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B.E.R.L.I.N . . . . . . . . . . 106 - Germany, 2018 #streetphotographyberlin #berlinstreetphotography #photoderue
"il ne faut pas laisser de semer par crainte des pigeons."
"Non, je ne veux pas que l'on me porte, je veux glisser dans ma ville sur un long board."/"I do not want to be worn. I want to slip into my city on a long board."
That Way ➡️
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You get old and realize there are no answers, just stories. 07/02/2018
A waiting moment through the window.
🕌 🇹🇷 in the Bursa (Türkiye) 🕌
Bearing Beer in Berlin. Being a non-beer drinker certainly kept me from imbibing what would have been a great variety of this beverage. I tried the dry Rieslings they offered, there were plenty of good ones. Chairs like these were set out to enjoy the bright summertime sunshine, it was very hot for the few days I was there, only had one overcast day. #berlin 🇩🇪 #berlingermany 🇩🇪
Berlin Skyline. There's a revolving restaurant in that Tower and it was fully booked when I tried to reserve. I'll plan a little further ahead for my next visit. It would be a fun perspective to see Berlin from that vantage. #berlingermany 🇩🇪 #berlin 🇩🇪 #berlintower
Contemporary architecture is more readily seen on a boat ride on the Spree River. #berlingermany 🇩🇪 #berlin 🇩🇪
People-watching while on a boat on the Spree River in Berlin. They are silently judging him. #spreeriver #spreeberlin 🇩🇪 #berlingermany 🇩🇪 #berlin 🇩🇪
The bear is the symbol and mascot of Berlin so there are many visual references like these giant teddies I found during one of my many walks. #berlingermany 🇩🇪 #berlin 🇩🇪 #berlinbear #teddybear
These sculptures along the River Spree reminds me of one thing I was told about the Germans, they are very unselfconscious about nudity. Being au naturel, specially on hot summer days, is the most natural thing. Prudes and puritans, stay away.
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