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😎Training intensity... - ❓What does it all mean, basil? - ⚠️Training intensity is a training variable that typically refers to: 👉🏼 Intensity load (weight on the bar); 👉🏼 Intensity of effort (proximity to failure). - In the context of building muscle, we require a positive protein turnover ratio (synthesis must exceed breakdown), which is caused via an increase in tension/stress over time and adequate recovery. - Intensity of load and effort in essence, are the primary ways in which to elicit a training stress to induce a specific adaptation, not volume. - You could have all the volume in the world, but if the magnitude and duration of tension via sufficient training intensity is absent, your program isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. - Long term progress requires progressive tension overload (increased stress), with sufficient training volumes. Read that one again. - Volume is important for sure and so too is adding weight to the bar over time. - But training with inadequate ‘efforts’ will, in my opinion and experience, lead to very limited hypertrophy. - My advice: 👉🏼 Learn how to execute key lifts with timeless form; 👉🏼 Learn how to train hard and push yourself; 👉🏼 Learn how to recover and rest; 👉🏼 Learn how to utilise the RPE/RIR scales to measure perceived effort; 👉🏼 Aim for progress in repetition strength across multiple sets; and 👉🏼 Never stop assessing and reflecting on your training approaches. - Final chance to grab a ticket to the @jpshealth_fitness Learn To Lift strength workshop this Saturday. Tickets available via the link in my bio! #TeamJPS
Pic taken 4 weeks ago weighing 85kg. - Current weight 83.5kg, no dramatic weight loss, just slowly chipping away at the clay and letting things take shape. - Following a specific #5twodiet @jacobschepis_jps 😂 - #thebestisyettocome #teamjps #jps - - - #bodybuilder #gym #gymlife #gymflow #goals #leanerdays #weighloss #powerbuilding #gains #flex #natty #natural #aesthetic #roadtoshredded #zyzz #delts #traps #chestday @jpshealth_fitness
Shout out to online client @damoneatsplants. - Damon is 8 weeks into his contest prep for Season B this year and has come out swinging. - As Damon follows a vegan diet, we set his protein at the high end of recommend intakes due to plant based diets containing less leucine (an important amino acid in regulating muscle grow/maintenance) when compared to that of omnivorous diets. - Although protein intake is indeed important in preservation of muscle tissue during hypocaloric conditions, it’s important to remember that resistance training is the most potent stimulus for muscle growth and retention. - Therefore, ensuring that Damon continues to train with adequate intensities and volumes during his contest prep will be equally, if not more important for keeping his gains around. - Managing his busy work and travel schedule alongside a preexisting back injury, we have devised a flexible training program that allows Damon to train around the aforementioned and so far, so good! - We cannot wait to see you on stage in September big guy. Keep on crushing it! - To work with our coaches online, email hello@jpshealthandfitness.com.au or fill out an application form on our website! - #TeamJPS #RaisingTheStandards - #bodybuilding #transformation #physique #abs #sixpack #shredded #shred #chest #muscle #fit #fitness #coaching #personaltraining #melbourne
- 💥” #fitsperation “💥 - Often on social media, we see people post photos of their physique when they are lean and have lost certain amount of weight. This is because we are scared to be seen weak or “fat” - Reality is that most people that we see on social media, post photos the way they want to look. Perfect lighting, not retaining water, photoshops, after a pump and etc... This obviously makes them feel good as they are getting lots of positive comments but the it is having a negative indirect impact on the rest of society - Think about...A 14 year old boy or female will see a top level physique competitor and will assume that this is the norm. He or she will most likely feel incomplete. Now this will most likely influence on their behavior and level of confidence feeing that they are never good enough - Unfortunately, we are not smart enough yet to be able to find a way to control this issue that rises from the high growth of technology over the past couple of decades. One thing that we can do is be real with ourselves and not hide who we actually are - I have always been a fan of vulnerability. I think no one is perfect but you can improve yourself by being open to criticism. Being vulnerable doesn’t only help you but it also helps people around you. It reduces their sense of competing with you and feeling more involved as they can connect with you better. Chances are if you are struggling with an issue, the person next to you is also struggling - This comes back to #fitsperation Although we should be proud and tell our loved ones about our success but we should also tell them about our struggles. Remember if someone is really good at one thing, they are most likely horrendous at other things - #squats #powerlifting #bench #deadlifts #gym #strength #coach #bodybuilding #nutrition #diet #fatloss #muscle #fat #teamjps #portmelbourne
A huge congratulations to coaches @karl_drogoo and @samuel.schepis who competed in the Pacific Invitationals and Sydney Fitness Expo over the weekend. - Karl brought home gold for Australia and also broke his own squat record in the open 66kg class with a whopping 227kg. He also hit a milestone bench with 2x body weight 135kg on his third attempt. Coach @jacobschepis_jps was more than pleased with the outcome! - Sam competed in the bench only and after nagging back issues, showed some serious grit in seeing out his prep. Walking away with a lifetime PB of 157.5kg at just 73.5kg bodyweight, the result was definitely worth the journey! Programming was on point by @hot_and_dongerous. - This weekend Sam, Karl and their coaches will all be presenting at the Learn To Lift workshop. Only 2 tickets remain 👉🏼 head to the website for details! - #TeamJPS #RaisingTheStandards - #powerlifting #powerliftingmotivation #strong #strength #lift #weights #gym #squat #bench #deadlift
