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All of this rain has made me a hermit. I'm ready for some sunshine and need to get out to stretch my legs. Who's up for a hike? 🙌 #hikinginla #mothernature #rainraingoaway
So it's raining now, but it's going to stop later today ... which means NOW is the time to start planning out your POST-rain hikes!⠀ ⠀ Hiking after the rain is one of the best parts about living in Southern California. The air is clear, the chaparral and sage scrub are fragrant, and our native plants are just starting to come out of their winter slumbers. The landscape is green (or greening) and the crisp skies and neverending views will truly make you appreciate where you live. It ALMOST makes up for the fact that it can still be like 90 degrees on Thanksgiving, ya know?⠀ ⠀ We've gotten a ton of much-needed rain over the past week. Now, we usually recommend folks stay off the trails for a good 24-48 hours after a rainstorm and the reasoning is this: 1). It's safer for YOU because a lot of that ground is likely to be unstable. You might experience washouts, landslides, or other unpredictable soil activity along the way. And 2). It's better for the TRAILS. The landscape here is already prone to erosion, but when boots start stomping on muddy trails, that erosion increases exponentially. One hiking group's boots can cause some serious damage on a trail that's still too wet -- which is why many parks in this region actually remain closed to all hikers for 48 hours following rain. If you do get into some muddy patches, try to jump over them or walk in single file through them (hey, you've gotta give that Gore-Tex a workout SOMETIME right?).⠀ ⠀ Anyway, if you want some inspiration, click the link in the bio to read about some of our favorite post-rain hikes in the LA region. We've got some sun coming in the forecast, so give these trails some time to recover from their soaking -- and remember, Monday's a holiday! Happy hiking!⠀ ⠀ #modernhiker #hiking #losangeles #socal #socalhikers #socalhiking #hikingtrails #rain #santamonicamountains #sangabrielmountains #outdoors #views #inspiration #mountains #trails #la #neverstopexploring #optoutside #californianativeplants
✨Why else are we here, than to be unreasonably passionate for things?! . . . Hiked to beautiful Sunset Peak, 🌄 7mi RT 🏃🏾‍♀️ #altadenahiking #socalhiking #angelesnationalforest #womenwhohike #womenwhoexplore #feedyoursoul #sunsethiking #sunsetpeaktrail #outdoors #mtbaldy #cottoncandyskies #californiahiking #wanderpeople #wanderwomen #hikingcommunity
All this rain makes me think of all the snow in the mountains 🙃. #SoCalHiking #socalhiker
Monday 1/21/19 we are headed up to Inspiration Point. Vamos, Lets go! Let’s go out and connect with Mother Nature. It looks like it’ll be a sunny day! ☀️ • We recommend that you wear comfortable layered attire, hiking shoes, bring enough water (minimum 2L), and snacks! Tag a friend! Bring one, two or three friends, or come on your own! See you Monday! • Date and time: January 21, 2019 at 7:30am • Location: 3302 Lake Ave., Altadena, CA 91001 Distance: 10.5miles Difficulty: Strenuous Elevation gain: 2,740 ft Parking: Free street parking! Make sure to come early to find parking See you there! #HIKEscapeLA #ToLiveAndHikeInLA #hike #grouphike #LosAngeles #TakeAHike #DiscoverLA #AngelesNationalForest #52HikeChallenge #Altadena #TODSL #SoCalHiker #socalhiking #ModernHiker #TeamWork #columbia #rockslidecrew #LAHikes #SixPackOfPeaksChallenge #CoastTrekkers #REI #rei1440project #optoutside
✅ Another great family workout complete. This program keeps getting better, even through the challenges. We look forward to the workouts each day. The meal plan is awesome too. I can already feel a difference. Is it tomorrow yet?! 😆
One of my favorite hikes in San Diego with the favorite people ♥️ #2017 #HikeMore #WhenWeUsedToHaveTime #WokeUpAt5AmForThis . . . . . . #SanDiego #California #CaliforniaHikes #socalhiking #socalhikes #Adventure #explore
Hey guys! Im super excited to share some exciting news with you! I’ve decided to become a Beachbody coach!! I’ve been wanting to make steps towards a healthier lifestyle and feel better about myself too! I’ve been in an online challenge group and I loved the accountability and the results I got from working out AT HOME. And I want to help others do the same. I will be hosting an online challenge group in the next few weeks and I’m looking for five women to join me! Let me know if you or anyone you know might be interested!
