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"Good afternoon #students . I am #ProfessorJay and I will be your professor this semester. Welcome to #Entrepreneurship101 . Today's assignment will consist of you conceptualizing a business idea that you can operate here in the #DCMetro area and it must demonstrate the capability of expansion into other counties throughout the area. You will be responsible for proof of concept, a business plan, #marketing strategy, SWOT analysis, breakeven analysis, etc. You will also present your concept to your peers. 40% of your grade will come from your peers' assessment of your #businessidea and the other 60% will come from me on how well you cover the topic previously listed. Good luck!" #MoralOfTheStory #AllBusinessIdeasStartInTheBrainThenToPaper #DreamBigDreamOften #StartSmallFinishBig
It’s Friday everyone! Make sure to enjoy some family time and relax 😁. #hrmom4u #StartSmallFinishBig
Mark your calendars 🗓 #hrmom4u #StartSmallFinishBig
Never underestimate small businesses! #hrmom4u #StartSmallFinishBig
Always stay true to your businesses values and mission 👌🏼 #hrmom4u #StartSmallFinishBig
Grassroots is very important for small businesses #hrmom4u #StartSmallFinishBig
What is with saying Thank you 😂😂 I am back releasing content again yesterday was a faux par but it was for a good reason 😁 #lovetheprocess #startsmallfinishbig #learnreflectandgrow #takelifeonandsmashit #youdontleavelifealive #whatyouseeiswhatyouget #whathaveyougottolose
Networking is a major key 🔑 for small businesses!
Looking to build your team? We got you covered! We specialize in talent acquisition and training.
6/7 Got to start somewhere so starting here. #lovetheprocess #startsmallfinishbig #lovinglife
The weekend is here! Get out and enjoy your weekend! #hrmom4u #StartSmallFinishBig
Does your small business need HR help? Look no further! We got you covered #hrmom4u #StartSmallFinishBig
You just need three things! #hrmom4u #StartSmallFinishBig
Start by setting just 1 goal for yourself, if its to stop using plastic bags, disposable cups or single use straws. It'll soon feel like second nature to cut down or cut out single use plastics ...you won't believe how you never thought about it before. In a world where everything goes a million miles an hour, taking a minute to step back and think about how our decisions, in some seemingly inconsequential moments can actually make a big difference, is truely rewarding. Try it - we dare you 😜 #Reusables #start now #Everybitcounts #clutchingatstraws #startsmallfinishbig
Sticking to your best niche can lead to business growth. All you have to do is #TrustTheProcess ____ #hrmom4u #StartSmallFinishBig
We make sure business owners don’t have to worry about HR! We got it covered 👍🏼 #hrmom4u #StartSmallFinishBig
Our senior consultants were networking today! #HRDepartmentOfTheYearAwards #hrmom4u #StartSmallFinishBig
Need help managing your employees? We got you covered! DM us for more info #hrmom4u #StartSmallFinishBig
Get out there and create! #hrmom4u #StartSmallFinishBig
Does your business need an employee handbook? DM us! #hrmom4u #StartSmallFinishBig
Packing up books for the move and found Start Small, Finish Big by one of my greatest mentors co-founder and owner of Subway Franchises Fred DeLuca. Nice to see this message from so long ago. Wow, how things have changed. Miss you Fred!! #subwaysandwich #startsmallfinishbig #greatmentor #entrepreneur #franchiseking #freddeluca #positivevibes #franchise #franchiseking #subwayfranchise
You must learn how to walk before you start running #hrmom4u #StartSmallFinishBig
Get outside of your comfort zone and you’ll thrive! #hrmom4u #StartSmallFinishBig
What are you waiting for? #hrmom4u #StartSmallFinishBig
Social media free marketing! Take advantage of it. #hrmom4u #StartSmallFinishBig
Happy Monday everyone! #hrmom4u #StartSmallFinishBig
Hubby and I went to Waco to run in a race hosted by Chip and Joanna Gaines. Chip wrote on his truck “What Is your dream?” Hundreds of people posted their dreams on sticky notes and stuck them to his truck. Going away without my 👧🏼👶🏼 is difficult for me (even for just one night) but throw in food allergies and it is downright anxiety producing. Lots of tears on the airplane! My dream... in terms of food allergies, is Big but I will #startsmall by educating my children and the people around me. Then when I, or one day, my son, ventures out I know he is prepared, he is educated and will know how to educate the people around him. #startsmallfinishbig . . . #silos #silosdistrictmarathon #wewerebuiltforthis #halfmarathon #siloshalfmarathon #silos5k #parentgetaway #chipandjoanna #whatisyourdream #finishbig #runningmama #firstrace #foodallergymom #kidswithfoodallergies #foodallergy #foodallergyawareness #foodallergyawerenessweek #stickynotes #milestomagnolia #ChipsChevyTruck #SilosDistrictMarathon
