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Yes, yes, yes to all of this. We get so wrapped up in our own heads, it’s hard to escape all the negative thinking and self-bullying. Let’s treat ourselves with love and compassion. We deserve it! ❤️ #healingjourney #healingcrystals #healingenergy #vibratehigher #alternativehealing
I have struggled with anxiety my entire life. . I have gotten really good at knowing all possible ways things could go wrong. . My imagination could win an award for best creativity. . On my own personal journey to finding inner peace and learning how to love myself most, I have learned the more I focus on what I can control - the more I feel empowered. . The funny thing in life is we are sometimes taught we can control things. . THAT IS A MYTH. . Everything and anything we can control is what is inside of us... our breath, our thoughts, and our actions. . So when life feels overwhelming and you notice that you are one big anxiety ball... learn some things that help you calm down in the moment. . And, surrender all feelings of anxiousness to the universe. . Then sit back and watch the miracles unfold right before your eyes. . The miracle of being the best version of you! . Empowerment is the antidote to anxiety. . Mindfulness is the way to empowerment. . Want to learn the tricks I use on how to to do this? Join #undeniabletruth ’s Positive Vibes community today! . Package includes: ✔️unlimited access to a new guided meditation each week ✔️an exclusive weekly 1 hour live chat with me to answer any questions about becoming the best version of yourself ✔️be part of a private FB group with like minded positive souls to navigate with on this journey . ✔️learn the tricks I have used to find my inner peace so that I could be the best version of myself. . Email info@ericacuni.com for more information and to register. . You are strong. You are brave. You are love. You are fierce. You are kind. You are light. You are lovable. You are important. You are worthy of the life you seek!
My oldest son is 16 and he gave up hugging his mama years ago (insert broken heart here). I regularly kiss his cheek or his head but unless he's sick, that's all he allows. . Tonight was his night to do dishes as a chore, and there were a lot of them. He begged me to let him skip it, so I said, "If you hug me for 5 seconds, I'll do them"... 😂 . Honestly, he agonized over which was worse, what kind of hug did it have to be, could I just hug him while he stood there, etc....lol! But in the end, I got my full hug and happily did every dish. . . **Mamas of littles - I remember how annoying it was when my toddler wouldn't leave me alone and would hang on my leg alllll dayyyy. Remember this post the next time it is trying your patience. I would love to go back for one more day of toddler snuggles ❤️ #cherisheveryhug #loveonyourbabies
One day I listened to the most beautiful sound ... My Soul. Be brave enough to explore the depth of who you really are. I knew I was on the right path because of the overwhelming feeling of love that encompassed me. It was a gentle force of knowing. Today I honor the life rising up inside of me, and I direct my energy toward living my best life. #love #bliss #liveyourtruth #standinyourpower #awareness #universalmind #soul #evolving #livinglifebydesign #spirituality #gangstatogoddess #gowithin #consciousness #mindfulness #spiritualgrowth #loveandlight #metaphysical #spiritjunkie
I have to say that yesterday was an incredible day. Scratch that. Life is incredible. It’s amazing how when you open yourself up to all that is possible your world expands, grows and changes. Teaching yoga, visiting with my mom and ending the day chanting with @katiebushyoga and friends, my heart is full. #vibratehigher #healingenergy #healingjourney #alternativehealing #chanting
Sometimes everything can be questioned in a single sharp instance. Your Path Your Choices Your Ideas Your Friends Your Life Be clear and true to yourself. Some who share your time are reflections of where life was and some are brightly lighting the path to greatness. #bethelight #livingbeautifully
@mrdavehollis has just made me EVEN MORE excited to get my hand on @msrachelhollis new book, “Girl, Stop Apologizing” when it comes out March 12th (so far away! 😩) #preordered . First off, his love for his wife is adorable and absolute #goals 🙌🏻💕 but second, he emotionally shared his pride and awe over his wife’s latest masterpiece after he read through an advance copy yesterday - and his words are giving me ALL the feels! 😭 . “Girl, Stop Apologizing” is a CALL to women everywhere to STOP being defined by the opinions of others 👊🏻 and to STOP talking themselves out of their dreams! 💗 . The book will be broken down into... EXCUSES to let go of, BEHAVIOURS to adopt, and SKILLS to acquire on the path to growth, confidence, and the biggest possible version of your life! 💫 . Mr. Hollis was kind/sneaky enough to share a few snapshots of some powerful quotes from the book, my favourite of which I have shared in the next photo! 👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻 . Are you as fired up as I am to read this? Have you pre-ordered?! 📖 . #rachelhollis #davehollis #girlwashyourface #girlstopapologizing #risetogether #rise #inspirationalquotes #wordstoliveby #liveyourtruth #youdoyou #ownyourdreams #daispodcast #empoweringwomen #standinyourpower #personaldevelopment #personalgrowth