Scouting the winter wilds of Ojai for our Jan 27th Wildtender hike—enlivening our senses and observing new growth on the land and within. . Join us and herbalist @heavynettlegathering on Sunday, January 27th for a day of renewing connection with self and land...Breathe and taste fragrant native medicinal flora, eavesdrop on the birds, and follow graceful animal tracks down to the wild Sespe river... . A few spaces left— register on our website (link in profile) . #wildtender #tendingthewild #ojai #socalhiker #socalhiking #forestbathing #mountaintherapy #mindfulhiking #natureheals #connectwithnature
Pets are travelers too🌈 we accept pets at most of our luxury estates so don’t think we are to fancy!! We also except all magical creatures remember We are Ojai 🌺🌺🌺🌺 one of the most artsy spiritual one of a kind locations on the planet earth #petfriendly #petfriendlyhotel #unicorns 🦄 #frenchyfanatics
. It's been a long time coming since I've seen your face I've been everywhere and back trying to replace Everything that I've had till my feet went numb Praying like a fool that's been on the run Heart still beating but it's not working It's like a million dollar phone that you just can't ring I reach out trying to love but I feel nothing Yeah, my heart is numb But with you, I feel again💋 ~ One Republic . #chasingwaterfalls #waterfall #havasupai #waterfallwednesday
Tonight I released something I’ve been meaning to release for forever. - It kind of reminds me of the 1st steps I took on the trails last year. Excited, relieved, 100 percent afraid of what might happen. - I’m a mess when I begin things. I get in my head and think of everything that can go wrong. I am doubt incarnate. - But every goal in the past 3 years has taught me the same damn thing, THIS moment, the first tangible step in the direction of your goal, THIS is the most important time. - So I’m happy to finally release this podcast, to finally let out what has been in my heart for far too long. Thank you to everyone that encouraged me to start on this journey. Ain’t nothing without y’all. - If you want to take a listen, the link is in my bio. It’s no more than 12 minutes, and it’s a simple offering in what I hope evolves into a complex study on life.
🚨 News flash 🚨 You can enjoy what you’re doing while being challenged! 😜 Tonight’s workout was definitely a challenge but not enough to break our spirits. When things got tough we dug deeper. When things got real we just laughed. Combined the right amount of effort with the right about of perspective and nothing will stop you! Tonight’s challenge is no different than the challenges in life. When things get tough, we push harder. When life pushes our limits, keep fighting. That’s what we do as people! At the end, we had a great workout. We sweated our butts off and had lots of fun doing it. We’ll be ready for day 3 tomorrow 😉👍🏻.
Winter is coming. Oh wait, no. Winter is HERE. Remember, high peaks in winter months should be treated with respect and caution. Trails that are easy day hikes in the warmer months require technical skills and special equipment in the winter ... but if you can get up there, scenes like this are unforgettable. #Repost @just.keep.hiking with @get_repost ・・・ Ski hut trail near the top of baldy bowl. #modernhiker #hiking #outdoors #socal #california #socalhiking #socalhiker #sangabrielmountains #angelesnationalforest #winter #snow #mountains #losangeles
No better place I’d rather be to celebrate my 27th year 🎉 than being out lost in this trail! . . . . #sunsetridgetrail #dawnmine #birthdayhike #socalhiking #altadena #echomountain #27feelssogood !#womenwhohike #womenwhoexplore #cahiking #feedyoursoul #hiking #
Patches of snow! #pct #mtlaguna #socalhiking
Loving the rain but missing my sunset hiking views. . . . #hiking #socal #socalhiking #januarysunset #womenwhohike
Slow✨Unplug✨Ojai✨ Breath In✨Be Kind✨Nature Be careful out there big storm is coming today please be careful #bekind #unplugged #breath #slowdown #californiahiking
BIRTHDAY HIKE: There are just a few short days left before I leave my 20s behind. Although my 20s were fun with uncertainty, it’s time for stability. It is bittersweet to think that moving into a new decade marks the closing of another chapter. As I stood on top of the mountain, I took a moment to reflect & embrace a new beginning that lies ahead. My 30s are for creating a life I crave! #thisis30 #socalhiking #optoutside
Pictures from Sunday’s Eaton Canyon cleanup are now in our Dropbox (link in @trashfreeearth 's IG bio). 😊 - 📷: @dmhphotography_ // @deanaromo (Thank you Dani & Deana! 🤗) - To sign-up for future events, please visit our website: TrashFreeEarth.org - #TrashFreeEarth #EatonCanyon #leaveitbetter #leavenotrace #trailcleanup #hiking #outdoors #socalhiking #bethechange #plasticpollution #modernhiker #eatoncanyonfalls #packitinpackitout #packitout #wanderlust #cleanearth #lesswaste #zerowaste #lessismore #cleantrails #eatoncanyonfalls
