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A Spiritual Journey. For those that know me know I’m a Spiritual Gangster!! What is that you may ask? Spirituality is not just about crystals, burning sage and Tarot card readings. It’s all about the inner work. The healing and moments you are facing your inner demons and that E word the Ego. I’ve faced some deep internal shiz these last few years and man it’s been one hell of a roller coaster ride. I’ve surrendered some major parts of me stripping back layer after layer. I’ve looked from all angles as Empathy and higher perspective endured a way in. It’s where I’ve met the real me through moments in reality. This is where I’ve learnt to speak my truth. And so my blog begins. 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 ©
Today’s’ card: Surrender to Prayer, while I moved through the stages of sadness and grief yesterday, feeling anger arising today, that clearly shows me were I have let boundaries been crossed and allowed myself to be treated a way that was not ok. Praying to move from that fierce energy that gives me clarity into what actions to take and trusting I know what’s best for me back into my heart, knowing I hear me and I care about my wellbeing. Love in my heart guides me, but I embrace all other emotions that show me, when something is off. #whatisyourtruth #youknowwhatsbest #boundaries #anger #love #prayer #sadness #griefing #whensomethingisoff #women #empowerment #speakyoutruth #selflove #knowyourboundaries #feelyourfeelings
...that’s how it works. #women #empowerment #speakyoutruth
Know the feeling of being supported and supportive with Reflect’s programs. When talking with openness and honesty, students forge new and real connections, giving them a network of a support and someone to talk to, whether inside or outside of our programs! In this way we are empowering students to embrace being open and honest with one another, forming a new culture of support and authenticity. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Check back on Monday for our #motivationmonday post!
💜Lavender - The Mother of oils as she has the multitude to care for and support a wide range of things💜. . Lavender was an oil I didn’t think I would like at first. The thought of it made me think of yuck toilet spray or old lady. However, once I smelt real lavender I fell in love with her. She is hands down one of my most used oils, and an essential in every home. . This Mumma is known to have a harmonising effect on our nervous system. Fantastic for promoting an atmosphere for a well rested sleep. Quite often our sleep issues are directly related to an overactive mind or mental stress. Lavender helps to calm, relax, sooth and regulate anxious feelings, worries, tension and combat stress. Fantastic for skin, wrinkles, eczema, dermatitis etc. Helpful for bites, cuts scratches and wounds. Beneficial for the relief of headaches, aches and pains. Great for assisting to alleviate premenstrual tension and menstrual pain. . Emotionally she is our oil of communication and calm. She promotes open communication, self awareness, peace of mind and encourages one to speak their innermost thoughts and desires. Uplifting you, reviving your spirits and encouraging you to share your true self - while letting go of feelings of fear, feeling unimportant, unheard or unloved. . I feel as though the era we live in is quite synonymous with mental stress and anxiety, and that we could all benefit from Lavender’s support in some way or another. . . . #doterra #lavender #calming #peace #soothe #skin #stress #harmony #sleep #insomnia #anxiety #communication #essentialoils #pain #headaches #tension #mother #support #fear #uplift #speakyoutruth
Looking back at this work shakes me. I was so fucking angry all the fucking time. Don’t get me wrong- I still have anger to process and purge. I think I always will. Healing from abuse is an incredibly non-linear process. But now I am the woman in this photograph. I was always her but the difference is- I’m not fucking scared anymore. I’m a goddamn powerhouse. And to say that isn’t narcissism. It’s knowing my worth and speaking it out. To love yourself in a culture that profits off self-hate is radical activism. l have consciously chosen to move to a space where I have taken my trauma, anger and fear and alchemized it into building an empire that holds a mirror up to women to remind them how incredibly powerful they are, whilst also reminding myself. Entitled anger is poison, righteous anger is