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I often hear people saying that they sacrifice this for that. What are they sacrificing? Is this life living you or are you living it? To sacrifice yourself is to be a slave to yourself. Everything should be done with the intention of acting in love. With love, there are no sacrifices in life. Life itself sacrificed itself for you to be here. Let's have all the sacrificing stop. From this day on. Let's use nothing but the power of peace, love, and unity. Everything is within your mind. Perception is everything. All words have a different meaning or definition. Each individual interprets or understands each definition differently than the person to the left or right of them. We all think completely alike, but then again completely different. Your surroundings and the energy attracted to each individual. Creates thyself. Without yourself, there is no self to find. Is this "you" that they call you. The actual you that you seek for? If not. It is time to start "sacrificing" each and every moment in life. When I say this I don't mean to "give up" each moment. Instead, I mean it is time to attempt to become your greatest version. Look within yourself and see who you truly are. Use nothing but love in each moment. After you know who you truly are. Everything stops becoming a sacrifice. Instead, each moment of life is lived in appreciation and gratitude. Imagine if life itself was never here. You can "sacrifice" all the time you want when you are dead. Don't have any excuses to not be at your full potential. In the end, if you don't become your greatest version. The best that you can be. You did nothing but "sacrifice" yourself. This life was..... For the full description visit my last blog: https://chaoticshapes.com/2018/09/23/quote-67/ Or click on the link in my bio, then on menu then on blog. The full post will be there. Life is quite simple. #anger #control #enjoy #infinite #life #love #mindgames #patience #question #quote #sacrifices #sacrifice #subconscious #time #writing
Last day of this wonderful 3-day belief and life changing workshop. #thankyou #perth for welcoming me again 🙏
Couldn’t be prouder of @herbznspices_ this week! The past 4-6 weeks playing with the stress & pressure of trying to earn a European Tour Card off invites & Top 10’s alone has been so tough! But you showed the world how tough you are! And to @domazz73 @moveandevolve , I couldn’t hope to be part of a better team! We work together so well, with no Ego when it comes to our roles and just focus on getting Herby better week in, week out! I have a feeling this the rest of 2018 is going to get even more exciting!!
This had been on top of my watchlist for some time now. Cool to finally see it. What to say.. the ending credits just rolled and I’m still completely under its spell. The pacing, cinematography, music, Joaquin Phoenix’s virtuoso performance in which he occupies his every cell with this character.. I adored how Lynne Ramsay tied all these elements together and gave the film this hypnotic flow, where you as a viewer fill in the blanks, add a bit of yourself into the scenes, it works the subconscious, takes you in for a journey - as great films do. A must-see. . . #youwereneverreallyhere #lynneramsay #greatdirectors #joaquinphoenix #thomastownend #cinematography #jonnygreenwood #composer #soundtrack #jonathanames #basedonthebook #drama #violence #innerstruggles #hypnotizing #insipirations #subconscious #greatmovies #mustsee #itunes #justwatched #jfilmdiary . . 👌🏻🎞👍🏻
Writing is one of the greatest tools to express our feelings and can help us in achieving our goals. Yet, most of us underestimate its power. You have the capability within you to bring your desires to life. It's time you take control and make it your responsibility to be happy. Take action today to live your desired life. The pen is in your hand, start creating. _______________________________ #loa #believe #creator #lawofattraction #abrahamhicks   #foodforthought #love #divine   #desire #motivation #goal #universe #instagood #destiny #wednesday #mind #power #manifest #gratitude #visualize #tbt #beyourownboss #entrepreneur #create #subconscious #life #mindfulness #vibration #frequency
Our conscious (thinking) mind is the feeder of our subconscious mind. ANYTHING we do over and over transfers from our conscious mind to our subconscious mind. It could be healthy habits and feelings, to unhealthy habits and feelings. Our subconscious mind does not judge, it accepts whatever we send to it and puts it into action. So if a person always feels sad and/or angry, the state of being will become a habit because that is what is fed to the mind, this law applies to the happy opposite too. Consider what you want to feel regularly, write it down in present tense and read it to yourself, commit it to memory. You will then create new habits, which are new neuropathways in the brain. The name of the game is quit feeding the bad and only feed the good. If you or someone you know needs help in the mental and emotion department, contact me today. I offer a course that will grow a more optimistic mind, which creates a happier healthier life. #neuropositivemethod #lifecoach #conscious #subconscious #mind #metaphysical #laws #emotions #habits #healthy
Oh, to spend my days with little children. Finding ponds, crafting wildflower bouquets, singing songs and giving thanks. On days like this, I come home again. . Children know how to be in ways that adults forget. To frolic and be attuned to the mystical realm is a gift many adults take for granted about children. We tell them “no”, that their reality is somehow untrue. We teach them to unlearn what they learn on their own about faeries, how nature speaks, how being vulnerable and close to the emotional self has so much to do with who we are in our egos incarnate. . “I love, therefore I am” says the child. Even in their woes, they woe because in that moment they love something they fear loosing. . May I learn from them the little ones, and the natural world we engulf in, to be that attuned to my vulnerable alive self, again and again. . .