Fox Peak (5033 ft)—via the Condor Peak Trailhead off Big Tujunga Canyon Rd. It’s approximately 6 miles one way to Fox Peak summit, and aside from the sign at the trailhead, there are no other signs anywhere on this trail. The trail is easy to follow but overgrown which means ticks. I got approximately 30 on this hike and that’s after I sprayed the crap out of myself with 2 kinds of tick repellant. Anytime you brush against any bushes while hiking check your legs immediately because that’s where they land on you and crawl up. None got on me but it does get annoying having to check so much. One section of this trail in particular allows you to see the Big Tujunga Dam which is a cool sight to see, especially around dusk. Even though there are no signs on this trail it is very easy to spot the trail on the final ridge that leads up to Fox Peak so don’t worry about hiking so far and not finding it. Condor Peak, which I went after here is only another 2.3 miles away and you see the summit almost the entire way. There is a marker at the top of Fox Peak and a register, and the summit is small so the 360 degree views are great. Early into this hike there are great views of the cliffs near the Yerba Buena Ridge (Pic 2). Overall, a very fun hike (minus the ticks) and one I will definitely do again. Lastly, there is a shortcut which knocks approximately 2-3 miles off the hike. Park at mile marker 4.50 off Big Tujunga Canyon Rd. I think this is where the old trailhead used to be because it is evident it used to be an actual trail at one time. There’s plenty of parking here and some vertical, metal poles mark the entrance of this almost hidden trail. It is eroded in sections but worth it. (I discovered it on my way down and took it out to see where it went). A good starting point if you want to go to Condor Peak or Iron #2 . 12-30-18 #angelesnationalforest #sangabriels #sangabrielmountains #socalhiker #socalhiking #socalhikes #hike #hiking #hikingboots #hikesocal #hikecalifornia #solohiking #hikingsolo #neverstopexploring #optoutside 🌲 #optoutside #peoplewhohike #peoplewhoadventure #adventure #peakbagger #mountainsarecalling #trekking #iphonephotography #foxpeak #ihateticks
“Sooner or later, we will have to recognize that the Earth has rights, too, to live without pollution. What mankind must know is that human beings cannot live without Mother Earth, but the planet can live without humans.” -Evo Morales - Let’s continue to do our part to protect and care for this place we call home, Earth. Without a healthy Earth, us, humans, will not be able to do the things we love. We don’t want to regret one day not doing our part to care for our environment. - Let’s continue to be the change together. 🌎 - 📸: @santa_de_ana // @deanaromo - #TrashFreeEarth #NoplanetB #naturelovers #eatoncanyon
When you realize your health is bigger than just you. It’s impacts everyone around you but yes it always starts with you! When I started this journey a few years ago, it was to get myself healthy but these days it’s for more than just me. When I’m healthier, happier and feel better.... they do too. When I live longer, they benefit too. When I change my habits, they will too. Day 1 of our new program complete. It definitely lived up to it’s hype. We loved every bit of it. You can sure get a lot out of 20 minutes. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s workout!
So much green 😍💚 as a SoCal native, I’m used to hikes colored with brown hues, so this little patch of greenery on Sunday’s hike was extra special✨ #52hikechallenge #52hikechallenge2019 #socalhiking #sdhikes #sdhiking #sandiegohiking #girlswhohike #womenwhohike
☠️🏖☠️Popular trail to the beach but I wonder, do people know what the real Ho Chi Minh Trail was? Do people know who Ho Chi Minh himself was? • The positive or negative answers will depend on who’s telling the story. I think you’ll be surprised. • Wikipedia is cool for the short answers but Ken Burn’s Vietnam documentary will stamp the knowledge into your head permanently. The story is incredible. • Also note: google maps now has this labeled as “Saigon Trail.” Which is also interesting. When was it renamed and who’s naming it? • #hochiminh #hochiminhtrail #saigon #thefallofsaigon #hochiminhcity #vietnam #vietnamwar #optoutside #goexplore #hardcorehistory #hiddensandiego #hiddenhistory #atlasobscura #exploresandiego #hisd #hikesandiego #sandiegohikes #sandiegohiking #lajolla #torreypines #westcoast #socalhiker #socalhiking #sandiegoadventures #ucsd #lajollacove #lajollacliffs #sandiegophotography #sandiegophotographer #historyexplorer
282 feet below sea level
daily devotions ✨ fairy hills #socalhiking
The west is getting some precipitation this week! Stay safe on the trails - if you’re in rain, give the trails a few days to dry out before putting your boots on ‘em. If you’re in snow, don’t forget all the extra gear you’ll need! And tag your photos #modernhiker so we can see and share! #Repost @adventures_of_the_amayas with @get_repost. Photo from Mt San Jacinto State Park. ・・・ Just like natural beauty ... Peace and Love can grow just about anywhere. #bekind #livelovelaugh #staywild #exploringwithchristophernfoxxy #outdoors #snow #hiking #winter #california #socal #socalhiking #socalhiker #mountsanjacinto #palmsprings
Like most of the world, Ryan & I both work demanding jobs. With our schedules only overlapping 4 hours in the early AM hours, it's hard to find the time to just be present with each other. • The weekends have become sacred to us as it allows us to spend time together, doing things that not only strengthen our bond, but also our wellness, mind, body & spirit. • This past weekend we completed Hike #2 of our 52 Hike Challenge.
