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Special Tactics Airmen and Force Recon Marines conduct amphibious training at Bellows Air Force Station, Hawaii
22.09.18 Осенний дождь, пронизывающий до костей, холодный ветер. Бронежилет-единственное, что даёт тебе тепло. В очередной раз заряжаешь магазины и укомплектовываешь подсумки гранатами. Куришь в томительном ожидании своей банды. В эти минуты чувствуешь боль в ногах и спине. Простуды и температуры завтра не избежать. Но это будет завтра...сейчас ты готов к заварухе. Дождавшись своих выбрасываешь недокуренную сигарету, краткий взгляд на небо "-нет, лить не перестанет" подтягиваешь ворот рубаки повыше, переключаешь режим огня на "auto" и вы в очередной раз выдвигаетесь на позиции противника. #airsoft #edc #kostroma #hotpoint #airsoftdaily #airsoftrus #airforce #spartan #war #army #forest #rain #cct #sowt #block2 #russia
Special Operations Memorial This memorial is dedicated and pays tribute to those who have made the supreme sacrifice in service to their nation. 🇺🇸 🙏🏾💜🐼 . . . #sof #socom #specialoperations #specialoperationsforces #jsoc #afsoc #socc #ussocom #armyrangers #navyseals #sfod #deltaforce #nswc #cct #pj #pararescue #tacp #sowt #75thrangerregiment #marsoc #forcerecon #usasoc #sealteam6 #greenberet #specialforces #swcc #american flag #specialoperationsmemorial #macdillafb #memorial
Want to understand shooting from the perspective of a Navy SEAL? Come train at TACTIC with Chris Forrest. Chris founded TACTIC in 2009 based on his extensive background as a Navy SEAL and as an overseas contractor for the government. Specifically, Chris deployed 3 times to the Persian Gulf from SEAL Team One, and 5 times to Afghanistan as a Protective Security Specialist. When Brother Born asked why he started TACTIC, Chris responds, “To empower others. I believe everyone deserves to feel safe, and no one deserves to live in fear. There is no greater satisfaction than to see people come alive and have confidence in themselves.” Head to www.brotherborn.com for more about this warrior and how he trains. Then click through to see TACTIC’s courses. Learn how to shoot more effectively and confidently with Chris’ guidance through weapons manipulation, conditioning under stress, and preparing for the unexpected. A perspective like his is earned - utilize it for your benefit.
Doesn’t the range just make you smile? That’s a given with former Delta Operator Jim Erwin, owner of Kraken Ultimus. The firearms training offered by Kraken Ultimus is a fundamentals based approach that teaches the physical, mental and fundamental foundation/application to being everyday ready. Kraken Ultimus is located near Reno, NV. Brother Born asked Jim why he is located there, to which he responds, “I grew up not far from here. I have a love of the mountains and the gun laws in NV are great!” Go to www.brotherborn.com to read Jim’s interview and see his pics. Click through to get info on training with The Kraken or get signed up to receive Kraken Approved gear. Then get out there and enjoy it! We dare you not to smile. Repost @jimthekraken1 ・・・ The weekend is here! Hope you all have a fun and safe one doing something you love.