#Eddie murdering #MargaretThatcher with a #butcherknife is #proletariat #praxis and illustrates how #Punk -aligned/influenced Early, #Real , #PaulDianno era Iron Maiden was. I’ve never read this remarked upon, and maybe It’s Not That Deep Fam, but I wonder if there’s a #subconscious connection between the naming of this band and #Thatcher ’s #Tory #Conservative #Authoritarian nickname... the Iron Lady. #ironmaiden #ironmaidenposter #maiden #mascot #katakana #prowler #runningfree #7inch #eastlondon #cockney #murder #killer #assassin #streetlife #knifecrime #binthatknife
Greetings to all 183 Telapoet Data supporters💕💗🤓Eye 👁was thinking Hmm 🤔 how do eye introduce the next series of Publications eliminating confusion that encourages misunderstandings. So here we go let’s go deeper as eye 👁 am IAM simply messaging you to awaken to our conscious thoughts behaviors and realities. That’s 🌍👁💰💵💴💶💷Insurence of freedoms on connected vibrational frequency tones needed in daily meditation activities and productivity experiences #drbrucelipton #internetmarketing #internetmarketinglifestyle #onlinebusiness #onlinemarket #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #entrepreneurlife #entrepreneurmindset #entrepreneurs #awakening #awake #consciousness #conscious #real #realtalk #reality #experience #subconscious #subconsciousmind #subconsciousbeliefs #vibrations #vibrationalenergy #frequency #frequencies #frequencyvibrations #tones #harmony #ecosystem
I just realized my painting is starting to match my lunch. #pearlsolives #subconscious #abstractart #foodart #cheapmeal #yummy #fineart #yesmam
Obstacles are only obstacles because we focus on them. You'd be surprised how quickly you overcame anything "blocking" your path if you focused more on your goals and less on whatever you think is in your way
| P E R S I S T E N C E | you think I got anywhere by giving up midway through? No way, there is a reason why they say keep going... . You never know when your next try might just hit the mark ...for you only to be on a roll. . Don’t let anyone tell you no, or be disheartened by this word...keep going, keep getting better, more precise and professional at what you do, keep reminding people that you exist by asking for things when the opportunity arises for you to take that chance to show your talent, and keep believing in your dreams until you find someone you can connected with, and tells you, “yes!” . Go where you are celebrated, not where you are tolerated :) #lettherebelight @jlo listen to her @goal.cast video for more inspiration 🙏
the only thing we are ever dealing with is a thought, and a thought can be changed👁 #stoner #stonergirl #model #subconscious #pinealgland #vegansofig #witchcraft #empath #lightworker #egodeath #littlebootiesmatter
Some other ish I painted "Some other ish I painted" by Chloé FishSnacks 16 x 20 " acrylic n oil on canvass #canvas #dream #dreamscape #subconscious #shaman #luciddreaming #deepsleep #painting #art #artwork #acrylicpainting
Was du verbirgst wird immer größer und mächtiger und klaut dir deine Lebensenergie. Hol sie dir zurück. Jetzt! #yourlimitisyou #peace #calmyourmind #subconscious #freeyourmind #healyourlife #getwellsoon #thetahealingberlin #berlin #coaching #stepbystep #lifeisstillgood #takeaction
The wolf comes out of the jungle. ————— #Wolf #Jungle #SubConscious
Tonight, I left the conference rooms for the outdoors to meet and show people how their subconscious mind works. If you’ve never seen this, you will not believe your eyes. But it’s all real. Let me show you how much life conditions us and how to take control now. #subconscious #control #life Ce soir, j’ai délaissé les salles de conférences pour aller à la rencontre des gens en plein air et leur montrer comment fonctionne leur subconscient. Si vous n’avez jamais vu ça, vous n’en croirez pas vos yeux. Et pourtant, tout est vrai. Laissez-moi vous montrer à quel point la vie nous conditionne et comment reprendre le contrôle maintenant. #subconscient #controle #vie
These readings bring the calmest, most needed guidance. I talk to my Angels and Guide almost everyday. You’d think I’d have shit on track too, but no.... I’m still human. Whatever it is you need, they always bring the messages and love you need. No matter the issue. And trust me, I’m a handful on this earth. #journeytoyahweh #energyhealers #spiritualawakening #spirituality #motivation #beliefs #inspiration #quotes #consciousness #energy #healing #subconscious #medium #lawofattraction #meditation #spirituality #balance #yogalove #namaste #yoga #instayoga #mindfulness #affirmations #manifestations #cardreadings #psychic #1111
