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Yosemite during golden hour ✨
The beautiful El Capitan from Taft Point 🏞 Looks a little smaller from up here, lol. #elcapitan #yosemite #taftpoint #californiaadventure #thegreatoutdoors #granite
Taft Point in Yosemite National Park! It was sooo incredibly beautiful! #taftpoint #yosemite #hiking #thegreatoutdoors #california #wilderness #amazingplaces
We packed a lot into the 2 days we had in Yosemite! Hiked to Taft Point yesterday. I’m not afraid of heights, but looking down made my stomach lurch! No, that isn’t me jumping in the air - it was a woman who wanted to do that after I showed her a picture I found of someone doing the same thing. Ended the day looking at Washburn Point. Beautiful even though sunset didn’t give much of a burn. #yosemitenationalpark #yosemite #halfdome #vernalfall #nevadafall #taftpoint #elcapitan #olmstedpoint
A perfect weekend in the wild with @eriknoland. Yosemite, you’re magic. Every time. #hetchhetchy #carlonfalls #taftpoint #tunnelview #yosemite #evergreenlodge
Challenge yourself, get out of your comfort zone 🌎 Probably one of the craziest things I’ve ever done, but the view was spectacular from up there! Side note: I’m not superstitious but it didn’t help that there were 2 crows at the end of the rock staring at me 😂 What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done? • #beautifulescape
Some 7,500 ft up, captivated by wonder & fear. Sitting on the edge of a cliff was no easy feat, I found it hard to breathe. Yet the view below me & before me was breathtaking. How can something so beautiful be so scary? Sometimes the hardest thing is the only thing one can do, and in this moment it was to simply breathe. So I did, and I sat, and let nature take over me. Grateful for these moments of surrender. ❤️
Living on the edge 📸: @nerriy . . . #taftpoint #yosemite #nationalpark
Picnic on a cliff anyone? (And no- we didn’t let them wander around up there alone. Right after this picture he went back in a backpack and she went back to holding our hands.). It was HOT and the climb back out was hard but these kids rocked it. 2.3 miles in 80 degrees with 2 kiddos and an infant. NOT easy. We talked about How the best things in life are earned. Like this view 🙌🏼🤗 Thanks for your hospitality Yosemite - - - - - - - - - - - - #yosemite #yosemitenationalpark #taftpoint #candidchildhood #optoutside #getoutside #outdoors #picnic #cliff #nationalpark #nationalparks #nature #naturegram #getoutstayout #kidswhohike #hike #childhood #get_vitamin_sea
We kept walking and walking and walking and walking and walking and walking and walking and walking.
Update on Yosemite: it’s packed, duh. Leave early or arrive late to avoid being stuck in long lines. This is Taft Point. Parking at the trail heads gets full fast.
Started my morning today with an 11 mile hike to Taft & Dewey point. I’m also never bringing @dennisymejia here again unless she brings mosquito repellent 🙄
Another successful trip !!! #taftpoint #yosemitenationalpark with this beautiful lady. The hike was short the views were literally insane pictures do not do it justice. Shout out to. @murvcreations for the gear!!! #couples #ketocouple #hike #breathtaking #views @jaime_hahn.c
When today’s adventure got you reminiscing about your last year Yosemite hikes #yellowstonenext #yosemitenationalpark #yosemitefalls #adventuroushikes #throwbacksaturday #taftpoint #halfdome #waterfalls
Taft has been great practice so far. The season is just starting for me but so far has been amazing. @stupid_engineer93 had a dream of walking a Yosemite highline and he killed it. I'm glad I could help make that dream come true. Come back and highline anytime you are in the US but hopefully I'll see you in Italy before that.#yosemitenationalpark #taftpoint #slackline #slacklife #highline #summer
"Walking with someone, rather than merely showing them the way, is the true essence of friendship" - sticker on my childhood door. @susie_ashmarova I am so incredibly proud of you and I'm excited to see what the future will bring, I know you'll do amazing things. We've been sisters since we were eight, and I know it hasn't always been easy but I love you very dearly and you have always had a huge part of my heart. We've been by each other's sides from the beginning and I plan on sticking through life by your side until the very end. #yosemite #waterfalls #bridalveilfalls #loweryosemitefalls #taftpoint #sunrise #bestfriends #sisters
I've spent my entire life afraid of my own shadow. Too scared to let people in or let them go, too petrified to take chances, and too scared of hurting people's feelings to take care of myself. I'm done living for everyone else and for who others think I should be. When we choose safety, we reinforce fear. It's time to go wherever the wind takes me. 🌲🍃🌿 #yosemite #yosemitenationalpark #bridalveilfalls #loweryosemitefalls #taftpoint #tunnelview #wildflowers #free
Reese's or Snickers?
This tree is as long as a California mile! ;) #taftpoint #dayhike #yosemitenationalpark #california #natureatitsfinest #momlife
Scoping out the valley from #TaftPoint on our first day in #Yosemite
Day 2 out of 3. We got up at 230 in the morning to drive out to taft point, hike it in the dark, and then watch the sunrise as we enjoyed our breakfast of donuts and protein drinks.🌄 The most worthy hike ever! 💕Got to spend a full hour with no one but us on the cliff. 💕 Then we we saw the tunnel view, bridalveil falls, and a few more places.🏞 We were done and called quits by 12p for some 😴😴 . Ready for our second set of adventures for today, but this time in the cute town of Mariposa. #sunriseattaftpoint #taftpoint #yosemitetrip2018 #yosemite #bridalveilfalls #california #tunnelview #littlesleep #highenergy #girlswhoexplore #girlswhohike #adventures
I couldn't dream this up, even if I tried.