Here’s something to spice up your pool session. Also “Nerd warriors” is my favorite hashtag ever. —LN #myrtlebeach #usaf #southcarolina #airforce #restday #cct #pj #sowt #weather #nerdwarriors #endurance #beast #beastmode #lifeguard #waterpolo #swim #pool #wod #fridayworkout #tgif #nodaysoff #sere #tacp #eod
Who’s got your back? Who’s pushing you to be stronger, better? Who’s there on days you struggle? At Sheepdog Strong, Marine Raider Tony Walters creates an environment of brotherhood and support for active duty military, LE, first responders, and veterans through fitness training. He also offers online training, apparel, and gear for the Tactical Athlete. Brother Born asked this Raider how his SOF career prepared him for what he is doing now. He replies, “Besides the ability to work long hours for as long as the mission takes and a ‘never-quit’ attitude, one thing in particular is the ability to read a situation or person and be able to formulate an action in response. In the military, it was critical that you were able to constantly evaluate your surroundings and seek to understand the people beyond what was spoken in words. It is this very thing that makes a brotherhood so strong. During our personal and group training, I’ve sought to get to know everyone I work with on a deeper level. So when performance is suffering, I can dig in a bit to understand why. Sometimes it’s more than something physical and I can pull that individual aside later and ask if there’s anything we can do to help. After our group workouts we’re able to do the same as typically, we’ll sit around on my tailgate and just chat. It’s during this time that as a community, we can ensure that we get to know everyone individually and look after each other even after the day is done.” Learn more at www.brotherborn.com then click through to see all Tony offers and stay up to date on his Sat sessions in CA. Join in and become stronger for yourself and all who depend on you. Repost @sheepdog_strong Saying you’ll always have someone’s back is not defined by your service limitations. The brotherhood created, whether your service was at home or abroad must continue to be protected and nurtured. If you’re Active Military, a First Responder or have served in any of these capacities, join a group of like-minded individuals every Saturday for camaraderie and competition. Continue to grow, continue to be engaged, and continue to strive for something greater. Join the Alpha Squad at Sheepdog Strong today
Some extra pool time development for our Air Force Special Operations candidates! Do you want to try this out!? PAST #swim #specialforces #pj #cct #tacp #sowt #eod #sere #waterpolo #neverquit #ssgtpatchett
To this fighter, knitting is no different than another day at the range. Wait, what?! Kevin Tretter is a combat decorated Green Beret who deployed multiple times to Afghanistan and Iraq. He now owns Warrior Woven, where he and other veterans knit handcrafted, ruggedly designed skull caps called Meanies. Brother Born asked him how the transition from warfighter to civilian has gone. Kevin flatly states, “It was horrible. On no level was I prepared for how quickly and how hard the door would slam behind me.” He feels part of this is due to the fact that in Special Forces, he was surrounded by incredible individuals who were not driven by financial gains but by competition with and for each other. Every day was bigger than the last. Kevin relays that he doesn’t know if it was a combination of being in his 40’s and retiring with such a drastic change of life, but he feels as if he went through several breakdowns. He was to the point where he was going to sail around the world. Laughingly, he says that it is part of his personality – trying something isn’t enough. If he’s going to do something, he’s going to do it all the way. His wife, Alicia, talked him down off that ledge because the last time he sailed was 25 years ago. Faced with a multitude of challenges that typically consume a transitioning soldier, Kevin began to search for a new purpose and direction. Unwilling to stop, Kevin decided to teach himself how to knit. It was exactly what he needed. An unconventional soldier in search of an outlet to calm the internal dialogue and emotional baggage that only a gunfighter can understand; he discovered his new passion. Attention to detail, speed, accuracy… for Kevin, it’s no different than another day at the range. Learn more about this incredible story at www.brotherborn.com then click through to order your own unique Meanie, each one representative of a fighter. @warrior_woven #brotherborn #sof #veteran #entrepreneur #navyseal #navyseals #greenberet #greenberets #specialforces #sf #rangers #armyrangers #cag #theunit #delta #deltaforce #raiders #marineraiders #marsoc #pararescue #pjs #cct #tacp #sowt #nightstalkers #specialoperations #veteranowned #handknit