Carry yourself into the new week with your head up high. #doccindy #standinyourpower #empoweryourpath #youmakeithappen
I know life can be pretty tricky to navigate sometimes because my own life has shown my that. . As a therapist for over the past decade, I have witnessed how we can get bogged down in negativity when we are faced with some pretty difficult situations because we struggle to see the solution. . Or, even when we are simply going through life’s transitions we can forget to see the good. . It’s a lot easier to stay rooted in gratitude when we have people to lean on who are like minded positive souls. . I know that through my own spiritual journey to inner peace, I have needed my soul tribe. . I have also been lucky enough to have a mentor to help me stay on my yellow brick road to the Emerald City to whom I am forever grateful for having met. @jennifershackford . Research shows that mindfulness and support are successful in helping depression and anxiety symptoms. . I have been thinking. . What if we could have a place for us to go to when we need reminders of our strength? . A community to help us find our positive mojo. . A place that helps us stay grounded and calm. . A community to remind us of the basics- where we practice everything we have learned about law of attraction. . Positive thinking, surrendering our control, being in the moment, gratitude, manifesting, and trusting that the universe has a plan better than we could have ever imagined. . A place of unconditional support, love, connection, gratitude, and hope. . Introducing #undeniabletruth ’s Positive Vibes Package, includes ✔️a private FaceBook group chat ✔️an exclusive weekly hour live chat with me to help answer any questions about living your #undeniabletruth ✔️a new guided meditation by me each week ✔️I’ll share tricks I have learned through my therapist career and in my own life. . This is almost as if I am your personal daily #undeniabletruth coach without the cost of an individual session! . Come join #undeniabletruth Positive Vibes Community!! . For more info and to register, please email Erica at info@ericacuni.com. . You are strong. You are fierce. You are kind. You are love. You are light. You are important. You are lovable. You are good enough. You are worthy of the life you seek!!
⚠️STOP⚠️ We are so good and criticising ourselves. Let us start the day by writing about what we love about ourselves instead. Surely you can think of a couple of things. It is hard because we aren’t supposed to love ourselves. Society needs us to feel shit in order to sell us products. Filling our unhappiness with “stuff” that gives us a temporary high. If you can fit it into your day really try and start boosting yourself by focusing on the great things about you 💖 I AM .... (fill in the blank) I am kind and generous! I have a giving heart and I always want to help others. I am a loving mum to my three boys. This is important work! If you are totally stuck, why not get a friend to tell you some of the great things about you and you return the favour. Tag in a friend below and tell them some of the reasons they are awesome! It’s time to embrace our awesomeness.🙌💫💖 It’s time to lift each other up! Stand in your power that has been stripped from you! It’s time 👊💥
Firat sonen genom att inviga honom i sin första Schamanceremoni!♥️ Shine your light💫 #schamanisch #ceremony #happybirthday #shineyourlight #standinyourpower
People often ask me how I do it. Some think it’s in my genes or maybe that I’m naturally curvy (which I am) But the curves began to spread out (with added lbs, pregnancies, age) My genes also carry obesity, diabetes, HBP and cholesterol...so 8 yrs ago and 55 lbs overweight I made a decision! Either fight my genes off every day by following a plan of nutrition and daily exercise OR...do NOTHING about it and put myself and family at risk. I guess it wasn’t such a hard decision to make👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Make yourself a priority and everything else will fall into place 💯 . . Who motivates you to live your best life?
Your truth will always rise to the surface - honor it. #truth [image by @positivelypresent - we LOVE your page!]