A sunset at Yosemite will never disappoint
"Go where you feel most alive." I only wish I could have stayed where I felt alive, longer. #illbeback #halfdome #yosemite #themountainsarecalling #livinontheedge #taftpoint
Making the day stretch out as long as we can. Final light at Taft Point. Edited using the latest update of @adobecreativecloud @lightroom CC. It's making the editing process as simple as possible so that journey from camera to social media is as clean as possible no matter where you find your self editing. #adobepartner #lightroomCC #shootyourstory
7,503’ up. Lost in the sauce, nope, lost in nature. . . I always planned to be a dentist but I didn’t plan the fulfillment I would receive. Sometimes I feel like it luckily chose me. I am able to restore smiles & change lives -it just so happens I build these amazing relationships with inspiring people along the way. W😮W, I really am where I’m supposed to be. . . Can you peep me? Despite your small body mass, everything that we do in life has an effect. Let’s make this world a better place by simply realizing the power that we have inside of our little bodies 😊. . . #dentist #lucky #yosemite #taftpoint #neature
Living in a postcard #TaftPoint #ThatView #Yosemite
Hike more, worry less.
One of my fav photos at #Yosemite National Park was taken by a stranger we met while hiking to #TaftPoint . Thanks Barbara! Half the fun of hiking was meeting other enthusiastic people and having a chat. And then they capture you being crazy and looking amazing.
Living on the edge at Taft Point, #yosemitenationalpark #yosemite
Take me back to those seconds where we were adults forgetting to adult. #snowfight #yosemite #taftpoint #championshooktrip @andresmarquina @omarcharcousse
(LINK IN BIO) Just uploaded a 14 minute “Behind The Scenes” vlog of my most recent shoot I did. These have been superrrrr fun to make and is always really cool to look back at since we’re going non stop during the games. But go check it out if you want and big shoutout to my buddy @sagepemberton for filming and being my go to during the game.🤘🏻
Pohono Trail (Starting at Glacier Point and ending at Wawona Tunnel) - Yosemite National Park, California. The morning of the 5th we loaded up our packs and headed to catch the "Glacier Point Tour" Shuttle Bus- that also doubled as a way to get up to our trailhead. Our car couldn’t be left at Glacier Point, as we were going to end the hike at a different spot than where we were starting, so the Tour/Shuttle bus was our best option. Several Park Rangers suggested we just "hitch" back into the Valley one we made it to Wawona Tunnel since we were taking the bus up (unless we wanted to hike 7 more miles past the end of the trail to get back to the Valley). -Starting at Glacier Point gave us a view of Half Dome that we'd not been able to enjoy yet. It felt so close (photos 1-3). Everyone poured from the bus for their 7$ Klondike Bars and keychains; we headed for our trailhead. This trail was FAR less strenuous than Yosemite Falls- elevation changes were gradual, there were a lot of trees that served as a fairly constant umbrella from the blistering sun and the breeze was chilly down inside the hollers. Trees in the more-dense areas were growing this thick, N E O N green moss on them that appeared to be glowing when the sun hit them (5th & 6th photos). From Pohono Trail, you pass by Taft Point, which is a phenomenal viewing point of Yosemite Valley, Yosemite Falls, and El Capitan (7th & 8th photos) Elevation 7,500'. The wind was threatening to take everyone's hats and you could literally hear the birds cutting through the air near you. Pohono also took us past Dewey, Crocker, Stanford and Inspiration Points. The trail had viewpoints all over the place that left you breathless. The first leg of the trail was 5-6 miles before we found a perfect spot to call home for the night, right after we crossed over Bridalveil Creek that dances it’s way right across the Pohono Trail. Once over the bridge(9th & 10th photos) we set up camp right near the river, struck a fire, enjoyed another night of freeze-dried meals from a bag and sipped on chilled natural spring water coming downstream from Bridalveil Falls. (2,3,7,8 & 10 📷 @_cochise ) June 5, 2018
How about watching the sunset at Taft Point? Tag who should have this experience with you! 📸 @cecphotos 👏👏👏 ✏️Tag #california4fun
Not sure everyone knows this but I have known Lola since the day she was born. Her parents are more like family then friends. I remember the day we found out Lola was born and I was so excited to see her in the hospital. Fast forward to today and this girl and I are now close friends. We talk about everything, both enjoy eating yummy not always healthy food and love to watch high school musical reruns. So proud of this girl with how amazing she is at dancing and just being the amazing person she is! Okay I’ll stop gushing now. Love you Lola! Thanks for being my assistant for years. So glad it’s finally your turn!
Walking with my 78 yr old dad along the #mercedriver on the way back from the #vernalfalls viewing bridge. "Just the sound of the water relaxes me." Stopping to look at #wildflowers and he talked with a couple from the netherlands. Walking to the #fissures , then shaking he stepped up onto the #TaftPoint rails. Noticing the tiniest of wildflowers and asking for a picture. Great strides were made.....for me. #learningwhatrealcouragelookslike . #youshouldbehere #yosemite #goparks #gooutside #latinoshike #latinooutdoors #sisepuede #firsttimeforeveything #abuelaybisabueloafuera #twooldgoatswalkintoapark #river #visitcalifornia #visityosemite #wildwater
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