Stiff leg deadlifts 3x8 @70kg Nothing special here just depositing some pennies in the bank. Working on getting that savings account back up to where it was this time last year before I started prep... and then add more gains 💪🏻 I wanna be filthy rich 🤑 I mean jacked af ❤️ @jacobschepis_jps @jpshealth_fitness #teamjps #raisingthestandard #deadlifts #peachgang #doughnutsanddeadlifts #training #bodybuilding #powerlifting
Are you overtrained? - Be sure to pay attention to these 7 symptoms of over training and check out our latest article via the link in our bio! - #TeamJPS #RaisingTheStandards - #fitness #training #strong #strength #muscle #lift #weights #gym #lifting #weightlifting #bodybuilding #physique #personaltraining #onlinecoching #melbourne
✅❌Trial and error! 🎭As it happens in life in training there are many things that won’t work at first. ⏰It’s gonna take time, effort and some creativity too to succeed in whatever you want. Taking failed attempts as opportunities to learn what work and what doesn’t, analyzing why it didn’t and what things you can change to improve it is key. 🏋🏻‍♀️Like with my Barbell Floor Press! I don’t have access to a power rack and it got me 3 different set ups to come to the one that fits my body and lets me do the exercise safely and effective! 💪🏻So, whatever you’re trying to figure it out, keep trying, keep pushing and more important, keep training! 😀🏋🏻‍♀️ #laupersonaltrainer #teamjps #floorpress #chestday #pushday #liftingweights #strongissexy #strongerthanever #pesas #entrenamiento #entrenadorapersonal #activeliving #activelife #musclesaresexy #buildingmuscle #strongfirst #musclebuilding #bodybuilding #fitness #fitnessgoals #fitnessjourney #embracefitness #embracefailure #trusttheprocess #enjoythejourney #mondayworkout
In the off season... - I pushed my hamstrings hard... - It took a lot of will power initially to pull back on my quads, which have typically always been a dominant muscle group. - Squat volume and intensities were modest at best for a good 3-4 months as I churned away some hefty workloads/efforts on the RDL, GM and hamstring curl... - My objective was simple, I wanted to have hamstrings that matched my quads and when viewed from the size, resembled that of a leg of ham... - Another 5 year off season will be required before we reach that kind of level, but this shot got me all warm n fuzzy inside as things have come leaps and bounds! #TeamJPS
Novelty galore... - Sumo deadlifts for some variety, and in large to become a better coach. - I’m a huge proponent of practicing what you preach and experiencing what you coach others through. - Having only performed sumo deadlifts for 6 months back in 2016, I figured it was time to bring these back in the mix. - Not necessarily the most ‘optimal’ movement for posterior chain hypertrophy, but keeping RDLs and hamstring curls in will negate this. - 3x5 @ 170kg today, looks like I was moving a feather, felt like I was going to snap. #TeamJPS
Now that I look like I lift, I’m considering starting a YouTube channel to share no-bullshit bodybuilding advice. I actually think No Bullshit Bodybuilding has a nice ring to it; thoughts? #LiftingForLife #NoBullshitBodybuilding #TeamJPS #NaturalBodybuilding #AllAboardTheGainTrain #OnlyChampionsCanGetToThisLevel #RepsIfYouGetTheReference
Current situation... - Still in the game. Monitoring my steps more closely ~10-12k per day. Drinking more water. Sleeping as much as possible. - One foot in front of the other for now, and after a string of weekends travelling interstate, I’m very much looking forward to having a week of routine and consistency in environment. #TeamJPS #Team3DMJ
Inch by inch... @karl_drogoo nudging his u/66kg Open squat record forward in the Pacific Invitational with a 227kg third attempt. #TeamJPS
🤕Training around niggles and injuries ☝🏻Firstly, I think it’s very important to differentiate a niggle or small ache or pain between a serious injury, however, that’s not always easy to do and to be honest that’s something that we have to learn to experience because every individual is different and pain tolerance and perception can vary a lot. When experiencing pain people tend to go one extreme or the other. 🛏Some of them will do a full and passive rest, skipping the gym. 🏋🏻‍♀️While others will ignore all signals and will strive to get their workouts in without any adjustments. 🙋‍♀️I used to be the second one 🤕In many cases the pain was just a small niggle and I could complete my session comfortable, but other times I’ll find myself making it worse and ending up on physiotherapy treatment. ☝🏻Today, even if I was feeling way better and tempted to do my session as prescribed I dropped the load to 50%-30% on all of my lifts, specially dropping load load on the compound exercises. ✅I also made adjustments in the exercise selection. Doing movements I knew I wasn’t gonna be able to use as much load and technique wouldn’t be compromised as the sets and reps went on. So, basically, you can still train most of the times, adjusting training variables such as intensity, volume and exercise selection is what Ive found has more impact on how your body responds. But, always remember, it’s better to err on the side of not doing enough that day or days than going overboard and being unable to perform for longer periods of time! #laupersonaltrainer #workoutoftheday #trainingaroundinjury #fitness #fitnessjourney #entrenamiento #lesiones #entrenadorapersonal #gimnasio #gymlife #pesas #diadepierna #flexibletraining #flexiblediet #listentoyourbody #practicewhatyoupreach #hamstrings #deadlift #hipertrofia #musclesaresexy #musculacion #teamjps #trainsmart #trainhard #mybrosfav @lucia132 Best treatment ever!
