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Raven had heard about those kids. The ones who fought crime with their supernatural powers. Well, not all of them had powers. She saw them around often but never really talked to them, until she had realized that one of them had a power to help her with one of her problems. Raven held out her arm as the bird that had been following her perched atop her arm. She quickly made her way over to the kids, the green boy with fangs hanging out of his mouth, the guy who was half robot half human, that one kid from the circus, and the redhead with green eyes. “Hey” she called out “which one of you can talk to animals?” She asked “I need to know why this bird is following me” Artist: @_picolo . . . {dm me to rp this or another post} . . . . #bbrae #teentitans #raventeentitans #beastboy #ravenxbeastboy #starfire #richarddickgrayson #teentitansrobin #cyborgteentitans #symbrock #deadpool #spiderman #spideypoolfluff #spideypoolfanart #avengers #tonystark #wadewilson #peterparker #eddiexvenom #eddiebrock #deadpool #marvelstudios #symbrockrp #openrp #ironstrange #tagsomeone #deadpool2 #marvelrp #superfamily #dcuniverse #mcu
[eddie and venom are separated for a month, and after they find each other venom becomes super super protective of Eddie] 🌸 🌸 🌸 It had been almost a month since Eddie and Venom were separated during a fight. Eddie still hadn’t adjusted to life without the nagging symbiote. He had gotten little to no sleep while venom was gone. The first two weeks Eddie had been searching for Venom endlessly, but after a while he gave up, assuming venom had moved on to another host. Even though Eddie had “moved on” he still though a bit venom often. By often, I mean daily. Eddy got a job at a Denny’s that was walking distance from his house, he didn’t like the job but it paid him well. Everything was beginning to go back to normal until Eddie saw something on the news that gave him hope. Venom. Not just a glimpse of venom, not just a couple words of where venom was, it was venom, on the news. Holding the camera as he talked into it. “I am coming Eddie” we’re the words what made Eddie jump out of his seat. Eddie began to feel hopeful again, but he couldn’t call sick into work, no, not again. His boss wouldn’t allow it. So, he just had to go on with his day regularly. . . . . {dm me to rp this or another post} . . . . #symbrock #deadpool #spiderman #gayroleplay #spideypoolfluff #gayboy #spideypoolfanart #avengers #tonystark #wadewilson #peterparker #eddiexvenom #eddiebrock #captainamerica #ironman #deadpool #stanlee #marvelstudios #symbrockrp #openrp #drstrange #ironstrange #tagsomeone #lgbt #pride #deadpool2 #marvelrp #superfamily #dcuniverse #mcu
Eddie woke up at 4am, groaning as he was dragged out of bed and into the bathroom where he was undressed and put into a warm bath. He rubbed the sleepiness out of his eyes and smiled as he washes himself off and his hair. After the bath he was dragged to his closet where his arms began looking through the clothes even though it wasn’t him controlling them. He watched as a grey hoodie was pulled out of the closet and smiled “good choice love” he mumbled, and then pulled the hoodie on over his head. He grabbed a pair of jeans and put them on, then went to grab his shoes. “So why are we up so early?” He asked while putting his shoes on. He only receive a one word response. “waffles” venom said in a low voice. “mmm, the new waffle place down the street?” He stood up and looked himself in the mirror. “Yes” venom replied. Eddie made his way out of the apartment and made sure to lock the door. As soon as they were out, Venom come out and picked up Eddie. “What are you doing?” Eddie asked “don’t worry love, it is early and no one will see us” Eddie nodded and relaxed in Venoms arms as they made their way to the waffle place. As soon as they got there Eddie frowned. “Well shit, looks like they’re closed.” “We are getting our waffles Eddie” “Of course love” Eddie said “but how?” Artist: cherrysplice . . . . . {dm me to rp this or another post} . . . . #symbrock #deadpool #spiderman #gayroleplay #spideypoolfluff #gayboy #spideypoolfanart #avengers #tonystark #wadewilson #peterparker #eddiexvenom #eddiebrock #captainamerica #ironman #deadpool #stanlee #marvelstudios #symbrockrp #openrp #drstrange #ironstrange #tagsomeone #lgbt #pride #deadpool2 #marvelrp #superfamily #dcuniverse #mcuniverse
