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I'm sayin' tho... #teambreezymiami
#repost Shadestopher at his best. #BreezyTaughtMe #teambreezymiami
The awkward moment when Drake thinks he's better than Chris ;____; Listen Auntie Aubrey, I don't have time for you, your dumb ass music, nor them eyebrows, so let me get straight to it. The fact that Drake is being so childish about this whole thing it makes me sick. Your music ia better than Chris's? Oh, so by copying other people's lyrics and slowing down a beat makes it your song? K. Let me hear you hit some notes then. Oh. Champagne Mami needs to shut the entire fuck up and reevaluate his life and career. #FuckTeamDrizzy #yeaimmad #TeamBreezy #teambreezymiami
These boys getting crazy on here #106 &Park #ChrisBrown #TeamBreezyMiami
So proud of Christopher!! He's worked so hard these past several days. Tank's "Shots fired" was released along with Tyga's "Fuck the Road", and Young Jeezy's "R.I.P remix"... All featuring Chris. He hit the studio with Jennifer Lopez, and got Nicki Minaj to throw a verse on 'X'. He participated in the'Beat It' video shoot. Afro Jack's "As Your Friend" which features Chris hit #1 on Billboard's Dance/Club list. Chris was interviewed by Big Boi and Ryan Seacrest on both of their radio stations. He collaborated with Slick of LA and KidZoom of Brooklyn to create dope art pieces. Collaborated with Romero Britto this week in Miami for a charity event for the Best Buddies foundation and the Symphonic Love foundation. Scheduled the premier of "Fine China" on MTV at 9 am on Monday and BET on 106 and Park on Monday. Global Grind wrote an article which highlighted all great events Chris participated in. He discussed his new album 'X' with USA today, Rolling Stone, LA Times, MTV, BET, YahooMusic, Ebony, and Billboard. All while creating a new dope album..... WHEW! So, what has your fave done this week? Ha! #TeamBreezy we're taking over this summer! Everyone else, tell your "faves" to #StepItUp . #TeamBreezyMiami
Chris is in #MIAMI today! If anyone has any more details please let us know #TeambreezyMiami
His nipples... Lol. #teambreezymiami
Please, elaborate. #teambreezymiami #breezymemes
Happy St. Patricks day 🍀 #teambreezymiami
Blondestopher >> #teambreezymiami
Gorgeous ♥ #teambreezymiami
TeamBreezy: (noun) The most loyal group of Chris Brown supporters.They are a family and they the best team than any other artist out there.They have been Chris Brown supporters since day one & never stopped.Stand by Chris Brown no matter what.Buys all Chris albums.itunes.votes and watches all his videos dvds movies interviews & downloads mixtapes attend all concerts.Always knows whats the whats up with Chris.They dont care what the media says they love Chris Brown. #teambreezymiami
F*ck the media! Nobody can say or do ANYTHING to Chris, that will never stop me from supporting my fave. #teambreezy4life #teambreezymiami
He looks so cute when he's concentrating :3 #teambreezymiami
Definition of perfection. #teambreezymiami
Givenchy. #teambreezymiami
Shhh! He's sleeping. #teambreezymiami
Thug Life. #teambreezymiami
Remember this? #teambreezymiami
King of Swerve. Forever funny! #teambreezymiami
...But while y'all worried about #Chrae & #Chrianna , this is the only relationship I stan for.  #Chroyce #teambreezymiami
Chris & Gui *___* #teambreezymiami
"You have Chris Brown the singer, and then there's Christopher Brown the regular down-home, down to earth guy who just likes to chill, play basketball or video games. I'm no different from everybody else." #teambreezymiami
Ugh. He's so cute! @blacchyna you're so lucky! #teambreezymiami
"Two up, two down, make that switch, yea it's Breezy b*tch!" #teambreezymiami #yoko #boyindetention
Ugh, why so perf Christopher? #teambreezymiami
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