If you don't understand the science, here are some simple points - 1. Muscle Damage is not necessary for muscle growth especially in novice individuals 2. Muscle Damage does not always occur during resistance training 3. The tension placed on muscles from resistance training can be enough to result in muscle growth if effort and volume are sufficient 4. Muscle Damage will more than likely occur at some point because it is a by-product of training hard 5. Muscle Damage should not be chased as any damage beyond want you actually need for growth will only become counterproductive e.g. accumulation of fatigue, soreness etc 6. Muscle soreness has no direct relationship to muscle growth - #fitness #bodybuilding #personaltrainer #teamjps #muscles
Everyone starts somewhere...right? - I started in 2015! 😎 - 28 Years old🎂 4 Children 👦🏻👦🏻👦🏻👧🏻 (1 year postpartum🤰🏻) - I’ll save the topic of how my mental state was around that time for another post 🕒🕖🕘🕝 - This was 8 months before I started training with @jacobschepis_jps and @jpshealth_fitness - I was just as nervous walking into that back yard “gym” as I was when I first walked into the JPS studio. - * Don’t be afraid of being a beginner * Don’t quit * Don’t doubt yourself * There will be days you just can’t be bothered! Get up and do it anyways! * You will need to learn how to differentiate between motivation and discipline 🤔 - Get out of your comfort zone! #TEAMJPS
Clients of the week, the dream team @kobee43 and @faaaithh... - These two have been working alongside ahead Coach @frankiebes.pt for nearly 6 months now and have progressed not just in their strength, but their approach and enjoyment of the process. - Faith is down 6kg without any unnecessarily restrictive dieting or excessive amounts of exercise, whilst Kobe has gained 7kg and packed on some serious meat. - We love how supportive of each other they are, despite having different goals! - Thanks for making our #PortMelbourne studio all the more bubbly in the wee hours of the morning guys 👊🏼😎 - #TeamJPS #RaisingTheStandards - #fitness #fitcouples #couplegoals #strong #strength #lift #weights #gym #muscle #physique #bodybuilding #squat #bench #deadlift #glutes #hipthrust #personaltraining #melbourne
Dieting is not bodybuilding, and bodybuilding is not dieting... - I’ve spent the better part of 5 years in a surplus, that is more calories than the body requires to maintain itself. The result, I look a little more like a bodybuilder. - Why is it necessary to spend time in a surplus? - At a foundational level, it provides for an environment that affords our systems more than adequate resources (energy/amino acids in the context of hypertrophy) to: 👉🏼 Allow for progressively harder training; 👉🏼 Support recovery from that hard training; and 👉🏼 Aid adaptive processes resulting in tissue growth. - This will often mean you won’t look Instagram lean and must accept some additional fluff. - - In a contest prep or dieting phase, we simply peel back the layers and reveal the body we have built during our time at a surplus. - Losing fat isn’t bodybuilding, it’s body shrinking. Getting a little hefty at times and progressively training harder is indeed bodybuilding. #TeamJPS #Team3DMJ
This is my 165kg squat from the weekend. Weighing at only 76kg. Unfortunately it got called for depth. But nonetheless the strength is still there. 💪💪
not natty powerlifting lighting, waterload in full swing, cals punched pretty low...current condition around 67kg pretty cool to be only 3kg off stage weight.. although in a much better position this time mentally and physically to return to U/66kg for the Asia Pacifics comp Saturday! #powerlifting #teamjps
- 💥”POWERBUILDING 2 ”💥 - As discussed in previous post, its best to stick to either hypertrophy or strength block to optimally train for both. And its also better to start with hypertrophy training as muscle mass is a huge factor for making strength gains. - This is sunny, who im really proud of and he has been working with me over the last couple of months with minimal experience in the gym. Initially, his poor ankle mobility was a limiting factor to get into Dorsi flexion to be able to do a full depth squat. Therefore, we worked on his mobility and overloaded with leg press instead. - The volume from leg press helped him to grow & get stronger and it also helped him to improve his mobility as he practiced the movement with full range of motion - After few training blocks, we introduced back bar squats at a very low load to learn the skill of squatting. I knew the strength of leg press would carry over to squats so our marginal increase with the load was higher than usual. Auto-regulating was very appropriate and helped us to get to where we are now - On the third week of introducing back bar squats, we got up to 100 KG squat. Surprisingly, prior to this session, sunny had only done a total of 5 squat sessions in his life - Sunny has a lot to work on in regards to his technique and etc. However t neural adaptations occur a lot faster than muscle growth. He is going to focus on hypertrophy to later on get stronger! - #squats #powerlifting #bench #deadlifts #gym #strength #coach #bodybuilding #nutrition #diet #fatloss #muscle #fat #teamjps #powerbuilding
❗️The plank isn’t just an ‘ab’ exercise you throw into a workout just ‘coz’... - 🎯The plank trains the anterior core through an important function of the abdominals/core - anti extension. - 🌏Global extension and poor stability/strength of the core can lead to injury in big compound lifts, especially those which place compressive forces on the spine, such as squats and deadlifts. - Hot tip: learn how to plank correctly, by following this simple steps to ensure you just aren’t loading the joints, but are loading the muscles: 👉🏼 Slight knee bend, turning them out (externally rotate and abduct the hips). 👉🏼 Tuck your butt (posterior tilt) and squeeze your glutes. 👉🏼 Push your ribs to the ceiling (protracting your shoulders/scapulae). - ✅Give this a try for 2-3 sets of 30-45 seconds. - Don’t come crying to us when you have abs of steel 👊🏼 - 👉🏼Book your free consultation today to start working with our coaches and ensure you’re executing all of your lifts correctly! - #TeamJPS #RaisingTheStandards - #plank #abs #sixpack #shredded #fitness #fit #strong #strength #lift #weights #barbell #training #gym #muscle #physique #body #personaltraining #coaching #melbourne
