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Clyde has become quite the snuggle bunny lately and I’m soaking up every second of it ❤️
Short skirt tip, always wear cute undies underneath in case you flash people ✨
Black eyeliner is a classic look. Who doesn’t feel more powerful with it on? 🖤
IN GOOD COMPANY | Featuring The Carlton Tote by @wyldempyre | Shoes and Headband by @ferragamo | Bracelet by @rosantica_official | Lip Gloss by @narsissist
Pink and red is the best color combination. Monochromatic makeup is my favorite look right now. I’ve finally figured out how I like to do my eyebrows. I’m going blonder on February 4th.. there’s my life right now summed up ✨☁️
Monday. All the things. My mind is full. Full of all the things. One of them is how impatiently I am waiting for these Spring samples to arrive- I can’t wait to sink my meat hooks into that box, but in the meantime, I’ll show you all the love I have for this necklace I’m wearing (swipe to see it up close) * * It’s a 3 strand mixed metal and mixed media stunner in which every strand can be detached and worn individually or in a number of ways for your own customized look. That sweet little stone necklace I’m wearing is part of the intention collection and signifies strength- Always a good one to keep close, because who couldn’t use extra strength, no matter what that word means to you. Link to shop in bio #stelladotstylist #mondaymusings
Today we turn 2 🥳🎉🤩 The past two years have flown and I’m beyond excited for all that’s in the plans for 2019 which I’m hoping is to be our biggest year yet ❤️ We asked you how you’d like to celebrate and you chose a discount code 🛍 So please enjoy 15% off all our full priced pieces with the code HAPPYBIRTHDAY 😆 Thank you for all your support over the past two years, and a big welcome to our new followers, we really appreciate the shoutout @carolineforan 🥰 . . #emmabyjane #loveyourstyle #jewellery #birthday
A R M Y | G I R L 🌲👩🏽‍🌾🏔 #style #moda #boilersuit #highstreetstyle
Another fabulous day with @beowellness.ie ❤️ I heard @patdivilly speak for the first time today and took this quote with me. It’s so true, yet not easy to do, it’s so much easier to compare yourself. So here’s a lovely thought to go into a new week with. Does anyone else have lovely quotes they think we should hear before the week ahead? ⚡️💡⚡️ . . #emmabyjane #loveyourstyle #loveyourself #sundaythoughts
⚡️ S A M P L E S A L E ⚡️ Our V.I.P Sample Sale continues online | We have limited sizes left so if you’ve got your eye on something make sure you don’t miss out 🛍 . . #emmabyjane #loveyourstyle #jewellery #samplesale
Cheers to forever laughing with you 🖤
Not one for throwbacks but yowza! This look still sets me on fiyah 🔥 and yep, this clutch is still one of my faves and yep, because, gold metallic boots- Comin alllll the way through #stelladotstyle #stelladotstylist
IN GOOD COMPANY | Featuring The Carlton Tote by @wyldempyre | Lip gloss by @narsissist | Sunnies and Watch by @gucci | Round earrings by @balenciaga
And the Bridesmaids wore custom-designer earrings for a very special day ❤️ I would love to know how many of you are engaged and where you are planning to get married, please let us know here ✨👰🏽🥂 . . #emmabyjane #loveyourstyle #jewelry #bridesmaids
Start 2019 off with a fresh look! Book today and get 15% off styling sessions and closet edits.