Special Warfare candidates had the opportunity to celebrate the Air Force birthday by showing off the results of their training during a PAST session in Denver. The test was administered by our T3i developer. . . AIRFORCE.com/SpecOps For more information, call: (970)223-4159 @usafspecopsrecruiting . . #airforce #specialwarfare #specops #specialoperations #airforcespecialwarfare #shapingthefuture #futureairman #hardworkpaysoffs #hardworkbeatstalent #pasttest #pararescue #pj #cct #sowt #tacp #sere #eod #thatothersmaylive #firstthere #eyesforward #t3i #swimming #running #pullups #situps #pushups #waterconfidence #heynext
Navy Seal Jared Hudson, owner of The Shooting Institute, has a perspective on firearms training that only comes with the weight of experience. Jared served with Seal Team 3 and deployed multiple times in support of OEF and OIF. For several years, he was lead sniper at Team 3. After leaving the Teams, Jared did contracting overseas, including anti-piracy work. He then decided to focus full time on his business, TSI. Under Jared’s leadership, TSI provides quality firearms training, tactics, and marksmanship techniques. Battle-proven training and the very best instructors – former special operations, law enforcement, and NRA instructors – provide basic explosive, breaching, and sniper training to local and federal law enforcement agencies throughout the country. TSI is also the preferred SWAT and tactical teams training organization for numerous high-profile SWAT organizations. In addition, they teach civilians seeking reality based training. Recently, TSI opened an online training avenue as well, found at www.theshootinginstituteonline.com. These exciting new courses enable people from all walks of life, no matter the location, to hit the range with Jared’s instruction by their side each step of the way. Head to www.brotherborn.com to read Jared’s inspiring interview and discover his perspective on firearms training. Then click through to check out TSI and all they have to offer. Allow the hard fought experience of this Navy Seal and his team at TSI to pave your path of becoming a more effective warrior. @tsi_theshootinginstitute @mreebals @stanwig #brotherborn #sof #veteran #entrepreneur #navyseal #navyseals #greenberet #greenberets #specialforces #sf #rangers #armyrangers #cag #theunit #delta #deltaforce #raiders #marineraiders #marsoc #pararescue #pjs #cct #tacp #sowt #nightstalkers #soar #specops #specialoperations #veteranowned #firearmstraining
What does the word “tribe” mean to you? Boyd Renner spent 28 years in the Navy, serving in DEVGRU for an astounding 23 of those years. Mind blowing, right? He now owns Endeavor Lifesciences, maker of Everence. Everence is a patented technology that allows you to add DNA from a loved one into any new or existing tattoo. Again, mind blowing! Brother Born asked Boyd how the transition from warfighter to civilian has gone. Boyd reports that it has gone well, attributing this to immediately joining a new tribe in Endeavor Lifesciences. When he left DEVGRU, he was the longest serving member in that unit. When he retired, turned in his badge, and was escorted out of the building – in those moments – it sank in that the mission is bigger than yourself. Boyd describes this as a slice of humble pie. The Team cares you were there and appreciates your contribution, but ultimately it keeps going. He has now joined a new tribe that is very different and he feels lucky. Boyd believes it is a challenge when military veterans don’t find a new connection – when they are sitting in their living room by themselves, filling out their resume - that is when people tend to get in trouble with issues like suicide and depression. He would like to promote the idea for veterans to start the process of finding their new tribe before they even get out of the military so they don’t have time to ponder what they used to be. Instead, they move right along to their newfound circle. Please go to www.brotherborn.com for more of Boyd’s candid interview and to see his personal pics. Then click through to get started with Everence, it’s incredibly simple. What better way to stay intimately connected to those who inspire you and mean the most from your own tribe? Repost @brenner350 ・・・ Reflecting a little this morning. I received these two knifes for my retirement A little over a year ago. I left a tribe I had been a part of for 28 years. I have now been blessed with a new tribe. https://everence.life I look forward to the future. Shout-out to @halffaceblades @specoperator for the beautiful work he does.
