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With current cloud of crisis overcast over the southern part of India , specially with the impending situations in #kerala , I think we need to ask yourselves deeply within, that are we in our least possible way trying to contribute towards the welfare of the people who have been devastated with such natural calamity? But, at the same time are we also realising the fact that we are somehow also responsible for our own misery .. . . When I say , responsible , I want to point it out towards being utterly careless or indifferent about the rampant global warming upheaval scenario, which we are unknowingly contributing to.. And in all likelihood we think we are somehow too miniscule to be responsible for it .. isn't it? . . Situations like weather forecast going absolutely haywire in places like #Europe getting under the heat wave or #indonesia bearing series of devastating earthquakes to #kerala being flooded to death . . Have we ever realised that it could just be us , NEXT ..to get succumb under such threats, sitting inside however, we think as a safe place ...(no places is safe place ) . . Praying for the people worldwide and realising it the hard way .. each thought , words, action , help matters ..let's do our bit , shall we? . . #keralafloods ==================================== #travelwithvagabong #keralarelief #travelphotography #solotravel #travelblogger #dametraveler #cambodiadiaries #discoveringcambodia #ig_cambodia #vsco #worldpeace #savetheworld #maads #exploringtheglobe #storiesofthecoast #passionpassport #meinbanjaran #cntgiveitashot #natgeotravel #beingmusafir
In the mood for clear skies and yakin’ 🎣
Last week I was able to enjoy the experience of a whale and marine tour with @vanislandwhale out of Nanaimo. They are the only whale watching company currently operating out of the Nanaimo inner harbour. I had a wonderful day with them and we managed to see eagles, sea lions and transient orcas. On the boat they had an underwater microphone and we were able to hear the orca in my photo below communicating with the rest of the pod. It was an incredible experience as I had seen whales before but never with the actual sounds in the moment. The one thing I felt was the most important of my day though was the fact that they are an ethical what watching company. We have all seen the news of the mother orca J-35, or Tahlequah carrying her dead calf or the current efforts to feed the malnourished J-50, also known as Scarlet. These whales belong to the sub species of Resident Orcas found around Vancouver Island and the Salish Sea. They are struggling to survive and are an endangered species in Canada. Owners Jillian and Mike who both have backgrounds in marine biology, environmental study and political science have made it their policy to never follow or track the Resident Orca population. I am happy that @tourismnanaimo introduced me to a company that cares so much about protecting our wildlife and fostering a sustainable eco-tourism industry. This is the ethical path we want to embrace and what you can expect to find visiting Vancouver Island. The outdoors is more than just something you see or do, it is a way of life and engrained in our communities. #MindfulExplorer #ExploreBeyondTheUsual #ExploreNanaimo #ExploreBC . . . @hellobc @tourismvancouverisland . . . #ExploreVancouverIsland #TransientOrcas #ResidentOrcas #shareVI #westmakesyouwilder #talltreescoldseas #storiesofthecoast #pnwonderland #pnwdiscovered #cascadiaexplored #wearewildness #ValhallaKingdom #explorecanada #enjoycanada #imagesofcanada #salishsea #gulfislands #vanisle
Five posts ago I talked about how instagram can distort reality. I guess even I am guilty of not sharing evey emotion I feel. Surely, this is not a must-do but when looking through somebody's profile it must be recalled that there's more to life than the moments shared online. If you glance at my recent posts you might get an impression of me enjoying lots of traveling, a seemingly endless summer and great times with friends. Yes, I did have all this and whatever I post, it comes from my heart. But trust me, I had some very shitty days inbetween, too. Days I just wanted to hide from the world, moments when I felt exhausted, anxious, down, or grumpy. Did I share something about these moments? No, because I couldn't find the strength in such situations. And I thought nobody would care anyways. However, throughout the past few weeks I met several people I hadn't seen in a while and independent of each other, they all told me how great my life looks. I felt flattert and agree, I've got a good life for which I'm really grateful for. But at the same time this made me realize once more how many people build their impressions on the content they encounter online. Again, this does not necessarily pose an issue unless people start to compare themselves to that online person and start to feel jealous and less worthy. I'll try to work on my online authenticity because to me, it's important that people understand: we may all have our little imperfections, struggles, insecurities or whatsoever. We shouldn't feel like missing out but instead, inspired by what we admire. Certainly, your budget or work load may not allow you to e.g. travel full time like some people do but there's always a way to incorporate some vacay into your everyday. Whether that's doing a spontaneous day trip, going camping in your own garden, or just treating yourself to something you don't do on a daily basis (e.g. taking yourself out for dinner, getting a massage, jumping into a lake after work, reading a book...). Instead of traveling virtually by browsing through dozens of travel pictures that make your discontent grow, live your own reality and create moments that nurture your heart and soul ☀
"Family isn't always blood. It's the people in life who want you in theirs; the ones who accept you for who you are. The ones who would do anything to see you smile and who love you no matter what."
