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I had fun in Florida, so I figured I’d round the trip off with a #goofy pic. Ohio next. Have a safe weekend y’all! 🥂
The Ginza Girl.
just arrived on the west coast and the sun is beaming on my face. 💕🌈🌻| #justcreate
🔥MERCHANDISE RELEASE🔥... friday... nublu classic ... 62 avenue c ... 11pm
Everyday life in Tokyo. There’s something about a little bit of a routine life that’s good for you sometimes.
Pain // Painless #justcreate
Bergayalah sesusai isi dompet anda jika tidak ada jangan dipaksakan, karna semuanya bisa membuat anda susah seketika
Ketika selera tidak sesuai salary. #vanskw
Boxed In
"Eagle eye" . .inspired by @seefromthesky . .#seefromthesky
"Lost in the 16's" . . Made with @canonasia . f/5.6 ' 1/100s ' ISO100 ' 50mm
There are many ways to deal with this pain. Choose wisely. #KOD #lazyshutters #toureiffel #streetcolor #trappingtones #explorecreateshare
Jangan lupa nyalain lampu ya gelap sudah datang.
#harvest2018 | Feb 2018 📷 Captured for @twcs_primavera
My Aisha , best Aisha ❤️
Some minimalism for today.🧐
Machine men with machine minds and machine hearts... #Repost @iddrissandu ・・・ CIRCA 2044
Cocktail at Park Hyatt Tokyo. The New York Bar & Grill, 52:nd floor.
"I like your morning eyes the forcast is always clear skies even with a chance of rain your sun still shines..." - Gemma Troy . In frame: Taeyong Lee for Dazed Korea May Edition Edited by Banyantree
Calling you. #cinebible
Forever struggling to see the wood for the trees 🌲🌳
I could stay lost in this moment forever
And he lost everything he owned
It was a memorable evening with my lovely friends at Park Hyatt Tokyo hotel Panorama Bar, 52nd floor. We got the "Lost In Translation" feeling... Incredible view of Tokyo.
Complaining never got me far. But pouting in this position? Yeah, that doesn’t work either. - One fact about yourself, go! - P: @mackladner
"It rains and you gently tuck my hair behind my ear, watching the drops catch on my lips, I shiver at your touch, it's all I can feel when you are near, like the sun on my skin, and the ocean at my feet. I could travel on thoughts of you for an eternity, your eyes are so pure, the sky is only blue because it reflects off you, the night, dark, for your smile needs somewhere to store the stars. I bring the rain, and you bring the sun, together, the universe has nothing on us." . - Gemma Troy . In frame: Taeyong Lee for Dazed Magazine
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