Last weeks there was a strong inner call to clear, to clean, to release, to let go, to make space and lighten. I felt the theme covered all areas of my life in and out. . Last week, I have been cleaning my home for days like crazy to the smallest details. I don't remember myself being so inspired to clean ever. I had a strong need to rearrange my apartment, furniture and to set my office differently. . I have been feeling a strong need to take care of my body more: I went to hairdresser, bought some suppliments, some clothes didn't feel right - some new ones arrived, I treated myself with a massage and suddenly got interested in different foods. . I did big audit in my morning & evening routines, daily habits, where and how I focus my time, what distracts me, how to simplify some of my business tasks, how to be more efficient and structured. . I have been reviewing relationships which serves me, which ones I cherish and which ones no longer feel that they are part of my journey forward. . And same happened within - I faced & upleveled some of my very deep believes, some core stories which still lived in my subconscious but was not really serving me. It surfaced now for that clean up too. . Suddenly, everything was structured only in 2 boxes: this is old and goes away. And this goes to my new life... . I guess change of season reflected pretty strong this time. But this way, bit by bit I started to feel more clarity, more awareness, gratitude and excitmenet towards the future. . Anyone else feels similar and goes through similar cycle? . . . . . . . . . #mindfullness #consciousness #subconscious #personalgrowthjourney #personaldevelopment #personalgrowth #makespace #listenyoursoul #trueyou #purification #spirituality #changesoflife #restructure #seasonchange #newfuture #business #businessupgrade
Don’t underestime the power of affirmations. People have used affirmations for a variety of purposes. Generally speaking, affirmations are used to reprogram the subconscious mind. Because our subconscious mind plays a major role in the actualization of our lives and the manifestation of our visions. 📌✨ #womeninspiration #womeninspiringwomen #inspiration #knowledge #affirmations #expandyourhorizons #subconscious #brainpower #books #reading #workbabes #bossbabe #femalenetwork #sisterhood #higherconsciousness #personaldevelopment #kvinnor #kraft #kunskap #kreativitet #karriär #affirmationer #kvinnligtnätverk #systerskap #ledarskap #hälsa #livsstil #personligutveckling #arbete #fritid
Where to you fall in?
Jam Day #drums #improvisation #subconscious #jazzfunk #soundscapes waiting for the guy who said 11am.
Fact!!! WE ALL need to become experts or at a min. Due our best to understand our mind & body! As we go through life our “subconscious” is always recording and saving everything just like ur history file on your google search so that when it needs a reference, it can go in “auto pilot” and execute your actions, feelings, emotions, thoughts, etc. If We let our minds run by themselves without us auditing, cleaning by detox, meditations, truth, knowledge, etc. Then it will RUN YOUR life in “auto-pilot” unconsciously without you being aware! Fully Conscious of your actions, emotions, etc. Research how to re-program your subconscious. Take control of your mind which should improve the quality of your life! Namaste! #639revolution #awakening #subconscious #subconsciousmind #consciousness #spiritualawakening #wakeup #namaste #love Repost from @iamknownwithin
New video on YouTube. The link is in my profile. Oh yeah, so much fun ... that's my joy and also my profession ... but first my joy!! Because solving problems is so much fun!!! 🙋‍♂️ "Yes, you can solve your problems! It's just an invitation to grow. I enjoy helping your growth." 🇱🇷 🇩🇪 🇧🇷.. Nothing to hide: www.recallfuture.com ...👍🏼😉😃 For people writing comments: your welcome! Buy the way: I speak English, German, Portuguese) You're welcome to visit my website: www.lenardt.com or www.recallfuture.com #lenardt #classic #love #youtube #subconscious #recording #youtuber #lawofattraction #sensitivity #motivation #voiceover #music #artist #clarinet #violin #guitar #violinist #paradigmshift #happiness #money #musician #recallfuture #cello #viola #piano #time #desire #inspiration #paradigm
Meditation is not about getting rid of all your thoughts; it’s learning not to get so lost in them that you forget what your goal is. . . . Lessons. They will always be repeated until you consciously learn from them. . . . See, you can’t change things you can’t/won’t acknowledge. When you are able to sit back and look at the patterns in your life, you begin to analyze why you do certain things. This is where you start becoming consciously aware of the decisions you’re making. Which means.. . . . You can begin to choose new decisions which will wire new neurolinguistic pathways to form and BOOM, your future will be different than your past. IF, you don’t fall victim to previous subconscious routines. . . . #Decisions #Determination #Destiny #Future #Faith #Progress #CreateTheOdds #SetYourNewStandards #Commitment #RAH #Freedom #Traveling #Mindfulness #Meditation #Subconscious #Conscious #Mind #Psychology #Athlete #Business #StartUp
