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I never knew what my purpose was in life. . I thought the only way life was lived was working the 9-5 grind, living for the weekend, and not really ever being sure if you were TRULY happy. . That's just normal right? . You wake up, go to a job where someone tells you what to do all day, come home, cook, clean, sleep, wake up and repeat. . I'm here to tell you...this is NOT the only way to live life! You are ALLOWED to find what makes you happy, pursue that, and make money from it! We make money doing things we hate everyday so WHY WHY WHY would it not be ok to make money doing something that we enjoy?! . I here by grant you full permission, no, DEMAND that you find what sets your soal on fire and chase the freaking hell out of it! *********** This health and fitness coach thing is not easy. We get unfriended. We get ignored. We get told no. We get told we are crazy. . It's very easy to forget what we are doing this for. Then, as if the universe heard your energy screaming for reassurance, you get a message from someone. Messaging you to thank you for giving them their confidence back. Messaging you saying I need you please help me my life is out of control. Messaging you saying OH MY GOD I LOST 10 POUNDS! . ^^^that right there is what feeds my soul^^^ . I can finally say I've found my purpose. I've found the thing that lights a fire in me and pushes me to be better everyday. I found the thing that makes me a better mommy to my babies and wifey to my hubby. Why does this make me better? Because YOU can only be your BEST self when you find your happiness!
Hayes said he’s not sure how this happened to my best pepper plant...😒😩 #soccermomproblems #guilty #boys #ducttape
Self care is such a vital part of my life. . My mind is healthier, my body is healthier, and my relationships with EVERYONE around me has changed for the better. . I’ve learned that it’s ok to say no and make yourself a priority, it’s actually a necessity! . It’s crazy that when I was first starting this journey I truly didn’t think I would have any time to fit it in. Now, 2 years in, I’m so thankful for my coach for helping me find the time! . On Monday my next group kicks off. It’s all about the busy lifestyle. How to practice self care while busy. How to eat healthy while busy. How to keep your house while busy. I won’t lie, it’s going to be 🔥 . If you need to find some “You time” and just don’t know where to start or think you’re just too busy to possibly be able to even join,drop your email below! Let me send you all of the details before you cut yourself out! ❤️❤️
Breaking fast with chicken salad and almond thins. Probably a good thing I’m shoving food in my mouth #soccermomproblems #needductape #soccertournament ⚽️
No filter. #soccerislife
NOOOO!!! 🏈🏀⚾️⚽️😭
We all have the same 24 hours in the day, right? So how is it that some people are in good shape, some people make millionaires and some people are just getting by? I'll tell you how... 👉Grit 👉Focus 👉Determination It's not because people have something you don't. They just CHOOSE to push through, no matter what obstacles are in their way, and achieve their goals! When I first started toying with the idea of joining my first challenge group I was not determined on reaching my goals. I made every excuse in the book as to why I couldn't do it. Wanna know what my biggest excuse was? I DIDNT HAVE TIME 🙈 Yes, I was that girl. It wasn't until I got completely fed up with myself that I made the decision to take that jump. Put up the money, make myself a priority, and stop wasting time! I didn't loose time with the other things that are important to me, my kids and my husband. You want to know where I lost time? That extra 30 minutes of sleep, GONE. And I'm ok with that! Even with less sleep now I feel more refreshed and awake after a killer workout in the morning that I EVER did from catching those extra 30 minutes! Take a look at your day, are you happy with what your time shows is important? If not, MAKE A FREAKING CHANGE!
Soccer Moms get your soccer nails to help show your support for your favorite player!! ⚽️Just for Kicks⚽️ Link to order in bio #colormehappywithchristie #colorstreet #colorstreetnailstrips #justforkicks #soccernails #soccermoms #soccermomproblems #soccermomsrock #soccer #easymani #funmani #colorstreetopportunity #drynailpolish
#momlife is definitely a #busylife . With 3 kids it’s inevitable that you get the “you’ve got your hands full!” comments at the grocery store and friends always saying “I don’t know how you do it” . To be honest, I do it better now than I did with just 2 kids. Sure, experience plays a role in that but one of the biggest things I can say contributes to me keeping it all together (as much as a mom can, because legit, 3 kids = chaos) is that I choose everyday to make my health a priority. . Every day I wake up and choose to fuel my body with nutrients that it craves and fill in all of the nutritional gaps with something that’s as equally as healthy as it is easy and brainless to grab on the go. . My homemade ginger frapp is just one of the pieces of my arsenal for keeping it all together while busy AF!