Have you plateaued in your training? - Although there are many factors that could lead to a stall in your strength or muscle growth, the three most common reasons we see individuals stall are: 1️⃣ Not Training with enough volume/intensity to continually provide an overloading stimulus. 2️⃣ Doing too much volume or training with too high an intensity and not allowing for adequate recovery, which hinders their ability to see positive adaptations aka gains. 3️⃣ Training with too much complexity and following programs that are too advanced for your current training abilities. - Tag a mate who would find this useful! - To learn more about progressive overload check out our latest YouTube video with @jacobschepis_jps 👉🏼 link in our bio! - #TeamJPS #RaisingTheStandards - #fitness #strong #strength #gym #training #gym #progress #overload #muscle #physique #bodybuilding #powerlifting #performance #barbell #weightlifting #personaltraining #melbourne #onlinecoaching
In a world where many are not prepared.. there are a few who prevail, who solve problems, who weather any storm to restore Jamaica to the comforts they love... they are our linemen ... #TeamJPS #LinemanAppreciationWeek
Semangat berkumpulan 😅 #teamJPS #pekanbudaya2018
Tonight’s shoulder pump brought to you by @international_protein brutal energy!!! Brutal Energy High-Stim pre-workout is formulated with ingredients that provide mental and physical energy for any type of workout. It’s assists in boosting mental alertness and elevating mood to make pushing through a mentally tough session easy. Which is exactly what I needed to push through a double upper body session💪🏼 • • • • #fitness #fitnessmodel #sportsmodel #TeamJPS #JPS #ICN #icompetenatural #upperbodyworkout #delts #gym #TeamIP #InternationalProtein #bands #shoulders #sponsoredathlete #happy #build #jj #smile #fun #coach #RaisingTheStandards
Progressive overload... - Progressive overload and a calorie surplus to grow, no? - It ain’t that simple folks. - I’m yet to meet many coaches or athletes who truly grasp progressive overload for hypertrophy, myself included. - It’s a very nuanced and complex topic, but there are two things we know for sure: 1️⃣ Training must be progressive, that is it must be consistently/sequentially harder on average, over time. 2️⃣ Overload must be disruptive and stress your body beyond its current adapted state. - Many ways we can go about inducing an increased training stress, but again our focus must be on an overload in mechanical tension and metabolic stress. - In application, this means increasing intensity primarily in either load/effort (magnitude and duration of tension) and ensuring sufficient volume is present. Again of late, folk have focused on the later over the former. - Anyhow, tonight we got some serious overload happening. Squats 3x8/8/9 @ 170kg and Romanians at 3x10/10/12 @ 140kg. All of which are pushing the envelope in effort and load, and are both rep PBs. - Notice, it wasn’t just a single set I hit a PB on, but across multiple sets. This is kinda important as a proxy of measuring hypertrophy. - I haven’t felt this kind of pump/fullness in my legs for a long time. Not that I chase either, but it was an added bonus for sure. - New video to the YouTube channel covering progressive overload for hypertrophy, link in my bio! #TeamJPS
Self control is at the forefront of fat loss success... - No matter how well calculated your macros and calories are, or how optimal your meal composition and timing is, if you are unable to elicit control to restraint from over consumption of energy, you’re doomed. - So how do you improve self control to restrain from over eating? - 👉🏼Start small, set realistic habit focused goals to develop self efficacy such as water with each meal, mindful eating, chewing slowly and eating more fruits/vegetables; 👉🏼 Control the environments you spend the most amount of time in and make them conducive to supporting your diet, such as eradicating energy dense, highly palatable foods from your home/work environment and reducing the frequency of which you are exposed to temptation, such as after work drinks; 👉🏼 Centre your diet around non palatable foods, or at least minimise/eliminate foods that trigger over eating; 👉🏼 Inform family and friends of your goals and ask them to help you by not offering you food that isn’t aligned with your diet plan. - The smiling Glaswegian @matthewmccallum28 down 10kg since Jan. - To book your consultation, email hello@jpshealthandfitness.com.au - #TeamJPS #RaisingTheStandards - #physique #fatloss #bodybuilding #abs #sixpack #shredded #shred #muscle #fit #fitness #model #chest #biceps #train #strong #strength #barbell #personaltraining #melbourne
Working on my mind muscle connection... - Not a bad effort for 16 weeks of dieting and I’m pretty damn proud of how lean I’ve been able to get given all of the other commitments, duties and responsibilities I have. - It may seem narcissistic to some to roll up your shorts and flex thy buttocks, but man, anyone who has an appreciation for bodybuilding will understand what it takes to bring about some lines in the glutes. - Even in my first few competitive seasons, I never had a single line in my glutes. - It’s been a solid 5 years of hard training and eating at a surplus to bring about some muscle maturity in my legs, and what this symbolises is not my current condition, but my commitment to the sport. - Proud, but never satisfied is the name of the game. - #TeamJPS #Team3DMJ