👼Отдых с детками в RIXOS SHARM EL SHEIKH 5*Deluxe . 📆 13.09 на 7 чудесный ночей 💫 RIXOS SHARM EL SHEIKH 5*Deluxe . ✅ 2 взрослых + ребенок до 12 лет - от 2100 USD* ✅ 2 взрослых + 2 деток до 12 лет - от 2700 USD* *Цена указана за всю семью в номере . 🍴Питание - Ultra All inclusive . 🖤В стоимость входит: авиаперелет из Одессы, трансферт аэропорт-отель-аэропорт, проживание в RIXOS SHARM EL SHEIKH, питание и мед.страховка. За детальной информацией о вариантах размещения или выбранной дате обращайтесь по 📞 или в комментарии ставим ➕ #отдыхсдетьми 📲+380 (96) 838 05 01 Елена ON TRAVEL COMPANY "Отдых - это просто... Включайся💡!"
Always wanting to know what’s at the end of the trail.
Smokey evenings beachcombing...
sombrio views 💦
abandoned adventure mobile bus on the logging roads 🌲
What the hell are the "Monday blues" anyways? ✌🏻😋☀️🌡 #summertime #smokeyskies #paddlin #mylove
Hues in the haze
Okay, the smoke makes for cool photos and all but I’d really like to be able to breathe normally again (ps I hope everyone in the countless affected areas are safe) 〰️ #locallovesvi #explorevictoria #victoria #yyj #victoriabuzz #explorebc #sharevi #vancouverisland #explorevancouverisland #pnw #sharethecoast #explorecanada #storiesofthecoast
🚁 Bird’s eye view! We have teamed up with @49northhelicopters to offer helicopter tours. Take a scenic tour of of Quadra Island, Rebecca Spit, up along the Strait of Georgia & through the Seymour Narrows. See the wild west coast as only a few have! For rates & bookings, head to our website (link in bio).
Nothing like your first catch of the season... that feeling will have you hooked!👌
The largest there is. Thank you @thedronebooth for sharing this amazing shot of a Blue Whale. --------------------- Selected by: @pom_biswas --------------------- Use #naturalcalifornia or tag us for a chance to get featured. --------------------- Follow and help @naturalunited contribute to the preservation of natural America. --------------------- #mothernature #naturelovers #nature #instanature #naturephotography #travel #drone #wildlife #explore #adventure #californiaholics #calilove #visitcalifornia #everydaycalifornia #conquer_ca #conquer_la #newportbeach #wildcalifornia #igerscalifornia #discovercali #californiacaptures #puresw #igsouthwest #caliexplored #storiesofthecoast #californialiving #relaxyoureincali #unlimitedcalifornia #calimited
It’s hard to believe that August is on its way out! We’re going to soak up as much camping as we can before it’s too late 😁
Mona. Photography: @the_alyson
Sunset in Húsavík, Iceland. 📸 iPhone X ✂️ Snapseed
3 grey whales came up to say hello on Friday. 2 of which were a mumma and her calf. 🌊❤ #sharethecoast
Human scale.
“blessed are the forgetful, for they get the better even of their blunders” -friedrich nietzsche
Feeling very fortunate to be given opportunities like this.
Come join us at April Point. Whether you choose to stay overnight or visit for the day, there are so many ways to arrive here!
Craving some swell!!
Set off from Painter's Lodge and fish the waters of Discovery Passage with an experienced guide for your very own Vancouver Island fishing adventure.