Nighttime is family time. . . I love sitting back and just watching the kids interact and listening to their little conversations. . . Adams telling Eva all about Mickey Mouse and singing to her and my heart is about to freaking explode ❤️
❤️❤️My schedule might be full but my heart is fuller ❤️❤️ . . Full time momma, full time wifey, climbing the corporate ladder, where in the HELL do I find time for me?! . . I used my crazy busy schedule as an excuse to not take care of myself but once I started to I saw a shift in the rest of my life. That one small shift completely put everything else in its rightful place. . . I went from overwhelmed, run down, and on the verge of a breakdown to confident, strong, and being able to manage life SO much better by ADDING just ONE MORE thing to my life. . . After all, if we don’t have our health what do we have?! . . In my upcoming mentorship series I will walk you step by step how to juggle a healthy life with a busy life. . . I’ve been where you are, some days you can’t even see be light at the end of the tunnel. I promise you that if you add the missing piece things WILL get better! . . August 13, that’s when the magic STARTS. Drop a comment below for more info on my mentorship series!!
With Helen! Getting ready for the gala #soccermomproblems #soccermomlife #soccermomma ⚽️ #mommydiy #soccermemes
These are just the ones that were dirty #soccermomproblems
With Helen! Getting ready for the gala #soccermomproblems #soccermomlife #soccermomma ⚽️ #mommydiy #soccermemes
Because he wanted me to sit up, so I sat up, but it wasn’t “super duper up” 😒🤣 . . Tag a friend and let me hear your #toddlermoments in the comments!
Haha relatable! -Helen #soccermomproblems
The boys did so good today! Taking them mini golfing 🏌️can’t wait! Nationals tomorrow! #soccermomma ⚽️ #soccermomproblems #soccermomlife #mommydiy #soccermemes #minigolf
LOL 🤣 so funny! I know all the soccer moms can relate. I’ve learned about memes this week. Nathan showed me but I like the soccer mom ones because that’s the only thing I relate to. Nathan uses I smile? Or I funny? So silly!!! #soccermom #memes #soccermemes #dankmemes #soccermomproblems #soccermomlife #mommydiy #soccermomma ⚽️
Hahaha! Guilty! Usually, I put their meds in their ice cream, they don’t want to eat them! I do the same with broccoli! -Helen #soccermomproblems
Photo I took on the field of Jimmy hitting a ball with his head! Hes only 9!!! He’s fine now! -Helen #soccermomproblems
I love helping people reach their goals and making new friends. Coaching keeps me motivated & healthy. It gives me confidence and has lead me to new life adventures. I love being my own boss and having the freedom of working from home in pockets of time. And maybe even most of all, I love getting a 25% discount on amazing products and making extra money for my family. 💕 If you love these things too, I may have just the right opportunity for you.... ... #teacherlifestyle #beachlovers 🌴 #teachersummerlife #momlife ❤️ #teacherplanner #teacherfun #teacherentrepreneur #momofteens #momofboys 💙 #momofgirl #soccermomlife #soccermoms #soccermomproblems #soccermomlife ⚽️ #soccermomsrock
Soccer Saturday, up at the crack of dawn...#soccermom #soccermommy #soccermomlife #soccermomproblems #momofboys #instamom
My voicemail should say “No, I can’t answer the phone, I have kids. Just text me like a normal person” #imomsohard #fitmomofthree #crohnsmom #wifelife 💍 #boymommy #girlmomlife #motherhoodlens #unicornmoms #soccermombuticursealittle #soccermomlife #soccermomproblems
Could intermittent fasting be right for you? You might be doing it already and not even realize it! We found it was a simple & easy way to reduce inflammation in our clients, and boost their overall wellbeing. 👣 Consult Dr. Praneeth or your GP before intermittent fasting 👣 ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ #physicaltherapy #physicaltherapist #physicaltherapyassistant #physicaltherapystudent #surgeryrecovery #surgeryday #surgery_guru #surgerylife #soccermom #soccermomlife #soccermommy #soccermomproblems #athletictraining #athleticinjury #sportsinjury #sportsinjuries #chicagodoctors #sprainedankle #sprainedfoot #sprainedwrist #sprainedknee #chicagomed
