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You can always count on JQ. . Shot by the marvellous @seangsmith85 featuring the ever reliable and photogenic @qin.jerry
- #SemiFalseProphetInNetherlands series- Another thing that impressed me a lot in my early time living in the Netherlands, especially #Eindhoven , is how Dutch people like to ride bicycle. I was told about this before departing from Indonesia. More than that, I found that bicycle is a kind of traditional transportation tool for them. I tend to say that bicycle is part of Dutch culture. I found the first impressive thing about Dutch people and bicycle on my third day. I was waiting for the bus to go somewhere when I saw a man on his bike. I sat on a stool as the bus would arrive in five minutes based on the schedule. The man stopped and tried to start a conversation. When he found I do not speak Dutch, he started talking in English with a thick Dutch accent. He asked me where I am from and what did I do. When he found I was waiting for the bus, he smiled and said that I should use a bike as my destination could be reached easily with bike. Furthermore, he said, young men should not use the bus too much as old persons like him still use bicycles. I had not had any bikes so it was impossible to follow his suggestion. I was only curious about the fact that he labeled himself as an old person. When I asked his age, he said he was 70 years old. That was surprising for me. More surprisingly, his friends came later and they were older. They said they had used bicycle for tens of years and it had been an integral part of their life, thus they wanted to use bicycle until their very last day. I found what they said awesome. As a new person in this country, I was really impressed so that I missed my bus. The photo I am sharing was taken from a small street named Kleine Berg. I cycled through that street almost every day in my first two years in Eindhoven. Device: #NikonD3400 . #streetphotographer #kings_alltags #vsco #nikonnl #streetview
Mirrored London
الحيره وأن تكون ما بين وبين ⚫️
Cagnes sur mer ( FR) -aug. 2018
Ansiedad pre-juego • octubre 2016 . . . . #fotografiacallejera #atleticomadrid #aficionados #futbol #canonespaña
When your life is so instagrammable that your ice cream melts when you try taking a photo of it from the best angle...
A year to the today after Heather Heyer was murdered at the first “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, and a short distance from the very church Dylann Roof executed nine people at while they attended a bible study. A crime committed simply because they we people of color, these men, with remarkable earnestness told me, “ This flag isn’t about racism. It’s about history.” The truth is history as a narrative has always been a construction of the butcher. Common American history is wrought with oversight regarding the genocide of indigenous peoples in the name of westward expansion. The annexation of Hawaii was an imperialist maneuver in the most classic use of the word. But history books rarely look at that. Those who say the Civil War wasn’t about slavery contort a fundamental truth. The claim it was about states rights miss the vital point. Southern States wished to retain the right to dehumanize black individuals into cheap labor machines so they could continue to garner financial wealth at the expense of human rights and dignity. Those flags, and many of the monuments erected were raised years after the war when black community’s began to mobilize for greater rights. Those symbols were message for people of color to remember their “historic place”. Racism is systemic. It is wrapped into the fabric of America, and the long held privileges White Americans hold is the lineage of that. This country is not equal, and to say that the Confederate flag is not about racism is to turn a blind on the history of its meaning, its weaponization, and the continuing legacy of persecution for anyone who wasn’t born into straight white male skin. This culture teaches us to be racist. And the sole hope for dismantling that lies in the daily reflection of each of us as individuals. To break the cycle of dehumanization, fear, and otherness we all must shatter what our history has instilled into our collective DNA. #wanderings
Paura e indifferenza
I love to explore narrow alleyways in Bangkok, not least because they offer delightful contrasts of light and shade. In this picture there's a shadowy figure behind the motor-bike, lurking in deep shade yet only a yard or two away from a patch of brilliant sunlight. And what can I say about the clump of greenery standing in the sun? It's an entire garden! Someone in this alley (besides me!) knows how to make good use of the light. Is it the girl with the push-cart? No, it's probably that shadowy figure in the background. #streetphotographers #ourstreets #streetlife_award #storyofthestreet #beststreets #streetdreamsmag #streets_vision #streetactivity #colors_of_day #killeverygram #streets #citylife #Streetphotographerscommunity #BCNcollective #urbanstreetphotography #street_perfection  #moodygrams #lensonstreets #streets_in_motion #life_is_street #streetlife_award #friendsinperson #streettogs #bangkokstreet #fromstreetswithlove #urbanphotography #streetview #ig_street #streetphotographyworldwide #_streetography_
The hustle and bustle of street
These boots are made for walking... well, these are no boots, but I still have this song in my head when I look at this photo. I took it in Dublin in 2013 and hoped that no-one observed me kneeling down on the pavement to take a photo of a woman's legs... but I didn't want to miss these shoes combined with these shadows! . . . . . #bnw_rose #bnw_planet_2018 #jj_blackwhite #bnw_demand #bnw_captures #rsa_bnw #scacco_matto_ #explore_bnw #bnw_world #bnw_drama #bnw_awards #bnwmood #bnwzone #bnw_detaillovers #bnw_city_streetlife #spicollective #streetphotographerscommunity #capturestreets #photoobserve #fromstreetswithlove #ig_street #bodylanguage_bnc #thestreetphotographyhub #lensonstreets #fujifeedstreet #streetphotographyinternational #streetbw #streetbwcolor #jj_forum_2339
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