medicine. I’m in the business of medicine making. If you swipe beyond this portrait of me feeling myself you’ll find excerpts from, “The Diaries”, a body of work made up of 17 analogue and various digital diaries I have saved since the 6th grade and lives as both a book and performance piece. These screenshots are snippets of conversations between myself myself and a visiting artist to my college, whom I was sexually harassed, manipulated and emotionally abused by, between 2014 and 2016. Following the screenshots you will find a letter I wrote to him on one of my my last days of graduate school at Duke University. It was cleansing, it was healing, it was powerful. He was coming to visit my school. I wasn’t a senior so I didn’t get a portfolio review with him. I reached out on my own. He responded immediately. My boyfriend told me the only reason he responded that quickly is because he wanted to sleep with me. We got in a fight about it. I pursued the relationship. He was supposed to be my mentor. I did not yet understand how powerful men in the art world abuse their status. Our stories are important. Especially when they are coming out of the mouths, minds and hearts of women. Listen when you hear them. #bloodboneandhoney 📸 by one of my faves in the whole world who you should def follow, the very talented @davidgoddardphotography 🌹
Those pills you take...erm, do you really need them? Or do you actually need to have an honest conversation? . If you have symptoms or thoughts that won't go away, it could be time to summon your confidence and speak your truth. . Be it with a friend, family member, pet or even yourself, being clear about your wants and needs will soothe your soul & boost your wellbeing. . It's FREE and you'll be surprised how often it clears up a tummy ache, racing heart or anxiety. . Of course pills & potions have their place. But if you're struggling or uping your dosage, it could be time to look a little deeper. It's not always easy, but it is always worth it. . 💙 To discover if a chat is your best medicine, sit quietly and focus on your breathing. Then ask your inner self if there's anything you need to speak to anyone. Embrace the silence and trust what your intuition tells you. (Remember, it'll whisper the answer, not yell) . I believe in you and your voice. . . . #wellbeing #naturopath #bestmedicine #throatchakra #zen #peacock #communication #getreal #behonest #speakyoutruth #thevoice #beyourbestself #positivevibes #speakup #mentalhealth #thecure #naturopathiczen #naturemedicine #gaia
Red has always signified passion and presence to me. I’ve associated it with doing the things you love ❤️ with passion and always being in the present. I know red has been associated with romantic love but somehow I see it beyond that. As a bold statement of who I am. . What does red mean to you? . . Today we are making a statement about #ouridentity #ourvoice and we are unapologetically #speakingourtruth 🌻✊🏽 . #ownyourpower #speakyoutruth #shegrowswegrow #reclaimyourpower #unapologeticallyme #unapologeticallywoman #stepintoyourpower #stepintoyourgreatness #mujeresluchadoras #mujereschingonas #lovemyculture #lovemylanguage #lovemybrownskin #elevateyourself #upliftwomenofcolor
When “she grows, we grow.” When one #Mujer grows the rest of society does too. #Women are powerful beyond belief. We have been the #luchadoras #warriors #healers #curanderas and so much more since the beginning of time. We have a fire that lies so deep within our bellies. An intuition so sharp that you can smell it. And a 6th sense that extends all the way to our ancestors. When we find that #voice and use our power we are unstoppable. . Today we are reclaiming #ouridentity #owningourpower and #speakingourtruth 🌻 . #ownyourpower #speakyoutruth #shegrowswegrow #reclaimyourpower #unapologeticallyme #unapologeticallywoman #stepintoyourpower #stepintoyourgreatness #mujeresluchadoras #mujereschingonas #lovemyculture #lovemylanguage #lovemybrownskin #elevateyourself #upliftwomenofcolor #mujereschingonas #shegrows #shelivesnow
Bob's @RGD DesignThinkers talk is TODAY y'all. A great first day and now, with Bob, about to be a great second day. Enjoy West Coast. . . #rgdDT #graphicdesign #rgdhub #typography #vancouver #vancouverdesign #design #speakyoutruth #designevent #strategy #enjoytheride #hamblywoolley #designtalk
