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Ootd on point💗💗💗 #2102 #sweetsixteen
Hvala mojim najboljim curkama❤️ #sweetsixteen
Happy milad pinus [(@finanur12 )] si anak yang bikin kesel ati_- galengkap tanpa @feraersanti.81 @raysha.putri ,terus kapan lengkapnya_- • • • #hbd #happybirthday #happymilad #selamatulangtahun #sweetsixteen
😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Plz tag the boys: @marcusandmartinus ❤️ - - @marcusandmartinus - - #gunnarsen #sweetsixteen #cometohungary
Happy Birthday boys! Now you’re 16 years old. I can’t believe it. You have grown so fast. I have been a MMer since 2016. Then you were 14 and now you are 16. What! I love you the most in the world, and i can’t live without you. You are always so energetic and you really love your fans. I have got many good friends, because of you. And i’m so happy for this. I’m always here with you and i do anything that you are happy. I’m more than proud of you and i love you so much, that i have no words to tell it. Thank you for everything Marcus and Martinus. Happy birthday and hope you have a great day, because this is your day😘 (sorry bad english) tag m&m if you want❤️ @marcusandmartinus #marcusandmartinus #sweetsixteen
Happy birthday🎂 I love you soooooo much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🎁🎂💞🎂 #marcusandmartinus @marcusandmartinus #sweetsixteen #16th #16yearsold ❤️
Onnee Marcus & Martinus #sweetsixteen ❤️ kommentoi "😱" jos käytät
Happy birthday best boys #sweetsixteen @marcusandmartinus @marcusmartinus_team 😘😘😘
Why we've met before... Once upon a dream.
Happy birthday to my angels❤️ #sweetsixteen
Happy birthday to my 2 favorite boys❤️ you are my angels, my life and my everyday sunshines😫 Words can’t describe how much you mean to me and how much I love you❤️ you are the reason why I smile everyday, you make me smile all the time when i think about you❤️ I can’t imagine my life without you it would be horrible and sad but luckily I have you I can’t be more thankful of everything what I’ve got when you are in my life! everyday I miss you more and more:/ I can’t believe that you are already 16 years, you grow up so fast!! I really could wish happy birthday to you face to face But I can’t😔 I wish I could hug you right now But I can’t:( I just want to say happy birthday dear Marcus and Martinus and have a really nice day<33 @marcusandmartinus - #sweetsixteen #marcusandmartinus
Love it when I can make a clients vision come to life!! This is the preliminary sketch and then the finished product 🌸 #artsy #papercraft #paperart #katespade Centers made with my @officialcricut machine
SOOOO HANDSOME Happy Birthday my everythings 😍😍😍🙌✨🎊🎉🎊🎁 Plz tag the boys: @marcusandmartinus ❤️ - - @marcusandmartinus - - #gunnarsen #sweetsixteen #cometohungary
Happy birthday Marcus and Martinus! You’re officially 16! I love you both so much with all of my heart ♥️ and I will never stop supporting you! You make me so happy and because of you two I smile more! You mean the absolute world to me! Thank you both so much for being you! I’m so proud of everything you’ve achieved and can’t wait to see what you have going on later down the line! The “to dråper vann” that was just 10 years old, winning MJPjr 2012, are now 16 years old and conquering all of Europe and soon....the whole world! Thank you @marcusandmartinus enjoy YOUR day! ——————————————————— this edit is basically Marcus at the beginning and his birth time but USA (21:17) and then Martinus and his birth time (21:32) and the by (21:50) they were together forever...through thick and thin...through success and failure!!❤️❤️❤️ #marcusandmartinus #omgpage #sweetsixteen #happybirthday @marcusandmartinus @marcusmartinus_team (tag M&M and their team!!!)