Peter had recently been feeling really down lately. He though no one would really notice it, because not even he noticed it most times, but wade, of course He noticed when Peter was feeling down before Peter could even realize himself. Peter and wade were on patrol, which they did together almost everyday. Wade noticed that Peter had stopped stalking and was just blankly staring out at the city. Peter was deep in thought and his eyes were wide as his mind flooded with his thoughts. Since he wasn’t paying attention, he nearly screamed when he felt wade touch his hand. “Oh shit, I’m sorry” he mumbled and sighed heavily. Peters eyes then widened as he was pulled into a warm embrace. “Wade, what the hell are you doing” he asked as he began to attempt to get away from his embrace. It was obvious he wasn’t getting anywhere and wades grip was only getting tighter. So he gave in and let out a long sigh before wrapping his arms around wade and holding on to him tightly. “This doesn’t mean I like you” he mumbled, slightly scooting away as he had felt wades erect member against his leg. . . . . . . {dm me to rp this or another post} . . . . #spideypoolrp #deadpool #spiderman #gayroleplay #spideypoolfluff #gayboy #spideypoolfanart #avengers #tonystark #wadewilson #peterparker #wadexpeter #spidermanxdeadpool #captainamerica #ironman #deadpool #stanlee #marvelstudios #auntmay #openrp #drstrange #ironstrange #tagsomeone #lgbt #pride #deadpool2 #marvelrp #superfamily #dcuniverse #universe
Peter is a witch, which is pretty easy to hide considering he doesn’t burn from water. Wade is a vampire, which is a bit harder to hide. Peters group of friends invited him to a Halloween party, which he begrudgingly agreed to go to. Wade went, of course, due to how well he would be able to blend in. Luckily Wade knows most of the people at the party, except one brunette he couldn’t keep his eyes off. Peter stood at the punch bowl alone. His friends had wondered off with completely other people and left him alone. He stared at the contents of his cup. Just water, he didn’t want to get a hangover. He turned his cup in circles and sighed softly before his attentions was brought to a charming male who approached him. No words were exchanged yet, but their eyes locked for what seemed like hours. Eventually Peter decided to speak up. “Hey” he said a bit loud due to all the talking and loud music. “My names Peter” {I forgot to post this yesterday on Halloween🎃} . . . . . . {dm me to rp this or another post} . . . . #spideypoolrp #deadpool #spiderman #gayroleplay #spideypoolfluff #gayboy #spideypoolfanart #avengers #tonystark #wadewilson #peterparker #wadexpeter #spidermanxdeadpool #captainamerica #ironman #deadpool #stanlee #marvelstudios #auntmay #openrp #drstrange #ironstrange #tagsomeone #lgbt #pride #deadpool2 #marvelrp #superfamily #dcuniverse #universe
Spider-Man grabs a gun from Deadpool’s waist belt and throws it at a bad guy, the impact on the man causes the gun to fire and shoot Deadpool in the dick. Spider-Man frantically apologizes for the next several minutes. . . . . . . . #spideypoolrp #deadpool #spiderman #gayroleplay #spideypoolfluff #gayboy #spideypoolfanart #avengers #tonystark #wadewilson #peterparker #wadexpeter #spidermanxdeadpool #captainamerica #ironman #deadpool #stanlee #marvelstudios #auntmay #openrp #drstrange #ironstrange #tagsomeone #lgbt #pride #deadpool2 #marvelrp #superfamily #dcuniverse #universe
Credit to artist. Do not report cause I know some people don't even say credit to them.. sorry I can't find them. #spideypool #wadexpeter #peterxwade #spideypoolsmut #tomxryan #spideypoolfluff #spideypoolfanart