A morning spent with the amazing @niamh_osullivan ❤️ Niamh is so inspiring and I always come away full of excitement with all the ideas she gives me. We’ve planned a few exciting collaborations for you guys that we’re very excited to announce in the next few weeks ❤️ A little Wednesday style tip is up on our stories but also, if you’re struggling with motivation this week, book a coffee with someone that inspires you and it will turn your week around. Happy Wednesday beauties ⚡️💫⚡️ . . #emmabyjane #loveyourstyle #jewellery #coffeecatchup
R A I N A ⚡️ New arrivals are always the best ❤️ . . #emmabyjane #loveyourstyle #jewellery #statementearrings
It’s our 2nd Birthday next Monday and we’re pretty excited to celebrate 🎉 We’d like you to decide how we’re to celebrate.... would you like a discount code for the day or a competition to win a 5 of your favorite pieces from our collection 🎁 We have a poll on our stories where we’d love you to vote ❤️ . . #emmabyjane #loveyourstyle #jewellery #birthday
I obviously missed my calling in life.. I should of been a wildlife photographer and become one with the wild 🦒
⚡️ N E W A R I V A L S ⚡️ Some very special ladies have just launched on emmabyjane.com in the name of Carolina, Rosali and Raina ❤️ Designed as our Bridesmaids earrings for a dear friends’ recent wedding, I thought you guys would like them too 🛍 Our Bridal collection is growing (although you could wear these for any occasion) and in the coming weeks we’ve have a ‘Bridal’ tab for you guys to see what we’re suggesting as your wedding or Bridesmaid jewellery 👰🏽 I hope you all love them as much as I do✨💫✨ . . #emmabyjane #loveyourstyle #jewelry #weddingjewelry
Hi friends! Just a heads up that I start taking clients this Friday at Revel Workshop. If you’re wanting to book an appointment for January, let me know ASAP 💌✨
This colorblock sweater is so cozy and cute! Shop our Harmony Sweater now! Plus, receive FREE shipping on all orders over $50! #newarrivals #new #cableknitsweater #jlillysboutique #oklahomaboutique #wiw #sweaterfashion #ootdfash #styledlooks
Did you know there’s a wildlife center in Texas for endangered/close to extinct animals? I got to spend my morning feeding ostriches, zebras, emus, giraffes and LOTS more. I was having the time of my life 💌
I look back at my wedding photos at least once a day. I can’t help how much I loved this day and love this husband of mine 🌿
⚡️ S A L E ⚡️ We’ve just launched our V.I.P Sample Sale for you all to enjoy 🛍 What are you treating yourself to? . . #emmabyjane #loveyourstyle #jewellery #sale
Our go to look this month ⚡️ My second piercing has closed up. I’m off to get it pierced again with the lesson learnt that I must keep the earring they use to pierce my ear and not get overly excited about putting my favourite designs in instead .... third time lucky 🤪 . . #emmabyjane #loveyourstyle #jewellery #piercings
Looking back on 2018 and realizing that it was the most chaotic yet greatest year of my life. I graduated from my cosmetology program which was a year long, no breaks. I traveled a lot! I went to Mexico, Chicago, Colorado and Oklahoma within the last 4 months of the year. I got married and went on an amazing honeymoon, I then started my internship program at Revel Workshop as soon as we got back! It was a year packed FULL ✨ I can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store, it can only get better!
Happy New Year ⚡️ We’re excited for what’s in store 🥳
O R E I L I A ⚡️ One of my favourites from our latest collection 🖤 We’ve just announced last months #wearingemmabyjane competition winner 🎉 If you’ve been gifted or treated yourself to a piece from us this Christmas, make sure you tag us in your instagrams so you can go in for this months competition 🎁 . . #emmabyjane #loveyourstyle #jewelry #cocktailring
When the curl is life.. I prefer @bedheadstyling wands. They’re magical ✨
Humble enough to know that I've got a ton of flaws. Wise enough to know I have a pure heart and a soul as dope as the come. . . #lookoftheday #ohiomom #ootd #styledlooks #mombossing #momsthathustle #momblogging #beautyconsultant #beautythatlasts #crazylonghair #fakeuggs #furryvest #momonamission #lovetheskinyourein #livingforme
This evening I am planning for the year ahead and all the exciting things that I can’t wait to launch on emmabyjane.com ❤️ . . . I’m also looking back and feeling incredibly grateful for you, all our followers, likers, commenters and customers. A year can go by so fast and I always use the days in between Christmas and the New Year to reflect and appreciate how far we’ve come. . . . Thank You from the bottom of my heart, we don’t always get it right but we’re learning, we always love your feedback and ideas and slowly but surely we are growing, and if it wasn’t for you guys we wouldn’t be here. . . . I wish you all the best for 2019, whatever your dream, make your vision board and just go for it 💭 Lots of Love Jane xXx
IN GOOD COMPANY | The Carlton Mini Knot Tote in Noir Ostrich by Wyld Empyre | Beaded Pumps by Brian Atwood | Heart Sunnies by YSL | Costa Azzurra by Tom Ford | Vintage Gold Snake Cuff | @wyldempyre @brian_atwood @ysl @tomfordbeauty
