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Smile for the camera! 😝📷 . 🎙EP23 droppin’ sarvy . What’s up with Nick Kyrgios anyway? How do we know how to behave in delicate social situations? Why aren’t we talking about big data and privacy anymore? . Come join us on the ocean floor 🦑
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"Nimrod, the Mighty Hunter.” This is how the Bible describes this ancient ruler who lived and reigned just following the Great Flood. A great-grandson of Noah, he was the original early despot, builder of the infamous tower of Babel. This man is described in numerous extra-biblical traditions. And numerous attempts have been made to identify him with known ancient rulers. Now, 4,000 years after he ruled, has Nimrod finally been rediscovered? We have the following: A Sumerian king whose name is linked to Nimrod; who ruled just following the “900-year” patriarchs, like Nimrod; who built the same city as Nimrod; who is associated with the building of a tower, in relation to the divine confusion of languages—which tower was located in the “earliest city,” as with Nimrod’s Babel, the “beginning of his kingdom”; whose consort was a perverted goddess; whose religion gradually dispersed (with the languages) around the world, continuing to this day under different names, yet representing the same basic original Babylonian traditions. So have we found him? Is the great tyrant Nimrod the Sumerian Enmerkar? That’s for the reader to decide. But I believe the evidence is abundant. (🌐 watchjerusalem.co.il/434-nimrod-found) Different cultures all around the world present different names, which can become confusing—but the general traditions are directly linked and point to an early center of civilization and religion before mankind was dispersed. Thus, with the confusion of the languages and resulting spread of humanity was also a dispersion of the same general religious foundations and even general historical accounts. And some form of a tower of Babel story is found throughout seemingly disconnected cultures all over the world, pointing to a common post-Flood genesis of mankind—and perhaps even explaining why the ancient temples in the Americas and the pyramids in Egypt and around the world so closely parallel the ziggurats of Mesopotamia."
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"They're the US National Security Agency's Prism and Upstream programs, both of which former NSA contractor Edward Snowden revealed to journalists in 2013. The law that authorizes those programs were set to expire Friday, but Congress renewed them with little difficulty. Did privacy advocates put up a fight? Yes. But what debate there was focused on reforming a narrow aspect of the programs, and that effort made too few inroads in Congress to get results. It almost seems like mass global surveillance of the internet isn't controversial in the US anymore. So here's what got renewed: The Prism and Upstream programs exist to collect online communications of foreigners outside the US. Prism takes the communications directly from internet services like email providers and video chat programs, and Upstream taps into the infrastructure of the internet to pull in the communications while they're in transit. The programs collect the communications of Americans "incidentally," such as when Americans communicate with targeted foreigners overseas. For technical reasons, the NSA also scoops up Americans' internet traffic that can't be separated from the bits and bytes that contain the communications of intended spy targets.  The programs are authorized by Section 702 of the FISA Amendments Act, and the NSA gets approval to conduct this surveillance from a warrant through the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court. The deliberations are secret. Last week, the House of Representatives considered an amendment to the bill that would have required that the FBI get a warrant to query the NSA's database of communications collected under Section 702. The amendment failed, and the House approved renewal. On Thursday, the Senate also approved the bill. Sen. Richard Burr, a Republican from North Carolina, said the programs are some of the most vital tools in the NSA's arsenal for fighting foreign terrorism."
"Since September 11th, 2001, the United States government has dramatically increased the ability of its intelligence agencies to collect and investigate information on both foreign subjects and US citizens. Some of these surveillance programs, including a secret program called PRISM, capture the private data of citizens who are not suspected of any connection to terrorism or any wrongdoing. In June, a private contractor working for Booz Allen Hamilton leaked classified presentation slides that detailed the existence and the operations of PRISM: a mechanism that allows the government to collect user data from companies like Microsoft, Google, Apple, Yahoo, and others. While much of the program — and the rest of the NSA’s surveillance efforts — are still shrouded in secrecy, more details are coming to light as the public, as well as its advocates and representatives, pressure the government to come clean about domestic spying."