Sunday Shuffle Sometimes I shuffle the cards and one just pops out. Today it’s the Ace of Swords. The swords represent the element air and are all about out thoughts, ideas and inspiration. They give insight on our mental processes. This card symbolises reclaiming your personal power by taking charge of your life. Like all the other Aces it represents a new beginning. When you stand in your power and wield it like the sword, you are capable of transforming situations. Anywhere you have been a victim you move to victor. The ace of swords 🗡 cuts through the mental fog and wakes you up to the majestic being you are. Do you feel your personal power has been depleted? Are you avoiding doing something you know will get the ball rolling? 🎱 Are you overwhelmed with anxiety or fear that is keeping you paralysed and stopping you from confronting an area of your life? A strong hand grasps the blade and sparks ⚡️ crackle from it. The sword represents your life force, your being, your personal power. The mountains show the great heights you can ascend to if you make a decision and act. 👑 The olive branch on the left side of the crown shows you will feel more at peace once action is taken. Your fears may be telling you to avoid conflict. However, your inner turmoil comes from avoiding confrontation and not taking responsibility. 🌴 The palm branch on the right side of the crown is tough and hearty. It can endure desert like heat and torrential hurricanes. This indicates that you are a lot tougher than you think. You can overcome much more than you may be giving yourself credit for. Today there is the opportunity for a new beginning at hand. Don’t look back on the past or worry about what lies ahead. Focus on the present and what you can do with your power right now. #clarity #tarotreading #tarot #standinyourpower
I am becoming so much better about not giving away my power. If I want something but it scares me, I do it anyway instead of blaming the people around me. #growth #rumi #spirituality #ownyourlife #standinyourpower #followyourheart #beindependent #spiritualpath
When you can feel your purpose all the way down to your toes. #healingjourney #healingcrystals #healingenergy #vibratehigher #loveyourpurpose
Let love come to you and forget about how it will come and in what form. What if you just trust that you will get the love you need?
Ambition knows who the Eagles are. Extraordinary opens the doors to Stories that will be written, read and retold in History books 📚 Self Love is putting you first to follow your bliss and raising your Game with yourself with every step forward. Collaborating with others so the Game is winnerable for every woman. Opening the door for those who need the light. Strength. Wisdom. Knowledge and Guidance to reach their goals. #nothingwrong #withbeing #ambitious #yourstorymatters #youcount #ambitionsisters #sisterhood #nothingmoresexy #knowyouarepowerful #wellbehavedwomen #nevermadehistory #youareincredible #followyourbliss #makeyourpresencefelt #makeyourmove #startbeforeyouareready #maketheworldabetterplace #standinyourpower #whatsyourstory #empoweredwomanisme #makeyourstory #a #one #for #next #generations #read #rolemodel #forchange
Often we find ourselves not on the path we envisioned or in situations that test our resolve and determination to course correct, but ultimately we are in charge of our lives. So don’t stand by and be a victim to your circumstances, make the decisions that are necessary (however hard) to get you to where you want to be. ______________________________ #yourlife #makedecisions #decisionisyours #standinyourpower #bestrong #itsyourfuture #livelifefully #dontsettleforless #dontplaysafe #empoweredwomen #thinkbiggobig #actbig #lovelife #takecontrolofyourlife #pushyourboundaries #freedomlifestyle #iamfree #bossmama #thinkoutsidethebox #attractionmarketing
#Repost @lynnettejayne with @get_repost ・・・ Your gifts, your strength, your power, your beauty all comes from just being you with everything from within, shining outward! When you try to "fit in" some where, "listen" to others who tell you it should be done a certain way or try to "control" the outcome of a situation, you give strength, energy, and power away! Just be your fabulous self because the world needs you exactly as you are! Everyone is here for a reason! Everyone has a purpose! Everyone is beautiful in their own way! Everything you need already lies within you! ❤ #nooneisyou #standinyourpower #acceptanceiskey #bebrave #gifts #strength #beauty #power #energy #reason #purpose #courage #love #justkeepbelievinginu
