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Where we love is home. ✨🌈 Home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts. #polynesian #tahitian #islandgirl #beautifuldestinations #spreadlove #art #photography 📸 @rainui_movie 💕 #tanlines
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Bye bye, #tan ! Hello #glowingskin ! ✨💫✨
You can find me where the music meets the ocean. . . . 👙🌞🏖🍑 #goodtimes #tanlines #summer #peachy #bootypics #longisland #bikini
Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, both situations have lessons to offer, choosing to learn is upon you. Stop telling yourself that it’s not loosing, acknowledge it and move forward. It’s just a moment in your life, it’s not your life. - Nansera Cissy #writtenbycissy Coverup by @nina_mire_official
Uhm hi there! 👋🏻 It’s me the tannest Han-Banan there ever was ☀️ I went back to the dark side, tan hair and all! (if you watched my insta story you’ll know why I haven’t made a makeup post, Also a HUGE majority of you wanted a post on this tan right here!) READ FOR DETAILS ________________________________________ Okay so spraytan was done by Emily!! Her page is : @sunchasersmobilespraytanning I say follow her so the next time you want to book a tan you can just go to her page easy peasy! I’m not kidding you when I say she is so wonderful, I normally tan myself at home and that leaves me with a streaky splotchy tan! She literally customized a deep tan to fit my desires, so I can feel cute for Cali! Emily, goes into such detail on how to get the best out of your tan from prep, to developing and how to maintain your tan! I won’t fish anymore but so many wanted to know more so here it is! Message her with literally any questions if you wish to set up an appointment ☀️😍🔥 _________________________________ #sunchasersmobilespraytanning #tucsonarizona #tucsonspraytans #orovalley #tangoals #tucsonblogger #bodypositive #tanlines
Take me back! This place 🙏🏻 #shoalbaybeach #saltyvibes #tanlines
35 degrees outside, 45 degrees in a glass 🥃