💥”POWERBUILDING”💥 “Power-building” training has been a misconception within the fitness community. Obviously, everyone wants to get strong as possible while maximizing muscle growth. But is it possible to do both? Yes and no. - We all want to believe that we can do both optimally and the results of strength & hypertrophy is equal. However, in most cases, this is not true. If you really want to become a better lifter, maximize growth and strength, its best to focus on one. Because focusing on both will slow down the progress. - Although, there are rare cases that you can optimally progress! For example its not unusual for a novice to get stronger and grow at the same time. But for majority of population, its best to stick to one option. - So, now that we know we should focus on one, is it better to start with hypertrophy or strength. We know (for now) that primary factors for strength gains are: 1- More cross sectional muscle mass 2-positive neural adaptions from training This means that more muscle mass will increase strength. - Even though, there may be some correlation within increased strength leading (indirectly) to hypertrophy, its best to stick to hypertrophy in the initial phase of training life to build the work capacity which can later be used to increase strength in future. - This can be related to most powerlifting programs where they start with high volume and increase intensity as time goes by. - So long story short, stick to one (either strength or hypertrophy) and if you want to make optimal gains in both, start with building muscle. - Should also give credit to @hot_and_dongerous as we had multiple discussions about this #squats #powerlifting #bench #deadlifts #gym #strength #coach #bodybuilding #nutrition #diet #fatloss #muscle #fat #teamjps #powerbuilding
Talking all things squats in tonight’s mentorship session... - Some key takeaways from the session for you guys: 👉🏼 Do you need to squat? 👉🏼 Different variants of the squat (low bar/high bar/front) have different mobility/stability requirements. 👉🏼 Set up is key: tension and starting position are paramount. 👉🏼 There are two primary objectives in the squat: vertical bar path (in most cases) and maintenance of centre of mass. 👉🏼 Efficiency equals safety, and a safe squat is a strong squat. 👉🏼Execution is a balance between speed and control. The faster you are, the stronger you’ll be, if control isn’t compromised. The slower you move, the better you’ll learn. 👉🏼 Speed of execution should take into account level of advancement and skill acquisition. 👉🏼 Cues are not throw away, generic terms. They should hold meaning and purpose to elicit a desired focal point in technique/execution. 👉🏼 If the bar ain’t bending, you’re just pretending. And should practice squatting. - These guys continually blow me away with how quickly they are learning and how passionate they are. - It certainly makes for an enjoyable session and productive learning environment. #TeamJPS
The illusion of getting lean! - Featured is coach @the_strength_student who is in preparation for the stage in September. - On the left is Aaron at 84kg just 11 weeks ago. - This morning, Aaron is now 8kg lighter, but looks a good 5kg heavier. - This is the illusion that comes with losing body fat. As you lose fat tissue, more lines, cuts, striations and veins appear, revealing lean tissue and creating the illusion that an individual has gotten bigger or put on muscle. - The reality is, it is highly unlikely that Aaron gained any muscle tissue. At best he has maintained his size and lost exclusively fat tissue. - Over the past 5 weeks we have increased his average weekly calorie intake from an average of 2500kcal all the way up to 3000kcal and he’s continued to fill up in all the right places and drop some further weight. - Time to hang tight, maintain and coast along for a few months before getting into the nitty gritty of the prep. - Want to work with our coaches? - Email hello@jpshealthandfitness.com.au. - #TeamJPS #RaisingTheStandards - #bodybuilding #physique #lifting #weights #gym #strong #muscle #abs #strength #barbell #muscle #arms #chest #personaltrainig #onlinecoaching #melbourne
How to bring up lagging muscle groups! - When it comes to physique development, a common question we are asked is - how do I train weak points? - Firstly, form, form, form! One of the primary reasons a muscle group can become underdeveloped is due to poor form and rep execution. Start to work on improving your mind muscle connection for that muscle group and really nail the technique and skill of contracting hard against external load. - Second is program design. Often the variables within your program will need to prioritise the lagging muscle group. This means looking to how frequently your training it, how much volume and the intensity it is trained at. Similarly, exercise selection and order can play a big role in bringing up weak points. Ensuring the muscle is trained through all of its functions and is prioritised early in the workout to ensure fatigue isn't a limiting factor can go a long way! - The third reason weak points may arise is over dominance of strong points. That is, the program is emphasising strong points too much, not allowing the lagging muscle to catch up! - Fourth, genetics can play a big role in why a muscle group isn't growing as quickly as others. This is not an excuse, as hypertrophy can still occur even if your genetics are rubbish; you just need to work that little bit smarter and harder! - Finally, to maximise hypertrophy you must be in a calorie surplus, with sufficient protein intake. If you're trying to pick up weak points but are in an energy deficit, you'll likely spin your wheels! - And, in desperate times, desperate measure may need to be taken, so don't be limited the science established practice and the norm when it comes to lagging muscle groups! Push the limits and trial different methods and approaches! - Tag a friend who has small calves! - #TeamJPS #RaisingTheStandard - #bodybuilding #powerlifting #fitness #strength #strong #lift #gym #physique #training #lean #muscle #squat #bench #abs #ripped #aesthetic #deadlift #lean #iifym #flexibledieting #inspiration #motivation #muscle #results #personaltrainer #melbourne #portmelbourne #airportwest #portmelbournebeach