Look at the wonderful work The Danvers Alarm List Company is doing to keep herstory alive. The Rebecca Nurse Homestead can be easily overlooked amongst the tourism to modern Salem this time of year. Visit this place to support preserving herstory for Rebecca and the other women (and men) who bravely spoke out with voice and the written word, maintaining their innocence in the face of certain death. PS As I've said before, Red is the color of my visibility. #themagicofvoicealchemy #kgvoicecoach #sorellasorciere #herstory #femininepower #speakyourtruth #standinyourpower #stayinfaith #red #redhouse #rebeccanursehomestead #rebeccanursered
Day 19. Her name is Sakshi Satpathy and she’s a 16 year old high school senior. Sakshi in Hindi means “witness.” Her initiative is called Project GREET: Girl Rights: Engage, Empower, Train. She spreads awareness of human trafficking, child marriage, and gender equality. She has 3 documentary films (project-greet.com) a training curriculum (Guidelines To Rehabilitate Young Trafficked Girls), and a YouTube channel (Project GREET). She recently received the Girl Scouts of the USA’s highest honor, the “National Gold Award” on October 11th (International Day of the Girl). Empower the young girl in your life. She will become a woman whose power is immeasurable. #6wordmemoir #6wordstory #6wordstorychallenge #6wordstoryprompt #internationaldayofthegirl #indianamerican #ProjectGREET #girlscouts #powerfulwomen #she #shespeaks #supergirl #standinyourpower #girlpower
Where do you sit on the ride that is life?
Me and baby girl celebrating International Day of the Girl this week. #standinyourpower #celebrateus #itsthesmallthings
Your gifts, your strength, your power, your beauty all comes from just being you with everything from within, shining outward! When you try to "fit in" some where, "listen" to others who tell you it should be done a certain way or try to "control" the outcome of a situation, you give strength, energy, and power away! Just be your fabulous self because the world needs you exactly as you are! Everyone is here for a reason! Everyone has a purpose! Everyone is beautiful in their own way! Everything you need already lies within you! ❤ #nooneisyou #standinyourpower #acceptanceiskey #bebrave #gifts #strength #beauty #power #energy #reason #purpose #courage #love #justkeepbelievinginu
Über Erfolg beim Training und beim Abnehmen. • Was du GLAUBST tun oder sein zu müssen: • 🚫Härter trainieren 🚫Konsequenter sein 🚫Willenstärker sein 🚫Gegen Gelüste ankämpfen 🚫Ketogene, Paleo oder sonst eine Diät ausprobieren 🚫Geburtstage und sonstige Feiern meiden 🚫Mehr Regeln und mehr Disziplin • Was du EIGENTLICH solltest: • ✅Die Alles oder Nichts Einstellung aufgeben ✅Nicht nach Perfektion streben ✅Neue und machbare Gewohnheiten in kleinen Schritten erlernen ✅Lernen auf deinen Körper zu hören ✅Verstehen was deine Gelüste bedeuten ✅Moderates Essverhalten aneignen ✅Dein Leben mit Freude und Fülle ausbalancieren ✅Weniger Regeln, mehr Hingabe • Leider kann das, was wir eigentlich tun sollten, genauso abschreckend sein wie das, was wir glauben tun zu müssen. • Deshalb haben wir ein ganzes Programm für dich kreiert, bei dem wir dir genau zeigen wie es geht und dich auf dem Weg unterstützen. • 👇👇👇 Beweg deinen süßen Hintern in die Kraftschmiede(z. B. in den SuperHERO Starterkurs oder bodyART) und lass dir helfen alles zu verlernen, was du glaubst tun zu müssen. Wir bringen dir bei wie man dauerhaften, ECHTEN Erfolg mit optimalen Training und der richtigen Ernährung schafft. 👆👆👆 • Die Türen sind JETZT geöffnet. Also schnapp dir deinen Platz damit du Frieden mit dir und deinem Körper schliessen kannst – für immer. LINK IN BIO. • • • #krafttraining #kraftschmiede #superhero #einsteigertraining #dukannstdasauch #yourbody #girlswholift #bodyimage #bodypositive #musclegirl #standinyourpower #makeyourownmagic #magicmuscles #strongwomen #kraftschmiede #stjohannintirol #dingolfing #mindfulness #loveyourbody #beautifulwomen #strong #strength #powerful #superwoman #yourbodyisyourtemple #yourbodyyourbusiness #womenwholift #dasLebenisttanzbar #feminism #krafttraining #strongnotskinny #evolve #dukannstdasauch