T Y R A ⚡️ Getting New Years Eve ready with some outfit planning and getting inspired by these beauties 🌈 . . #emmabyjane #loveyourstyle #jewelry #newyearseveoutfit
Christmas Eve Ready 🖤🐆🖤 #style #moda #fashion #christmas #zara #loveyourstyle
Forever in love with Colorado. Who wouldn’t be with how beautiful it is? Hands down one of my favorite places to visit with family or friends. Where should I visit in 2019?!🌲
Camo is always a must!! . Vest- The Perfect Puzzle Piece $39.99⠀ . . . #sofab #camo #camovest #vest #styledlooks #vestlooks #shopedmond #shopmoore
L U N A & S A O I R S E ⚡️ It’s the last day of our gorgeous Fumbally Exchange pop up on 5 Dame Lane ❤️ We’ll be open until 5 if you’re in need of a few last minute gifts 🎁 . . #emmabyjane #loveyourstyle #jewelry #giftideas
Stay Fab in this Gorgeous Snake skin printed top!! 😍 ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ Top- Slithering To The Top $42⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #shopTFTS #sofab #snakeskin #prints #waffleknittop #chiclooks #style #ootdfash #whatiworetoday #styledlooks
Finally getting around to wearing the sweater that @alyssabwillett gave me almost 3 years ago ❤️
Heading into the Christmas season in the most beautiful setting and about to help one of my besties get hitched 🎉 Thank you so much for all your amazing support and orders this Christmas, our second year in business and once again, I’m overwhelmed. I hope all of your parcels have arrived safely and are waiting patiently under the tree 🌲 Happy Christmas beauties, sending much love from me to you ❤️ . . #emmabyjane #loveyourstyle #jewelry #christmas
IN GOOD COMPANY | Featuring The Carlton Knot Tote in Natural Linen and Tuscan Tan Ostrich by Wyld Empyre @wyldempyre | Sunnies by Dolce and Gabanna @dolcegabbana | Dicker Suede Ankle Boots by Isabel Marant @isabelmarant | Volume Spray by Ouai @theouai
O R E I L I A ⚡️ Packing up all your beautiful orders 🎁 Order by 11am this morning to make sure your piece or your gift arrives in time for Christmas ❤️ . . #emmabyjane #loveyourstyle #jewelry #giftideas
Christmas Jewels ⚡️🖤⚡️ . . #emmabyjane #loveyourstyle #jewelry #giftideas
A year ago today I was about to walk into my own proposal. Saying yes to Schylar was the best thing I’ve ever done ❤️💍
I S A B E L ⚡️ Our Isabel Hoops are back in stock and heading out to some gorgeous new homes 🙋🏽‍♀️ Our last postage day for guaranteed delivery within Ireland is Thursday the 20th but to be safe we’d advise getting your orders in as soon as possible 🛍 Our pop up is also open until next Sunday the 23rd if you’d like to browse our full collection in person ❤️ . . #emmabyjane #loveyourstyle #jewellery #goldhoops
One of my favorite parts of fall is when the leaves change colors. I’m a fan of the oranges and reds, it reminds me of one of my favorite book series/movie series which is The Hunger Games. Specifically the part where they’re on their way to the capital talking about their favorite colors ✨💌
In honor of living in a new loft, here’s a glimpse of what the new home looks like! I’ve got my favorite candles lit, Christmas music playing and a happy little Clyde sleeping under our Christmas tree. It’s a good Friday ✨❤️
For those who didn’t know, I’m a hairstylist based out of Dallas and I LOVE braiding hair! Follow my second account to see more of my work ✨ @hairbykayleesanford
E L I Z A B E T H ⚡️ Gorgeous gifts going out today 🎁 Have you sent them your wishlist? . . #emmabyjane #loveyourstyle #wishlist #irishdesign
We’re now sharing some of our favorite styled looks— all in our story highlights above ^!!! At the start of the New Year we’re going to share outfits with you styled and chosen by our True Style ladies! This look would go perfect for NYE, a holiday party...... or maybe Valentine’s Day💗 . ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ . ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ . ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ . ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ . ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #truestyleiowa #tsi #iowa #shopsmall #onlineshopping #fashion #style #ootd #fashionista #fashiontrends #trends #fashiongram #styleinspo #styled #styledlooks
The weather difference in Texas verses Colorado in December is crazy! I was bundled up to the max during our trip this past weekend. I walked outside this morning (back in Dallas) thinking it would be cold and it wasn’t, not one bit. I could of worn a T-shirt and jeans with no problem 🌵
Hump day has arrived and we are days away from Christmas- yikes! I have still so much shopping to do, it’s not even funny! -Today, on our stories I’m sharing how to wear the “Go for the gold” 1-2-3 and different ways to style the skirt and mock turtleneck👉🏼plus sneak peek of a NEW 1-2-3 Look going live tomorrow!
If you look in the background, you can see downtown Denver! We ended our Colorado trip with visiting the Red Rock Amphitheatre, absolutely beautiful. I need to see a concert there now! We got back home last night around midnight and then moved into the new loft today so tired is an understatement.. We’ve had an insanely busy weekend but it was so fun ✨❤️
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