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Study of arctic stone formations in warm colours. Part 2/5 from Varanger. Finnmark, Norway. 2018.
La Muralla Roja by Ricardo Bofill @bofillarquitectura Calpe, Spain, 2018
The nice thing about the winter sun is that even though it sets sooner, it never gets too high in the sky, even at noon. (January 2019)
Trish, 2018
Study of arctic stone formations in warm colours. Part 1/5 from Varanger. Finnmark, Norway. 2018.
Thanks @frothymonkeybakery for this dope loaf.
These look better on my camera roll thanks instagram 🧬
The Beginning. #firstoftheroll All photos from my recent travels were captured on film. I was scared not going with my DSLR. There's also the possibility that none of my photos would turn out or a pissy TSA agent confiscate my rolls. However, one must practice delayed gratification. Here's a photo of my now cactus. How do you kill a cactus?! 🙄
Baño de invierno .
Current Joys - New Flesh
Missing those warm summer nights. // #explore215
Ripped a portal through my Portra just to focus on your aura
damn ma is it that serious
🧯fire girl @polumna7
helmet at the compound.
🍁 It’s not working anymore.
red adoration @safiyaya 🍍
🍔 Elle Fanning love McDonalds @polumna7
День Рождения у волшебной Мелисы 👼🕊🐾🐈💖🌸☀️
@polumna7 ‘s garden 📟
Сашка 😁
upside down cat 🐈 @polumna7
falling in love
mirror thoughts 💭
🧬 80s @appolianna
wide awake this morning 🎀
skullcap suds 🧼
🐈 cat
🧧shower was beautiful @alenagoinsane
🏛 laughing @ffalsereflection
🥳 happy new year
📱we were born to be alone
🎹 russian hard rap @jekapilaf #bollywoodFM
🎁 smoke with @sofya.reznik
🐈 cat lover / Zenit E (Kodak Color Plus 200)
🥊 loneliness
🧧cruel girl @ffalsereflection
🧲 pink magnet @safiyaya
♥️ beware of nudists @taniabogdania
🎥 hollywood star @appolianna
🧯drunk redhair girl @appolianna
🎨 painting with @talyzinaanastasiia
💡neon lover @safiyaya
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