Who else is going with me?!? 😰😇
Vive la 🇫🇷 France. Oh well. Now my English 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 husband is sad, but there’s a roomer that I’m part French from Charlemagne’s time so Ces’t La Vie! I’m not really much of a sports person anyway. Just biking, skating and dancing 💃! #soccermomproblems
It’s so hot it looks like the flag melted. #hot #soccermom #soccermomproblems
I’m am not normally a sports gal! I don’t follow any of them, but since Cullen has fallen in love with it, I’ve picked up a bit! I surprised myself by getting really invested in the World Cup this year! Having @cassgraham cheering alongside (give or take a couple of miles 🤦‍♀️) has made it that much more fun! I. Am. Hooked. #worldcup2018 #fifaworldcup #soccermomproblems
Speak to your children as if they are the wisest, kindest, most beautiful and magical humans on earth, for what they believe they will become ❤️ . . . . . . . . . #imomsohard #fitmomofthree #crohnsmom #wifelife 💍 #boymommy #girlmomlife #motherhoodlens #unicornmoms #soccermombuticursealittle #soccermomlife #soccermomproblems
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Happy early Fourth! We're excited for brawts, beers, and bursts of lights in the sky. Thanks for getting us that independence, forefathers! 👣 (We’ll be closing early, at 3pm, to ensure optimal good times at the grill. Cheers!) ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ #physicaltherapy #physicaltherapist #physicaltherapyassistant #physicaltherapystudent #surgeryrecovery #surgeryday #surgery_guru #surgerylife #soccermom #soccermomlife #soccermommy #soccermomproblems #athletictraining #athleticinjury #sportsinjury #sportsinjuries #chicagodoctors #sprainedankle #sprainedfoot #sprainedwrist #sprainedknee #chicagomed
Confident was NOT something I felt coming into this summer. . . When I got pregnant with Eva I was determined to workout through my pregnancy so I could “snap back” in plenty of time for boating season. Then came the modified bed rest from a separated pelvis. That was ok though, because in 6 weeks I’d be able to start working out again and make up for lost time. THENNNN came the surprise c section. Now my 6 weeks turned into 8 and any abdominal strength my pregnancy didn’t destroy was destroyed from the surgery. . . The third pregnancy was hard guys, harder than any of my others. The recovery was equally as shitty. I didn’t think at all I’d be comfortable or confident this year in a bikini. I learned I had to be in the season I was in and embrace it. It wasn’t easy, there were a lot of fumbles, but when my doctors cleared me to workout postpartum I dove straight into my on demand library and found a gentle program that fit me perfectly until I could build up the strength to start lifting again. It took time, but 6 months postpartum I am FINALLY feeling strong and confident. . . It doesn’t matter where you start. The important thing is you JUST START! . . I’m opening up space for 10 women who have wanted to get started but have been scared and didn’t want to commit. 10 spaces for a free trial of my programs and a 1 on 1 kickstart call with me to figure out what you need for the season you’re in! If you’re interested in 1 of these 10 FREE spots drop me a comment below or message me!
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Raunveruleiki fótboltamömmunnar.! ⚽️😬 The soccer’s mom reality! How do I get those socks white again? #soccer #soccermom #soccermomproblems #reality #white #mud #dirty #clean #tips #boys #boyswillbeboys #rain #iceland #momlife
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Change your form, change your life! 👣
Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could always find as much joy in the simple things as kids do?
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