#Repost @us_strategic_command with @get_repost ・・・ Did you know the #Constitution was signed Sept 17, 1787? This #ConstitutionDay we #celebrate the founding document of the #UnitedStates . As #warfighters , we are reminded of the #oath that we took to defend it and #America . Want to learn more? Watch this video from Gen. Hyten, Commander of United States Strategic Command: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ax1eHl-Xpg #usaf #airforce #pj #cct #sowt #eod #tacp #sere #pullups #specialoperations #pushups #situps #humpday #sweat #train #waterpolo #swim #pool #nowhiring #paidtotrain
Keep grabbing those little victories. You are a work in progress, which means you will get there a little at a time. NOT ALL AT ONCE. Put in the time, do the work, move forward and enjoy your victories! #tathlete #littlevictories #usafspecops #pj #seal #sf #recon #rescueswimmer #usafspecwarwfare #poolwork #watercon #cals #poolworkouts #sowt #ranger #specopsprep
This is the owner of Atlas Athletic, David Hodge, crushing his workout. At Atlas Athletic, David is focused on providing athletes of all levels with quality clothing and accessories to enhance their workout experience. His hoodie is a perfect example of one of his meaningful designs from the clothing lineup. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, this warrior spent 5 years in 82d Abn Division and 12 years as an Army Special Forces Medical Sergeant, deploying 10 times. David is an incredibly dedicated and hard worker who keeps grinding at life and giving it his all both on and off the battlefield. Did I mention he’s also a firefighter? So what does David do during his spare time? Well, your looking at it! He likes working out, graphic design, music, and cooking. Learn more about David and Atlas Athletic at www.brotherborn.com, where you’ll also find a coupon code for Brother Born. Click through to use it and pick up some threads that tell a story. Then go crush your own workout in style. Repost @atlas_athletic ・・・ It's always a great time when you are cutting weight. I'm pretty sure my core temperature was over 100 degrees sustained for over an hour. Good times. www.iamatlasathletic.com MC: KLOUD - Kryptonite
I can taste my dreams. I'm too close to give up now 🇺🇸 #pj #sowt #tacp #cct #afsoc #jsoc
SOWT in its natural habitat... So majestic. #SOWT #AFSOC #itgonrain
US Air Force SOWT riding alongside an Army Green Beret in Afghanistan #SOWT #SOF #SpecialForces #SpecialOpsWeather
#sowt 💪🤑🔥🎹🎧
Don’t make any plans to walk up stairs or sit down gracefully for the next 48-72 hours. #usaf #airforce #cct #pj #sowt #tacp #sere #eod #jtac #traininsane #beastmode #bodyweighttraining #squat #nodaysoff #summer #prep #tired #wod #humpday #lifeguard #waterpolo #lacrosse
9/11 is a day you will always remember where you were and what you were doing. Let us never forget what happened that day. It is the reason why I’m here, the reason I do what I do. We end our training sessions with memorial push ups everyday, and today was no different. Our local enlisted group joined as well. To those lost, you are never forgotten and you live forever in our thoughts and prayers. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Answer your calling, you and only you can shape your future. Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. ⚪️🔵⚪️🔵⚪️🔵⚪️🔵⚪️🔵⚪️🔵⚪️🔵⚪️🔵⚪️🔵 www.Airforce.com
Green Beret Logan West knows about standing tall for the United States of America 🇺🇸. He is a Green Beret who is still serving after 12 years. Logan also owns Operator Athletics, providing firearms training for enthusiasts, military personnel, and law enforcement. In addition, OA offers custom firearms builds and select gear that is hand picked by Special Operations individuals to ensure quality and usefulness. Logan describes the services offered by Operator Athletics as, “Reality based training and battle proven tactial/firearms products.” He is passionate about sharing his skills and mindset as an elite warrior with others. Go to www.brotherborn.com to learn more about Logan and OA. Make sure to check out his epic personal pics. Then click through to pick up some gear/swag or get info on training courses. Let this Green Beret’s experience work to increase your skills and allow his mindset to help forge your own. Words Logan lives by? “Courage, Wisdom, and Strength to stand tall against all odds.” Repost @operator_athletics ・・・ You may try and knock us down but we will always get back up. You can't break us! #OperatorAthletics #America #NeverForget #September11 #Strong #TwinTowers #NYC