•𓋹• ‘It must be stated that #healing can only occur if an individual wants to be #healed and if it does not interfere with the #goals of their lifetime. We are #infinite souls who have incarnated on #Earth for our own individual experiences. The #Subconscious of a blind person would not heal his sight if being blind was one of the key aspects of his life he agreed to experience. Nor would it heal a physical problem someone had created through the lack of care for their body if they had not yet learned the lesson to love and respect their body. It is very literal in its thinking. Are you beginning to understand the logic?’ •𓋹• From DoloresCannon.com •𓋹• Artist: @nadineroseturner 🌀✨
‼️workshop ‼️ hosted by @yogahouse.ae ・・・ Sometimes when something is very good its worth sharing with everyone! ❤️ We attended this excellent workshop with @inside_out_with_muna this summer. We loved being taken on a journey of self discovery. Together we explored ideas and theories about life and the world we live in, about ourselves and those around us, about “reality” and what it means.. we looked at the world in a way that we haven’t before and on the way we met some fascinating people! 🙏 We conducted an exercise that helped us determine our needs at this stage in our lives which only helped us improve our relationships. For anyone that wants to learn more about themselves and how to live a life to it’s fullest potential we highly recommend this Personal Development and Mindfulness workshop with Muna coming up on the 6th October 2018. Included in the package: • Full day workshop, inclusive of snacks, drinks and lunch • A workbook with workshop content and useful exercises • 4 weeks of online support and useful exercises • A whole lot of fun!
😂⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #goddesssigil ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #Spellwork #spellwork #forgive #synchronicity #spiritjunkie #subconsciousmind #witchcraft #heal #subconscious #runework #sigilmagick #tribevibes #thoughtprovoking #soulpurpose #practicegratitude #mediumship #thefouragreements #rhodonite #detachment #sourceenergy #souljourney #theuniversehasyourback
Hello all! I know I haven’t been posting many readings but I’ve been a bit busy with other things that required my attention. I felt a pull to do a reading and this is what came up: The King of Wands, the Four of Wands and the Temperance Cards. Fiery energy abounds in this reading with the presence of the King of Wands and the Four of Wands. The King of Wands is power, fire and strength. This a very male card and it is powerful in and of itself. It is a card of success and how you wield your personal power at this time. It can also represent a charismatic person you may know or you may exhibit these qualities to others. Because it is next to the Four of Wands, this card may indicate that there is a desirable person in your life who is your equal. If this situation can be handled properly without ego it can lead to a fruitful union that will be mutually beneficial in both business and personal matters. The Four of Wands is happiness, family, unity, prosperity and success that are all making their way to you. It is a happy card full of joy and celebration and is usually a great omen for an impending engagement that will lead to a marriage and/or partnership. This card is stability and security and even though it is loaded with fiery energy, it is also very much grounded in Earth energy. If there have been relationship issues in the past, this card assures that calmer and peaceful times are here. You are encouraged to leave the past behind. Enjoy the present happiness you are experiencing and look to the future with renewed optimism. Balance and moderation is called for with the Temperance card, which represents the Divine Masculine and Feminine in this reading. Communication is also key. If in the past there have been instances where your communication style has been a bit too strong or too meek, then this card is asking you to be balanced in your emotions. Don’t let your imagination run wild. Instead, bring balance into your life and before making snap judgements, it asks that you first think things through. Don’t jump into things or make rash decisions at this time. Avoid any extremes as they will only bring you grief.
