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Growing up in poor conditions and today being a highly successful Entrepreneur, Network Marketing Professional, award-winning Author and a gifted Speaker, Evan Klassen is the living proof that you can achieve anything in life. All you need is the right mindset! Based on his philosophy of continuous improvement, Evan’s skills have evolved continuously, having applied the lessons learned from masters in a variety of fields, he started successful businesses in over 40 countries. Driven by his love for people, Evan unites people from all over the world and empowers them to achieve their goals. Take your opportunity to experience this charismatic and powerful speaker at the Enhanzz Global GoLIVE Event and gain a completely new perspective on life and its possibilities!⠀ ⠀ Stay tuned for a first glimpse tonight at 8:00 pm.⠀ Get your ticket now: https://www.eventbrite.de/e/enhanzz-golive-event-tickets-50681481676⠀
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P.O.P! THE POWER OF POSITIVY! 🙌😍🙌 . If your feeling BOLD go ahead and share . It can only help others! . . For daily inspiration........ . . @ascendingtogetherfam @ascendingtogetherfam @ascendingtogetherfam
FEED THE SOUL✨My vibe gets raised when I make healthy, yummy food for my family - Brown rice mushroom & spinach risotto 😋
- If you are hoping to get rich working 9-5, Having vacations once a year and being an enslave to a job you hate, think again or better yet wake up!! - Double tap if you agree and tag a friend 😎 - #motivation #success #dreambig #succeed #believeinyourself #workhard #neverquit #dontevergiveup #grind #hustle #inspiration #hardwork #paysoff #beautifulview #alwaysmoveforward #setgoals #staypositive #takeaction #future #money #fearless #determined #needchange #stayfocused #takeactionnow #motivationalquotes #successquotes #milliondollarwisdom
In comment Just tell me anyone successful person's name with easy past.....
They're on the same shit 😂😂🤣 fine with me😏
Its hard to make a big sacrifice true, But you have to apply more effort then you did with your sacrifice to make your dreams come true. And this is were the road begins!
The ones who sell them self short, will do everything they could to bring you down to they level. Soon as they find out what your doing they attack it. So be careful about your business you choose to put out .😉
Watch closely who you choose to keep around you.
Don't let anything hold you back, take the risk and see what happens.
I have no time for nothing Negative in my life.
Be aware of what's really going on, you have to look deeper and listen carefully. Everybody you meet have something to teach you, learn how to feel other people vibrations and watch they actions, just because they (seem) nice don't mean a thing. Even Salt look like sugar, so stay focus and don't let No one tell you what you can or can not do, with a plan, disilpline and effort your dream can come true.
Sometime these three people could be all the same person so keep your head up and eyes open be aware at all times never get to comfortable
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