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A crew that travels together stays together! I just made that up but yea!! Where’s your squad headed to next?! #soljourneytravel
It’s been so cloudy and dark lately, snow storms, and icy roads. Sometimes just need a reminder of the sunshine and warm days surrounded by beauty and peace. Happy Saturday folks! #soljourneytravel
Bags are packed and ready to go, but what are some of your must have essential travel apps you use while on the road, abroad, or simply to prepare for your travels?📱 . . Some of my favorites include Google translate, mobile passport (no I don’t have global entry yet lol), lounge buddy, and Yelp! where available. 🏙 . . I research pretty heavy my destination prior to travel, partly why I became a travel agent, so I pretty much know where I want to eat, activities I want to do, etc. and always leave room for those spontaneous moments. So what travel app is on your phone RIGHT NOW that you would recommend to others?? #letmeknow #soljourneytravel
FOODIES UNITE! Yes, I’ll say it again and again. Not only do you want to have an amazing vacation but you want to eat good too! 😋 . . What is the Gourmet Inclusive Experience @karismahotels ? It’s elevated cuisine, premium spirits, & unparalleled service you simply won’t get anywhere else. Learn more on www.karismahotels.com/gourmetinclusive and see how a Karisma vacation is unlike any other. Email me, your fave travel advisor today! 🔝in Bio. #soljourneytravel
“Sometimes the most important thing you can do is relax.” 🏖 • • And with our first snow of the year that’s exactly what we’re doing! With the cold and snow outside I need a reminder of some warm weather vibes! 😎 • • How are you spending this snowy day?! ❄️ • • • • #soljourneytravel #weekendwanderlust #sundayfunday #bookthetrip #beachlovers #sunseekers #traveljunkie #travelmoments #travelmood #vacationgoals #bestvacations #wheretonext #lgbttravel #globetrotters #incredibleplaces #lgbttravelers #travelbug #seetheworld #exploremore #bespoketravel #travelpro #travelisthenewclub #travelplanning #traveladvisor #letsgoeverywhere #luxurytravel #ineedavacation #wintervacation #travelwithus #hardlyhome
Sooo let’s see if we can guess your city or where you’re from?! What is your city known for?! 🏙 • • Old Bay! That’s all you need to know for my city right there, lol, I mean of course if you checked out my bio you already know what it is!! 🦀 #regram
“If you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far go together.” 👏🏾 . . New Year, New Travels! Do you have your girls or guys trip planned yet?! Summer will be here before you know it! So why not head on over to my website and book an appointment?! Let’s talk about it! Link 🔝 #soljourneytravel
“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart.” ~ HK ❤️ • • Traveling takes us across borders, introduces us to different cultures, motivates us and can even change our lives. 🌍 • • Being near the ocean, for me, brings me peace, calm, and new energy. I’m most alive when I’m by the ocean, maybe it’s the Scorpio in me! 😏🌊 • • What drives your travel passion? #letmeknow #soljourneytravel
As a queer traveler it’s important to identify and work with suppliers, hotels, and resorts that are welcoming to everyone. We all deserve the perfect vacation free from discrimination and discomfort. 💕 • • That’s why I enjoy working with @deltavacations As a member of @iglta they are committed to selecting hotel partners that meet selected criteria for welcoming #LGBT travelers. 🌈 • • Whether you want to escape to an island beach for a relaxed getaway or encounter nature on an eco-adventure, there are featured properties in Mexico, Central America, Europe, and even the Caribbean that have made the efforts to welcome those part of the LGBTQ+ travel community. 🌍 • • Need some travel ideas or inspiration? Hit me up or visit the link in my bio. 🔝 #soljourneytravel
What’s one of the best things about traveling? FOOD. Y’all know I love tacos right? Well if you didn’t now you know! These are some local tacos I had in my hometown but whenever I travel best be sure I’m sampling errythang and searching for the best taco ever! Traveling Foodies Unite! 🌮🌮 • • • • • #soljourneytravel #foodiefriday #eatingforthegram #foodiefriends #foodandtravel #willtravelforfood #travelpassion #wheretonext #lgbttravel #travelfreak #bestvacations #alwaysgo #hardlyhome #travelbug #discovertheworld #womenwhotravel #travelingfoodie #foodtour #wandermore #travelwithus #passportstamps #travelideas #traveljunkies #letsgoeverywhere #foodadventures #vacationgoals #travelagents