"Since September 11th, 2001, the United States government has dramatically increased the ability of its intelligence agencies to collect and investigate information on both foreign subjects and US citizens. Some of these surveillance programs, including a secret program called PRISM, capture the private data of citizens who are not suspected of any connection to terrorism or any wrongdoing. In June, a private contractor working for Booz Allen Hamilton leaked classified presentation slides that detailed the existence and the operations of PRISM: a mechanism that allows the government to collect user data from companies like Microsoft, Google, Apple, Yahoo, and others. While much of the program — and the rest of the NSA’s surveillance efforts — are still shrouded in secrecy, more details are coming to light as the public, as well as its advocates and representatives, pressure the government to come clean about domestic spying."
Detail of work in progress. Yuval Noah Harari’s mention in “Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow” of the history of lawns got me thinking about virtual ‘lawns’ ie: screens washed with night vision green, landing sites for drones, night scopes targeting, infiltrating surveillance-power! This photo is just a small detail of a larger painting...you can see blue below the green ‘tarmac’. #landscape #lawn #drones #surveillance #militarisedtechnology #contemporaryart #politicalart #nightvision #painting
Shoutout to @MrFoxxFrequency for this awesome melancholy autumn tune. 👍🏾 - - - - #tunedintuesday #tuesdaytunes #tuesdaymotivation #surveillance #atumnvibes #haunting #melancholy #september
"The face is the gateway to human emotion and interaction. Scientists have been studying facial emotions for hundreds of years. Building off of the work that psychologist Paul Ekman did by mapping facial muscles into action units, AI developers like El Kaliouby can today teach machines to recognize human emotion and react to it. This empathetic technology is already being used in market research and advertising, according to El Kaliouby. She said that nearly a quarter of all Fortune 500 companies currently use AI to gauge the emotional impact of their advertisements. Individuals can also use the technology to measure their own facial movements to improve their interpersonal interactions or public speaking, she said. Going forward, she added, emotion AI can be used by teachers to measure how well students are absorbing their lessons, by doctors to help assess the mental health of their patients, and in cars to take the wheel from a drowsy driver. El Kaliouby wrapped up her presentation by noting that, though there are myriad ethical implications in the increased use of AI, technology is ultimately neutral. Humans choose whether to use it for good or evil and whether to build or break trust."
A few highlights from Day 1 at Security Essen. #Axxon #SecurityEssen #Surveillance #Security #CCTV #Technology
Knowing or even suspecting that your child is in an unhealthy relationship can be both frustrating and frightening. But as a parent, you’re critical in helping your child develop healthy relationships and can provide life-saving support if they are in an abusive relationship.☺️👪 . . . #safety #childrensafety #likemotherlikedaughter #privateinvestigation #privatedetective #inquiryagent #privateeye #processserving #subpoenas #surveillance #locating #dealing #backgrounds #intelligence #lawenforcement #eavesdropping #organisedcrime #terrorism #narcotrafficking #investigations #corporatematters #internalinvestigations #employeemisconduct #undercover
"It is quite staggering to consider that until a few years ago AI was not taken seriously, even by AI researchers. “And yet we are now seeing an unprecedented level of interest, investment and technological progress in the field, which many people, including myself, feel is happening too fast.” Professor Al-Khalili said that the public backlash against AI will be similar to the one against genetically modified crops in the late 1990s. According to the professor, this would mean the technology would not be used to its full potential. He said: “Not only would that be detrimental to the British public but it would also leave the technology to proliferate, uncontrolled and unregulated in the hands of a few increasingly powerful private technology companies at the expense of jobs, equality and transparency. “Many jobs will be enhanced by AI, many will disappear and many new and as yet unknown jobs will be created. “A significant government investment in skills and training is imperative if this disruption is to be navigated successfully and to the benefit of the entire population.”
Its about to get really bad out there if these AI are truly powered by #demonic consciousness. Kindred, backed by D-wave & (who is funded by #Darpa ) who created the Sentient World Simulation- "#Kindred has announced the launch of SenseAct, which is an open-source toolkit for creating reinforcement learning tasks on physical robots. It was designed with the goal of providing robotics developers and research with a consistent interface that controls for time delays, which is a factor that simulation environments aren’t hindered by. “This initial release focuses on tasks that explore timing, control frequency, action representation, partial observation, and sparse reward. We intend to update #SenseAct as we define new tasks to reflect challenges in developing efficient, general, intuitive behaviors for our current and future products,” said James Bergstra, head of AI research at Kindred."