Peter and wade had been married for 5 years now. They had started dating while Peter was 18 and wade was 20. Wade had asked the lucky question at age 27, while Peter was 25. Now both of the men were in their thirties. Peter had retired from Spider-Man but wade was still doing his job as a mercenary to make money for the both of them, since neither wanted a real job. Deadpool was out doing his mercenary stuff while Peter took care of the bills on his laptop. He hummed softly to himself as he took care of everything, to busy to hear the door creek open to his room. He smiled as he felt wade fall down on to the bed and turned back at him to see him. “Oh! Welcome back babe~” he said before turning back to finish up what he was doing before cuddling with wade and discussing their days. {dm me to rp this} . . . . . . . #spideypoolrp #deadpool #spiderman #gayroleplay #spideypoolfluff #gayboy #spideypoolfanart #avengers #tonystark #wadewilson #peterparker #wadexpeter #spidermanxdeadpool #captainamerica #ironman #deadpool #stanlee #marvelstudios #auntmay #openrp #drstrange #ironstrange #tagsomeone #lgbt #pride #deadpool2 #marvelrp #superfamily #dcuniverse #mcuniverse
Peter and wade had finally bit off more than they could chew. Peter laid limp on the floor, his head on the lap of his lover. He couldn’t move, he was so tired, or maybe it was all the blood he was loosing. Peter looked up at wade, his face was crystal clear, unlike everything else around him, which seemed to just be blurred out. Somehow Peter managed to reach a hand up and cup wades face in his hand. “It’s okay.” He said in a raspy voice, talking was hard. “Wade, everything will be fine” he flashed a weak smile, trying to believe his own lie. His hand fell from wades face, hitting the floor with a soft thud. No, he wasn’t dead yet, but surely getting there quicker than he wanted to. Peters eyes closed, leaving what seemed to be only his only sense left. He heard screaming, he heard crying, everything he had hated to hear coming from his lover. He didn’t feel it, but he heard as the car door slammed to a taxi he was brought in to. He heard the almost to familiar name, Dopinder being yelled at to drive faster, being yelled at to run red lights, all while Peter laid limp in wades arms. He couldn’t remember much after that. There were brief moments he would open his eyes, no matter how much it hurt him, just to give wade a sign that he was alive. In those brief moments he could see glimpses of the things that were going on around him. He saw wade crying his eyes out. He saw them rush into the hospital. He saw wade yelling at the doctors. Then silence. It was so quiet it almost scared Peter. He thought he was dead. All the commotion, screaming, and screeching tires just seemed to suddenly stop all at once. All he heard was a faint beeping. His heart rate. . {dm me to rp this}{there’s an extended version}{and a good ending} . . . . . . . #spideypoolrp #deadpool #spiderman #gayroleplay #spideypoolfluff #gayboy #spideypoolfanart #avengers #tonystark #wadewilson #peterparker #wadexpeter #spidermanxdeadpool #captainamerica #ironman #deadpool #stanlee #marvelstudios #auntmay #openrp #drstrange #ironstrange #tagsomeone #lgbt #pride #deadpool2 #marvelrp #superfamily #dcuniverse #mcuniverse
Peter was always told not to associate with guys like wade. The guys who would drink until they were way to drunk for their own good, and get into fights with anyone they saw. Peter made sure to stay away from them. The walk home from his “Stark internship” always included walking past a bar that seemed to always be packed with the douches he attempted to stay away from. He was pretty good at avoiding the catcalls, remarks made towards him by the men, and the men. that was until Peter was walking home and noticed a hunched over figure in an alleyway. He squinted his eyes and began walking over to the male slowly “h-hello?” He said softly, fear building up inside of him. The closer he got to the male, the more bloody he seemed. “Oh shit” he mumbled before quickly rushing over and crouching down next to the male. He hurriedly opened his backpack and got out bandages to patch him up. After a while of sitting there and patching the stranger up, Peter slung his backpack over his shoulder and wrapped his arms under wades arms, dragging him back to his apartment. He crawled in through the window and dragged wade in with him. At first he laid him on his bed, but after experiencing the uncomfortable floor he decided to lay a couple blankets down and a pillow, then pull wade down to lay on the floor. Peter sighed heavily and laid down, pulling the covers over himself and falling asleep. He would deal with the male tomorrow, he was too tired now. . {dm me to rp this} . . . . . . . #spideypoolrp #deadpool #spiderman #gayroleplay #spideypoolfluff #gayboy #spideypoolfanart #avengers #tonystark #wadewilson #peterparker #wadexpeter #spidermanxdeadpool #captainamerica #ironman #deadpool #stanlee #marvelstudios #auntmay #openrp #drstrange #ironstrange #tagsomeone #lgbt #pride #deadpool2 #marvelrp #superfamily