You better believe it!!! 💕 You and your voice MATTER! We are all unique, special, and bring something amazing to the table! Far too many times I see people, especially women suffering from the crippling fear that what they have to say isn’t important or relevant and this couldn’t be farther from the truth. I myself have been in countless situations where I was made to feel I didn’t deserve the right to speak or voice my thoughts and I understand personally how heartbreaking and debilitating this feels. Wether it be a board you sit on, your group of friends, a partner, an ex, a family member, whomever is making you feel like you should just sit down and shut up needs to pull up a chair and listen or see themselves to the door. ✋🏼It’s time to take a stand and be heard!!! I always try to use my voice coming from a place of compassion and kindness but the days of being silenced are behind me now and it is the most freeing feeling EVER! I saw a good quote the other day that said, “ Speak your truth, even if your voice shakes.” So much yes to that! Feel free to share the story of finding your voice to help encourage others. It’s all about supporting each other!👍🏼 💕 Self care and beauty comes from within so let out that fearless inner goddess and #speakyoutruth you got this boo!🖤 💪🏼 💪🏼 💪🏼 #wednesday #wednesdaywisdom #rebellewisdom #voice #beheard #youmatter #innerstrength #goddess #fearless #knowyourworth #beauty #beautiful #badass #empowerment #empoweringwomen #womensupportingwomen #girlgang #girlboss #bossbabe #unstoppable #believeinyourself #love #goodvibes #selfcare #innerbeauty #community #comment
LO V E 🧡 Y O 🧡 S E L F i’ve been meditating a lot on this lately, and i’ve come to the realization that when i give myself the time and space to be alone - allowing myself the #selflove #selfworth and #selfcare i deserve, the Universe opens it’s heart to me; things start to flow in a positive way, and opportunities show up. 🧡 when i’m with a lover, my attention shifts to them (in ways that are not always serving my highest self), and i tend to get “caught up” in their world. 🧡 i am a generous lover and friend, and i honor that about myself; however, i am learning that i owe that generosity to myself first. 🧡 i wasn’t raised with that knowledge, so i’ve had to reprogram my internal messages of shame, love and desire. i’ve had to work fucking hard for this. 🧡 i am proud of myself for doing this emotionally exhausting work. it’s not easy going to therapy and digging up painful wounds and deep traumas, but i keep going. my ego says its cause i like the pain, but my heart says it’s cause i’m worth healing. 🧡 plus i owe it to my kids to stop the cycle, cause they are so fucking worth it! 🧡 i can say with all honesty that i am learning to accept myself - fully, selfishly, sincerely - scars and all. 🧡 may U have the time, space and safety to discover your truth, and allow it to guide your life. may U feel safe enough to love and be loved. may U feel safe enough to be totally free! 🧡🧡🧡 #loveyoself #concorazón #safety #liberation #vivalavida #openheart #sisepuede #youreworthit #belove #belight #beyou #befree #qwoc #survivorstories #speakyoutruth #keepupandyouwillbekeptup
Bob's @RGD DesignThinkers talk is right around the corner (May 29-30, to be exact)! He is very excited to be speaking at DT alongside so many talented creatives. . https://www.designthinkers.com/Vancouver/Register.aspx . #rgdDT #graphicdesign #rgdhub #typography #vancouver #vancouverdesign #design #speakyoutruth #designevent #strategy #enjoytheride #hamblywoolley #designtalk
Peace that surpasses all understanding!❤️ . . . . . #peace #loveon #live #makeitcount #inspire #beyou #bebrave #speakup #speakyoutruth #f4f
The sheer act of expressing our thoughts and feelings is sooooo powerful. When we hold back out of insecurity, doubt, shame, ‘trying to be nice’, ‘not wanting to upset anyone’, etc., it cripples us! Not sharing important feelings can lead to resentment, anger, depression, or just plain boredom from not being engaged in the present moment!🤩🔥 So get out there today. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Be intentional with your words..🙌🏼 ⭐️🗣SPEAK YOUR TRUTH!🗣⭐️ Say it with love and grace!✨ You’ll be that much happier in your life.😍 . . . . #breathoflifestudios #workinprogress #keepup #keepatit #expressyourself #beyou #shareyourvoice #speakyoutruth #shareyourthoughts #love #grace #letitout #letitgo #bepresent #feelgood #sing #singer #voicecoach #santamonica #singinglessons #singinglessonsantamonica #seesantamonica #santamonicafun #liveyourbestlife #dreambig #thrive #kundaliniyoga #meditation #choosehappiness #justindavanzophotography