(Swipe right for today’s training footage & music.) • It’s funny: after ten years of lifting - much of that spent being criticized for supposedly training too light and in a generally overcomplicated manner - this year I’ve found myself naturally gravitating toward progressively simpler, more efficient training. For example, here’s what I did tonight (targeted muscles are in parentheses): * 1 x 15 single-arm cable pushback (triceps) * 1 x 15 single-arm high cable curl (biceps / elbow flexors) * 1 x 20 unweighted elbow flexion/extension (biceps & triceps) * 1 x 5 squat (quads & glutes) * 1 x 8 deadlift (hamstrings, glutes, spinal erectors) * 1 x 15 dumbbell walking lunge (quads, glutes) * 1 x 12 lying leg curl (hamstrings) * 1 x 8 standing calf raise (pecs 😉) * 1 x 50 seconds long-lever plank (abs) This may not seem like much, but given the quality of almost every single rep, I could tell I was right on the verge of my MRV, and I was pretty crushed after the session. While, admittedly, I don’t have the greatest work and recovery capacities, I think the fact I’ve made (arguably very) good progress with this kind of simplified, low-volume training speaks to the fact you don’t have to beat the crap out of yourself to make gains. #LiftingForLife #NoBullshitBodybuilding #TeamJPS #SuccessThroughSimplicity
Here is ‘Little One’ hitting her 1RM of 75kg at 52kg BW. And as you can tell, there was both relief and happiness post lift. A few days earlier we competed at the JPS Open 3, but after weighing in 300g over her weight class, I made the decision to aim to make it. Insert here all the tactics coaches and athletes use to make weight, and we did, but the adverse affects of the cut affected Racquel’s performance on the platform. Very unlucky, but not something extraordinary, it happens. We’ve since discussed this and mapped out how we will approach her next Comp in the second half of the year. But knowing how great Racquel’s prep went, I knew she had this lift in her, so I made her give it a shot post Comp - and as you can see, she got it! Lessons learned and gains to be made 👊💪 @racqueljean_
Learning to lift... - It’s often the case that when trying to achieve improvements in muscularity or strength we are immediately drawn to the complexities of resistance training and nutrition. - We seek out advanced techniques, methods or protocols and pursue an approach that is often either unnecessary or inappropriate given our current level of advancement. - More often than not, we even fail to recognise that before applying the science of muscle growth or strength, we must first learn how to move with sound form and understand what that means, and looks like. - I know that this was the case for me when I first got into lifting. - From advanced overloading techniques, perpetually program hopping, lifting with horrendous form and seeking out the ever illusory ‘optimal’ plan, I span my wheels for years! - It wasn’t until I learnt the basics, focused on their mastery that I really started to see progress in both my physique and strength. - That’s why I put together the @jpshealth_fitness Learn To Lift strength training workshop. - To break down resistance training to its core, and teach the fundamentals of hypertrophy, strength, biomechanics, lifting technique and program design. - We have a few tickets left to our next workshop on the 28th of April at our Port Melbourne facility. - Tickets are available via the link in my bio, so come on down for your dose of brain gains! #TeamJPS
💪 Comp Recap 💪 Competing at Top Lifter II at @liftperformancecentre on Sunday. I went 7 for 9 with a 392.5kg total weighing in at 76.7kg. 🥇which got me first place in the -84kg class. - 3kg lighter than my last competition in January and I maintained my total. - Squats: ✅150kg, ✅157.5kg, ❎165kg which I missed on depth. - Bench: ✅65kg, ✅70kg, ❎75kg which just wasn’t there on the day. - Deadlift: ✅145kg, ✅157.5kg and ✅165kg. My third attempt was an absolute grinder but was so much fun. - I had such an amazing experience competing my first time in Australia and finally having my coach with me after working online together for 18 months. #TeamJPS @jacobschepis_jps
Perform-Assess-Correct- Today I was taking to a client how easy it is to “cheat” on the exercises that look “so simple”. Our body is always gonna find the way to get us from point A to B, but many times this will mean taking the easiest and shortest path, using muscles and motions that aren’t correct the ones. Even if you think you’re doing everything with the most pristine form it doesn’t hurt to re assess from time to time how you’re performing your lifts. It might be tedious for some but by recording yourself you can get good feedback that won’t only allow you to lift better and build more muscle but also to remain injury free for the most part! #noegolifting #laupersonaltrainer #teamjps #fitness #fitnessgoals #fitnessjourney #lats #latsfordays #backday #bringingsexyback #puttheffortin #workoutoftheday #workouttime #workhard #exercisetechnique #techniqueisking #fitness #fitnessgoals #fitnessjourney #personaltrainer #entrenamiento #entrenadorapersonal #diadeespalda #entrenamientopersonalizado #gimnasio #pesas #rowing #pumpingiron #liftingweights
Have you... - Been banging away in the gym for hours on end each week, for months and years, but still aren’t where you want to be? - Constantly training through or around injuries? - Not feeling the right muscle groups when you’re lifting? - Confused about how to put together a program that will maximise your efforts in the gym? - Look no further and join our Learn To Lift strength training workshop. - Link for tickets in our bio! - #TeamJPS #RaisingTheStandards #Learn2Lift - #strength #training #gym #fitness #fit #powerlifting #muscle #physique #bodybuilding #squat #bench #deadlift #weights #barbell #personaltraining #coaching #melbourne
