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Night lights, city’s bright. J
Bologna. Jazz session outside sorveteria La Torinese 1888
Bowing Businessmen, Farnborough Airshow. So when I was keywording this picture I learned some Japanese bowing terms. When standing and looking straight ahead with hands placed on the thighs, this is 'seiritsu'. I think this applies here. 'When in seiritsu' advises one website, 'as if standing against a wall, ensure your bottom doesn't stick out when you begin your bend. Inhale while moving into the bow, exhale while holding the bow then inhale again while straightening up'.
Marcos Mendoza Salinas es otro peregrino. Su cruz es un poco más grande, confía en que lo que pide debe ser proporcional a su esfuerzo y de ojotas se suma a la peregrinación de 40km diarios para alcanzar la frontera con Ecuador y cumplir su promesa.
Light leak in first pic because #filmismagic 😁
Rama 1986
Waterloo Bridge
A Walk On The Wild Side / 野生の側の散歩 #walkonthewildside #kyotojapan #kyoto
Mexican Highway. 2017 If you enjoy my photography, please consider supporting me via Patreon.com/paulmillan It’s still a work in progress.
land dwellers aren’t interesting •
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