Peter was at a concert his friends had convinced him to go to. That band playing wasn’t exactly Peters favorite, but he still enjoyed their music. The air was hot and Peter began to get sweaty, he wasn’t exactly wearing the right clothes for the occasion. It was night time, but still hot, and Peter was wearing his spidey suit under skinny jeans and a jacket. Peter figured it would be fine since they wouldn’t really care what he was wearing underneath. Everything was fine and he was actually having fun in the mosh pit, until here was a sharp pain in his nose as he saw a hand come from an unknown place and hit his nose, hard enough to make a loud cracking noise and cause Peter to yell out in pain. Peter hunched forward and covered his now bleeding nose with his hand. The male who had chased the blood to rush from his nose so fast quickly turned around and wrapped an arm around the smaller males shoulders. “Shit, dude, I’m sorry, fuck.” “What the fuck!” Peter shouted out of anger. “Ok, hey look, my names wade and I’m gonna take you to the hospital now because I’m pretty sure I just broke your nose, I’m so sorry dude” Upon hearing the words Peter let the male, now known as wade, lead the way out of the crowd. Wade took him to his car, and Peter got in without questioning. “Is it still bleeding?” Wade asked “Yes it’s still bleeding!” Peter shouted “Shit ok, here” wade handed him a cloth before starting up the car. Peter took the cloth and used it to cover his nose as they began driving towards to hospital. . . . . . . . . . . . #spideypoolrp #deadpool #spiderman #gayroleplay #spideypoolfluff #gayboy #spideypoolfanart #avengers #tonystark #wadewilson #peterparker #wadexpeter #spidermanxdeadpool #captainamerica #ironman #deadpool #stanlee #marvelstudios #auntmay #openrp #drstrange #ironstrange #tagsomeone #lgbt #pride
Peter was an acrobat, nick name, the spider. He worked with a small circus group who traveled a lot. Occasionally they would have some people at the show just to pick pocket and Peter would call them out. No one ever saw Peters face, except for a couple of his crew members maybe, but other than that he always kept his mask on. His outfit consisted of a red sparkly leotard with shiny blue leggings and a long sleeved shirt, same color and texture as his leggings. Peter wore a mask that covered from his nose and cheekbones and up only. Inside his mask was a white cloth that was easy to see through that he would use to cover his eyes. One day Peter was performing at some small town when he noticed one of those pesky pick pocketers, he was about to call him out but noticed he wasn’t leaving anytime soon. After the show he confronted the male, walking up to him as he noticed him counting up the cash he had stolen. “Hey, what do you think your doing?” He asked, crossing his arms as he approached him. The male might have been bigger than him but he wanted to do his best at sounding tough. . . - dm to rp this - {ignore the tags} . . . . #spideypoolrp #deadpool #spiderman #gayroleplay #spideypoolfluff #gayboy #spideypoolfanart #avengers #tonystark #wadewilson #peterparker #wadexpeter #spidermanxdeadpool #captainamerica #ironman #deadpool #stanlee #marvelstudios #auntmay #openrp #drstrange #ironstrange #tagsomeone #lgbt #pride
