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🎄Hope everyone has a great holiday season!
Every time I write a meaningful long paragraph and comment before proof reading; I find a mistake when it’s too late to edit it. Why doesn’t instagram allow us to edit our own comments, like we do our posts? 🤗😭
#PacMan ✖️Kaws 👻 not finished
I have been bent and broken, but I hope, into a better shape.
i feel like my page is a flop🤧😭
An amazing father needs a woman just as amazing as he to love his children.
Add me on snap or comment your sc ( Ion do streaks ) ❤️
For those wondering about his tattoo.. #bulmabriefs #playboybunny #dragonball
Affirmation: #LoveALL #ServeALL #HelpEVER #HurtNEVER 💕 Inspire a positive future for your loved ones and the children
Okay so chris got a tattoo of what looks like Bulma Briefs.. it’s okay 👌🏽
We need to start taking care of each other on a vibrational level. When we vibe together we bring each other harmony, we bring harmony to what surrounds us, nature, other living beings and even the infinite cosmos. Our planet yearns for our positive collective vibes and as the earth we inhabit vibes on good energy, our consciousness then rises to a higher stage. Positivity is important. Love and friendship is important. Inspire love and inspire each other to keep those positive vibes! Have a blessed day! #positivevibes #1111awakening #indigochild
And in the end, all I learned was how to be strong alone.
Good morning! ☀️ #positivevibes
I love all his facial expressions!! 😍😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @chrisbrownofficial #teambreezy #chrisbrown #teambreezy4life #teambreezyforever 🖤
My night got better 🥰 @chrisbrownofficial #teambreezy
Christopher ❤️❤️💨
mood rn .
Smile baby 😁
Black Pyramid that don’t mean I’m illuminati 🔺
“My homie said I need to stop it My momma said bitches be watching you They gon' put their hand all in your pocket For the credit card that's in your wallet Drinking liquor when we celebrating Calculating all my funds Tryna get a nigga take the condom off 'Cause she want that tax every month, woo!”
Swallow me down🔥 @chrisbrownofficial
these hoes ain’t loyal 🤷🏽‍♀️🔥 @chrisbrownofficial • • •rp: @chreyonce ❤️ •follow me for more @chrissxbrown ❤️
Can we appreciate how cute he STILL is because you are all so shallow to say he looks scary like this 😂 he doesn’t know how to look scary so shush bout that
You win this one. But if you ever break his heart or hurt him in anyway.. I will personally and gladly accompany you to the intensive care unit. 🤗
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