...which means you can always walk home to yourself. You may need help drawing the map, but you can always find your way there. #iamhome [image by @yogainspiration ]
Week 3 starts now!! Restore part of my Ultimate Reset. 14 days have past. It has been the hardest mental journey I've had next to my multiple ankle surgery recoveries. You never realize how much the world around you eats and how often. The appreciation you get from just saying I'm hungry I'll have a piece of toast is insane lol. I'm in the home stretch. Also ⬇️⬇️ 20lbs in 14 days. Where will I end up?! . . #fattofit #gettingfit #gettinginshape #workout #homegym #homebuilt #sagikalev #joelfreemanfitness #dumbbells #improving #whateverittakes #noexcuses #LIIFT4 #dumbbellworkout #fitness #goals #icaniwillimust #2019beachbodyclassic #beachbodychallenge #bodybeast #justpushplay #standinyourpower #keeppounding #roadto100lbslost #beachbodyondemand #ultimatereset #ultimateresetcleanse #cleanse #deotx
Teaching #GOGA this morning for a #bacheloretteparty 💗🐐🧘🏼‍♀️Yes, this is going to be FUN!!! @lovegogaatl
Give out love and kindness wherever you go and it will come back to you ten fold. It will come pouring down on you in ways you can’t even imagine and at times when you need it most. 💖
Be you, unapologetically 💗
FRIDAY FIRE FROM THE DANCE FLOOR - When you say excuses ne damned and kick the table out the way on 5,6,7,8..! This baby came to disrupt the statistic quo..and dis just that! #werk #lilbit #dance #free #standinyourpower #indigochild #iamrobertgee
I’m so excited!!! ✨🌙✨🌙 I’m hosting my first event at the @alpharettawellnesscollective on November 4th. Register on their website or Facebook page. Hope to see you there. ✨✨Join us for an afternoon filled with all things crystals. We will explore the properties of some of our favorite crystals, create crystal grids and talk about their purpose, participate in a crystal healing meditation and sample crystal infused drinks and treats. Every participant will receive a free gift from Wendy.#vibratehigher #healingenergy #healingjourney #healingcrystals
I just love these sandals 💕 @leahbick Thank you my princess. A lovely reminder 🙏🏼 . . #standinyourpower #💕
Rise & SHINE sessions ☀️ were one of the best parts of my Women’s Empowerment Retreat! I took the ladies through my morning routine with Active Affirmations each morning and got each of us ready for magic! And magic happened! It’s so important to have a morning routine because you set yourself up for greatness right away and carry that energy with you throughout your entire day. ☀️ You get to decide as soon as you wake up to put yourself first! ☀️ You get to choose to believe in yourself and what you are capable of accomplishing! 🔥My Active Affirmations are on sale right now for 30 for only $37! You get to start an empowering morning routine and you get 30 days to make sure your new healthy habit sticks! My active affirmations help you feel like the powerful, amazing and beautiful woman that you are! What are you waiting for? • • • • • • #activeaffirmations #affirmations #morningroutine #empoweringwomen #empowerment #womenempowerment #standinyourpower #powerful #confidence #connection #creativity #confidencecoach #empowermentcoach #lifecoach #actingcoach #womenempoweringwomen #entrepreneur #femaleentrepreneur #selflove #mindset
#FUFriday Who's on your list? 🦄 Impostor syndrome 🦄 Ignorant old white men 🦄 Entitled tantrum-throwers in robes 🦄 Dill pickles. They know what they did. * * * * * * * #gofullunicorn #FUmoment #fullunicorn #assertivebeauty #greenbeauty #vegan #crueltyfreebeauty #crueltyfree #cleanbeauty #naturalbeauty #indiebeauty #unicorn #lifestyleblogger #greenbeautyblogger #vegansofig #chicagoblogger #beautybox #bblogger #girlboss #standinyourpower #slayallday #ladyboss