Peter and wade were rooming together for a school trip, and both of the seniors absolutely hated each other. The first night they found out they were rooming together they had fought almost the whole day, even falling asleep while cussing each other out. Peter wasn’t happy at all, the only emotion on his mind was rage, that was until the next day there was a raging thunderstorm. It was 9pm and Peter was wrapped up in his blankets, doin his best not to think about the thunderstorm. He had always hated thunderstorms, they always made him think back to his parents and how they had passed away. Wade walked into the room and threw a couple of curses at Peter, raising a brow as he got no response. He tried again, no response. “You alright dipshit?” Wade asked. Peter finally came to his senses “y-yeah I’m fine” he mumbled under the blankets he had piled on top of himself. . . - dm to rp this - {ignore the tags} . . . . . . . . . . #spideypoolrp #deadpool #spiderman #gayroleplay #spideypoolfluff #gayboy #spideypoolfanart #avengers #tonystark #wadewilson #peterparker #wadexpeter #spidermanxdeadpool #captainamerica #ironman #deadpool #stanlee #marvelstudios #auntmay #openrp #drstrange #ironstrange #tagsomeone #lgbt #pride .
Peter and wade had been friends forever, ever since Peter had met him at age 5. Peter had crashed his bike and was crying under a tree, it was the week after his parents had passed away and he couldn’t stop bawling his eyes out, that was until a small 7 year old boy came up to him and comforted him. Wade had calmed him down and taken him home, well not until they had exchanged the numbers of their home phones, then at age 15 and 17 their real phones. Peter and wade texted daily, and hung out 24/7. Unfortunately the two of them didn’t go to the same school, so they had to be apart from each other for 8 hours everyday, which was hell for the both of them. The two had gotten through so much together, now ages 18 and 20. Peter had invited wade over for a sleepover, may would be away for the next couple weeks, as usual, and Peter would have the whole place to himself. Peter smiled brightly as he heard the doorbell ring and rushed downstairs, he had already set his room up, lights hung across his room and snacks piled up on the pillows and blankets he had thrown on the floor for the both of them. Peter grabbed wades hand and pulled him inside, quickly closing the door behind him before pulling him up to his room “Come on, I wanna show you the new ukulele I got for my birthday!” He said excitedly as they rushed into his room. . . - dm to rp this - {ignore the tags} . . . . #spideypoolrp #deadpool #spiderman #gayroleplay #spideypoolfluff #gayboy #spideypoolfanart #avengers #tonystark #wadewilson #peterparker #wadexpeter #spidermanxdeadpool #captainamerica #ironman #deadpool #stanlee #marvelstudios #auntmay #openrp #drstrange #ironstrange #tagsomeone #lgbt #pride
Spideypool posting time!❤💙💜💙💜💙💜💙💜❤💜❤❤💙💜💙💜💙💜💙😘😊 ° ° ° #marvel #marvelfanart #marvellover #marvelforever #marvelforlife #spiderman #deadpool #spideypool #spideypooledit #spideypoolfanart #spideypoolfluff #spideypoollove #spideypoolcomic #spideypoolforever
Peter and wade sat back to back on the roof of the tallest apartment building they could find. Peter had taken his mask off, since it was starting to bother him. Him and wade had just finished up a tough mission together and Peter was all bruised and cut up, unlike wade, who didn’t seem to have a scratch on himself. “No peeking” Peter mumbled, him and wade had been working together for over a year and wade only knew his name, well, just his first name anyways. On the other hand Peter had been around wade without his mask, and if he was unlucky enough, without his suit. He had gotten to know a lot about him, probably more than he should, and now the two were sitting on the roof together, Peter totally vulnerable while wade surprised Peter by respecting his privacy, which he didn’t do to often. “I think it’s time to go home” Peter mumbled. . . - dm to rp this - {ignore the tags} . . . . #spideypoolrp #deadpool #spiderman #gayroleplay #spideypoolfluff #gayboy #spideypoolfanart #avengers #tonystark #wadewilson #peterparker #wadexpeter #spidermanxdeadpool #captainamerica #ironman #deadpool #stanlee #marvelstudios #auntmay #openrp #drstrange #ironstrange #tagsomeone #lgbt #pride