Dream to be a hawaii local
Marking transition Where Lake Labarge meets the shore Dragonfly alights #haiku #dragonfly I had a little visitor when we arrived at the beach on Lake Labarge. This ‘Mosaic Darner’ sat on my leg for over 5 minutes and then sat on the stick I put it on for an additional 5! These little mosquito eaters are such wonderful insects! Thanks for the visit my friend. #naturelover #exploreyukon
I wished summer nights would last forever! We’ve had lots of family visiting this summer and these warm days have been 👌🏼
Lingering in the stillness of a summer afternoon #mykindablues
It's almost time to start reflecting... I've just got 12 days until I'm back on my home turf. Bali's been a nice place to wind down a bit. Tomorrow I'm off to Ubud for some mountains and monkeys:) You'll have to stick around to see where I'm heading after that. Hint: I'll still be living the island life for another week....somewhere. #wheretonext
Catching a tuk tuk for an hour through national parks, spotting the beautiful wildlife that I cant wait to share with you. The heat was intense but we made friends with one of the local SriLankin boys called Ormah, that new the perfect surf location for Phil, and here is what we found, a feast to our eyes and soul. 😳✌️ . . . . . #arugambay #srilanka #okanda #surfphotography #wave #nakedplanet #awesome_earthpix #discoverearth #theglobewanderer #exklusive_shot #ourplanetdaily #nature #photooftheday #wonderful_places #travelstroke #worldprime #exceptional_pictures #wanderlust #thevisionaryhub #thevisualscollective #water_of_our_world #water_brilliance #storiesofthecoast #pure_stoke #bestnatureshot #oceanminded_arts #ocean #landscape_lovers @thespicetrail @arugam_bay @arugam.bay @surf.arugambay @srilankabeaches @srilankadaily @srilanka_travel @jasperhousesrilanka @chrisburkard @_roachy_ ❤️🧜‍♀️🌴
always in my sights. . . . .
Driving up to Tofino 🌊 on Thursday and Dan stops at Cameron Lake (where we always make a quick stop winter or summer just to chill for a minute partway through the drive) and he gave me the coolest and most special birthday present I could have ever hoped to receive. He not only wrote a song for me, but he then produced it and made it a serious track. 🎶 I was speechless. 😍 Then we continued our trip and camped ⛺ for two nights, went whale watching, watched magical 🌅 sunsets, saw the best almost fall 🍂🍃 fog mornings, had gelato 🍦, did a little shopping, wandered on the beach, drank sommersbys 🍻, and he made some amazing steaks on the fire 🔥. I couldnt of asked for a better few days before my birthday. On our way down the island today we stopped and had lunch in Ucluelet, went to the aquarium 🐬🐟🐠, and finally found the "Hole in the Wall" in Port Alberni. Now home, showered, and ready to have some even more birthday adventures tomorrow. Thank you for helping me finish off 22 in the most amazing ways possible. The best adventure partner in the world. (Besdies Mum of course). I love you to the 🌙 and back! 💕
She hikes up mountains Because she wants to see views Our Squamish pupper #haiku #dogsofsquamish #myafooliana Up Slahany today to check out climb routes, valley views, and bike trails. So many more places to explore!! #tonysbench #hikingwithdogs 📷 @make_love_to_life
Downtown tonight...a walk around the water was just what I needed!
Went diving in the Nimpkish River today in search of salmon, didn’t find any but found this clear turquoise water instead. Not even complaining.
It's just a hole in the wall kinda spot, nothing special... 😍👌🏼 #explorebc // @danerikson
@destinationdame at the Big Pine Lakes. Thank you @cjnaas for sharing this awesome scene. --------------------- Selected by: @pom_biswas --------------------- Use #naturalcalifornia or tag us for a chance to get featured. --------------------- Follow and help @naturalunited contribute to the preservation of natural America. --------------------- #mothernature #naturelovers #nature #instanature #naturephotography #travel #hiking #lifestyle #explore #adventure #californiaholics #calilove #visitcalifornia #everydaycalifornia #conquer_ca #reflection #easternsierras #wildcalifornia #igerscalifornia #discovercali #californiacaptures #puresw #igsouthwest #caliexplored #storiesofthecoast #californialiving #relaxyoureincali #unlimitedcalifornia #calimited
What better way to spend a day than on the water with your friends and family, seeing humpbacks, sea lions, orcas, and more?! Whalewatching tours happening daily all summer long 🌊
Bring your furbabies! We are pet friendly - enquire about room options! Psst: our sister lodge @aprilpointresort is too 🐶
Escape to our local mountains, here comes the rain again! The beauty of Forest Falls! Thunder and rain made for a great outing!
I have always loved sunflowers...big or small! 🌻🌻🌻 These are some smaller plants growing at work!
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