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Dont stare at me
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Sometimes shit ain’t what it seems. Shot by @tibs6d
Some sort of perspective.
This #shotsfromthesoul feature is from @radphotographe.bnw be sure to check out their profile! In Frame: @_stitch.sauce
The Beautiful Ones 🌆
Life in the Hive. 🐝
Another sick shot today 🍂👌🏻
My baby
Estoy aquí de paso, yo soy un pasajero No quiero llevarme nada Ni usar el mundo de cenicero Estoy aquí sin nombre Y sin saber mi paradero Me han dado alojamiento El mas antiguo de los viveros Si quisiera regresar Ya no sabría hacia donde Pregunto al jardinero Y el jardinero no me responde #np #jorgedrexler #calleygente . . . . . . . . . #hsdailyfeature #streetmeetina #urbanandstreet #symmetricalmonsters #streetmobs #myspc #createcommune #justgoshoot #urbanandstreet #fatalframes #killeverygram #citykillerz #aov #urbangathering #shotzdelight #thecreative #thecreatorclass #streetshared #streetmobs #streetframe #visualambassadoro #guardiancities #yngkillers #streetxstory #what_i_saw_in_nyc #streetphotography #35mm #storyofthestreet #fujiframez
Planned to book a schedule at Stronghand shooting range last sunday but the thing about plans is, they can be changed 😝 Alda drove us to BGC instead to do a photowalk-slash-toy-photography. Didn't even think about how hot the day was and how much walk we'll do. Despite the sweat-soaked shirts and the difficulty of standing back up from kneeling down because we fat-asses can't control eating out, it feels like we spent the day and night pretty well. Ate, walked, talked, and laughed a lot. Man, we even availed 4D cinema to watch Slenderman. And boy were we entertained! Not by the movie but by how silly the idea of moving seats was feeling like a mini roller coaster, and the flashing of lights that blind you for a good three seconds. Thanks Alda, you drove to three different locations and I didn't even chip in on parking and gas 😝 This cheapass will return back the favor next time, I promise boi hahaha (*from left to right: first three pics are funko Dr. Strange taking the advantage of bokeh lights on High Street; Alda trying to win the free fries challenge at Potato Corner, apparently the promo was only valid at Makati and we were in Taguig 🤣)
Cows at the cliffs! 🐮 #cliffsofmoher
Hello color! 🌈 #kinsale
Belfast peace wall ☮️❤️☮️❤️☮️
The Giants Causeway in my favorite vsco filter M5 ❤️!
So I had an advanced party last Saturday :) And these are few of the many things I recieved as gifts on my birthday. Thanks to Danee , Ella , and Ara for the pops! Doctor Strange is one of my favorite Marvel heroes and you gave him along with Oswald from Gotham. Many thanks! And this handmade calligraphy framed craft made by no less than Steph herself, now I know why you asked my motto in life, thank you :) Also, thanks to Vince and Joem for bringing a dedication cake, if it wasn't for you two, I wouldn't be able to make a wish and there wouldn't have been a candle to blow. It wouldn't have been a closed invitation if only there were a lot of space at my place but you know what they say, gotta work with what you have ;) So to all the people who have been invited and came, thank you! One of the best celebrations I've had and I wouldn't have done it any other way for sure. And to all those who hadn't made it, you'll be present next time, I'm sure of it :) Aaaaand to all who took time and greeted me through any platforms, thank you so much :) It doesn't matter if you only knew it via facebook. I appreciate the effort of doing something I often take for granted myself. It was indeed a day to be thankful :D
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