportraits #bravogreatphoto #yourvisiongallery
hi it me 👋🏼
Fly with the wind 🌬
little more ray of sunshine ☀️- feels good to be posting again !
It’s difficult to be unsure of where you’ll end up, but it’s more frustrating not knowing where you want to go. Model: @__chuck.mo__
and I want to be there for you. I’m just tired of it being one sided. Model: @chocolatecodienee
Beneath, 2018 So thankful for @alainadelrae helping me last minute 🤩
time for a little change to my feed, alittle ray of sunshine perhaps ☀️
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• 🌿•
Mother Moon Just in time for Mother's Day! So grateful to have finished another photoshoot. I haven't seen or worked with @elisabeth_bradley_ in such a long, long time. And I'm so happy I was able to catch up and work with her! She's such a wonderful and beautiful lady.
new theme!!! 💥
Chryseis, 2013 So angry at myself for forgetting to post this one, but better late than never I guess. Worked with the beautiful and incredible person @crushida , and so very honored I had such an opportunity.
Swipe right for full photo! Full image further down my stream 🌸
Siren of the Spring Had the absolute pleasure of working with @astrid.kallsen this morning. This was the first time I've worked with a professional model and oh man, I was extremely nervous, but also extremely excited. She made it so easy, so calm and it went better than I could have imagined (I say that about all my shoots, but they always exceed my expectations!). Though it was a short shoot (I had a clear vision of what I wanted), I'm so glad I was able to spend some time with her. A gentle soul, that's for sure. I definitely hope to work with her again in the future.
Hallowed Pt. II
Hallowed I don't know how many years I've wanted to shoot in a field of wheat or barley, but I've never seen it around close to where I live, until recently. There is this field that is planted differently every year, and this year it started growing this way and I knew I had to hurry and get a shoot done before they rolled it. So, I contacted Alaina last minute to see if she could do a shoot this evening and lo and behold. I am so grateful and excited to be getting so much work done in such a short time.
Dragon, 2013 I knew Lizzy’s mother from working with her. When I first saw Lizzy and her sister, I knew I had to photograph them both, but had a specific idea for Lizzy. I thought of this woman embodiment as a dragon, and made the choker and dress by cutting sequins until my fingers were blistered. I still love how this turned out, and can’t wait to work with @elisabeth_bradley_ again!
Alaina, 2013 I couldn't do the work I do without the people I work with. They're always so willing to go the extra mile for me and are so trusting of what I'm going to do. That notion overwhelms me sometimes, because I don't think myself worthy of something like that, but it makes me so grateful and the end product turns out better than I imagined. This photo was done super early, and Alaina was out with me cutting wet grass and flowers with scissors at daybreak. I love this image a lot, and I couldn't have done it without her. She's an amazing person and I adore working with her. Love you @alainadelrae 💕
Verde, 2013 Bailey is such a wonderful person and model. I met her while working at Hobby Lobby and was shocked when she agreed to be my model. She's so soft spoken and super rad. Our shoots have always turned out so amazing, and she's so easy to work with. She's up for challenges and whatever I throw at her. You're the best pretty lady, @heynongwoman .
The Absent, 2013 Hard to believe it's been five years since I took this photo with @alainadelrae at the break of dawn to do this photoshoot. It's easily one of the photos I'm most proud of, but I definitely couldn't have done it without Alaina, who is so willing and down for whatever I throw at her. So excited for the future with my work and working with her.
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