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The life you create is the art you make.
Just go with the flow. No expectations.
Love this amazing shop on New Oxford Street. It’s so wonderful to see a traditional old shop front like this, and there are still a few to be found in Central London. Yesterday, when I saw the window sign saying “Riding Crops & Whips” I almost called in to buy a new dressage whip but then I realised I would have some explaining to do back at the office... #londonlife #timeoutlondon #londondiaries #londoncity #londonlove
Logo design for Mafi’s Sweets and Home Made Desserts made by yours truly Circa95Design. Thank you for trusting @ktlnsnjuan ✨ Hmu for any customized logo design queries🤗 . . . . . #artph #wanderlust #art #passionpassport #handsinframe #urban #streetphotography #aesthetics #vintage #minimalist #unifilm #bleachmyfilm #postthepeople #welivetoexplore #storybehindsquares #minimalism #sinopinas #discovermnl #fotografiaunited #minimalmood #finditliveit
Bring us back to Texas 🌵
"I am crazy sad, and somewhere deep inside, all I want is to fly." — Jandy Nelson #vsco
The time when Im okay with that basic phone hanged on my neck. I mean I am still okay with it but since I have the best option (smart phone), why not go for the best. Hwi hwi hwi... 📸(2015) #basic #parangkahaponlangpics #storybehindsquares #throwback #chilllang #contented
And there's a hole in my chest, like there's a hole in the sun So tell me, what's coming next? I'm searching, what's coming next? I've got a pain in my neck, because I keep looking up I'm searching what's coming next, but it won't come from above #vscocam
"Pasensya ka na at 'di ko na rin madama kay tagal kitang hinihintay. Pasensya ka na at kaya ko ng mag-isa, kalayaan sa kamay ng lumbay." -Silent Sanctuary Mas mabuti nga siguro na ako na lamang ang lalayo. Mas mabuting itigil na ang ilusyon ko sa sarili ko na baka kahit papaano ay makakasama ka. Mas mabuting ihinto na ang lahat ng pananabik na sa gabing malamig baka maisipan mong magparamdam. Mas mabuting tapusin na. Pasensya ka na, tapos na ko sayo. #DamingHugot #vsco #vscocam #kuristuperspective #storybehindsquares
It’s not so gloomy after all
Street photography in Paris 🇫🇷 • • • • •
Je t’adore, Paris
Never bend your head. Always hold it high. Look the world straight in the face #travelquotes #storybehindsquares #photooftheday #goodday #hopesanddreams #selfie_time #tavelgram #beardstyle
Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen 🎠
Perfeição 💙 👬
Is it #Filipino if it’s not brown, woven, and ethnic? Yes and no. While we have that #aesthetic mastered—these lighting fixtures are from #DesignCommune are the perfect example—and can showcase it season after season, there are other ways to visually express Pinoy talent and our rich culture. Nude+ was a great start and the succeeding runs of #ManilaFAME will be the platform that will show just how global we are.💡🇵🇭
Passed through Plaza de Catalunya to walk the main street La Rambla.
I'm just over here making big goals. 😁😄 Anyone wanna join me? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #theworldneedsyou #changemakers #positivevibesalways
#thereisalwaysafirsttime .. .. I was so proud that for 25 years of my life, I have never been admitted to the hospital. Healthy me! But then, here's famous disease- carrying- mosquito kissed my skin. Guard down. High fever. Platelet down. I was irritable. Tummy aches. Extraction of blood every now and then. No bathe; No tooth brush for 5 days. Icky! But I need to. Hey. NO ONE dies because of stink, yeah? Haha 📸(2015) .. .. #hospitalstories #dengue #walkingdownmemorylane #throwback #storybehindsquares #IV #hospitalbed #health
We body-slammed the sea, and it was awesome. 10/10 would recommend. 😁👌#vsco
#DesignCommune at @manilafame unified dozens of Filipino furniture and decor designers and manufacturers under the theme Nude+ (and the design direction of @tes_pasola and @detlef.klatt ). It is a fitting idea to take on, what with the blush/nude/Pale Dogwood/millennial pink trend enduring the seasons and becoming a new design classic. For the decades-old trade show, doing Nude+ was its own way of future proofing itself, akin to finding the key to a new door that opened to Insta-bliss. To borrow from the musical, it looks like #manilafame is gonna live forever.
I am wasting away Finding pieces of what’s left of me I am fading way Into someone I don’t wanna see.
Half of Life
Always loving Sunday experiences at @cravechurch ! GREAT vibes, AWESOME people, POWERFUL worship & to top it off, a LIT word from Pastor @marlonmedina ! Join us TODAY at 6pm in the auditorium!
этот момент, когда чтобы тебя кто-то пофоткал, нужно ждать чтоб приехали из уфы 😂 спасибо @lnasipova 😏 #vscocam
I didn’t get a chance to sit at @vitoselma ’s Raina chair at @manilafame. 😟 But at least I got to sit on @daphneop ’s own—a prototype from FAMEs back—at her house a couple of years ago! Loved these Vito Selma avian hangers, btw. #ManilaFAME #CHICbyDaphne
I can’t/won’t tell the world—wait for my memoir lol—how I ended up becoming @pauline_juan ’s direct report at CITEM but if you knew what it meant to me to work for/with her, you’d understand. 🤭❤️💪🏼 📸 at Design Commune #ManilaFAME
“È tardi, è tardi” Domenica è: posar per gli amici e sentirsi un po’ parte di una fiaba. ~ #sundayfunday #portraits_vision
Shout all your frustrations in Sagada #FinXSagada
Take 2 At the end of last year we had the opportunity to work with BEM Architekten on this Project. The project was won by them at the beginning of the year. www.bem-architekten.ch www.ovastudio.ch
Paris is always a good idea 🇫🇷 -Audrey Hepburn
Wandering Liverpool’s Georgian Quarter, I came across the entrance to 60 Hope Street. Looking very seasonal, and very tempting with deals like that. Cancel my lunch plans...
Sometimes I'm shy and I'm anxious Sometimes I'm down on my knees Sometimes I try to embrace all my insecurities.
But don't just slip away In the night Don't just hurl Your words from on high.
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