Peter was a small kid, now when I say “small kid” I don’t mean a short 13 year old kid, no. Peter was a 23 year old male who was scrawny and pale looking, who lived in a small apartment in LA, that apartment wasn’t his though. At age 18 Peter had left his aunts house to live with his boyfriend who was physically and sexually abusing him. Not knowing that it was entirely wrong Peter had stayed with him for two years before it was brought to his attention by one of his friends from “work” that the whole situation was wrong, and that he needed to get away from him. Now at age 23 he was unfortunately brought into another physically abusive relationship, usually leaving to work with bruises and cuts that he was forced to cover up with makeup his boyfriend would buy him, just for that purpose. One day after Peter had gotten home late from his day of patrolling as Spider-Man, he was ready to be met with a punch to his face, which he was right to assume since he was greeted by a slap across the face as he had walked through the door which slammed violently behind him. Peters face stayed emotionless as the much stronger and louder male yelled and screamed at him for being 10 minutes late. The male violently gripped Peters face and told him to ‘look him in the eyes as he was speaking’ but his loud yelling quickly turned into a sudden silence, his eyes widened. Suddenly a loud thud was heard as he had fallen to the floor, a large puddle of blood quickly surrounding him and making Peter panic. The scrawny boy quickly rushed to the phone to call the ambulance but was quickly stopped as a much larger male in a spandex suit reached his hand out to stop him from picking up the phone. Peter didn’t have that much time to react because soon enough he was knocked out from a blow against his head. . . . -there’s an extended version of this, dm to rp it-
Pairing: Spidey-Pool (Deadpool/Spider-Man) • Credits: DeadChemicalRomance - • • Deviantart • #spideypool #spideypoolfluff #spiderman #peterparker #deadpool #wadewilson #marvel #kiss #otp #gayship #fluff
SpideyPool time!!💞💝💞💝💞💝💞💝💞💝💞💝💞💝💗💖💞💖💞💖💞💖💞💖💞💖💞💖💞💖💞💖💞💖💞💖💞 ° ° ° #marvel #marvelforever #spiderman #deadpool #spideypool #spideypoolfanart #spideypoolfluff #spideypooledit #spideypoolcomic #spideypoolforever
Peter had been in college for only a couple of months, which meant he had been away from his boyfriend for a couple months. Peter had told wade he didn’t want him to stay in his dorm with him because then he wouldn’t any work done whatsoever. Eventually Christmas came around and he decided he would stay over at wades. Of course the first couple of hours he’s there, wade gets a little more affection than Peter had prepared for. He didn’t push him away or anything though, he loved every second of it because wade wasn’t the only one who was deprived of his boyfriends love. He wasn’t able to make Hickeys on wade due to his healing factor, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t show him any love because he sure as hell did. The two were cuddled up close to each other on the couch. A large fleece blanket was wrapped around the both of them as they watched the hallmark movies that always played around Christmas. The fireplace was lit as snow covered everything outside in a white blanket. The small tree the both had them had pitched in to buy was lit with the LED Christmas lights with presents ranging from big to small. . . - dm to rp this - {ignore the tags} . . . . #spideypoolrp #deadpool #spiderman #gayroleplay #spideypoolfluff #gayboy #spideypoolfanart #avengers #tonystark #wadewilson #peterparker #wadexpeter #spidermanxdeadpool #captainamerica #ironman #deadpool #stanlee #marvelstudios #auntmay #openrp #drstrange #ironstrange #tagsomeone #lgbt #pride
I didn't know what to post or am just to lazy to actually post anything... so spideypool!!💗💞 ° ° ° #marvel #marvelforever #spiderman #deadpool #spideypool #spideypoolfanart #spideypooledit #spideypoolfluff #spideypoolcomic #spideypoolforever
Its a SpideyPool edit I did cause its all black and white, so I wanted to edited it to make it more colorful!💖💕 ° ° ° #marvel #marvelforever #spiderman #deadpool #spideypool #spideypoolforever #spideypoolfluff #spideypoolfanart #spideypooledit #spideypoolcomic