Non scale victories. . 30 days apart. Super happy when I look back and see videos and pictures like this! It makes everything so so worth it!. . My next boot camp is October 1st. If you have been putting it off, waiting until “Monday” or next month, or after an event or anything else you can think of this is your time!. . 8 weeks 4 days a week 30 min a day Flexible meal plan Me and you teaming up to crush your goals with balance and living life!. . Shoot me a message to get all the details and sign up on a few spots left!. . Ready?
Dr. Jane Guyn is a nationally known sex expert with a PhD in Human Sexuality. She’s the author of the Amazon #1 Bestseller “Too Busy to Get Busy” and the creator of The Lover’s Journey which is based on her transformational BEDROOM™ model. . Because Dr. Jane’s been married over 30 years, she understands the challenges. She and her husband Jim have a big family and way too many pets. Although things haven’t always been perfect, they have better sex now than they did when they almost got caught making out in a conference room at the County Hospital where they first met. . Listen to this great interview by clicking the link in the bio and get instant access to being and becoming your greatest possible self! 🌟💯🙌🥇 Have the BEST DAY EVER!!!
I know why you’ve failed over, and over, and over.⁣ Leaving you feeling so powerless, weak, and defeated- these emotions grip us and we allow them to become part of our identity.⁣ An identity that “doesn’t” or “can’t” or “isn’t good, smart, fit, strong…enough”⁣ ⁣ The reason why you’re struggling to make that change in your life is NOT because of:⁣ Time⁣ Courage⁣ Willpower⁣ Imagination⁣ Intelligence⁣ Information⁣ Environment⁣ Education⁣ Strength⁣ Finances⁣ ⁣ Its because of 4 THINGS:⁣ ⁣ 1.) YOUR BELIEFS: Those deep seeded convictions you’ve been conditioned your entire life to hold true. Soaking up the information, words, responses, reactions, social cues and behaviors of those around you since being an infant. That stuff LIVES in our bodies and in the subconscious mind, where the root of everything we believe ourselves to be, is housed. Your beliefs + the subconscious dictate the self image, potential, thoughts, feelings, and actions.⁣ ⁣ 2.) HAVEN’T MASTERED YOUR INNER WORLD: You may feel like your emotions overpower your clear thinking, decision making, and action taking. That inner critic has it’s grip on you, cutting you down with every effort you make. BECOME THE MASTER OF YOUR THOUGHTS+EMOTIONS to align you with the change you’re working towards.⁣ ⁣ 3.) NOT COMMITTED TO YOURSELF/THE CHANGE/YOUR VISION: You may think + say your committed, but when you check in with how you’re going about creating these shifts in your life- you know the truth. But why, WHY can’t you dig deep+muster up this newfound strength to pull this off?! *See #1 *⁣ ⁣ 4.) YOU HAVEN’T ACTUALLY DECIDED: Let’s face it, you’ve tried breaking this habit before, and that voice inside asks “why will this time be any different?” You may be waiting for the other shoe to drop, to plateau as usual, to fail. You’re not 100% all in, afraid of more disappointment.⁣ ⁣ Becoming the master of you takes serious work and is for women who are READY to get real with themselves and get a lil’ uncomfortable. ⁣🤘🏻 Sound like you? ⁣ DM me and let’s start rocking.⁣🔥 ⁣ 💕Molly
I am soo honored to be surrounded by beautiful sisters like @sadiqawilliams... I am thankful + honored to share these Divine Goddess Circles with her!!! . Her sisterhood is soo dope as it is familiar as we goo back to a life before SoFlo + a time where we were in a completely different space. Her friendship is safe + honest for which I’m thankful for !!I ❤️❤️ . Thank you for sharing your LOVE + passion in these circles 🌟❤️🌟 . Stay tuned for our next Divine Goddess Circle in December ..... ❄️❄️ . #dubyoga #thankful #sisterhood #goddesses #goddesscircle #circle #sacred #love #unity #freedom #friendship #mindmapping #subconsciousmind #subconscious #hollywood #soflo
I am soo honored to be surrounded by beautiful sisters like @sadiqawilliams... I am thankful + honored to share these Divine Goddess Circles with her!!! . Her sisterhood is soo dope as it is familiar as we goo back to a life before SoFlo + a time where we were in a completely different space. Her friendship is safe + honest for which I’m thankful for !!I ❤️❤️ . Thank you for sharing your LOVE + passion in these circles 🌟❤️🌟 . Stay tuned for our next Divine Goddess Circle in December ..... ❄️❄️ . #dubyoga #thankful #sisterhood #goddesses #goddesscircle #circle #sacred #love #unity #freedom #friendship #mindmapping #subconsciousmind #subconscious #hollywood #soflo
Dreams are the vessels we travel in to observe or experience our subconscious mind. You've probably all had those kinds of dreams that are like usual life, except that a lot of things are not the same, and you seem to know the future in them. Well, this is because these other worlds where two things can happen spread out from our world like rainbows, and sort of flow into one another. #Repost @kelseybrookes ・・・ New sculpture! Headed to @quintgallery for my upcoming show. September 29th. #subconscious #newfrontier #mindfulness #perceptualart #bravenewworld #dreams #dreammachine #rainbow #lightspectrum #frequency #waves #artist #futurist #flow #experience
