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On the way from La Fortuna to to Monteverde we stopped at a little town to fill up on gas and grab some dinner. We came up to a petrol station and I looked out the window. These men were gathering to take a break from oil-changing and other such jobs. They pulled seats together to chat animatedly about something. They were there for a long time. I raised my camera instinctively. I don't know what it is about this scene that makes me think it's a 'classic' snapshot of local life, and as a traveller I'm drawn to it. Why is it that I can't 'see' the same scenes at home? Am I not paying enough attention? #LesserTroddenPath #CostaRica #visitcostarica #discovercostarica #descubrecostarica #costaricacool #travelingpost #keepexploring #travelmoments #traveldeeper #travellocal #ecotravel #lifeofadventure #travelauthentic #neverstopexploring #letsgosomewhere #capturestreet #lensculturestreet #streets_storytelling #streetphotointernational #ordinarylife #streetleaks #storyofthestreets #seetheworld #streetphotographer #welivetotravel #livelovetravel #livetravelexplore
••• Tiempos de injusticia, 01/15/2019 ••• ¦ Con gas pimienta y empujones, los protestantes son desplazados desde la 5 de mayo hasta el Mercado de Mariscos. Sin respuestas y con violencia se van cerrando los canales de comunicación y se hace más difícil llegar a una solución. - Panamá🇵🇦 - 3/3
📸撮るのは😆 👨‍💻編集するのは😞 面倒くさい。。 👨‍💻はAIがやってくれたらいいのにね。#storyofthestreets #streetgrammer #eos80d #efs18135mm #韓国旅行
[16/365] "Something yellow".
Self-Critique Series 004 .. Location: Penn Station, NYC .. The Process: This is one of those photos that are made intuitively. I got this photo in one try simply by taking my time to frame it. I immediately noticed the spacing between the subjects on the left and the right and knew that I wanted to get all of them into the frame. This meant that I had to move my body far enough back from them. Once I was able to do that it was all a matter of clicking the shutter. In post-processing, I chose black and white due to the classic nature and geometry of the building. (The huge post office behind Penn Station). .. My Critique: What I love most about this image is the simple calm nature of it. All of the subjects are static beings in a hectic environment (Penn Station area). Then there’s the large negative space between the left and right side that balances out the weight of the frame. I do wonder what one more subject places in that negative space would’ve done for the overall composition. Some obvious things are the lines and symmetry created by the stairs and the columns. The icing on the cake here is the gesture and expression of the man with the hat who is looking right at the camera.
City Pups Playing In The Rain
#Tokyo half sky, half concrete.
Looking spick and span! What a great paint job on this empty shop on the High Street. From grot to great! 🤭 #stratforduponavon #highstreet The old Curry's is To Let /Maybe To sell - offers invited on 30 High Street CV37 6AU Size 3,798 sq ft (353 - 353 sq m) **REDUCED RENT** Incentives available! Double fronted retail unit over 4 floors in a prominent location Worth a View? Take a punt! www.gva.co.uk Richard.jones@gva.co.uk 0121 236 8236
Broadway, NY
Strong shadow
blue pipe - welcome in my home
blue pipe - let me show you around
blue pipe - seat back, relax & enjoy
Paris France. A sculpture in Musee D’orsay and a couple. Instagram “experts!!” say that you have to add long captions/explanations to each photograph. I don’t agree, photography is a visual art. If a photograph does not impress me reading 5 pages of bullshit won’t impress me more! #parisfrance #museedorsay #sculptures #sculpturelovers #museumvisitors
Someone in the doorway - Ben Howard 🎵 #outofthephone #spicollective #storyofthestreets #urbanromantix
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