Don’t put yourself in a box! #hrmom4u #StartSmallFinishBig
Life to me is filled with different moments that we hit record, play, pause, rewind, fast forward, and stop. On this day I hit the record button. I walked in the store and half way in the store a salesperson quickly greeted me. After a series of questions, he directed me to wait by the computers and an associate would be with me shortly. Another associate walked up to me with his iPad and softly pointed and asked if I was Angel. When I looked up he had a smile on his face and began typing on his iPad. I was like okay this is different. I quickly utilized my typing skills (minus a handful of misspelled words of course :😀😀😀) and began our conversation. There was one moment when I could hear a slight faint noise that confirmed he could not speak. Within a few moments, our conversation was flowing between us passing the iPad to one another. Just like when we talk with our voices, I was able to anticipate his response based on his facial expressions. With confidence and wit, he quickly navigated me through my purchase in the Apple Store and answered my questions. Here is what I took from this recording in that moment: This young man COULD have said to himself that he couldn’t work in the Apple store based on the simple barrier that he could not talk to the customers. Disclaimer: I don’t know what his thoughts were that lead him to apply and what happened in between those moments that lead to him working at the store. However, I do know that he looked past his barrier to see how to build a bridge to his destination. He used what was right there in the store to build his bridge and effectively communicate with anyone in the store (he was good at it too). Today is a new day. I see my barriers too. I am going to push through my barriers and build bridges to my destination. And I will start with what I have -my computer, external hard drive (that is how basic this computer is), phone, and water. I love water. My name is Angel Terry. And I am living this message. #MyStory #NoMoreBarriers #OnlyBridges #StartSmallFinishBig #ComeJourneyWithMe
Lets make that 40% by the end of this year! #WomanOwnedBusiness #hrmom4u #StartSmallFinishBig
Bila ko ada anak bisnes seorang bakers berjaya. Punah harapan nak diet 😂 Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, maafkan ku lemak. Ni semua salah @uyunkamaruddin !!! Mentang-mentang dah closing awal, sempat die membaking. Sedap gile!! Tahniah ziz! Alasan busy tak sempat bukan alasan. Sale April hampir RM20k!! Terbaik!! Siapa nak join ziz uyun bisnes leh je pm die. Power sangat bisnes ni 👍👍 #DAURAbisnes #DAURAleaders #startsmallfinishBIG
Disconnect this weekend! #hrmom4u #StartSmallFinishBig
One on one meetings with employees are important! Always keep your employees up to date with their progress. #hrmom4u #StartSmallFinishBig
Don’t have an employee handbook? We got you covered! DM us and ask about our services #hrmom4u #StartSmallFinishBig
"En realidad no has empezado hasta haber hecho algo concreto" F De Luca. 🔸 Mejor dar un primer paso, que nunca tomar acción por nada. Hasta puede ser una mínima obviedad como cambiar de actitud hacia una mejor, tratar de tener un buen gesto, ver algo desde otra perspectiva, pedir disculpas, reconocer errores y mil ejemplos más. 🔸Ya es hora de actuar, de hacerlo aunque sea con miedo. Estoy feliz de haber empezado, de haber concretado el inicio de este proyecto que tanto desee pero que por cagona no lo hice antes. 🔸Ahora si señores, acá me tienen! Y no me voy más! Ja ✨
Make a difference! #hrmom4u #StartSmallFinishBig
Here’s a tip to relax on the weekend! #hrmom4u #StartSmallFinishBig
There will be conflict in every work setting. Here are five steps to help. #hrmom4u #StartSmallFinishBig
Progress is progress, no matter big or small. _ I'm happy that this athlete managed to jog non-stop at the end of her 6 week #BetterBodyProject fitness program. A feat that she's never been done before! _ And to do it with a personal best made it even sweeter! Congrats, athlete! _ May you have a smooth sailing in your fitness journey 😘 _ #BetterBodyProject #BetterBodyAthletes #ShafinaBazilahFitness #BetterBodyTestimonial #fitnessmotivation #startsmallfinishbig
