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"Animals are born who they are, accept it, and that is that. They live with greater peace than people do." - Gregory Maguire. . . . . . #nothingsordinary #chasinglight #lovelysquares #everysquareastory #inspiremyinstagram #mymagicalmoments #storybehindsquares
Rosè, baby, rosè. @elizabethminett wearing @webeyewearofficial
You are the only person on earth who can use your ability #ffa_pokka
>> I really wish I could have seen this lovely lady at the weekend (and others too), but it’s near impossible to squeeze in all the people that I want to see when I’m back in the midlands. ✨ I’m grateful for all the amazing memories that @katiet_ and I have created over the years. Our holidays are always amazing and full of fun. 💛 Mykonos earlier this year certainly did not disappoint. I’m dreaming of being back there, wandering down the white cobbled streets and enjoying a crepe on the seafront. 🐿 #welivetoexplore
>> London life is busy, super busy. 👩🏻‍💼 So escaping to the calm of the countryside is one of my favourite things to do. 🍂 Walking and talking with beautiful scenery, you can’t really get much better. 💃🏻 It was so nice to stroll along with these guys at the weekend and catch up on life. ✨ #escapelondon
>> There is something pretty special about spending time with these ladies. ✨ Crazily, I have known two of them since we were just little ones at primary school. 👱🏼‍♀️ I wonder what we used to talk about back then. I can’t imagine our conversations were anything like as meaningful as they are now. I love being able to confide in these ladies. 💕 I hope we have many years of friendship ahead. I’m pretty damn sure we do! 🌿 #friendsforlife
>> It’s kind of strange how this view used to be my everyday when I was working at the bank. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I would cross this bridge on my journey home and marvel at #TheShard . I’m not so much a fan of modern architecture but this is definitely one of the exceptions. Mainly because of the amazing views when you’re at the top. ✨ I’m lucky to have had breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and drinks at the top... though not all on the same day! 🙈 London, you’re really quite a masterpiece. 💛 #mylondon
>> More than a week since we were exploring the beautiful city of Bratislava 🇸🇰 It had the most amazing architecture - there were so many lovely buildings to admire and photograph. ✨ I’m lucky that my boyfriend doesn’t mind the frequent photo stops, telling me he’s just happy that I’m happy. 😊 #hesakeeper
Life is going a million miles an hour at the moment for me. July has by far been our busiest month so far this year, and it’s only getting busier as we head towards the second half of the month. I’ve been working on the last minute details for @sortedindorset which is this weekend, next week my brother and his family are visiting and then we have @campbestival followed by our very first cruise with @msccruisesofficial ! All go! It’s going to be a bit stressful but so totally worth it for the memories we’ll be making hopefully! #busybee #storybehindsquares #stressedtothemax #julyplans #busyfamily #freelancework #uklifestyleblogger #makingplans #fulldiary #sharethehappiness #smallpleasures #forahappymoment #thehappynow #shinyhappybloggers #documentlife #seekmoments #apinchoflovely #liveunscripted #littlestoriesofmylife #photosinbetween #discoverunder5k #happyselves #lovelysquares #nothingisordinary #todayiam_ #momentsofmine #liveyourbestlife #weekendvibes #thelittlethings
Our minis are making a comeback! They are now back in the shop at www.suratjournals.com.