Peter was running away. He was running away from New York, away from it all. On the day of his birthday at midnight he had his bags packed and his note for May ready. He wasn’t just running away for attention and kicks, no, it was more than that. May wasn’t home as often, but Peter was. He saw every man she had brought in the house and every hookup she had. Could he really blame her though? I mean after after about 16 years of living with a kid that’s parents and uncle had just died, it’s not just heavy on the kid, it heavy on the caretaker as well. It wasn’t just the men, he was tired of being bossed around and pushed around by his boss and other people as Spider-Man, so he would go be Spider-Man somewhere else. Peter had left a note on Mays nightstand and a message for Tony before he had thrown his phone out the window, effectively smashing it. He had been fine for a couple months now, search parties had stopped looking for him and he was glad for that, although he new Tony would never stop, but that’s a problem he would deal with much later. Peter traveled around in a small blue van, blankets clothes and snacks all scattered around in the back and a small bed made for him when he wanted to sleep. At Age 18 Peter had found a way to make his own money, spending most of his time at bars and finding the loneliest male and asking if he wanted a blowjob, or sex for a price. In the first month of doing so he had already gathered up about 3 thousand dollars, considering he upped the price every time. After a while he had stopped doing this though, he found the dominant males to be getting much rougher and didn’t like the fact he would be back on the road all bruised up. From New York to California Peter was having one hell of a time by himself, that is until he stumbled upon a rather interesting looking man at a Denny’s early in the morning. After staring for a while he was eventually caught and found the male asking him if the seat in front of him was taken. “Uh- oh, no” he stammered out, a smile creeping on to his lips. . . -dm to rp this- . .
{yes I realize the caption does not have to do with the photo) Peters wings were quite annoying. He never knew why he had them, he just new they were there. His parents never really did try to hide his wings, they didn’t want to put any stress or anxiety on him to hide his wings, so they let him be, and he began known to many people for his strange feature. Everywhere he would go he would be starred down or even approached to be questioned, which annoyed him. After 22 years people still didn’t know how to control themselves, still questioning and starring at him whenever he crossed their paths. Here’s the thing, peer never really used his wings, they were mostly just /there/ and Peter thought he would be seen as a threat to people. Things were always hard for him. Peter sighed softly, he was on the bus home and as per usual people starred, and it didn’t help that he had to keep his wings so close. After getting off the bus he made his way home with his groceries, walking in his apartment and sighed as he plopped down on his bed turning in the news as he heated himself up some Ramen. The news was boring, an Peter found no interest in it, he only used it as a background noise so he didn’t feel so alone, that was until he heard something that caught hit attention. “Male found near beach with large angel like wings.” The words had shocked him and he quickly rushed over to the tv to see a male, larger than him with- hold on- why are his wings...white...Peter watched as interviewed flooded around him and questioned him, and watched as he tried to escape them “wade Wilson, are you aware that there are more of you? Wade Wilson, how did this happen? Wade Wilson” the questions went on and on but all Peter could focus on were his beautiful wings. “Wade Wilson” he mumbled to himself before realizing where they were “wait a minute...THATS THE BEACH DOWNTOWN?!" He shouted at his tv “h-he lives in the same town as me?! Oh fuck!” He shouted, but his excitement soon faded as the lights all went out. Another black out, sending him to bed early. Peter woke up the next morning, with the soul purpose of meeting this “Wade Wilson” or at least accidentally bumping in to him.
