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Bloch Omnia sneakers taking your leisure wear game to the next level 🖤⬛️🖤
The New York dance bag adds a little fashion to your dance outfit 🖤
What a gorgeous pic of happy perth dance friends by @avapasch 🖤 Dance friends = Forever friends
The Madeline Ballet Shoe bag is a limited run and just too cute to not be part of any little girls ballet days🌸 Buy now! Link in bio💖
May your day sparkle like a sea of glitter 💖
Colour is everything, but Black and White are MORE! 🖤⚪️🖤 Buy leotard now, link in bio😘
These gorgeous Mini Warm up bootie keyrings can be added to your keys, your dance bag or hung in your room. What is your favourite colour?
What is your favourite pointe shoe?
Have you found some workshops or classes to keep going you dancing during the summer break? What has been your favourite?
Are you getting your first pair of pointe shoes this year? We have been fitting dancers for over 36 years and use that extensive knowledge to help you find the right shoes. Bookings can be made via our web store📲
Soft & Pretty
We can not wait for this limited Mini Australians Collection by @sylviap to arrive. Only a handful of garments coming so dm us to secure yours!💛🌸💛
Beauty is all around us, sometimes you just need to slow down to appreciate it 🌸
Can you think of something that’s keeps repeating itself???
Stop chasing perfection, it’s an unrealist place 🤩
Sounds pretty simple to us.....just do it, what ever it is, just do it😘
We’re at the messy stage but so excited to reveal our changes on Monday 7th Jan 🔨👷🏼‍♀️👷🏼‍♂️💛
We spent all of last night on planning the last few touches and today we begin our store upgrade, ready for 2019🔨👷🏼‍♂️👷🏼‍♀️😘
Although we take two weeks off every year, don’t think we sit idle. Some big changes coming this week before our reopening on the 7th Jan 2019. 🔨🧰✨🙈🙊👷🏼‍♀️👷🏼‍♂️😉
Are you missing ballet as much as our beautiful ambassador? @hinzee3monet Dressed in one of our beautiful @blochau leotards 🧡
Anyone else feel like this right now?
It’s Christmas Day 😍 Merry Christmas to all. We hope you are able to celebrate with your special people 🎄♥️🥰
So much excitement all across the world, as all the little kiddies head off to bed on probably the most exciting night of the year. Sleep tight little ones 🎅🏻♥️🎄
Only 2 sleeps 😀 Hope you’re all nice and organised and not too stressed 🎄
You can DM us on Insta & Facebook if you need anything during our break. We’re happy to meet anyone by appointment♥️
Only two more days to shop at Studio Scene Dancewear before Christmas 🎄The girls are ready and waiting with lots of great ideas and offers for you until 2pm Sat 22nd. 🎅🏼🎁♥️
The last of our Mermaid collection is in store now and we’re offering you 30% OFF this collection until Saturday 22nd Dec.
We’re here all week so come visit us. We will wrap your gifts like a pro 🎁🎅🏼🎄♥️
Are you sure you want to take the chance of a gift arriving before the big day? Our little centre is a lot calmer than the big shopping precincts and we can even gift wrap for you (a big favourite with all the Dads😉) Sorry Dads, I know some of you have got your ducks in a row but......😏
Do you dance all day and sleep all night? This sleepwear will have you catching zzzzzzz’s like never before. You need to feel how soft it is ☁️☁️☁️☁️
Ballet babe ❤️ Beach babe #studioscenedancewear #ssdancewearrep @hinzee3monet enjoying sunshine ☀️ @kmpaa_official #kmpaa_official
Not sure about anyone else but I still love the magic of Christmas 🎄
A little snippet of ‘Eight Maids a Milking’ from @studioscenedancewear Christmas Window Instillation. Only 9 days to view this fabulous display.
Have you visited our 12 Days of Christmas window installation yet? You have 9 days to visit until it’s all finished. Make sure you come and see the wonder of over 75 pointe shoes transformed into characters 🎄💚🎄♥️🎄💚🎄♥️🎄
Pretty time of the year ... leo & skirt from @studioscenedancewear 💕 @hinzee3monet #studioscenedancewear #ssdancewearrep Head on down to @studioscenedancewear to see the amazing Christmas window ✨
You always find beauty in the things that you love💙
Call us or dm if we can get anything ready for you to run in and grab in these last two weeks before Christmas 🎄💚🎄
The smallest step in the right direction could turn out to be the biggest step of your life💙
Oh the explaining we have to do🤣
Believing in yourself is the most important beginning. You can achieve anything you want if you work for it and believe it’s possible. Just look around at things that have been achieved💖 #anythingispossible
Sending lots of love to all the wonderful dance teachers who push us to reach our dreams. Share the love and tag your amazing dance teacher 💖
Did you know the entire Xmas window installation was created by our owner Michele and her husband. It took over 100 hours to create and it’s so amazing to hear how much everyone is loving it. Don’t forget you can own one of the beautifully handcrafted shoes, with all profits going to @alzheimers_wa ♥️♥️♥️ DM us for details.
Our much acclaimed Christmas Window Display has bought joy to so many. You can own a piece of this amazing display by placing a bid on any one of the beautifully handcrafted pointe shoes that make up ‘The 12 days of Christmas’. They will be available for collection on Saturday 22nd December, just in time for Santa to pop in his sleigh 🛷 Check our our highlights to see the shoes, and remember all profits are going to @alzheimers_wa DM us for more details.
Totally In Love with this new @sonatadancewear leotard. The colour just makes you smile 💙
Here comes Santa Claus..here comes Santa Claus.. ❤️ It’s that wonderful time of the year .. too cute Miss Harper 🎄@studioscenedancewear @melissa_larson_photography #studioscenedancewear #balletdancer #christmas2018
What a Special morning seeing Studio Scenes AMAZING XMAS window display and also getting Domenique’s 1st pair of Demi Pointè shoes fitted perfectly from Michelle (who also fitted Miss Min many years ago 😉) XXX @sicusodancestudio @studioscenedancewear . . . . #sicusodancestudio #sdsdancers #studioscene #studioscenedancewear #xmaswindowdisplay #demipointeshoes #braids #domenique #unique #special #lovepassiondance #proudmissmin #proudmum
Could these little Warmup booties be any more awesome 🥰🥰🥰🥰
Let’s start putting more value in our own worth and less on allowing others opinions to validate us. You are worth it♥️ Let’s share the love.
Did someone say Mad Mia.....we have lots in store. Tag your Mum in and tell her which ones are on the wish list 📝
Dream. Believe in yourself. Work hard. Enjoy the process. Love the art. Dance with your heart. Repeat. ❤️ @hinzee3monet @studioscenedancewear #ssdancewearrep #studioscenedancewear @melissa_larson_photography
Only a couple of these stunning @ballet.rosa leotards left in this stunning colour🖤🖤🖤
Covering up your own short comings isn’t always the best course of action....admit to them and try to work on improving them, you might be surprised how forgiving others around you can be😘
We can’t wait for these gorgeous little Warm Up Booty keyrings to arrive. Should be here early next week. Who wants one In their stocking? 🙋🏽‍♀️
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