For the owner of Dynamis Alliance, honor is a way of life. Dom Raso, a DEVGRU Veteran, runs Dynamis in a way that inspires because he is inspired - by his fallen brothers. Dom shares that losing the guys who were at that level [Seal Teams] is definitely where he finds his fire to forge a new mindset and live a life of no excuses. This comes with a lot of pressure, but is worth it. Dom’s take away from losing all those men is that he would not be where he is without their sacrifice. There is power when people are able to harness the meaning of those lives who were lost. He observes that people who have been through this tend to go either one way or another – they either shut down or they don’t. It is not an easy choice, but the more repetitions you have making that choice to keep going, the easier it becomes. On his first deployment, he lost a buddy and then on every deployment thereafter. As he sought to understand this type of loss and use it for energy, it became who he was. He believes that all Special Operations Forces as well as everyone in the military go through this and although hard to explain, you can either go one way or another as a result. He knows that everything happens for a reason and tries to thread living this way through everything he does in life. Please go to www.brotherborn.com for the rest of Dom’s riveting interview. Click through from there to see Dynamis Alliance’s apparel, gear, and training, all from Dom’s mindset to intentionally lift up those who lay down their lives for our country. Repost @dynamisalliance @domraso @adaptiv.x ・・・ HONOR: To live a life that those who have gone before us would be proud of. Honoring Collin today through our actions and crushing this workout. This work out will push you and make you dig deep. We challenge you to find ways to honor men like this on a daily basis and make it a habit. We also just crushed the @jasonrworkmanlegacyfnd workout to honor Jason Workman. Go to their page and check it out. Another challenging workout and amazing warrior. #HONOR
De Espresso Liber is owned by, well, this guy...that’s about all we can say. His passion for coffee is only superseded by his passion for our country. De Espresso Liber is a Special Forces combat veteran coffee micro-roaster driven by the SOF truth that “Quality is Better Than Quantity.” Their values from years of military service translate into a quality product and team approach when you become part of their community. Further, people are their purpose and their customer service reputation reflects the importance they place on those supporting them. De Espresso Liber delivers an outstanding experience of fresh roasted, high quality coffee, grown by responsible coffee growers with the final goal of supporting our military and Special Operations veterans. Learn more about the company and the ways they give back at www.brotherborn.com. Then do yourself a favor and click through to order some delicious brew and support this combat veteran. Just do it. Repost @deespressoliber ・・・ The HMFIC doing HMFIC things jumping out of an MI-17 with foreign commandos into a jungle valley... who roasts your coffee?