Guns had always fascinated Peter. He loved they way they looked, the way they felt, and everything about them. Before his parents death he used to steal his fathers gun that he had kept in a safe for emergencies and go out in to the woods to shoot at cans and bottles, returning the gun to its place with new ammo after he was done. The day after his parents died was his 18th Birthday, so knowing he wouldn’t be able to be put in a foster home he didn’t wait to be removed from the house. He had gotten all the stashed money that his parents hid in the house and a black backpack to store it in. Of course he got his fathers guns as well. After walking off from the home, he decided he need an outfit change as well, so, not really wanting to be recognized, he got black boots, black jeans, a black holster for guns and ammo, and of course a black shirt. His backpack, which he took everywhere, contains the essentials, money, water, a first aid kit, and his ID and fake ID. After 2 years, Peter got a hang of being on his own and learning to fight for himself. He worked as a sort of “super hero” when he wanted to, except instead of just waiting for the cops to come and take the criminal he would resort to using violence. When he didn’t want to do “his job” he would get himself a motel room in Vegas and gamble. Of course he cheated though, never exactly being caught, which was shocking. Peter was independent and strong and knew how to be a leader and make rules, I guess you could call him a bossy bottom. Everything in his life was, alright I guess. Not the perfect run away story but good enough to satisfy him. Well, that was until he had to much to drink last night and woke up in somebody’s bed. Peter sat up and looked around the in familiar apartment, before he came the realization what had happened once he saw the larger male sleeping next to him. Peter furrowed his eyebrows, this had never happened before, so, why him?! He sighed softly and decided to shrug it off. Peter hurriedly gathered his clothes and began to get dressed, getting caught off guard by a low voice after dressing himself. . . There’s and extended version of this starter- dm to rp it {ignore the tags} . .
High school is a painful experience for anyone, but having to deal with school work and being a superhero is even worse. Peter Parker was quite the nerd, with his glasses, A+ Grades and nerdy book bag you wouldn’t exactly think he was superhero material. Wade Wilson on the other hand was a big time jock, and known by almost everyone, unlike Peter who had a low profile. He would occasionally make fun of Peter for his nerdy look every now and then, but other than that they were pretty good friends, wade asking for homework answers every now and then and Peter deciding to Tutor him instead. Although he thought he was, Peter wasn’t the only one with a secret, considering Wade Wilson also had a ‘similar’ job working as a mercenary since he was 15. Neither of them know anything about the others identity, but wade begins to question where Peter is going after school, and why he’s never home. “Wh- YOU WENT TO MY HOUSE?!” The male screamed, getting the attention of some of Wades jock friends. “Well yeah, I wanted some one on one tutoring. Your Aunt said you were in some study groups, but you weren’t at the study group. So what were you really doing?” He asked, raising a brow. “You don’t need to know what I do after school! If you wanted one on one tutoring just text me, don’t go to my fucking house!” Peter quickly wrote down his number and handed it to him before getting up and rushing off to his last class. After school Peter decided it would be safer not to patrol, just in case wade followed him and instead caught wade as he was exiting the school. “Hey wade! I’m free right now if you wanna do the Math Homework together, it’s pretty easy” he stated. . . - dm to rp this - {ignore the tags} . . . . #spideypoolrp #deadpool #spiderman #gayroleplay #spideypoolfluff #gayboy #spideypoolfanart #avengers #tonystark #wadewilson #peterparker #wadexpeter #spidermanxdeadpool #captainamerica #ironman #deadpool #stanlee #marvelstudios #auntmay #openrp #drstrange #ironstrange #tagsomeone #lgbt #pride
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