This week’s episode is pure magic and power. I interview spoken word artist and community advocate Destinny Fletcher. @deolindaab mission is to engage the community through womanhood, self-awareness, and body positivity. Listen to the podcast on iTunes or tomearl.com/destinny. Link in profile. Destinny spits 3 dope poems during this interview and shares the origin story behind her mantra, "To Be Black Queens By Any Means.” Plus we talked about: What inspires you to be you. What self-care and self-love looks like. How to gain self-awareness. How to have badass confidence. Destinny is one of my favorite poets and SHE IS FROM MY HOMETOWN OF MILWAUKEE, WI. What more could you ask for from an episode? #poet #spokenword #poetry #poetsofig #igpoets #poetsofinstagram #instagrampoets #writingprompts #writers #creative #creativity #creative #podcast #womenempowerment #blackgirlmagic #blackgirlsrock #bodypositivity #selfcare #selflove #selfawareness #courage #yearofcourage #happiness #liveyourtruth #speakyoutruth #truthtopower
I have no intentions of living the rest of my life concerned with what others think of me... I March to the beat of my own drum !!! : OKAY.... I get it!!! I look different without makeup!!! Don't we all??? the damn thing is a mask to some degree! : : I am in the cosmetology industry I use to wear it like uniform ... thing is it caused me to not like my skin bare... Yes! years of wearing it every day will create an illusion ,hence insecurities... Ladies and gentlemen plz DO NOT message or call me telling me I look weird ... I am free of those small ,dumb ,mindset! I accept me for me ... plz, I get you're use to me with makeup... however, i am perfectly happy not hiding behind a damn mask everyday... I am a busy person and I have a lot of priorities... TRUST ME MAKEUP DID NOT MAKE THE LIST!!! : WISH WE ALL WORKED ON OUR INTERNAL WELL BEING , HALF THE WAY WE ARE AS CONCERNED WITH OUR OUTTER APPEARANCE 👏🏿🔥 #speakyoutruth #walkyourpath #becomfortableinyouskin #loveyourself #nomakeup #blackisbeautiful #myflawsandall #selflove #knowthyself
Josie Orihuela, a sixth-grade student at Hampton Middle School near Atlanta, recorded the 15-minute rant in February as her teacher Johnetta Benton gave a lesson for Black History Month.Speaking with Fox News, Orihuela said Benton started railing against the president as she turned on a video for the class to watch, arguing that Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again” slogan was a call to “try and bring back segregation. _____ “He must be talking about when it was great for Europeans,” the teacher is heard saying in the recording. ” … Because when it comes to minorities, America has never been great for minorities. ‘Cuz when I examine history, I can’t remember a time when it was great for anybody other than Europeans. _____ Students tried to challenge Benton’s notion, arguing that Trump’s slogan might be a call for a return to stricter immigration policies, like the those in place prior to the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965. Benton wasn’t trying to hear it, however. _______ “Because Europeans came from Europe, you are immigrants,” Benton told her class. “You are illegal immigrants. Because you came and just took it … You are an immigrant. This is not your country!” “Before you talk about somebody else look at yourself in the mirror, look at your ancestry in the mirror before you start saying, ‘You’re bad, and you’re bad and you’re bad, so you can’t come ’cause you happened to have killed a few people. Well, guess what? My people have killed millions, not a few. Millions upon millions upon millions – babies and children,” she said, pretending to be a ‘European’. #whereisthelie #speakyoutruth #weallwegot
There is strength in softness. There is strength in vulnerability. There is strength in your tender heart 💓 it’s not a sign of weakness. Don’t let your circumstances or the world tell you it’s a weakness - there is divine beauty in your humanness and your gentle soul that loves so deeply. I see you and I feel you. Always speak your truth - even (and especially when) your voice shakes 💫💕