“Big Andy” WOD—Andrew “Big Andy” William Harvell, 26 years old of Southern Pines, NC was killed on the night of August 6, 2011. Andy was part of an elite special operations team executing a helicopter assault into the Tangi Valley, Wardak Province, Afghanistan. While approaching the target, their CH-47 helicopter was shot down killing everyone on board. Sgt Harvell was a Combat Controller, a father, a husband and a friend to many. Credit to #crossfitsacrifice and #crossfitmagnus for the workout and the tribute. #bigandy #cct #firstthere #sacrifice #usaf #airforce #wod #tacp #sowt #pj #eod #sere #nodaysoff #beastmode #traininsane #prep #train #lifeguard #waterpolo #lacrosse #pbr
Team building. #PJ #SOWT #CCT #TACP
Rinehart Custom Leather specializes in handcrafted custom leather holsters, sheaths, belts, and wallets. It is owned by Cheyenne Rinehart, 1st Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment. Cheyenne served 4 combat deployments and knows what the SOF Brotherhood is about. When asked to describe exactly what it means to him, he responds, “True example of family, camaraderie, and selflessness.” This is what Brother Born is all about - a collection of businesses that are all Special Operations family. It comes as no surprise, then, that when asked who has influenced him as an entrepreneur, Cheyenne says, “Other SOF business owners and brothers in the SOF Community.” Go to www.brotherborn.com to learn more about Cheyenne and Rinehart Custom Leather, then click through to check out the truly unique leatherwork this Ranger can handcraft for you. Contact him to get started on your own project that will serve to create lasting memories, straight from the hands of the Brotherhood. Repost @rinehartcustomleather ・・・ G19 IWB with 75th DUI and 2 ticks. Rock the hell out of it ranger buddy!! Also showing some love to all the other awesome small businesses that have helped me get off the ground! @rangerproof @scrollfactory @amfdefense @tier1targets @celticshield @blackeaglestactical @gun_girl_jen @tct_knives @nathan_pro_d @powerlifting_pilot @brotherborn @thedarbyproject
Tonight’s the night! It’s the warrenton community fair and football game under the lights at @sco.warriors come on out and to the Air Force booth and ask any questions you may have, we have our Special Operations Recruiter @ssgtpatchett Here as well! Come by and pick up a swag bag! #warrenton #warrentonoregon #johnmatillafield #warrentonhighschool #astoria #specialforces #pj #cct #tacp #eod #sowt #sere #football #fridaynightlights #ccaf #communityfair #twitch #sofshit #touchdown
Война это ад, но ловить флэшбэки под горячий кофеёк лучше, чем без. " Перед тобой парень, который поверил рекламе Ну знаешь, "будь всем, чем можешь" Я варил кофе во время "Бури в пустыне" Я варил кофе в Панаме , когда все другие сражались. …когда все были рейнджерами. А теперь, "Граймзи, чёрный с одной ложкой сахара" "Граймзи, а с молоком есть? Мечты сбываются..." BHD 2001 #airsoftdaily #airsoftrus #airsoft #russia #weapon #army #navy #cct #sowt #spartan #everydaycary #blackhawkdown #cherepovets #seychascherepovets #россия #оружие #армия #страйкбол
Hard time deciding which firearms instructor to choose? Know that at Brother Born, all our Members are Special Operations Forces Veterans. How does that translate to a student taking one of their courses? Well, at TACTIC, Navy Seal Chris Forrest trains both his law enforcement and civilian students under stress, called forging. This empowers clients to assess situations, work safely and efficiently under stress, as well as problem solve. Brother Born asked how Chris’ SOF career prepared him for what he is doing now. He responds, “What I teach is directly related to my experiences as a SEAL – the proficiency of warfare, the process of learning, and the art of evaluation. What I am really teaching is a process and building community at the same time.” Go to www.brotherborn.com to learn more about Chris and what he teaches as well as see his pics. Then click through to see his lineup of courses and sign up to train with TACTIC. Learn how to forge ahead when life tries to hold you back. Repost @tacticmontana ・・・ The hardest part is picking which one to load and shoot first.