First time coaching my long term online client and sister from another mister @htopp_powerlifting in the flesh... - After working together for 18 months online and coaching her through 5 meets via correspondence, today was truly epic. - 7/9 narrowly missing her third attempt on the squat (featured 165kg) and a 75kg bench and smoked 3/3 on the deadlift with a conservative 165kg to come out in first place in the u/84kg. - It’s days like today that reaffirm why I love what I do so much and how I truly appreciate the relationships forged through the iron! - Special mention to my online nutrition client @stephlara_ who showed some serious guts and determination today despite a last minute sauna session in @_mattbartholomew ’s Honda Civic. To pull off the cut and go 9/9 goes to show why you will be one of Australia’s best! #TeamJPS
The recipe for muscle growth? - Just like baking a cake, building muscle requires not just the raw ingredients, but a number of core competencies and skills before the cooking process begins. - These weren’t included in the graphic but are equally as important to your end result: 👉🏼 Buy in to the process; 👉🏼 Learn how to train hard and rest; 👉🏼 Learn how to lift with good form on a number of movements and master basic movement patterns; 👉🏼 Learn how to evaluate and assess your progress. - Once you are competent in the kitchen per se, then it’s time to start baking that cake 🍰. - Over time, with patience, perseverance and some blood, sweat, love and tears you’ll have created a cake so damn big, juicy and delicious, the IG fam will be questioning your natty status! - If you want to watch more on this, check out our latest YouTube video on how to design a program for hypertrophy! - #TeamJPS #RaisingTheStandards - #hypertrophy #musclegrowth #lift #weights #gym #physique #bodybuilding #strong #strength #fit #fitness #abs #chest #legs #back #barbell #personaltraining #melbourne
New block, week 1 day 4...set 3 shown. Nothing special...but im gonna be calling these the Lucky set from now on 🤗 "Build that sweep and make your competitors eyes weap" is all I was thinking during every rep @lucky_hatzipantelis 😁 - - #weareallgonnamakeit #roadtoshredded #TEAMJPS #JPS #bodybuilder #passion #dedication #emotion #health #fitness #fitfam #goals #driven #doublebiceps #naturalbodybuilder #aesthetic #roadtoshredded #icn #anb @jpshealth_fitness
My social media hiatus for 7 days was refreshing to say the least. - Some ‘soul’ searching if you will, being more present and in tune with my daily happenings, some free time to myself and one hell of a productive week. - Not to mention it allowed me to come to a very big realisation (which I cannot reveal just yet)... - It’s amazing what happens when you disconnect from the digital world and your mind isn’t constantly cluttered with noise. - I recommend you all give the digital detox a crack. Even if it’s for 24 hours or a few days, it’ll be worth it. - For now, I’m back and there’s a new video on the @jpshealth_fitness YouTube channel on how to perform hamstring curls properly, cause I know y’all mirin the wheels. Link is in my bio! - #TeamJPS #Team3DMJ
Just sitting on the dumbell rack at @jpshealth_fitness Port Melbourne, having a laugh and pointing at each other...why do bodybuilders always do the "point pose" 😂 - #TEAMJPS #JPS - - - - - #bodybuilders #doingwhatbodybuildersdo #pointpose #laugh #lol #dumbells #gains #arms #aesthetics #gymlife #fitfam #fitlife #science #learning #flex #photo #phoyooftheday #picofyheday #instapic #growth
-Nothing can teach a weak back that being stronger is better than movements which both requiere and produce that STRENGTH- Mark Rippetoe I don’t think I have a weak back, I’ve pulled and squatted twice my bodyweight when doing Strong By @bretcontreras1 Bret, and I’m sure that strenght is still there and that it may have increased too. Letting those little niggles heal while progressively and patiently adding load and confidence to my lifts is my focus. First session in weeks not having any discomfort prior, during or after my training on a deadlift day! ❤️ #laupersonaltrainer #begrateful #teamjps #strongbybret #fitnessjourney #fitnessgoals #activelife #activeliving #deadlift #mindset #mindovermatter #barbelltraining #painisweaknessleavingthebody #patience #flexfriday #enjoyyourday #bestoftheday
- 💥This is one of those situations where im happy & frustrated at the same time 💥 - My boy, @andrepelser_ and i have been working together for couple of months now. After doing couple of hypertrophy blocks, we decided to test his strength on bench and our goal was to hit that 120 mark - Before working with me, his best bench was around 100 Kg but our goal was to increase that to 120 Kg. Essentially, with high volume we increased his muscle mass & made some positive neural adaptations along the way. The strength block was a way to improve his skill of benching and to track our progress. This is not an ideal way to test hypertrophy progress but as Andre is a bro inside, i decided to give him a chance - Unfortunately, on the day of the testing, i was not with him and as a result, he had to ask for a spotter to assist him. He successfully performed his first and second attempt. However, on the third attempt(shown in video) the spotter decided to assist him because “it was moving slow” - I honestly think andre definitely would have had the lift but either ways, he has improved his overall aesthetics and got away with a bench PR. So i could not be more proud of this boy but moral of the story is don’t let “anyone” spot you... - #squats #powerlifting #bench #deadlifts #gym #strength #coach #bodybuilding #nutrition #diet #fatloss #muscle #fat #teamjps #lift #benchpress