The problem with Instagram is that it will always be attached to a “my life is better than yours” stigma. - The “people we like stgma” as I love to call it. The ones with the solid aesthetics, the consistent messages, the technical skills we could only hope to achieve overnight that end up being years of hard work—they consume the IG sphere. - By no means am I popular. What? Do I have 500 followers and some change. And I post about hiking. That’s my thing. And yet every post I post, I hope that someone out there ISN’T thinking, “Damn, wish I could get out as much as he does. He has such a good life. What an adventurer” Because really, my feed is just as much a curated mess as the next person. My life isn’t great. It’s good, but no more than that. - I can only hope that by seeing these posts you become a tiny bit inspired to find the thing you want to do most. The thing that brings you love. The thing that hiking has brought me. - IG is a monster, like any other social media platform out there. Every like I get, I feel a tinge of happiness. But also, I hope that every like is someone saying, “Man, next weekend is my weekend, I’m moving forward, let’s do this.” I honestly think you can find your happy. And you’re almost there. But it’s all a theory. It’s all a thought. And if you made it to the end of this post, I hope your next day is the step in the right direction. You got this. Why? Because you’re so much more special than I am, so much more special than me 👏🏼
1/13/19 - Love those night hikes! @hollydomancich finishing well.
1/13/19 - Chiquito Falls Trail - the falls just had a trickle, but that may change with rain expected all week.
Have you ever seen people so happy to be hiking in freezing rain? 😂 Wandered a few miles on my favorite trail with these chicas for our Choose Your Own Adventure with nothing but good endings. #whatislove #girlsquad # #PCT #hiking #hikecalifornia #socalhiking #optoutside
🔥 I’m ready to crush my goals this week! This wasn’t always the case. It’s taken a while for me to be excited about a Monday but I can’t wait! A new opportunity to progress more, love it! I know this is only possible with the right amount of effort and the right amount of planning. Meal prepping is a huge part of my health goals. Bring it on Monday, I’m ready for you!!
Right in the middle of that tree you can see some guy wearing shorts and struggling on his way up thats me 🤣🤠#hiking #outdoors #hikingadventures #socalhiking #optoutside
brb. Time for a reset. 🌲 ↟ Maybe it’s the fast pace of the city, or maybe it’s the routine, but sometimes we feel lost and discombobulated and our conversations feel like they go in circles. That’s when we know we need to get ourselves outside and gain some perspective. Nature always brings us closer to ourselves. ↟ One of our 2019 goals is to wander through our “backyard” more and explore what’s close to LA. There’s so much to see! Can you believe this is just an hour outside the city!? ↟ ↬ What do you do when you need some perspective? ↟ Angeles National Forest, California, USA 🇺🇸 #comewanderwithus
Started with an overcast sky. Was NOT expecting this at all. - Go. Get out there. Do things. Put yourself in situations to be surprised by the most random and satisfying events. - You’ll come across some amazing things when you choose to take a step out and let yourself be surprised by the randomness that is life. I mean. Look at this. Skyfire🔥
Enjoying a moody winter day at the lake.
Thank you all for coming out today! We appreciate your love and support. Shout out to our guest lead @adventurecam20 for the adventure today! • Check out that view 😍🤩 • Stay tuned for details about our upcoming hike to Inspiration Point on 1.21.19. • #HIKEscapeLA #ToLiveAndHikeInLA #hike #grouphike #LosAngeles #TakeAHike #DiscoverLA #AngelesNationalForest #52HikeChallenge #TODSL #SoCalHiker #socalhiking #ModernHiker #TeamWork #columbia #rockslidecrew #LAHikes #SixPackOfPeaksChallenge #CoastTrekkers #REI #rei1440project #optoutside #REI #rei1440project #52hikechallenge2019
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