We are proud to announce Air Force Special Operations Recruiting will be working with @idahogamingleague this year! If you’re not already following them, you need to! They’ll be holding monthly tournaments in the Boise Idaho area. 👌🏻 yah the best gamer you know. 🏆follow @idahogamingleague #gaming #idaho #fortnite #squadgoals #airforce #specialops #pj #cct #sowt #tacp #eod #sere #boise #bsufootball #nampaidaho #moho #egaming #twitch #pvp
📣 #SOTW 📣 @craiggroeschel has embarked on a beautiful series called ‘hope in the dark’ based on his new book. I’m only on the first sermon, but he really expresses the raw and painful side of our Christian faith using the book of Habakuk. He shares on choosing to embrace God during the pain. 🔥 this isn’t a “God is good all the time, and all the time God is good” (even though He is) type of sermon. 🔥 this is the, “how do I go on, when I’m sick or my child is sick” type of sermon. 🔥 this is the “things haven’t changed or turned forEVER, even though He has the power to make it change” type of sermon. 🔥 This sermon is wrecking me right now. It’s causing me to ask myself, in the deepest part of my heart, “ If INSERT BLANK never happens, can I serve and love Him with all my heart? #sowt #hopeinthedark #wtdty #iftheringnevercamewouldistillpraiseHim #singlenessisntacurse #becausewhenweknowbetterwedobetter #hearknowledge #headknowledge #itisntthesame
Flexibility is the Key to Air Power! So, we had to make some last minute changes to today’s WaterCon 💦 training schedule due to no pool. ☹️ Instructor Cole kicked in with a Hand to Hand Combat Orientation Class. It proved to be a great class, off the normal SFTA path but provided much enthusiasm & motivation. It’s back to WaterCon 💦 tomorrow. #handtohand #fighting #tathletes #pj #seal #ast #cct #sowt #sor #martialarts #sofcandidates #sof #specialopsprep #indoc
Ever wanted to use gear tested and approved by a Tier 1 Operator? Jim Erwin, owner of Kraken Ultimus, has set up an easy way for you to receive a box of gear and swag that is “Kraken Approved.” Jim is a former Delta Operator and security contractor. With the Team Kraken program, Jim is able to expand his role as a protection specialist to a diverse group – from tactical shooters to active duty members to athletes and anyone else. “At Team Kraken, we only carry the best products out there,” stated Jim. “Bottom line, I want you to know that if it’s not something I would trust to serve my family or friends, I’m not going to recommend it to you.” What do you get when you sign up for a Team Kraken membership? You receive a chest (box) filled with Team Kraken SWAG and gifts, TK Tumbler, brand specific products, TK coin, a list of over 30 brands offering exclusive discounts, opportunities to meet and train with the Kraken plus training discounts, tips and instruction videos, and free entry into all prize giveaways! Prize products and values will vary between $500-$1500 each. What are you waiting for? Head to www.brotherborn.com to learn more about Jim and his company, then click through to get signed up for Team Kraken. “Time to ride or die!” Repost @jimthekraken1 @huntressdivine ・・・ Join Team Kraken, get people to join with you and if you get the most people to sign up... you win a @leupoldoptics VIP Discount card worth 50% off!! You have until the end of Sept! Let’s do this!! Website in bio #teamkraken #membership #win #winning #hurryup !
#Celebrity shot...special guest in the pool today...@spartan #CEO , Joe De Sena said he wanted to #assess for ST and see what could have been 30 years ago. Follow his #adventure throughout the day...will provide hourly #SITREP . @spartanrace
Sheepdog Strong is owned by Marine Raider Tony Walters. Through Sheepdog Strong, he provides Programs, Personal Training, Apparel and Gear for those who dedicate their lives to service of our country. When Brother Born asked about the name of his company, Tony responds, “The word Sheepdog is a common term amongst the Military and Law Enforcement communities, derived from the idea that the civilian population are sheep, just minding their own business living their lives in peace. Yet there are wolves out there that wish to prey on the sheep and disrupt their way of living. The Sheepdog is what stands in-between. The word Strong was chosen specifically because ‘strong’ means more than physical strength. It includes both strength of body and strength of mind. We seek to nurture growth in both capacities.” Head to www.brotherborn.com to read more about Tony and his passion for helping those who help us. Then click through to check out his apparel (including the shirt he’s wearing here), gear, and training programs. Sheepdog Strong exists to empower veterans, military, law enforcement, firefighters, and first responders. Let Tony’s dedication to strength and mindset fortify yours so you will be fit to lead your pack. Repost @sheepdog_strong ・・・ To be an Alpha, you’ve got to back it up, every day. The shirt means nothing otherwise. People will try to tear you down but you cannot break. Give 100% always, to whatever endeavor you’re in. Stand firm but keep your eyes open and ears to the ground. Adapt. Move. Never waiver. Be the Alpha. Get your Alpha T today.
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