My Journey Into Power 💥 Arriving in Sedona prior to embarking on my Baptiste Yoga: Level Two journey, I can’t help but reflect on the past few years of my life. . I discovered Baptiste Power Yoga in July 2013, at a time in my life where I felt completely disempowered. The practice deeply transformed my life. Over time, I left a toxic relationship and career that didn’t set my soul on fire. . In 2015, I began my journey to become a yoga instructor, with the hopes of empowering others the way I found my power. Filled with love and light, I looked forward to creating a yoga community where people lifted one another up and supported one another on their journeys. . In 2016, my mentor left me in charge of his studio. A few months later, the studio changed ownership... I never anticipated being of service would be met with so many challenges, but here I am. . 2018 has been a year a vast change in my yoga career, letting go of the yoga family I’d grown to love, moving to a new studio and virtually starting over, developing new classes with my vision to offer empowerment in a supportive, inclusive community. . Despite encountering difficulties that would make most people quit, I am determined to learn more, become stronger and serve better. Through yoga, I can help awaken my students to the present moment, empower them to be the best versions of themselves and inspire them to live fully, each & every day. I can teach from a place of authenticity because I’ve faced my demons and risen, over and over again. I do my best to live with integrity and practice the principles I teach. I am perfectly imperfect, humbled to be of service to my students. . Tomorrow my journey into power continues... Baptiste Yoga: Level Two . I am ready now.
#weekendwisdom // Stingray + 9 of Swords // . Ooook! No fooling around now! If battling any fear, immense anxiety, or self-doubt we are called to step up + overcome these mental obstacles keeping us small — it’s perfectly fine to seek support or assistance (you don’t have to go at it alone!) and encouraged to establish a strong backbone to stand tall + see matters through with your highest intent in mind. Make the decision to take an initial leap out of your comfort zone — face the fear holding you back. Realistically, what’s the worst that can happen - is the mind exaggerating unwanted outcomes? Remember that progress does not occur when we remain stuck/stagnant/scared. The responsibility is ours to create the change we seek + move beyond fear. To better navigate the waters of your journey, solidify your sense of self; remain committed to your perspectives + preferences; practice what provides a confidence boost. Empower yourself to take charge of the situation + turn things around in your favour. Release victimhood thinking and try tapping into boss energy to shift the priority spotlight onto your needs + make meaningful changes now. . How can this be applied to your experience over the next couple days? . Full vid up on IGTV✨ . . #AnimalSpirit #GoldenUniversalTarot #oracle #oraclecards #divination #tarot #tarotcards #tarotreading #tarotreadersofinstagram #empowerment #facethefear #standinyourpower #backbone #weekendvibes
Trust the process. Enjoy the Journey. Appreciate the outcome. • • • 📸: @karolinaturek #qotd #blackandwhitephotography #strongwomen #standinyourpower #knowyourworth #dacostatalent
“I’m unapologetic not because I’m strong-willed or overconfident, I’m unapologetic because this is it; this is my life. There is nothing I can do, no one I can please. I am a person with a strong sense of being, that’s all.” ~Jean Seberg 🔥🔥🔥 #boudoirphotographer #boudoir #oklahomaboudoir #oklahomaboudoirphotographer #oklahomacityphotographer #oklahomaphotographer #okc #405 #sexy #beauty #plussizeboudoir #curves #allbodies #bodypositive #empoweringwomen #bossup #bossbabe #ownit #badbitch #shinebright #standinyourpower #lingerie #unapologetic #fineartnude #taramckinney #gorgeous #bebold #bebrave #bevulnerable #whynotyou
I recently rediscovered how much I love #treepose . Standing on one leg with my arms reaching for the sky makes me feel tall and strong... rooted and balanced... and yet, fluid. . Trees teach us how to be strong enough to bend instead of breaking. And, as we can see right now, they also teach us about letting go. . If you’re navigating a breakup or divorce, it’s important to remain rooted in your principles and stay strong in your values while reaching for your goals. But it’s also important to be able to shift a little... to be flexible... and to release what doesn’t serve you so it won’t weigh you down. . . #yoga #trees #treewisdom #lessonsfromnature #divorce #breakupcoach #separation #breakup #relationships #bendnotbreak #letgo #natureswisdom #findyourstrength #standinyourpower #reachforyourgoals #balance #yogaposes #yogastudent #divorcecoach