Cumple la bolita💞 happy #SweetSixteen #16 💞 FELIZ CUMPLE LOQUILLA🎂 u know I luv u🍕💞 aunque el work me ocupe la vida entera :v sigue creciendo tan fab y sweet como eres bolis. Pasala lindo hoy💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯 P.D. es la unica foto que tengo xq tu sabes que mi cel... 💀
My sister, the one and not only clothing thief (yea @rachell_grace I’m talking about you too) happy sweet 16. Although we annoy the heck out of one another, we’ve always got each other’s back and I am so glad to have you not only as my sister, but as a friend. Just wanted to say thanks for always taking one for the team and being my backing vocals to Hamilton and DEH on our many driving expeditions (one day I’ll let you be lead, one day). And also thanks for playing doctor when I jumped off your bed and onto that star ring, and for the time I grabbed my hair curler from the hot end and you got me ice. Also thanks for always delivering food to my room. Last but not least, a special thanks to the countless one woman singing productions you have going on in the shower, my uni grades really appreciate it. Love you lots no matter what, enjoy being 16, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do xx ❤️🎉 p.s you pick the worst filters💃🏼 @steff_graceee #sweetsixteen #sisters #hb #tgsm
Happy birthday boys!! I'm really proud of you and i love you!!💓😘 #marcusandmartinus #210202 #sweetsixteen
Happy bithday to my favorite boys❤.#sweetsixteen #sweet16 @marcusandmartinus (varoitus ei kannata kattoo vikaa videoo jos ette haluu järkyttyy)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR FAVORITE BOYSS❤🎉😘 hope you have amazing day❤ we love you so so much😘 you are the best❤ and hope to see you soon in finland!!💙 please tag them🙏 @marcusandmartinus #marcusandmartinus #sweetsixteen
To stay healthy means to fuel your body with nutrients and protein, exercise, drinking lots of water, and having a positive mindset!! For me, I dance around 20 hours a week so I have to stay hydrated and eat right so I have enough energy to get through the week!!! #misleemaconcountyot #MALOT #MAOT #groupB #47 #seeyouinsylacauga #sweetsixteen
Before & After איפור ערב לעדן אהובתי #sweetsixteen 💋
Happy Birthday to this girl, My Girl! Sweet Sixteen it is! I love her spunky personality. I love the way she laughs for no reason. I love her smile. I love everything about this beautiful girl. Another Year of Fabulous! #happybirthday #sweetsixteen #mygirl #loveher
Yep... a year changes a lot!😍🔥 HAPPY BIRTHDAY! @marcusandmartinus #sweetsixteen #birthdayboys
happy birthday to my favorite boys ❤️👼🏼 #sweetsixteen @marcusandmartinus
Happy birthday boys❤❤ I love u so muchh❤❤ @marcusandmartinus #sweetsixteen
(I’m so sorry, this video dont have a music) WHAAAT ARE YOU 16?!! WE REMEMBER WHEN WE ”FIND” YOU ON INSTAGRAM AND WE LOVED YOU THE SAME TIME❤️❤️ YOU LOOK SO HANDSOME AND FUNNY (and its cool) YOU HAVE HAS AMAZING CONSERT IN FINLAND AND EVERYWHERE🇳🇴🇫🇮 HOPE YOU HAVE AMAZING DAY IN GERMANY💗 YOU ARE SIXTEEN BUT YOU ARE LITTLE BOYS IN US HEART❤️❤️😭😍😘 (sorry bad english) and one time: HAPPY BIRTHDAY THE WORDLS BEST BOYS❤️❤️😘 and hope you come soon back in Finland🇫🇮❤️🇳🇴 @marcusandmartinus @mmbehindthescenes @marcusmartinus_team #mmfanfamily #sweetsixteen
Happy birthday guys! Gratulerer med dagen! Boldog szülinapot fiúk!❤ First i am very thankful, that i can be your fan and thank you that you are to me!😩 I chose these pictures because it symbolizes the rush of time very well and touching as they grow up successfully... I don't want a long speech...because i would not know express it my great respect and my love! I just want you to stay the way you are because that's way a whole world loves you! Have fun today because this day is yours...! I love you guys!💘 #mmfamily #thankful #sweetsixteen #🍌🍍
We 🖤 our vendors! What will you win from the prize wheel?? • • • Mira estas bolsas de @teranicouture
- Quinces Session | #santymartinez | www.santymartinez.com
She can dance..! #quinceaños
She can dance.! #quinceanera
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABES!! 😘❤ ---------------------------------------------------- We love you and we are so proud of you! 💕 You are so kind, perfect, funny and cute! 😍 We hope we can see you soon, but happy birthday!! ❤🔥🎉 #sweetsixteen #16 #21022002 ---------------------------------------------------- @marcusandmartinus @mmstoreno @marcusmartinus_team @filtrkids ---------------------------------------------------- IF YOU WANT, TAG THEM PLEASE! 😭❤
Sweet sixteen!😍♥ Happy birthday. And I love this picture!😍😘❤❤🔥♥😭😭😭💍💍💍💖 (Please, tag them!) @marcusandmartinus @marcusandmartinus @marcusandmartinus @marcusandmartinus #mmersunite #mmmerch #mybilmm #mybil #momentstour #marcusandmartinus #happybirthday #sweetsixteen
OMG!! Very very good💕💕💕😍🙏😭😭I love you Happy Birthday Marcus and Martinus! Tag pls💕❤️:@marcusandmartinus #marcusandmartinus #marcus #martinus #happybirthday #happy #birthday #hungary #sweetsixteen #sweet16th #sweet16 #fans #mmer #fangirls
They have grown. They have become big boys. Together. Happy birthday for the best boys in the world!!!😘😘🎉🎉 @marcusandmartinus We love you very much! ❤ ( more pictures coming!! ) @marcusandmartinus @marcusandmartinus @marcusandmartinus @marcusandmartinus @marcusandmartinus • • #marcusandmartinus #mmbirthday #sweetsixteen #marcus #martinus #mactinus #mac #tinus #happybirthday #gunnarsen #babies #kids #marcusandmartinusgunnarseb
Hyvää synttärii! ❤ Ootte jo 16 vuotta :( love u #sweet16 #sweetsixteen
Heh happy birthday! First I wanna say that my english is bad but I’m so proud of them! They work so hard and do everything for us. And it’s so weird think that they are 16! They grow up so fast😩 I just wanna thank them because without them my life would be super boring and I don’t who I would be without them. #sweetsixteen #marcusandmartinus
I can’t believe that, my babes are now 16 years old❤️Happy birthday Marcus & Martinus❤️ #16 #210202 #marcusandmartinus #mmer #mmfamily #marcusgunnarsen #martinusgunnarsen #sweetsixteen @marcusandmartinus @marcusandmartinus @marcusandmartinus
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