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When we're together - Olaf's Frozen Adventure ☆ Filming was done by me, as was the editing! ☆ Surprise! As you might have followers my stories, I have been studying this song for quite a while and I know it through and through. I also know the Elsa part for "Ring In The Season". I thought it would be fun to know the songs for the cosplay. Fun fact: when I saw the short film I just wanted to learn the Elsa part for the songs, because I loved the harmonies so much. But then my love grew for Elsa and @thornsproductions wanted to do a OFA Anna and I thought: "This is a dress I would love to make!" (I don't like the well known blue dress of Elsa haha.) So I shared that I would to do a duo cosplay with her and she said yes! ☆ #Frozen #OlafsFrozenAdventure #Elsa #Anna #WhenWereTogether #Sing #Singing #Harmony #Disney #DisneysFrozen #Arendelle #Olaf #Kristoff #Sven
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