“Don’t compare your life to others. There’s no comparison between the Sun and the Moon, they shine when it’s their time.” ☀️ . . #traveltip When choosing a travel agent make sure it’s someone you can relate to and comfortable expressing all of your travel desires to lol. It’s not a one size fits all type of situation. There are plenty of travel professionals in the world so be comfortable in your decision and happy to work with the right agent for you, and one familiar or specialized in the type of travel experience you’re seeking. 😉 #soljourneytravel
Need some inspiration?! FOLLOW @soljourney_travel ret now! Not right now, but RET NOW! 😆 . . . #soljourneytravel #travelinspiration #letsgoeverywhere #vacationgoals #ineedavacation #traveldesigner
Last day of 2018. Wow. What a year! I’m grateful for all the lessons, the lows, and the highs. As this year comes to an end though I’m definitely preparing for 2019 with more focus and commitment to not only my business but to myself. 🌻 • • I pray for lots of love and positive vibes to everyone reading this right now. Be Kind & Travel Well! Happy New Year!! 🎉🎉🎉 🎉 • • What are you most thankful for today? 🙌🏾 • • #soljourneytravel #happynewyear2019 #entrepreneurmindset #travelplanning #travelinspiration #travelconsultants #beachvacation #travelwithus #queertravelers #womenwhotravel #hardlyhome #travelnoire #mondaymotivation #beachlovers #sunseekers #travelwell #letsgoeverywhere #travelbug #traveljunkies #luxurytravel #vacationgoals #travelpicsdaily #seetheworld #lgbttravelers #nomadness #traveltherapy #wellnesstravel
Every now and then I’m her travel muse. Looking forward to our adventures in 2019. ✈️ 🌍 😊 . . . @soljourney_travel needs a few more followers to meet her 2018 goals! Head over to her page and give her a follow. And if you’re ready to book a trip...click the link in her up.!! . . . . . . #soljourneytravel #travel #teamtravelers #nomad #worldtraveler #blackgirlmagic #lgbtqtravelers #lgbtqtravel #throwback #locs #womenwithlocs #baldiesdoitbetter #melanin #teamnatural #bigchop #shorthairdontcare #blackandabroad #blackwomentravel #travelagent #beachlovers #sunseekers #cuba #costarica #grandcayman #iceland #guadeloupe
Hey guys! I need your help to achieve my goal for IG by December 31st on my travel page. If you enjoy travel, want to travel more in 2019, or just want some travel inspiration please follow @soljourney_travel and share with a friend too! I have a goal of 500 or more followers by Jan 1. This entrepreneurial journey hasn’t been easy and I would love your support! 🙏🏾 • • #soljourneytravel #travelbook #entrepreneurlife #travelagentsrock #travelwell
Well the New Year is just about here folks! 🎉 What’s on your travel bucket list for 2019? 🌍 • • @cntraveler lists Brazil, Turks & Caicos, Greece, and Bali rounding out the top destinations to explore in the new year. 🏖 • • Tell me where you want to go! #soljourneytravel 👇🏾 • • • • #weekendwanderlust #sunseekers #seetheworld #travelpicsdaily #sundayfunday #beachlovers #travelpassion #wheretonext #lgbttravel #travelfreak #bestvacations #alwaysgo #hardlyhome #travelbug #discovertheworld #womenwhotravel #vacationgoals #travelideas #wandermore #travelwithus #passportstamps #travelideas #traveljunkies #letsgoeverywhere #luxurytravel #vacationideas #travelagents #bucketlisttravel #destination
VIEWS. Reminiscing on this vibe at the beach and infinity pool. Mexico has some of the most beautiful beaches! Where is your favorite beach? 🏖 #soljourneytravel
Okay so how many of y’all got engaged on Christmas Day?! 💍 Did you know the most proposals happen between December and February?? I wonder why...lol 💕 #soljourneytravel
‘‘Tis the SEA-son” 🎅🏾🎄Have you ever experienced Christmas in a different country? Tell me where! 👇🏾#soljourneytravel
Don’t panic like I did on this super fast water slide in Costa Rica! If you’re still looking for a last minute gift for the holidays, why not give the gift of travel?! No wrapping required! 🎄 • • Need some ideas? From zip lining in Costa Rica to swimming with Stingrays in Grand Cayman @soljourney_travel has you covered! 🏖 • • #soljourneytravel #giftoftravel #bestvacations #letsgoeverywhere #holidaytravel #travelideas