This morning, our client experienced and embodied the entire essence of White Horse healing. It was one of the most powerful sessions I have witnessed here on the farm. I feel so very grateful to have been chosen to do this work and to partner with these incredible, majestic, spiritual beings. Isa's name means "Goddess of magic and light" and that is exactly what she reflected to our client, The magic and lights that resides within her. We hope you find the magic and light and all that you encounter on the blessed sunny Sunday!☀️❤️🦋 #whitehorsehealing #transformation #magicandlight #innergoddess #awakening #speakyoutruth #takeyourseatintheworld #shineyourlight #selfdiscoveryretreat #holisticwellnessretreat #horseasteacher #thebigredbarn #awakenwithhorses #healingwithhorses #reikiwithhorses #equinereiki #animalcommunication #horsewisdomyoga #yogawithhorses #yogateachertraining #inspiredbynature #inspiredbyhorses #horseenergy #horsewisdom #everyday #creativity #love #awakenwithhorses #acceptance #unity
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." —Dr. Seuss . . Don't just take my word for it...Dr. Suess knows!! . In all seriousness, stay true to who you are💙 . I love this quote! It really resonated with me when I saw it. You see, I speak my mind. For some, I'm too much. And thats ok with me...that just means they aren't for me. . . . #truthbomb #betruetoyourself #inspoquotes #drsuess #speakyoutruth #findyourvoice #mindsetiseverything #youholdthepower #youcandoit #staystrong #youmatter #healthcoach #iinhealthcoach #wordsofwisdom #loveyourselfmore #lovewins #itsnotaboutyou #dontchangeforanyone #fibrofighter #nomorefibro #fibrostrong #spooniesurvivor #fibro #fibrowarrior #wellnesscoach #wellnesswarrior
When all you do is be yourself and people are bothered by it. #thetruth #imanthetruth #speakyoutruth
When you meet people that speak their TRUTH, no matter what, it INSPIRES you to do the same. Their quest to do what is right EMPOWERS you to work through your own fear. You realize that this journey is so much bigger than your struggles alone, that we are so much more alike than we are different. @barrettpall gets what #HumanHero is about without explanation and I’m grateful to call him a friend, ally, and mentor. #👁⚡️👁 #speakyoutruth #allies #mentorship #morealikethandifferent #gaystraightalliance
So I’m living life on a budget- like a large majority of us let’s be honest. But I dream expensive. I dream well off. I dream financial independence. I dream world view and cultured emotional intelligence. So I’ll pray and hustle with the wealth in my creative bank. Until my reality illustrates dreams beyond what I can articulate an an unimaginable rank. 📸: @najmdesignsphotos Graphics: my random dreams! • • • #fashiondesigner #travellingthroughtheworld #dreamers #zara #mk #mountains #glacier #beyourself #speakyoutruth #hijabi #lhhmia #california #roadtrippin #afrolatina #uk #art #graphics #greenscreen #russia
Good evening ❤️😇‼️ “but if anyone suffers [ill-treatment] as a Christian [because of his belief], he is not to be ashamed, but is to glorify God [because he is considered worthy to suffer] in this name.” ‭‭1 PETER‬ ‭4:16‬ ‭AMP‬‬ #365daysofscriptures #iamnotashamed #speakyoutruth #photographer #innerG ™️
I did not sleep last night - like woke up in a panic a 2am and didn’t feel remotely tired again until 6 😔 As much as I preach the importance of rest and quality sleep, even I have my bad nights. But on the bright side, I got the AMAZING smoked salmon avocado toast at @foxtailcoffeeco downtown. Now it’s time to BREATHE and REST until my next client ✌🏼
Good morning ❤️😇‼️ “The Life-Light was the real thing: Every person entering Life he brings into Light. He was in the world, the world was there through him, and yet the world didn’t even notice. He came to his own people, but they didn’t want him. But whoever did want him, who believed he was who he claimed and would do what he said, He made to be their true selves, their child-of-God selves. These are the God-begotten, not blood-begotten, not flesh-begotten, not sex-begotten.” ‭‭John‬ ‭1:9-13‬ ‭MSG‬‬ #InnerG ™️ #365daysofscriptures #iamnotashamed #photographer #speakyoutruth
Giorno4/7 #letcrystalsguideyou Oggi TOPAZIO: è una pietra che promuove apertura, franchezza e capacità di esprimere le proprie emozioni. Rafforza i nervi e stimola il flusso energetico lungo i meridiani, aiuta a prendere coscienza della propria autorevolezza. Il topazio inoltre migliora la digestione e stimola il metabolismo dell’organismo. Se avete voglia di commentare fatelo pure
