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if life is a movie, you’re the best part 🎞 #continuedkindness photo of @katyamiro by @helena132
Exploring the jungles of Manuel Antonio 🌴☀️🌺
Keep it real and take it easy. 💧 #777luckyfish Photos of @sonoratmw by @andrewtkearns
Happy Sunday, ya goobs
You don’t drown by falling in the water, you drown by staying there. 🌊 #777luckyfish Photos of @kaykayyrose by @nathan.lobato
let’s live more than just a short simple life 📷 #continuedkindness photo of @frecklesnur by @davidgomezmaestre
Amy and company gave me the opportunity to photograph the kids of Texas Teen Models Official (TTMO). Great teen models, great parents, many great local photographers #dfwphotographer - I was in great company. I really enjoyed shooting with these guys even in the heat! @texasteenmodelsofficial I'll be sharing my favorite shots. This is Ethan @ethan_mcb
Better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not. ⚡️ #777luckyfish Photos of @nuriaoliu by @rubenmartin
double vision
We wanna keep chasing love, but we don't wanna fall for it
My reputations never been worse so, you must like me for me. 🐍 #777luckyfish Photos of @nataliaseth by @escapingyouth
No matter how good or bad today was, make tomorrow better. 🌿 #777luckyfish Photos of @marleigh.pearl by @blaine.schroder & @drey.es
A broken heart is never hard to find. 🌻 #777luckyfish Photos of @joeysamante & @nivaga_ by @eliasdeanslife
Golden hour in Jacó 💛🌅
When’s the last time that you called me just to say hi? 🐝 #777luckyfish Photos of @gillianmaarie by @mollylucee
“All in all, I hear you’re doing fine without me.” - @raylandishere & @lennonstella 🌻 #777luckyfish Photos of @sydneysylvester_ by @jeskowithit
In me mum’s car broom broom 🚗
I woke up like this. 🌞 #777luckyfish Photos of @uncle_jezzy by @elliotliss
Dreams just stay dreams if you don’t draw out a plan to make it happen. ♦️ #777luckyfish Photos of @iuelllc by @kelianne , shot for @courtyard_la
Ball of sunshine 🌞 Photo by @christopherballadarez . Thank you guys for allowing me to take some time away to focus on my career! I also have been writing myself a modeling contract! To those who have contacted me or vice versa, I will send those out to you guys! Let get the modeling ball rolling again! Trying to multitask both of them at the same time is tricky! Are you a good multitasker? .
invest time into discovering what makes you the most happy. if your life isn’t what you want it to be, make some changes. happiness should come as easily as it did when you jumped in puddles as a kid, rolled down big green grassy hills, kicked a ball around with some kids, got kissed for your first time, received a lollipop when you did something good. you shouldn’t work so hard to be that happy. ♥️ #777luckyfish self portraits by @paloozoid
Lazy day
Be the reason someone smiles today. 🌈 #777luckyfish Photos of @_emmachamberlain by @yourfriendandre
me, taken by my brother
I believe most people are good. 💫 #777luckyfish Photos of @emilysteaparty by @frankie_marin
ARE YOU A BIGGER FAN OF THE BEACH OR THE MOUNTAINS? 🌍 #777luckyfish Photos of @spencer.kirk by @kevinkinghorn
better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not ☁️ #continuedkindness photo of @charleenweiss1 by @david_portela
🌈 🌈
🌞 FEATURE CONTEST 🌞 Hey guys! We teamed up with some of our feature account friends to give you a chance to be seen by over 750,000 people! THEME: SUMMERTIME PHOTOS Rules: 1️⃣ Must follow all hosts (checked): @vogove @earth_portraits @portraitfeed @pulsefilm @777luckyfish @instagramskilla @theportraitpr0ject 2️⃣ Like this photo and tag 2-3 friends below. 3️⃣ Use the hashtag #vibes750k in your best summer photos! Portrait, landscape, macro, etc. 🌞🌻🏄🏼‍♂️🚵🏻‍♀️🚌🏜 Contest ends Fri, Jul. 20 11:59pm EST. • Send any questions towards the DM. • Good luck 💛. . . photo creds: @kelseymaggart & @kennstiverson
“The most important thing is to enjoy your life - to be happy - it’s all that matters.” - Audrey Hepburn 🌟 #777luckyfish Photos of @makenna_alyse by @jessicajanaee
When they make your coffee order wrong so you ask them to remake it, and it comes back worse. 🏔 #777luckyfish Photos of @earthyemii by @rick.holladay
“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existence.” 🌲 #777luckyfish Photos of @chelseakauai by @noahawaii
bad days just make us appreciate the good ones even more ☁️ #continuedkindness photo of @katiesolsen by @alexseyreyes
moments. being in costa rica for the past 16 days has taught me that these are what it’s about. it’s not about capturing the perfect photo, or about looking good for social media. it’s about being present. it’s about realizing that the earth has existed for billions of years, and that there’s seven billion people on the planet; and yet you have the privilege of beating the odds and existing right now. everything in your life leads you to these moments. no, these photos aren’t perfect. but that was never the goal. thank you, costa rica. 🇨🇷🌅
“And if you don’t think that being in love is the greatest feeling in the world, then you probably haven’t felt what it’s like to be in love.” 🌼 #777luckyfish Photos of @teresa_brockmier by @emilymclaughlinphoto
Don’t take anything for granted. ☁️ #777luckyfish Photos of @thelaceyclaire by @blakeephoto
This post is for all of the night owls out there :) #bangsblitz
Spontaneous sunflower shoot
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