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Forest faerie 🌸
I wanna talk about conquering fear. Fear is inherent. It’s hard-wired into our brains in order to protect us from harm’s way. That’s it’s biological intent. It’s the reason our species was able to evolve through millenniums and birth today’s society. But fear can too easily become our biggest obstacle. It can seem as though everything difficult might be in some way “dangerous.” Fear comes in different forms. It can be as simple as fear of heights or something psychologically complex like social rejection. What I can tell you from my experience is that every time I’ve conquered fear, it’s strengthened my will power and self-belief. When was the last time you woke up and made an effort to do exactly what you’re afraid of? Put yourself out there guys. The experiences you gain will shape your character and prove to yourself that it’s not so bad. The other side of fear is where your dreams become reality. Even if you fall on your face, at least you’re moving forward. It’s the persistence of effort that will shine through all else. Make this weekend great guys! Keep your 2018 momentum 👊🏼
Y quién creería que las risas, de un día para otro, se convierten en silencios.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Saturday👌🏼 Who’s excited to cheer on our #jacksonvillejaguars tomorrow?! DUUUUUUUVAAAAALLLL🐆
Posing in front of a bronzed up ass 🐴✨
And you leave without telling me anything.
Wedged In.
Sol de mi vida gracias por quemarme 🌴
They are making a television series about the streets of Chicago's South side. I am sure it will fix everything... ____________________________________________ Final 2017 totals in Chicago: Shot & killed: 624 Shot & wounded: 2937 Total shot: 3561 Total homicides: 677 ____________________________________________ This edit has sat with me or a few days. I knew I felt strongly about it when I made it, and I still do. Unfortunately I was under the influence of pain killers from an operation I had on Thursday, and I did not feel like I was in the state of mind to post anything. I understand that posting this picture will not change the way people act towards one another, but I hope it makes people think. I think that is one of the many goals I strive to achieve with my photographs; I want to make people think - think about stuff they have never thought about before or do not think about often. - - - - ___________________________________________ Model(s): @dosayeli
••••••••⚔ Gram Slayed ⚔•••••• Artist 👉🏽 @siberianvolk Inframe 👉🏽@iwozzy Curator 👉🏽 @rachelhau85 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• LIGHTROOM PRESETS now available on our website. Link is in the BIO . For a chance to be featured tag #gramslayers ! . #gs_siberianvolk . . . #strangertones #ourmoodydays #igersusa #earthpix #city_explore #theimaged #hypebeast #photographyislifee #wanderlust #heatercentral #earth #nomadstories #roamtheplanet #tangledinfilm #bleachmyfilm #dof_addicts #canonaustralia #imaginatones #travelawesome #goexplore #ozshotmag #takemetoaustralia #discoverbrisbane #focusaustralia #depthobsessed #culturekings #leapmode
first our pleasures die, and then our hopes, and then our fears, and when these are dead, the debt is due dust claims dust, and we die too
“New film tomorrow”
lounging around w/@falafelmermaid
Don't pretend. I have my eyes on you. After a year we finally met @nadya.lengowski 💯💯💯.
new film tomorrow
Midwestern snows and light leaks. #35mm Kodak Ultramax ISO400 #ohiophotographer
Some great bridges in India! Beautiful one with blue Sky. Follow @mypixeldiary_megss for more Content like this. #basoli #basolibridge . . . . FOLLOW @DOGRAPRADESH FOLLOW @DOGRAPRADESH . Exclusive Page for sharing Dogra cultural Heritage. मते कोला मता शेयर करो 🙏 Image Credits : @Dograpradesh . ⏩ Use #dograpradesh to get Featured ⏪
Hong Kong, 2017 #portra400 #canonae1 #35mm
Selamat pagi . . . . . TIF : Ahlina Amalia Yusri MUA : Jasmine Griya Rias Gear : Canon 600D Lens : Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II Ligthing : Godox TT600 . Bagas Agus Prakoso © 2018
@sabina_pishchets марафон чб фотографий продолжается. Если что можно заказать у меня портретную съемку в феврале. Цена адекватная, так что пиши))
20/365 ⠀ Estou pensando em montar uma galeria apenas de fotos P&B! São as edições mais complicadas na minha opinião, mas sempre achei incrível a composição e o resultado final que se consegue. Ainda estou aprendendo! O que acham da ideia?👌 ⠀ Na foto @thaismuler 😍
the depth
i’ll be there for you, i’ll be there for you // 📷 @danielhadfield
leading lines?
by far my most favorite shoot ✌️
January 20, 2018 ↠ I’m working on things. The past week was both super exciting and annoyingly stressful. Questions about what am I suppose to do with my life and if this is where God wants me to go seemed to fog up my brain. And this isn’t a post about a revelation I had today. Nope, it’s just me being vulnerable with where I’m at. But what I DO KNOW (and will continue to dive deeper in) is God purposefully doesn’t give us all the answers at once. He’s a beautiful mystery. What adventure would it be if I knew everything? So here’s my takeaway: I don’t know what my future holds, but I do know Who holds my future✨
Shoot film in 京都. #shootfilmjapan
A woman carried me in her womb for nine months and gave me life. Woman our Queens, soldiers, mothers, and daughters. They deserve equality as much as any human being fighting for theirs. No matter your color, sexual orientation, sexual identity, or religious beliefs — We all deserve to be equal!!! Men of quality don’t fear equality. . . . . #womensmarch #womensmarchphiladelphia #womensmarch2018 #timesup #trumpshutdown #equality #fight #igerphilly #igers_philly #igers_philly_street #womensrights #womenrightsarehumanrights #philly #philadelphia #folkportraits   #postthepeople #bravogreatphoto #adventureculture #discoverearth   #ftwotw #collectingportraits   #pursuitofportraits   #bleachmyfilm   #hinfluencercollective   #stayandwander   #tangledinfilm #likeforlike #thecreatorclass   #createcommune
In Need Of Another Weekend Trip 🐻
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