Good night ❤️😇‼️ “But what happens when we live God’s way? He brings gifts into our lives, much the same way that fruit appears in an orchard—things like affection for others, exuberance about life, serenity. We develop a willingness to stick with things, a sense of compassion in the heart, and a conviction that a basic holiness permeates things and people. We find ourselves involved in loyal commitments, not needing to force our way in life, able to marshal and direct our energies wisely. Legalism is helpless in bringing this about; it only gets in the way. Among those who belong to Christ, everything connected with getting our own way and mindlessly responding to what everyone else calls necessities is killed off for good—crucified.” ‭‭Galatians‬ ‭5:23-24‬ ‭MSG #365daysofscriptures #speakyoutruth #photographer #innerG ™️
Though some people won't agree he makes a good point love it or hate it facts #speakyoutruth
My social media feeds are filled with this incredible woman. I was moved to tears by her speech last night and now I get to hop online and be reminded of it all over again. I’m so grateful for all thought-leaders and role-models of this nature, but there is really is no one quite like Oprah. “What I know for sure is that speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have.” Let’s take a page from Oprah’s book and begin using this tool. #selflove #selflovecoach #happinesscoach #lifecoach #healthcoach #selfacceptance #oprah #goldenglobes #speakyoutruth
Yesterday #Oprah became the 1st African American Woman to win the Cecil B De Mille award! Never underestimate a little black girl from Milwaukee!! #SpeakYouTruth #WeWearBlack #WeStandInSolidarity #WomenEmpowerment #ForOurGirls #Monday #Inspirational #Share #PhotoOfTheDay #WCW
Well I dont even watch TV but I have had many messages about the theme of the Golden Globes tonight. #metoo #speakyoutruth Speaking your truth is so important, you never know who you might inspire. By being strong you inspire so many others. That is why I tell my story, not for pity, not to be a victim, but because others need to know that you will be alright and you will heal. Some people think I shouldnt talk about what happened but I know that I have inspired other to take that step to empower themselves. The only thing that kept me strong and was wanting to escape to go to the police so he couldnt do this to others. Unfortunately he is still out there doing it to others, who are to afraid to come forward. But I know in my heart I did the best I could to protect others from the horror and abuse that I went thru. #surviviornotavictim #bestrong #thecycleneedstostop #onlyyoucandoit #ptsdsucks #ptsdawareness #goldenglobes #timesup #yourtimeisnow #domesticabuseawareness #thisneedstostop #dotherightthing #youhelpotherswhenyoucomeforward #ptsdrecovery #ptsd #blessedandgrateful #isurvived
Ladyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy you just gave a speech!!!#goldenglobes2018 🏆 #speakyoutruth #enoughisenough
Two members of the Black Mamba's - the first ever all female anti-poaching unit. By simply #being # in areas, they have fended off human and animal predators (armed only with pepper spray, by the way). All thanks to Brave and @rockgirlsa - and @tamfrazer who invited me to this amazing event. www.blackmambas.org #brave #Rockgirls #girlsrock #speakyoutruth #saverhinos #savetherhino #facingthelions #africanwildlife #lion #rhino #Elephant #anti -poaching #gameranger #Africa #southarica #throwlikeagirl #runlikeagirl #safari #genderviolence #metoo
bed rest. move house. go ✴ after such a magical high energy week building up to my birthday it was pretty anti-climatic when the doc said i have a damaged rotator cuff in my right shoulder and it could be long slow healing process. I had a lovely dinner with some special peeps, but the pain kept my vibe low and seemed to release a lot of unexpexted emotions, so I was home and tucked in bed nursing my sore body and reflecting on what had been one helluva a year. No party. No normal pixi party. It would have been easy to let go and have that drink so many times yesterday. To help the pain To help the anxiety To help the celebrations To help the rollercoaster of feelings. Except it wouldnt help. So I honoured me and my 36 years on earth and I didnt have a drink or anything else. And thou my body is aching and Im so very aware of how much I have to do today and tomorrow... Im so very very happy that I held on to my souls need to stay clear for this next part of the journey. As I always say the body is the voice for the soul, and Im being asked to slow, selfcare, breathe. To speak up sooner. To keep sending out the love I want to see and feel in the world. And to let go of everything that has been and keep striding toward the light of now. 💚 #illnessiswisdom #listentotthebody #listentothesoul #alessonineverything #speakyourheart #behonest #speakyoutruth #fearnot #lovealot #livethelifeyoulove #beopen #lovewarriors #energy #naturemedicine #cleansing #releasing #freeyoursoul #healyoursoul #peaceful #blissful #healthplans #findyourzen #speakingwithGod #ipreview @preview.app
