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City Lights 🌃
taking a new perspective. some kind words from @alphaxnomad have made me realize I take my work on Instagram too seriously and I should post more of what I take with more impulse for showing progress.
Neon dreams
Loved these 🔥 fits with @jdotmeng & @thebadalliance. If you're into creating content for your lifestyle / streetwear brand hit me up, let's work! 😎
Golden Gate
Around the Nieuwmarkt, Amsterdam
Memories from holiday of: @me.minetravels ~~~~~~~~ What do you think of this spot? Double tap if you like and comment your thoughts! ~~~~~~~~ Don't forget to have a look on photographer's account for more amazing content
Travel is Addictive! ~~~~~~~~ You don't believe me? Ask the photographer: @travelinbloke ~~~~~~~~ Double tap if you like and comment your thoughts! ~~~~~~~~
I had a dream the other night where if I concentrated hard enough I would be able to make the things around me levitate... ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ————————————————————— In frame: @donmxrtn ⠀⠀⠀w/: @wytarter . . . . . #MoodyGrams #VisualsOfLife #visualambassadors #thecreative #peoplescreative #streetmagazine #urbanphotography #streetexploration #mainvision #streetphotography #shotaroundmag #urbanandstreet #likeforlikes #like4like
This is awesome! What do you say? ------- Photo by: @amyseder -------
This is truly amazing What do you think? ------- Photo by: @mao.amore
Go out and explore this weekend. Oh, and bring our ‘Rush Hour’ sling with you. #explorethecity
Did you mean it when you said I was pretty? That you didn’t wanna live in a city where the people are shitty?
Photo by: @scattopazzo ~~~~~ Just IMAGINE
I spot the train ✌🚅📷 . . . . . . . Little bokeh, focussed on the train. Caught in the moment - Street Photography Is something special 🤓
A place to remember captured by: @photohelensgo ~~~ Double tap if you like and comment your thoughts!
Let me get yo autograph
That day, in Père Lachaise Cemetery, I saw this elderly woman sitting on a bench , just closed her eyes, let the sunset hit her face, I felt extremely quiet at the moment. Does she miss someone's company? As I said, sunset is my favorite moment of the day. It not only means the end of the day, but the end of life. Most people love this moment as well, but they wouldn't know that reminds us how much time we have wasted and how much time we still have to cherish. Yeah right! I miss my family. And them whom I stayed with. For now, I'm still waiting for someone who deserve to be cherished, looking forward to have a stable relationship.
Shiny Happy Monday to you all
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