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the transition between easy target and all of this will always be the best thing
you don’t have real friends unless you can stay up all night making jokes about soiling on the couch
And when the storms gone im all torn up inside #storyofalonelyguy #blink182 #takeoffyourpantsandjacket
No matter how long It passes, there will be three things i aspire 1- get one day to be as sexy as Tom 2- live a love like Mark and Skye 3- have a life as blessed as Travis's . . . . . #tomdelonge #markhoppus #travisbarker #blink182 #boomerdelonge #angelsandairwaves #plus44 #boxcarracer #whatsmyageagain #blink182album #enemaofthestate #takeoffyourpantsandjacket #cheshirecat #cheshirecatblink182 # duderanch #iempire #skatepunk #poppunk #punkrock #punk #rock
No matter how long It passes, there will be three things i aspire 1- get one day to be as sexy as Tom 2- live a love like Mark and Skye 3- have a life as blessed as Travis's . . . . . #tomdelonge #markhoppus #travisbarker #blink182 #boomerdelonge #angelsandairwaves #plus44 #boxcarracer #whatsmyageagain #blink182album #enemaofthestate #takeoffyourpantsandjacket #cheshirecat #cheshirecatblink182 # duderanch #iempire #skatepunk #poppunk #punkrock #punk #rock
blink-182: Cheshire Cat blink-182’s debut record “Cheshire Cat” was released under the name “blink” before the band had to change their name due to legal reasons. The album was released on February 17th, 1995 by Cargo Music. The runtime is 41:48, it was produced by Otis Barthoulameu, and the singles were “M+M’s”, and “Wasting Time”. Track Listing: 1. Carousel 2. M+M’s 3. Fentoozler 4. Touchdown Boy 5. Strings 6. Peggy Sue 7. Sometimes 8. Does My Breath Smell? 9. Cacophony 10. TV 11. Toast And Bananas 12. Wasting Time 13. Romeo And Rebecca 14. Ben Wah Balls 15. Just About Done 16. Depends
Welcome to blink-182 Canada! 🇨🇦 A place for blink-182 fans to celebrate our favourite band together!
Our recent fresh start has seen Three-Beat Designs go through our poster archive and modernise some of our former works. Here’s our new and improved poster of the 2001 Blink-182 album ‘Take Off Your Pants and Jacket’, currently hanging in the TBD office! . #toypaj #takeoffyourpantsandjacket #blink182 #lyrics #punkrock #poppunk #lyricposter
does anyone wanna play splatoon 2 with me please :o
I’m gonna take a break from posting for a bit. I had an allergic reaction the other day that caused my face and throat to swell, so I can’t breathe very well and I might need to go to the hospital for this shet because it’s not going away. I’m just gonna take it easy and try to get better I guess. Thanks for understanding. (Also in case you didn’t know, my username used to be blink.day182. I just changed it👌)
what’s poppin
i’m sick of just constantly sitting in my room all day, everyday and waiting for something to happen. i wish i could actually go and hang out with the people i actually like. or at least make new friends
my irl friends found this account and saw the post where i talked shit about them oops. now they’re getting mad at me for preferring my online friends lately instead of them :/
it’s saturday and guess what ! i’m doing absolutely nothing
Stay Together For The Kids-Blink 182 • (It cut halfway through the chorus but oh well) #takeoffyourpantsandjacket #tomdelonge #mesaboogie
i wish i had more blink albums on vinyl rip. i only have buddha, enema, and toypaj
Friday night practice 😅 Not the best but getting better! - - - - #tgif #guitar #learningguitar #selftaught #riff #music #practice #yamaha #tryagain #failmore #poppunk #tgif #takeoffyourpantsandjacket cket #blink182
my in real life friends fucking suck and i hope they find a way to get more interesting before school starts again
okay well the new blink song is out. i mean it’s not as bad as the one before, but jesus christ matt always looks like he’s gonna pass out from singing sksksk
Generational Divide is actually pretty good. I just wish it was longer😂
If this is what he wants and its what she wants than why is there so much pain #blink182 #takeoffyourpantsandjacket #staytogetherforthekids
my sleeping schedule is already so fucked for this summer
neighborhoods honestly isn’t that bad, i mean it’s exactly what you’d expect they’d come out with after untitled y’know
pepsi cherry > regular pepsi
blink-182 - Blame It On My Youth Cover (99/01 Style) . . . Holis, acá les dejo mi nuevo cover. Desde que salió este tema que lo tengo pegado y le quise dar ese toque de old school blink que tanto nos gusta a todos. Espero les guste! . . Etiqueten a @markhoppus @matttskiba @travisbarker @blink182 a ver si lo ven! Sería genial ✨ . . . Gracias a @carlacordaro por filmar as always ❤️📷 . . Y gracias a ustedes por siempre siempre siempre ver y compartir lo que hago 💗🎉 nos vemosss . #maticordarocovers
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