Well, after spending 30 days in #facebookjail for stating that #IllegalImmigrants are #criminals for breaking #USA #laws and entering our country #illegally , I guess #triggered @facebook #snowflakes couldn't handle the truth backed by US laws, yet their facilities surrounded by a #wall and is heavily guarded with countless #surveillance #cameras . Isn't that hypocritical?🤷‍♂️ So much for our #firstamendment and #freespeech #Facebook #censorship is getting out of control!
"Humans are neither the fastest nor the strongest creatures on the planet but dominate for one reason: humans are the smartest. How might the balance of power shift if AI becomes superintelligence? Yudkowsky told us, “By the time it’s starting to look like [an AI system] might be smarter than you, the stuff that is way smarter than you is not very far away.” He believes “this is crunch time for the whole human species, and not just for us but for the [future] intergalactic civilization whose existence depends on us. This is the hour before the final exam and we’re trying to get as much studying done as possible.” “The AI does not hate you, nor does it love you, but you are made out of atoms which it can use for something else.” Self-aware computers and killer robots are nothing new to the big screen, but some believe the intelligence explosion will be far worse than anything Hollywood has imagined. In a 2011 interview on NPR, AI programmer Keefe Roedersheimer discussed “The Terminator” and the follow-up series, which pits the superintelligent Skynet computer system against humanity. Below is a transcript of their conversation: Mr. Roedersheimer: “The Terminator” [is an example of an] AI that could get out of control. But if you really think about it, it’s much worse than that. NPR: Much worse than Terminator? Mr. Roedersheimer: Much, much worse. NPR: How could it possibly — that’s a moonscape with people hiding under burnt-out buildings and being shot by lasers. I mean, what could be worse than that? Mr. Roedersheimer: All the people are dead. NPR: In other words, forget the heroic human resistance. There’d be no time to organize one. Somebody presses enter, and we’re done. Yudkowsky believes superintelligence must be designed from the start with something approximating ethics. He envisions this as a system of checks and balances so that its growth is auditable and controllable; so that even as it continues to learn, advance, and reprogram itself, it will not evolve out of its own benign coding. Such preprogrammed measures will ensure that superintelligence will “behave as we intend even in the absence of immediate human supervision.”
Perhaps the I in AI isn't artificial at all, but demonic. Just like they invite demonic possession and utilize it for disassociation/MK ultra, now they're able to upload demonic consciousnesses to bodies, machines, anything. 🤖 2014 "Asked about his thoughts on AI, Musk starts by noting that we ought to take care in closely regulating AI development, calling AI our “biggest existential threat.” But wait, there’s more! And by more, I mean demons and holy water. Musk: I think we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. If I had to guess at what our biggest existential threat is, it’s probably that. So we need to be very careful with artificial intelligence. I’m increasingly inclined to think that there should be some regulatory oversight, maybe at the national and international level, just to make sure that we don’t do something very foolish. With artificial intelligence we’re summoning the demon. You know those stories where there’s the guy with the pentagram, and the holy water, and he’s like — Yeah, he’s sure he can control the demon? Doesn’t work out. [audience laughs] Q: So I’ll take it there’ll be no HAL9000 going to mars? Musk: Heh. HAL 9000 would be easy [to deal with in comparison to the AI he’s talking about]. It’s way more complex… it’d put HAL9000 to shame. That’s like a puppy dog."