speak your heart 💚 we often repeat things that cause our bodies minor & major damage because the energy we might feel at that time of decision feels bigger and more aligned than the energy we imagine we will feel if the choice goes bad. sometimes that energy is so big and awesome no damage happens. no illness no regrets. sometimes we feel the energy changing but we push on anyways i felt this coming like i knew beyond knowing but i pushed myself till the physical body needed, no demanded healing so i did. or thought i was healing. all the fluids, inhalations and warmth in the world did nothing to shift my heavy chest until I shared my heart and then you said: "now thats off your chest" and boom. lighter. freer. no cough. no struggling breath. just this sense of peace and happiness and space. no matter how often my journey leads me away from myself. i cannot unknow what i know the body is the voice of the soul they are so very very finely attuned and so very very easily bumped out of alignment yet everything we do has purpose, a chance to teach us, if only we opened ourselves to learn. 💚 #illnessiswisdom #listentotthebody #listentothesoul #alessonineverything #speakyourheart #behonest #speakyoutruth #fearnot #lovealot #livethelifeyoulove #beopen #lovewarriors #ipreview @preview.app
✨✨ "We are all attracting energy to ourselves all the time, whether we realize it or not. And when we are vibrating at a low frequency, yet expect high frequency awesome things and experiences to come into our lives, we are often disappointed. You need to raise your frequency to match the frequency of the one you want to tune into. 🙌🏽 The universe will match whatever vibration you put out..." 🌏 - @jensincero 's #YouAreABadass ------- #TheBodhiSisters
@Regrann from @stateofslay : Good morning SLAYERS! New blog is up at stateofslay.com, Ask For What You Want. Are you preventing yourself from getting what you want? #SlayOn #StateOfSlay #SOS #AskForWhatYouWant #Deserve #Courage #Believe #SpeakYouTruth #Brave #SLAYER
Good morning SLAYERS! New blog is up at stateofslay.com, Ask For What You Want. Are you preventing yourself from getting what you want? #SlayOn #StateOfSlay #SOS #AskForWhatYouWant #Deserve #Courage #Believe #SpeakYouTruth #Brave #SLAYER
Monday reminder: ego wants a reaction, spirit wants awareness. Remember to see things from a higher perspective today. ⛺️ #thebodhisisters
.. "The reason you are the most powerful transmission tower in the Universe is because you have been given the power to focus your energy through your thoughts and alter the vibrations of what you are focused on, which then magnetically draws it to you." - 'the secret' 💫🌟🌷🌸🌿🌙 #BodhiSisters
'This is why humans resist life. To be alive is the biggest fear humans have. Death is not the biggest fear we have; our biggest fear is taking the risk to be alive - the risk to be alive and express what we really are. Just being ourselves is the biggest fear of humans.' .. ✨💫🌿🌙 do what you like and like what you do.. the only life you should be living is yours. sometimes we just need a little reminder of it. #BodhiSisters
.."What matters is not the meaning of life in general but rather the specific meaning in a person's life at a given moment. 🦋✨🌟 To put the question in general terms would be comparable to the question posed to a chess champion: "Tell me master, what is the best move in the world?" There simply is no such thing as the best or even a good move apart from a particular situation in a game and the particular personality of one's opponent. The same holds for human existence." 🍄🌼 #BodhiSisters
Repeat it over and over until you believe it ❤️ It is so true. #BodhiSisters • • • • • • • Thanks to @mikiash and her beautiful creative soul for being inspired to make and share these empowering wallpapers 💫🌵
The perfect summer drink 🌺💫 Did you know that cleansing your gut can help you flush out toxins in your body way faster? If you didn't. . .now you know 🙌🏽 #BodhiSisters
Don't forget to give yourself some time to charge today ⚡️ The weekend is near 🥂 #BodhiSisters
The only person responsible for your happiness is you! It's an inside job! If you are looking for a way to connect to your true self, identify what makes you happy and how to do that... then you should check out the women's wellness retreat we are facilitating in October in the picturesque #macedonranges . Give yourself the gift of self care, feminine connection, active living and time to be 'you'. Because you are worth it! Check out the link below: https://www.facebook.com/events/447689638928017/?ti=icl
