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Shoot this one during a lunch hour walk around the exchange district in #winnipeg
Ese techo blanco que se ve es el Starbucks’s más cool que he visto hasta el momento. Brussels, nice.
Beautiful light • Uppermost 🎵
Using nature’s frame.
@thebikiniperch ❌ Tag your friends🤗 ⭐Model: @francesca.hung ⭐Photographer: @ryyyjames
@saiphthecollie has ears enough for both of us! 😂 . . . . . . . . Visit my page to view more @borzoilover229 Via : @dascha_longdoggo
“If I can relax, fear relaxes, too.” I’m going to delete this in a few, but I’ve been reading this incredible book. It’s one I would definitely recommend to anyone who considers themselves “creative”. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. —— The book is about creative living beyond fear. What would you create if fear didn’t overpower your actions? I’ve recently gotten into this flow state. I dont know how to put it into words, but I like it. I’m finally creating things I’ve always had fears about. —— I’m starting to get over some parts of brainwashing/sabotage that I’ve always had apart of me. Creatively I’ve had a wall put up, dugout a huge moat around my creative castle, and rarely have let people know the real me. Recently, a switch has been flipped. Sometimes I forget the big picture, my end goals. —— Living in this “Utah Bubble” really messes with people. (if you don’t know what I mean, don’t stress it.) I’ve caught myself second guessing myself, always running this thought thru the back of my head, “what are Utah people going to think of this?”. I would sabotage myself. Instead of doing what I wanted to create, I worried about people I didn’t even know or care about more. —— Long story short, Utah has never been my target market/audience. I’m not here to create what you want, or to make sure that all of you feel comfortable. I’m here to create whatever the hell I want. You know how to unfollow me if you don’t like my stuff. In the words of Frank Reynolds, “I don’t know how many years on this earth I’ve got left. I’m going to get real weird with it.”.
Beach day. 🌴
Catching that golden light.
@thebikiniperch ❌ Tag your friends🤗 ⭐Model: @ashleymariedickerson ⭐Designer: @iztaliswim ⭐Photographer: @joeywrightphoto
Sunflower season coming up gang. Lesss go! . Muse: @janjan823
Prepare yourself, for an onslaught of music fest photos. 🎸I truly enjoy capturing the raw energy and emotion of these amazing performers. Pictured here is @ericsteckelofficial ripping it up and giving us something to dance to. Thanks to @vervenightclub for stage access. #BeAlpha #SonyAlpha • Captured with the #Sonya7III and the #sony70200gm . . . . . #livemusic #stagephotography #rocknroll #concertphoto #newmusic #livephotography #musiclife #rockphotography #concertphotography #audioloveofficial #musicphotography #musicphoto #livemusicphotography #concertjunkie #concertphotographer #bandphotographer #musicphotographer #concertphotos #livemusicphotographer #gigphotography #liveconcertphotography #sonyimages #sonyalphasclub #sonyphotogallery
Today @fitforakingtx dropped a new music video for their song “Oblivion” My buddy @hc_kevin_ directed it and invited me to snap some behind the scenes of it. This music video was incredible to be a part of. I hope when you watch it if you’ve ever been in the situations in the music video you know you’re not alone and that it is not to late to make amends with your past and the people you’ve hurt... As always, it’s a pleasure working with Kevin. @leviathaen , @zachariahmayfield and @bradenbuckner also we’re on this crew and i can’t think of a more talented crew of people. I was honored i was able to snap some photos and get kicked in the face as an extra(you’ll see it if you watch the video)
Buy less, choose well.
Holiday! 🇫🇷🇵🇹🍾🍻 See you soon Sydney, it is time to leave everything behind and fly to Europe for a few weeks...
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