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Museum day
Stephan doesn’t like this photo much, I told him it was editorial inspired ... he had no idea what I was talking about🗯 . . . I like playing around with poses I’m not afraid to look funny or be wrong, it’s all about experimenting and stepping outside your box - push the limits of your creativity. An artist is never afraid to be wrong. 🔲 . . . . . . . . #cluelessincollege #Ramona #90sinspired #editorial #poses #modellife #modelmanagement #modelling #fitmodel #modelphotography #fashionmodel #modelingagency #modeltest #instamodel #fashionmodels #fashioneditorial #modelscout #photomodel #internationalmodel #femalemodel #malemodels #nola #followyournola #neworleans #igersneworleans #thatlacommunity #sonyimages #sonyalpha #sonyphotogallery
I’m exited to introduce my new website , with a lot of new pictures and finally the opportunity to order prints directly from there with just few clicks ! So pop into www.simonecanaliphotography.com and get yourself a print ! A lot of options available and great materials .. let me know if u like it ✌️ Link in bio . Happy life 🙏🌏
First video is now live! Link in bio 🤘🚀💯🏀
Into the juuuungle🌴🐸🐍🐢🦎🥦
My cap was my crown 👑 and now I’m an educated queen ready to take on the world. #itsmichaelwithana #michaeladdthea #hookem #whatstartsherechangestheworld #queen
If I find a way will you walk with me
Ridgelines on Napulak
Part 1. Motivation Monday coming straight at you! For some, like @danimassachusetts , fitness is a way of life. What is fitness to you? Let me know in the comments and come back later this week to check out the video we put together. . . Now booking for June.
some dbag 📷: @steves_end
You are the smell before the rain, you are the blood in my veins.
С добрым утром☺️ Фото со съемок для Слепышевой Натальи. . . . . #Фото @daviross #Макияж @olga_kalganova #Прическа #заказчик @natalia_slepysheva_stilist #Организатор @evgeniy_kuzmich
Well, North Dakota bid me a very beautiful farewell. The sunsets there never cease to amaze me. So thankful I was able to sneak away and go on a little road trip with the ol man and visit the family. Can’t beat either, and more trips like that will definitely be in order. Back to the mountains and back to the grind I go
The tan has faded but the memory will last forever. Cannot wait to get started on this year’s summer adventure! 🐠
Hong Kong night market
Dias de céu azul como hoje merecem uma caminhada, mesmo que breve.
• “ sometimes, i see Me, in You “ • Sony a7Rii Sony Zeiss 55mm 1.8 •
Sunset over sinepuxent bay.
More pictures from the amazing Zion national park. The pictures can’t do this view justice. The Bisons was in captivity, but the turkeys was wandering in big herds in the woods.
Angels landing is a obvious place to visit when you go to Zion national park. Most people stopped at the end of the paved trail, but thats where the best part of the trip started. The last part is steep on both sides. We met several people on the way clinging to the chain that was put up for safety. When we got to the top the view was amazing. We also got to meet the squirrels living up on the top 😃.
After visiting Antelope Canyon in Page Arizona we headed north and after a few hours drive we entered the stunning Zion national park in Utah. The park looks like its taken straight out of a Disney cartoon or a ferytale. The first day we went up to the Emerald pools. A short hike for a fiew hours. As Norwegians we was not used to paved trails and was happy to find a small trail more like we are used to. It ended out to be a long detour in the cactus wastelands. Note to self. The trail is paved all the way...
Some more pictures from the amazing Antelope canyon near Page in Arizona. Before the tour starts we always get a traditional dance from the Native Indians. In the last picture you can see the entrance of upper Antelope canyon. As you see it was cold there that day. Look at my latest posts to see more pictures from this amazing place.
The heart of Antelope Canyon. This picture is taken almost straight opwards in the cave. The experienced guides love to take photos themselves and give many good tips on how to get the good pictures. They tell you where to stand an where to aim, so its possible for most people to get good results. Because of all the sand in the cave its not reccomended to change lenses during the tour. A fixed wideangle or wideangle zoom is recomended. I used a fixed 14mm f/2,8 with good luck. If you also participate at one of the phototours you get more time and are not only able to, but must bring a tripod. Sadly i had to go on s traditional tour where tripod was not allowed.
Its hard to capture the beauty of this amazing place. Antelope Canyon outside of Page in Arizona is just marvelous and a must to visit when you are in the area. This is the view of «The Candle» in upper Antelope Canyon wich is photographed for the first time 😜
Feliz Navidad from Puerto Rico 🇵🇷🎄
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