Θα θελα μια λέξη Αυτό. Εκείνο. Έστω δείξε Αυτό ή εκείνο Και τα νεύματα αρκούν Γνεψε αυτό,εκείνο Μόνο μη χωρεσεις τη σκέψη σου στο "κάτι" Μη διαλέξεις το αόριστο Κι αν επιλέξεις τη σιωπή Δώσε ένα όνομα Πες τη "σιωπή" Και θα φύγω με τη γεύση της φωνής σου #vscogr #vscophile #ig_greece #ig_gvscocamreece #instagood #huntgram ##minimal #minimal_greece #mindtheminimal #minimal_people #tv_living #tv_simplicity #instalifo #storybehindsquares #vintage_greece #lesphotographes #exklusive_shots #postthepeople #vsogood #livefolk #folkmagazine #liveauthentic #visualsoflife #exk_art #folkgood #folkcreative #byfolk #rsa_dark #justgoshoot
" 👰 Busy Bride " Everybody may have a doubt about this picture . ie . Why this man shot this picture that too while bride is speaking to someone on the phone and the rest of the seen is that make up artist is doing hair style for her . And you may ask me " wheather it is make shot and something else " . For this let me tell you the story behind this shot. The bride was super busy while I am planning to take getting ready pictures for her and obviously for myself. I was standing behind her and waiting to tell her about the poses. But she was very busy on her call. Meanwhile I decided to shoot these stories that was going on that time and I was willing to show her how busy she was even though during her make up session. So I made some of the shots which was really added some story and drama behind the pictures. #weddingdress #bride #bridesmaids #angel #bridestyle #busybee #busy #makeup #gettingmarried #gorgeous #storybehindsquares #drama #black &#white #blackandwhite #blackandwhitephotography #bridesmaidhair #bridestrory #bridalportrait @fearlessphotographerscom Shot by : @prashaanth_bj_
Porto, Julho 2018 Arquivo de arte, palavra, tipografias, mensagens, composições. Preservar a cultura do Poster que decora as paredes das ruas por tempo indefinido. graficoderua@gmail.com ou #graficoderua 📷 @umgajonoinsta
My very own Bench model. Literally jk. ❤😗 #portraiture #portraits_ig #vscoportraits
Когда пройдёт 100 лет, и нас с тобой здесь нет; Когда пройдёт 100 лет, здесь воздвигнут Огромные здания, полные разных чудес. Людям откроются новые знания И чудеса будут здесь. #vscocam
When I grow up, I’ll have a backyard just like this, and I’ll host dinners and garden parties. And it will all be in Ibiza cause I’m moving here. I’m ready to be an islander. 🤷🏼‍♀️
Brass wire & silver solder - beginnings of a ring 💍✨
When bae returns to homeland. ❤️ #candid #storybehindsquares
Come with me darling, we'll find a way To follow our instincts and not be afraid.
@tamara enjoying summer wearing @apmmonaco
Happiest of birthdays to my love! You just keep getting better. This year is going to be the best one yet, and 32 looks darn good on ya 😘 PS. A huge thank you to everyone who came to the surprise party yesterday and all the people who helped out with the envelope-scavenger-hunt (aka endured a million texts from me with too many details). Thanks for celebrating my man so so well!
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Le viste che mancano, le vite che sogni. ~ ~ #adventureisoutthere #passionpassport #100happydays #igersfirenze
It was only chapter one of our new series THY KINGDOM COME but it was LIT! Pastor @marlonmedina spoke some CRAZY truths that made me go WOW! If you missed out, MAKE SURE you stay tuned for the full sermon release of chapter one here at @cravechurch !
Throwing it way back to this era 🤪 p.c: @janinemorenoo + @hannicaceres
⚽️ 🇫🇷 4-2 quelle belle victoire. Vive la France 🇫🇷. Congratulation. ⚽️
Morning Sunshine 🌻
Sweet memories of yesterday. 🍃
@trakasspa festival with @iamjamescarter this evening 🔥
It was a special day. 🇭🇷💕
The Last Sun Beam
'Cause I took so much time to reset my life But in just one look, I'm back Forget that I could have any one I like But now all I remember is what we had.
So many questions in my life Is every truth just an illusion? Tell me I'm broken by design So I can't see the beauty in my flaws And find some peace of mind.
Water's rising, then I choke Now I think you're losing something critical Maybe our love is just a physical rendezvous.
You're so deluded, you're such a fake And now you got somebody else to manipulate I think I dodged a bullet I made a lucky escape.
I... I’m waking spirits tonight And I can’t hear your voice I’ve got nothing to hide.
There's no crying wolves now 'Cause the truth has settled in Hiding under goose down For your nightmare to begin.
Nobody dares to speak against your word So they just sit quiet Do what you want, who cares if you get hurt?
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