1 bracelet = 1 pound of trash removed from the oceans and coastlines 💙 #4ocean #savetheoceans #signitureblue #onebraceletonepound #startsmallfinishbig #jointhemovement #thankyou4ocean
Head to hrmomllc.com for more info! #StartSmallFinishBig #hrmom4u
Tahukah anda...Tadika Mumtaz Bonda sudah beroperasi di Munchkin House,Klang #underoneroof #startsmallfinishbig
Welcome back after the long weekend - I hope you had a great one! With the official cash rate remaining on hold for another month 🙌🏻 NOW is the perfect time to prepare a plan to get ahead on paying off your loan and moving towards becoming debt free! Want to know how you can pay off your loan quicker then get in touch & I can show you how! #keypathfp
PILIHAN DI TANGAN KITA SENDIRI Jika di tanya, kenapa bersusah payah bina bisnes? Kan dah ade gaji cikgu, orang government ni kan ade pencen. Kenapa pilih nak bersusah payah? Coaching sana sini. Lepas sekolah jumpa anak bisnes, malam pulak mentoring progress bisnes D'Aura. " Dapat memberi lebih pada yang memerlukan " " Untuk mak tersayang " " Untuk anak-anak kesayangan mummy ayah " Jika saya pilih utk kerja dan pencen makan gaji, mana mungkin saya mampu berimpian setinggi ini. Mana mungkin saya dapat memberi lebih pada orang kesayangan saya. Mana mungkin saya mampu beli rumah impian saya. Biar lelah biar jatuh, tapi saya takkan berhenti. InshaAllah. Kerna Allah dah datangkan saya beratus insan yang hendak di bantu. Jika dlu saya pun bermula dari bawah. Anda juga mampu berada di atas seperti saya. " THE FUTURE DEPENDS on WHAT YOU DO TODAY " Lets take first step. Be my protege!! Zero modal. Mentoring class setiap hari. Wasap.my/60133881607/joinDauraBisnes #projekRM1000DAURA #DAuraBisnes #startsmallfinishBIG
Blow past defenders with a simple Rip Through! 1. Rip ball low and fast 2. Dip shoulder closest to defender (Important for being quick and eliminating the space a defender needs to recover.) 3. Step through and stay tight to defender’s body (chair) #ballstrong #hooper #basketball # ballislife #basics #bball #basketballtraining #startsmallfinishbig
Talking to someone this morning. You don't need to wait to have it all together. Even in fear, start anyway. Start small, finish BIG Happy Sunday fam! #encouragement #sunday #palmsunday #youcandoit #africantinz #startsmallfinishbig
Did you know that ONLY 1% of Australians have a debt management plan. These days it is easy to get ourselves INTO debt but what most of us neglect to look into is how do we get ourselves OUT OF debt. Having a debt management plan in place could potentially save you years off your loan and thousands of 💵.. Why wait - let’s catch up for a chat over the phone or for a ☕️ to see how we can help you get on track and get rid of that debt! Contact details in bio 👍🏻 #keypathfp
100% microbladed no hair involved was a pleasure to give @rchellebelle some brows we will perfect them in the touch up #microblading #microbladingeyebrows #nohair #startsmallfinishbig #browartist #followme #browsbyduncan
Now accepting all donations through Cash App. Username: $HRMOMLLC ___ #OperationTheBluestEyes #StartSmallFinishBig #hrmom4u
What does financial freedom look like to you? Is it being debt free by a certain age, having ‘X’ amount in an investment account or that ‘magical’ million dollar super balance that you are aiming for? We are all unique in what we wish for and want to achieve in life and with our finances! Let us at KPFP create a unique plan to help you on your journey towards achieving your goals and financial freedom whatever it may look like to you. #keypathfp
The Bayyb Way. Did ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ you know we are self-funded? We want to start small and finish big. Buy more to help us get more of our dope products out | Shop Bayyb Today 💋⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #startsmallfinishbig #dreambigger #cosmeticshop #beautifully #naturally #naturalistas #simplylife #simplebeauty #smallbusiness #blackowned #lipbalm #healthlifestyle #healthymental #personalcare #personalcareproducts #loveyourz #homemadewithlove #handmadeproducts #bayyb #bayybs #bayybcosmetics #newbusinesses #lipcare #lipflavors #femaleentreprenuer #womenempoweringwomen
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