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An interesting 3M ad portraying the relationship between surveillance and the culture industry: A win win situation (for others). Pic taken in the train from Cambridge to London / Una publicidad de 3M en el tren y mi sensación de que al final, como sea, la mano va al bolsillo, en este caso del que te vende la idea de estar en peligro y comprar seguridad. La vigilancia y su corte publicitaria gana. #surveillance #vigilancia #cybersecurity #ciberseguridad
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"WorldPost: Artificial intelligence is surely the most consequential technological development of the 21st century. In your book “AI Superpowers,” you’ve written the most comprehensive global account of artificial intelligence to date. What are the central themes of your book? Kai Fu Lee: The benefits, as well as the potential disruptive effects of AI, are well known. To give only a few obvious examples, AI has already enabled us to amplify our knowledge through search engines, connect people who speak different languages through machine translation and save us billions of dollars from credit card theft and fraud. In the future, AI holds the promise of significantly improving medical diagnosis and lowering the cost of health care. AI can personalize education and improve the speed of learning. It will enable automated stores and factories, thus significantly reducing the cost of goods and services. Finally, intelligent machines will take care of our chores, such as driving, cooking, cleaning, dishwashing and laundry, giving us back our most valuable resource — our time. PricewaterhouseCoopers estimatesAI will add $15.7 trillion to the world economy by 2030. Taking care of our chores and automating manufacturing, of course, will mean a total disruption of patterns of work and employment. Some estimate as many as 40 percent of current jobs will be lost to intelligent machines. Most reports and books on the subject have been written either from a technologist/researcher perspective or from a business, history or economics perspective. I come at it through all of these lenses and as someone who has extensive experience in both China and the United States — the great AI duopoly. My aim is to acknowledge and understand the critical lessons of China’s rise as a tech power, not based on misconceptions in the West about intellectual property theft or government protection. Of course, Chinese entrepreneurs had their scrappy, questionable methods in the early days. But its tech industries have evolved into a completely legitimate method of starting world class Internet and AI businesses."
Well this is picking up quick. From ending famine to finance to the POTUS, is there anywhere AI won't reach? 🤖 CAPE TOWN – The growing demand for accurate, effective and convenient business support tools has seen a rise in solution-driven innovations from payment, banking and budgeting applications, to accounting desktop solutions.  Now, in the age of artificial intelligence (AI), businesses of all sectors and sizes can access technology that frees up professional accountants and business owners from spending hours upon hours on everyday financial and accounting tasks. This is according to Brandon Wilson, director of marketing – Global Expansion at QuickBooks, who notes that as AI continues to pick up momentum in the accounting space, professional accountants have an opportunity to add more value to their clients and take on a more advisory role. “Rather than wasting time with tedious tasks such as data entry, accountants can focus their efforts on all the work that requires a human touch, such as analysing and interpreting data and using that information alongside human intuition to make educated decisions on how the company should proceed. “Additionally, AI has the potential to make accountants more efficient and productive,” Wilson said."
STAY DANGEROUS ⚠️ ————————————————————————————— Turning regular footage into surveillance footage. Fun project. #YG #E11EVEN #MediaMonsters #MotionGraphics #HUD #Surveillance #VFX #Motionographer #MiamiMotionGraphics #VideoProduction #Media #Monsters #Compositing #StayDangerous #Adobe #AfterEffects #Mocha #AE #11 #Brazy
They let America go out with the POTUS it deserved. All by design. And for the New World Order, a new leader will be ready- 🤖 "Machines are set to leave half of the world’s population unemployed within 30 years, experts have warned, with the arrival of technology that is “able to outperform humans at almost any task.” At the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), computer scientist Moshe Vardi suggested self-driving cars would replace taxi drivers, delivery drones would usurp postal workers and even sex workers would be out of work thanks to improvements made to “sex robots.” One role immune to the upcoming job apocalypse, presumably, would be that of the president of the United States of America. But while the AAAS conference was taking place in Washington, D.C., on the other side of the country in California, presidential candidate Zoltan Istvan was busy challenging a supercomputer to a debate. Istvan is running for the Transhumanist Party, which advocates research into technologies like bionics, life extension and artificial intelligence. After spotting a campaign page for IBM’s Watson supercomputer to run for president, Istvan jumped at the chance to challenge the one-time Jeopardy winner. Supporters of Watson believe that its advanced artificial intelligence makes it uniquely positioned to assess vast amounts of information and make informed and transparent decisions on all issues, ranging from education to foreign policy. Even Istvan believes in the potential of a computer to run the country, highlighting a number of benefits AI has over its human counterparts. “Historically, one of the big problems with leaders is that they are selfish mammals,” Istvan tells Newsweek. “An artificial intelligence president could be truly altruistic. It wouldn’t be susceptible to lobbyists, special interest groups or personal desires. “I think in 2020 you will see a field emerge with competing AI robots for president, who want to debate and discuss policy. It’s unlikely any of them will be sophisticated enough to take on the job, but I do believe by 2028 robots may be suitable for political office—including the presidency.”