Don’t panic like bae here! 🤣If you’re still in need of a last minute gift for the holidays why not give the gift of travel! No wrapping required! 🎄 • • Need some ideas? From hanging with Stingrays in Grand Cayman to gourmet all inclusive in Mexico, I got you! #soljourneytravel
Beach or Pool?! Why not both? 😃 • • At @margaritavillegrandcayman stop by for a drink at the swim up pool bar and then take a few steps on down to Seven Mile Beach and relax in your own private beach area just for resort guests. 🏖 #soljourneytravel
Inspiration. What helps you choose your next destination or travel adventure? Is it an article or photos of/about a particular place, or does cuisine play a role? Perhaps you want to try new foods from around the world if you’re a foodie like me! Or is it just a recommendation from a friend or family member? 🤔 • • For me personally, a number of factors are involved and center around my travel style but also new experiences that you may only find in a particular destination. Is the ocean close by, is the food great, and will I have a cultural experience are things I consider and not because everyone else has gone there. 🌍 • • It’s also why I truly enjoy when I can recommend a destination or plan a trip for my client based off previous experience! And if I haven’t been someplace my client is interested in going, I know that I have other travel experts available to assist in an amazing itinerary and travel experience. ✈️ • • The holidays are here! So why not consider a gift with no wrapping required! Contact me to get started planning your next Sol Journey! #soljourneytravel Shout out to wifey for being so fly!
Case of the Monday blues? Well let’s flip that to warm feelings of sun, calm, and some vitamin sea! Are you down with that? 😉 #soljourneytravel
🤣🤣 Who has an unpacked bag/luggage sitting on the floor right now from that trip two months ago?! 🧳 • • I don’t go two months but my wife on the other hand, smh. 😂
ADVENTURE! Yes, gotta do something fun while on vacay! What’s the most fun or adventurous activity you’ve done while traveling?! 🧗🏾‍♀️ • • #letmeknow in the comments! What’s something you want to do on your next trip? 😉#soljourneytravel
I could stay here a while...letting everything go, just to breathe and relax. How about you? #soljourneytravel
Posted up in the Tequila Room. An intimate space to unwind. Experience it @azulbeachresorts 🥃 Cheers. #soljourneytravel
It’s what I do! Save time and energy for getting excited about your next trip, not the anxiety and stress of planning it! 👊🏾 #soljourneytravel #gratitude
Someone asked me the other day why I became a travel consultant. Aside from the obvious (my love for traveling), I thought for a moment about the best way to communicate my why. 🤔 • • Firstly, yes I love to travel and explore and learn about new cultures, but I decided to go into the business of travel to educate and inspire others to know that there is more to life outside of your home town. I truly believe that to travel is to live! 🌍 • • Secondly, the other reason is that I genuinely and passionately enjoy planning a travel experience for others! I have the opportunity to discover a persons interests and then be creative in planning the perfect trip including advice and recommendations. I honestly sometimes get more excited about an itinerary I’ve put together than my clients have. 😏 • • Sidenote: Don’t mind my crinkled shirt in this photo, just how I was sitting, and I look good anyway so whatever! 😂 Every photo ain’t perfect! #soljourneytravel
Strolling through town in Tamarindo we came across this cool souvenir shop with a nice art museum on its top level. It featured a beautiful display of Balsa Masks also know as “Boruca” masks. ✨ • • The history of these masks go back over 500 years ago when they were worn to scare away Spaniards during the Spanish Conquest. 👺 • • Every year the annual “Fiesta de los Diablitos” is celebrated in remembrance of the Borucans’ strong resistance to colonization. Each mask is hand carved and painted, and generally made of Balsa wood. So check them out next time you’re in CR! #soljourneytravel
Who’s guilty of this?! This still cracks me up! 🤣🤣🤣
Fun fact: I dislike shopping very much. And with the holiday season upon us, I can’t stand it even more 😫 • • Now if I’m shopping for some new luggage or plane tickets then I’m good! 😏 • • Since we on the topic, did you know that you can book a vacation package right from my website?! YES, check it out! 🔝 Tap that link in the bio. #soljourneytravel