The MS Bandits are back at it! - Our long term client Rosa has battled with multiple sclerosis for years and we are rallying around her to show our support for this more than worthy cause! - We’ll let Rosa take it from here... - “I was diagnosed with MS back in August 2014.  MS is an invisible illness that effects everyone in many different ways.  I am lucky and it doesn’t effect me as much as it effects others with MS. Everyday you wake up not knowing how you are going to feel, some days I am easily fatigued others I could run a marathon.  I try my hardest to stay active walking everyday and personal training each week.  I have a great personal trainer from JPS Health and fitness (Samuel Schepis), who pushes me to train and provides me with a training program to meet my needs.” - We would love for you all to show Rosa the JPS spirit and ask that you donate a small sum to help her and the Best MS Bandits raise funds for the MS Melbourne Cycle and half marathon this weekend! - The link is in our bio guys, you know what to do! ❤️👊🏼 - #TeamJPS #RaisingTheStandards - #beatMS #multiplesclerosis #fitness #health
5 weeks until @paddyt88 steps on stage. Alot more to come... - #fitness #bodybuilding #muscle #teamjps #bodybuilder
Client of the week @_sashapatrick_ 👊🏼 - In just under a month since joining our #PortMelbourne team, big Sash has come leaps and bounds in her confidence in the gym. - Originally, Sasha was only committed to 2x sessions per week, but was quick to fall in love with the progress she was making and has since moved to 4 sessions (2 with our coaches and 2 solo) to capitalise on her motivation and newbie gains! - Having chronic neck/shoulder pain, Sash was fearful of getting hurt when training, and rightly so! - We devised a plan for her that consists of mobility and control work for her scapulae/shoulder whilst including key compound lifts that don’t exacerbate her existing injury and allow for a sufficient training effect to build muscle in all the right places. - Just 3 weeks ago she was squatting body weight and learning how to control her pelvis. Fast forward 6 sessions and she’s already onto the big girl weights and moving with impeccable form! - Way to go Sash, you rock sister 🤘🏼 - To book your consultation with our coaches, email hello@jpshealthandfitness.com.au - #TeamJPS #RaisingTheStandards - #fitness #squat #strong #chickswholift #fit #strength #legs #workout #muscle #physique #personaltraining #melbourne
This weeks cliff notes on @jpshealth_fitness Podcast Episode #38 ..... In this episode bossman @jacobschepis_jps discusses all things related to PCOS, Menopause and Female Psychology with the Lyle McDonald 🙋🏼‍♀️ Check out the full interview via the link in the @jpshealth_fitness bio and subscribe to the channel for more informative content #teamjps #raisingthestandard
PCOS, Menopause and Female Psychology... - Queen @leanlikelizpt is back with her podcast cliffs on our interview with Lyle McDonald! - Check out the full interview via the link in our bio and subscribe to the channel for me informative content! - #TeamJPS #RaisingTheStandards - #bodybuilding #physique #fitness #fit #female #strong #chickswholift #weights #muscle #model #abs #bikini #training #gym #personaltraining #melbourne
The seemingly impossible became a reality last Sunday, the illusive 200kg Deadlift that I never thought was possible, purely through lack of self belief and patience there for never worked at to my full capacity. - And on the day it moved with such ease we could even say there was plenty more there - I take from this something I have learnt more so over the last 2yrs in business and some extensive self development - Slow down, learn/act/reflect/repeat, do the work and most of all be patient. - #nexusstrong - #powerlifting #selfbelief #business #strength #challengeyourself #powerliftingaustralia #teamjps
One week to go for #ExpoJamaica 2018, and the #JPSEnergySolutions Team is excited to be on board as an exhibitor and proud sponsor of the Caribbean's largest trade show! Be sure to visit our booth, we'll have amazing deals and special offers, and our Energy Experts will be there and available to discuss sustainable energy solutions for your home and office! #ExpoJamaica2018 #ExpoJa #SeeYouThere #TeamJPS 💡
A bittersweet birthday for @gx81pellegrino. Shout out to the @petersenmuseum for choosing the right day to have it picked up. (Happy Birthday Daniel!) • • • #TeamJPS #KaidoRacer #Kaido #Zokusha #Shakotan #Kyusha #OldCar #Yankii #Hishura #Sharknose #Livery #OldSchool #TinyWheelGang #SSR #80s #90s #RunSlow #Madeinthe80s #Madeinthe90s
Are protein shakes important for muscle growth? Short answer is NO - Protein shakes DO have their place and can come in handy...however, they are by no means necessary for muscle growth or to maximise the muscle protein synthetic response to resistance training - This is very simple stuff, in depth article coming soon - #fitness #bodybuilding #health #teamjps #protein #muscle
The lads dominated the JPS Open last Sunday, with some stellar lifting and sportsmanship... - @jarrodxtesta made the cut from 82kg down to the 74kg class and maintained his Wilks whilst also hitting a lifetime@PB of 200kg on the deadlift. - Online client big Nicko @nick_nexusph ventured down from whoop whoop and had a superb day on the platform. 8/9 with a 12.5kg on both the squat and deadlift, also hitting his first ever 200kg deadlift! - Big Sai had a gutsy performance with 7/9 and a also came away with a PB on the deadlift with 180kg. - Finally, @alexhayes_lift who teamed up with @jacobschepis_jps to handle his nutrition for this meet put up a great fight all day long under coach @5trong just missing a 282.5kg deadlift by a bee’s you know what! - Well done lads, now it’s time to eat, grow and become less weak! - #TeamJPS #RaisingTheStandards - #powerlifting #powerliftingaustralia #strong #strength #fitness #fit #squat #bench #deadlift
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