To them: 💻🤖 > 👧👨 So when people argue in color, black & white usually, it's laughable. Colors don't divide us, in fact we are still barely divided. Our humanity will divide us, from those who are not longer human. Probably most of your friends, family, whoever takes the mark. Who knows what's to come... perhaps antichrist will be a specific consciousness uploaded AI after all. Stay tuned #headlines
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Rasilient continues to have a strong presence at security tradeshows throughout Latin and South America, most recently participating in the sixth annual SeguriExpo Ecuador show in the port city of Guayaquil. We have been showcasing our award-winning, high-performance servers and storage. To learn more about the show and our products, read our latest blog (link in bio). #surveillance #security #seguriexpoecuador #blog
"Top Chinese technologist Kai-Fu Lee talks about China, the U.S., the race for dominance in artificial intelligence and how we can survive the AI revolution. Kai-Fu Lee, chairman and CEO of Sinovation Ventures, an early-stage incubator and investment fund. Former president of Google China. Former executive at Microsoft, Apple and SGI. Author of "AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order." Why China is one of the key places to look for the future of artificial intelligence. “To be sure, [the] US leads in the AI research area, however, we are now past the era of research. We are now into implementation. It’s about applying AI into a lot of problems, banking, autonomous vehicles, computer vision, and China has a lot of engineers, and more importantly, China has a lot more data. In the age of AI, data is the new oil, and China is going to be the new Saudi Arabia. With a large amount of data, the AI algorithm that you train will perform a lot better.” How the Chinese view the strides they’re making in artificial intelligence. "I think there’s a lot of humility in how advanced the American scientists are, and a lot of appreciation for how willing they are to publish their papers for the whole world to build on. And I think, on the other hand, there’s also a lot of pride in how much faster the Chinese entrepreneurship is building valuable AI companies." Lee on his biggest concern as AI progresses. "I think the biggest concern in the next 15 to 20 years is that it will displace a lot of people’s jobs because a lot of people’s jobs are repetitive and routine, and AI can be trained to do singular jobs better than people. Most people think of AI displacing jobs as one robot displaces one assembly line worker, but AI is going to disrupt industries that could be gone once people’s habits have changed." How AI will increase inequality. "AI will displace routine jobs that are at the lowest end of the income spectrum. I think it’s important to think about redistribution of income. I’m not in favor of a universal basic income because it just gives people the money so that they overcome the loss of income. But with the job, there’s also the meaning of life."
#processserver #fortworth #tx #skiptrace #ALPR #surveillance 🏛 www.civilprocess.legal 🏛
Soft & fuzzy AI, curing disease, creating limbs, & fighting hunger, or so media wants us to believe- "As part of a $40 million, five-year program program, Microsoft will invest in initiatives aimed at: 'helping the world recover from disasters, addressing the needs of children, protecting refugees and displaced people, and promoting respect for human rights.' Microsoft on Tuesday launched a $40 million, five-year program to help nongovernmental and humanitarian organizations use its artificial intelligence technology to address natural disasters, famine, and other crises. "We believe that technology, like artificial intelligence … combined with cloud technology, can be a game changer, helping save more lives, alleviate suffering, and restore human dignity by changing the way frontline relief organizations anticipate, predict, and better target response efforts," Microsoft President Brad Smith wrote in a blog post. As part of its AI for Humanitarian Action program, Microsoft will invest in initiatives aimed at: "helping the world recover from disasters, addressing the needs of children, protecting refugees and displaced people, and promoting respect for human rights." One of Microsoft's NGO partners is Operation Smile, which provides free surgeries for children around the world who are born with cleft clip, cleft palate, and other facial deformities. The software giant says Operation Smile is already using its AI to "improve … surgical outcomes and help more children in need of facial surgeries." Microsoft is also working with the Integrative Brain Research Institute of Seattle Children's Hospital to use AI to study sudden infant death syndrome. Meanwhile, Microsoft believes AI can help forecast natural disasters and analyze damage after an event for faster, safer response efforts. The company is also partnering with the World Bank, United Nations, and other tech companies to help relief organizations leverage AI to better predict when and where famines will occur, so they can provide aid sooner."
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Going to go out on a limb here & say by this time next year, a human will not occupy the White House, if it is still there at all 💡 Will post the December results which should be telling
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