FRIDAYYYYY! How y’all feeling? I’m feeling hungry and thinking of some of that fried chicken from @williemaesnola 😋 • • Where are my foodies?! Where is your favorite restaurant NOT in your hometown? 🍽 #soljourneytravel
“Meet me where the sky touches the sea.” 🌊 • • The beautiful Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman. Have you ever walked the whole beach?! #soljourneytravel
So I definitely enjoyed my time in Costa Rica, it was my first of many future visits to Central America. I’m still thinking about the absolutely delicious meal I had after zip lining, and the coffee is the best! ☕️ • • Did you know there are over 800 miles of coastline between the Pacific and Caribbean coasts in CR, and the country is also home to the tallest volcano (Irazu) at 11,259 feet. 🌋 • • Double tap if you’ve been to Costa Rica? What did you enjoy most? #soljourneytravel
“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.” Happy Sunday! #soljourneytravel
This could be you! Enjoying amazing ocean views from your overwater Bungalow, eating delicious gourmet meals, and quality time with that special someone. 💕 • • @karismahotels , our featured resorts this week, include beautiful all inclusive luxury in the Mexican Caribbean, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic. 🥂 • • And the best part? You can experience these beautiful resorts for less during this Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend! Contact me today. Link in Bio. 🎉 • • #soljourneytravel #shopsmall #smallbizsat
It’s here! Does the early bird actually get the worm?! Instead of waiting on that TV deal why not give the gift of travel? Treat yo’self or a loved one! 🌎 • • Grenada, Mexico, Antigua? What’s on your bucket list? 🏝 Let me handle the stress of travel planning, all you have to do is BOOK! 😉• • Cyber Week is going down now! Visit www.soljourneytravel.com to get on the email list this week! Or contact me and mention code CYBERSOL. #soljourneytravel
PURA VIDA! Simply put this phrase means “pure life” and commonly heard throughout Costa Rica. Ticos use the saying as a way to describe a relaxed attitude towards life and simple living. . . And if you’ve ever been to Costa Rica you understand even more it’s meaning. . . So why not plan your next trip to this amazing country?! AMAZING TRAVEL DEALS are starting early for Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Be sure to get on the email list so you don’t miss out! #soljourneytravel
Zip-lining through the forest in Costa Rica was simply AWESOME! My nerves were going crazy the first line but by the second and third one I was a pro. 🤣 . . A lot of activities I participate in are not just for my own personal enjoyment but so I can recommend awesome and fun things for YOU to enjoy while on your vacation! . . What is the most adventurous or fun activity you have done while on vacation?! #soljourneytravel
Live. Love. Laugh. Dance. Travel... in no particular order. 😏 . . And take plenty of candid random photographs while doing it! 📸 #soljourneytravel
“It’s ya birfday, it’s ya birfday...” In my 2 Chainz voice!! Blessed to see another year!! Aging like fine wine! Now I gotta get back to the grind! Always working! 💪🏾🍷♏️♏️🎉🎉🎉 #soljourneytravel
TRAVEL TIP: Always leave room for random fun! 🤪 #soljourneytravel
Sunday Funday! 🎉...today I threw some axes, ate great tacos, and rode an electric scooter in the city! Today was a good day (in my Ice Cube voice). 🛴 #soljourneytravel
“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.” 💕 #soljourneytravel
This year has flown by! Yes or yes?! Well except for January, felt like forever. 😩Can you believe it?! Anyway it’s time for us to #levelup as we prepare for 2019! . . I’ve been working hard over the last few months gearing up and can’t wait to share with you guys. Stay tuned! . . P.S. Have you checked out our new logo?! 😃 Also visit www.soljourneytravel.com to see what else is new!! LINK IN BIO. #soljourneytravel
All inclusive? Or off the beaten path? Budget? Or Luxury? . . I’m actually a little bit of all the above but it also depends on where I’m going and what type of experience I’m looking for in a destination. What’s your travel style? 🤔 #soljourneytravel
Sooo this was really the first time I slathered mud all over myself. 🤣 The hot mud felt GREAT though! Have you ever taken a mud bath or experienced volcanic mud?? 🌋 #soljourneytravel