What is it that you are manifesting this beautiful Monday?✨ #BodhiSisters
Part 2-- Check out my feels on Option B & one of my fav chapters within it on collective resilience & finding strength together 👌🏻"Along with shared hope and experiences, shared narratives can build collective resilience. Narratives might sound "light"- how important can a story be ?- but they are how we explain our past and set expectations for our future. Just as family stories help children feel a sense of belonging, collective stiryes create identify for communities. " Option B
Check out my feels on Option B & one of my fav chapters within it on collective resilience & finding strength together 👌🏻
THIS, is such absolute truth. Transformation aka healing and growth, grieving and thriving and living authentically is MESSY but also so so many other feels and experiences. Feels and emotions that are almost not able to be described but this powerful few word message did a pretty good job of just putting empoweringly what was all up in my head and heart as I reflect this morning. Let's break it down -- what stage are you on and feeling today? Messy? Rough and jaded? Raw and fearful? Shame and seeking forgiveness? Lost and bewildered? Humbled and honored? Loved and grateful? Softened and in all the feels? Each day, each moment that you choose to travel the Soul Grind may feel and look different! Step into all the feels and all the different entities - love your worthy self through it all and see what beauty happens, what awakening moments happen and what emotions come forth as you encounter each step of your journey and when the days feel dark and scary and defeating - surround yourself with love and those who will not rush your healing yet will sit with you in all the feels and walk by your strong and fierce self as you continue on 🙌🏻 and most importantly take care of yourself , you know what your soul needs and seek that whole heartedly! You got this & you are not alone 👌🏻 Share what your feeling today & support others on similar journeys! Choose love 💜 let's be ALIVE .
Hey my soul grinders 👌🏻 over here looking a Hott mess with eye brows in major need of plucking, nails not painted & my hair is fo sho on point but I'm riding and processing and full of gratitude. My soul is rocking atleast. (Points for seatbelt safety bahah) This week has me realizing so much about myself and what I desire in so many different entities. 1. It's so tough to ask for feedback & to be humbled 2. It's hard when you realize you are in need of some heavy duty growth 3. Negative thought processing is a beast to re direct 4. Negative thought processing can make or break your outlook, behaviors, attitudes 5. Some things just don't mesh, don't work, and shouldn't be forced 6. Always listen to your intuition and if it's not a "heck yes, than it's a no" !! Those are just a few of the many things I've learned in the past few days-- but i also have learned there's "colossal beauty" to combine with those I found 1. Find your tribe & hold them close 2. Take time for soulful conversations and deep conversations 3. Those who genuinely love you fiercely will tell you want you need to hear instead of "beating around the bush" 4. Humbling is such a broken open moment and fluid of moments that produces the ability to make shifts and live more authentically and intentionally 5. Being bravely vulnerable brings connection and support and community 6. Resilience is such a journey and not a one stop shop 7. Im human & im very imperfect & I can continue grow if I choose to not shrink in my imperfections but yet love myself through them to create beauty and strength and resilience 8. I am now capable of listening and feeling my intuition and trusting its guide and not doing anything I feel does not serve me -- "no" is a radical word 👌🏻9. I can listen to my negative thoughts chatter on and not allow them to control my life -- dude , anyone else get hit with some life shift moments ?! If so, work with them, listen to them, feel them & allow them to be heard. I'm refusing to just shut down when I feel defeated or humbled any longer ,it's time to do some work & challenge this discomfort and bring more beauty ! Bring on the Soul Work, who is with me 🤘🏻
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