🌟My amazing mentors🌟@iammichelleholmes and @paulwebbcoaching are holding an ✨INCREDIBLE✨event at The Docklands Suite, The Crowne Plaza, London Docklands, Western Gateway, Royal Victoria Dock, London, E161AL 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟(live stream available) WHEN YOU STAND FULLY IN YOUR POWER YOU WILL CREATE MAGIC. LET’S UNLEASH YOUR POWER SO YOU CAN SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE, MAKE THE IMPACT YOU CAME HERE TO MAKE AND CREATE YOUR RICHEST LIFE (IN ALL AREAS) AT THE SAME TIME! Join us on 2nd November 2018 if your heart says the time is NOW. This one day will create shifts at the quantum level and all the way through to your current physical reality. 🌟Tickets are also available for live stream if you can’t get to London🌟 £97 early bird to attend in London £47 to attend the live stream. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Check out my bio for a link to more information and to book your tickets. ☀️Mine is already booked and I’m counting down the days☀️ 🌈One of the best investments you will ever make🌈 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 #empowerment #changemakers #selflove #bethechange #londondocklands #londonevents #lifecoaching #loveyourself #onlinecoaching #onlinecoach #createmagic #selfexpression #makechange #befree #freedom #love #quantummechanics #lawofattraction #thepoweriswithinyou #selfdiscovery #veganlifestyle #veganliving #plantbasedvibes #makeyourvoiceheard #standinyourpower #powerfulthoughts
I was talking to a colleague yesterday about being “uncomfortable junkies.” * * As entrepreneurs we get to this point where we love to be uncomfortable. It’s like an addiction. * We want to push the envelope and move that ceiling.🙌 * The good news is when this happens in one area of our lives (like business) it also seeps into other areas like relationships, dating, or health. * * We start to show up more authentically, unapologetically, and as who we really are... because we don’t mind stepping way out of our comfort zone.💜 * Our confidence increases and we know everything we want in our life will be ours. We’re not sure how long it will take or what crazy things we might have to try to get there, but we can’t wait to push through our discomfort over and over to make it all happen. We look forward to it. * It’s one of my favorite symptoms of being an entrepreneur. To constantly think, “I’m nervous about this... but I’m okay with that and I’m going to do this anyway.”😉 * Are you an #uncomfortablejunkie or could you use some support building that muscle?✨ * If you could use some support, let’s chat: bit.ly/laceycall * Your happiness & success in business (and life) depend on your ability to show up, take risks, and keep pushing the limit. You’ve got this. 👊 * * * #lifecoach #courage #standout #showup #visibility #entrepreneur #magic #standinyourpower #confidence #spiritualentrepreneur #beseen #liveyourdream #possibility #selfdevelopment #personalgrowth #whatareyouwaitingfor #dreamlife #makeanimpact #shineyourownspotlight #changemaker #healthymindset #highvibetribe #wordsoflove #uncomfortablejunkie
o c e a n . l o v e r 🌊 . Ocean gazing is a practice that I do when I need to feel inspired and lit up. Her beauty and her power sets a hot fire in my soul. A deep rumbling within my heart as each rolling wave crashes. I feel called to rise up. To do better. To be better. When I look at her, I am reminded that I am made of the same magic, the same beauty and the same powerful force. I am her and she is me. 💖 . I wanna know what makes you feel powerful! Tell me 🙋🏼‍♀️
#Cyclocrossishere ! First set of pics: first race of the season last week #wessexleague at Reading. Hilly, dry, fast course. Riding with a leg injury from running & getting ill so took it a bit easy. Lovely to #rideoffroad & on #singletrack Came 2nd to last today lol #pinkbike Bill Higson Memorial Race. Thanks for the 📸 Ian Robertson. Pics of Dave at the Oxonian CX this week. Thanks for the 📸 Gareth Ardron and 🎥 Jo Lankester #beerhandout #cyclocross #womenscycling #womenscyclocross #standinyourpower #standonyourpedals
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