Wake up 👁
Monthly general reading.🔮🍁🍂🍃🌟 The Magician is about making higher and better use of all of one's power. Spiritual, emotional, and otherwise. This is another card that often signifies new beginnings and great expectations.This is a very powerful, positive omen in a reading. This card reminds us that we have the power to make a difference, in our lives and in the greater world, if we simply make a point to try.You should note that this is not magic in the sense that you need to do spell-work or anything of that nature. It's also not "magic" like a stage illusionist performs, which is the somewhat superficial appearance of wondrous feats.This is actual transformation of the literal and figurative world in normal ways. You are not going to have it all handed to you on a plate, but you have the potential to have that plate and a lot of what's on it if you do the magic yourself.The Magician is all about action. If you do nothing you'll get nothing. If you don't know what to do then just do something because anything is better than nothing. In other words if you don't try you won't get.  You may notice many synchronicities, which point towards deep, spiritual events taking place regardless of the importance of their superficial appearances. You should be finding that you have the knowledge, strength, and inspiration needed to meet your challenges. In general this is a very positive time for you.It is important to note though that to make the very most of this time you will need to do your part. Even though the Magician is a very positive card it is all about potential. Awesome ❤ . . . . . . #tarot #mystic #synchronicity #spirituality #potential #motivation #universe #spirit #oracle #positivevibes #potential #awakening #consciousness #awareness #highvibrations #starseed #clairvoyance #clairsentience #themagician #subconscious #power #divination #quote #love #light #oracleoftheday #tarotreadersofinstagram #1111 #energy
| W O R T H | I know many of you lack this ...self-love builds self value but self worth is a whole different kettle of fish... . To build self-worth you need self value first...we place unfortunately our value on outside sources rather the connection we have with ourselves. . Do not build your value in your things; or the amount of things that you own, because one day you may not have them, it’s interesting how life works. . Build your worth on the connection you have with nature, the connection you have with your own spirit and get to know who you are and what you love doing, then anything can be thrown at your door and you no longer will lose confidence, because your value rests and stops with you. :) #lettherebelight
| G A I A | we forget that we are all deeply supported, coming into this world it is Mother Nature that holds us in her womb...there is always something more wise and more pure on this world, just as is in the universe...and there is always inspiration we can easily take from nature which is why it’s so important to ground yourself in it...all we need to do is watch and learn; balance, peace, survival, fairness, the world has so much to teach us if only we opened our eyes. #lettherebelight
| A D V I C E | Good advice is always a plus, but it’s amazing how easily we become lost in the advice of others. . You have something amazing happen to you, and the moment you share the news, everyone is on your front door with their two cents worth. . Although it’s nice to have supportive people around you, at the end of the day; acknowledge how you feel about the matter, what are your values in this? How would YOU like to conduct yourself...even if sometimes you receive a “that’s stupid” or “you’re crazy” attitude from others...which can make you doubt yourself and end up making the wrong, accidental or rash decisions for a time, (or all of the above) until you can spend time on you enough to hear yourself think and then come back to balance in your core and your respectful attitude. All you can do is your best and your best changes everyday #fouragreements . Ultimately it’s not their decision to make and your inner voice, that’s the most important. . You know what’s good for you, and how much you can handle in life, and not only that, it’s not worth offending something truly incredible and risking your values, ethics and your spirit over. .only for you to regret it later and be truly, intensely sorry...we all make mistakes and are human, so there’s no point in being hard on yourself or others. There’s nothing but regret in potentially hurting someone else when you don’t make your gut and heart decisions though. You’ve got more to gain by doing what you feel in your heart is the right thing to do, so it’s important to remain firm in these moments with others and continually better at it everyday until you master it. . Universe knows best. . Everything always works out in the end anyway. 🌼 #lettherebelight have a great weekend everyone! :)
Full moon Algo pasa y algo nos sucede.
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