The first place I traveled outside of the States was to Jamaica 🇯🇲 back in 2005. I was so excited to get my first passport stamp! Ever since then I’ve been going. I enjoy sharing my travels with others in the hopes that they will get out and explore more of the world! ✨ ✨ Please join our mailing list to stay up to date with everything new and events at Sol Journey Travel! ✈️ Link in bio. #soljourneytravel
My passion is travel, and I love sharing that passion with others! So thankful for the positive feedback from my clients. ❤️🙌🏾 #gratitude
Why don’t you use Sunday to plan for your next vacation? Follow @soljourney_travel for inspiration and to get started! 🌍 ✈️ #soljourneytravel #sundaymotivation #travelconsultant #beachlovers #sunseekers #travelagents #bespoketravel
Beach x Sun x Bae = ❤️ #soljourneytravel
“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.” ~ Nat King Cole 💞 . . When was the last time you took a baecation with ya boo?!...Couples trips are one of my favorite vacation types to create for the romantic at heart! Spread love, BE LOVE! 😘 #soljourneytravel
“The part can never be well unless the whole is well.” ~ Plato 🙇🏽‍♀️ . . Some of the top benefits of a spa day include stress management, healthier looking skin, and more! . . Pair a spa day with the ocean as your backdrop for ultimate bliss and RELAXATION!! 🌊 #soljourneytravel
Made it to BALI! I have always felt a divine connection to elephants. Did you know elephants astro travel to find water!? They truly are amazing beings. 🐘💜 . . . #bali #ubudbali #elephantlover #soljourneytravel #transcendence #shamanicjourney #astrotraveling
What do you enjoy most about traveling? 🌍 Are you more into cultural activities where you can interact with the locals, adventure, culinary experiences, or tourist attractions? #letmeknow
“Can we just skip to the part of my life where I travel the world?” ... #soljourneytravel
So this is the first and last time you will catch me horseback riding! Let me tell y’all, I’m down to try just about everything once but this here, no mas! 🐪 (is there no horse emoji!) 🤣 . . We missed out on the instruction part and it was just like you was on the horse and then gone with everybody else! My horse was just following and keeping up with the others but I didn’t like it. Too bumpy and the path was so muddy due to the heavy rains, even crossing through huge puddles! Then it wanted to gallop at certain times, I was like HELL TO THE NAH! 🤣 Just keeping it real. It ain’t for everybody! #soljourneytravel
Eating good food is certainly an important part of any great travel experience! What do you think? Double tap ❤️ if you agree!! 😋#soljourneytravel
My everyday motto! New resort alert, Now booking!✨ #vacationlikeastar @planethollywoodhotels Costa Rica! 🇨🇷
Preparing to slide into Monday like....😩 lol #soljourneytravel
Enjoying some time in the hot springs was so amazing! First we hung out in a steam room for about 10 min to “open our pores”. After that comes the volcanic mud, which was actually pretty hot. . . After covering your body, let it sit for about 5 min or so and rinse off! Then into the hot springs you go!! ☺️ #soljourneytravel
EXCITED! Why?! My crew to Costa Rica was basically my first group trip under Sol Journey Travel!! 🎉🎉🎉 . . We had a great time despite the rainy season and weather! I can’t thank these folks enough for trusting me and taking this journey with me!! 💕 . . Don’t miss out on the next Sol Journey! Sign up for our mailing list! Visit the link in the bio! ✌🏾#soljourneytravel
Located along Costa Rica’s North Pacific Coast, the small town of Tamarindo is a surf and beach lovers paradise. 🏄🏽‍♀️ Not too crowded and not too commercial, there is something for everyone to experience here. . . On this visit we unfortunately didn’t get to experience much of the beach due to heavy rains and storms passing through and the water was quite murky (low season). But that didn’t stop us from enjoying the rest of the town from shops to bars, and restaurants. . . Tips for visiting: If you don’t know Spanish try to learn some basic words or phrases. The locals will appreciate you trying! 🤓 #soljourneytravel
“Travel doesn’t become adventure until you leave yourself behind.” 🌍 . . Confession: This is the first time I went zip lining like for real, for real! Scary yet exhilarating at the same time!! The first line I was so nervous but by the fourth line I felt like a pro! 😂 Have you ever zip lined threw a volcanic forest before?! #letmeknow in the comments! #soljourneytravel
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