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goodnight @hannahstocking
expectation vs reality @hannahstocking
lele's attempt at being sexy @lelepons
wow i'm so damn inactive im sorry @lelepons
Why girls go to the bathroom in pairs FOLLOW ME @LELEPONC FOR MORE
Girls thirsty for a guys attention gone too far FOLLOW ME @LELEPONC FOR MORE FUNNY VIDEOS
Bien plus que des coll癡gues 歹 #teamLele
All girls think their boyfriend is better i miss @inanna
Meda masa depan #lelepons #lele #teamlele #sunday
@lelepons vs. pigeon and SpongeBob vs. Plankton (my edit)
When you take Trick or Treating too seriously @lelepons @hannahstocking @adamw @eljuanpazurita @juanpa @spence @directedbystro
(Lele liked 歹) AWARD: winner wins a edit with she/he together with Lele about Halloween theme WINNERS: @lelestocking @sitinirmalatalib @town_49 @bribriliegh I've sent you a message to have your photo that you would I edit and to agree. (4 winners because two of you had the same number of votes) Congrats! And thanks to all to have participated! 儭
@lelepons with her mom 歹 How much this family is nice?!
@lelepons proud of you 儭
Today #pokemon theme! Do you like it? @hannahstocking @lelepons (My edit)
3 of people that I adore! I hope so much in a comedy video all together with @hannahstocking @lelepons @fedez and @chiaraferragni Magari anche con Leone. Vi adoro ragazzi!
I love this photo!
@lelepons always beautiful and my favourite model儭
My Halloween version. My edit @lelepons @eljuanpazurita
Credits: @omarrrmt @lelepons
My edit. It is not perfect but, I've tried. @lelepons with @thesimpsons 's family!
My special edit with @lelepons and @chiaraferragni #ferragnons (?)
Lele, get well soon! We will see you smile! Come on girl, we are with you 芬歹 . READ : ~I know that Lele's fan love her from all the world, but this post is BASED ON ONLY ANSWERS AT MY STORY "WHERE ARE YOU FROM?" of two days ago. I want see nationality of my followers, ONLY IN THIS PAGE to make this picture. I CAN'T KNOW NATIONALITY of people that AREN'T ANSWERED in my story, I'm not a clairvoyant and I CAN'T INVENT nationality that might not be in this page. So, now you've understood because I haven't put ALL States of the world. If you State isn't write, writes his name on the comments. Thanks for attention ~ . Tag @lelepons in the comment please 鳶鳶 Lele, we love you (IN THIS PAGE) from all the WORLD! 歹 Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Oceania. Only penguins from Antarctica are missing #leleweloveyoufromallworld
My big complete edit is finished The squad 歹 See this guys! @lelepons @montanatucker @hannahstocking @iamstevenspence @stevenspence2 @eljuanpazurita @juanpa @twan @twann2 @inanna @rudymancuso @anwar @chaslaughlin @julissa_prado #myeditforlelessquad Please tag Lele and other in the comments
#leleponsmyeditforu Ho fatto questo edit 漎儭 per voi gi da tanto tempo, mi dispiace molto che tu non lo abbia mai visto Lele. un edit a cui tengo moltissimo perch矇 ci ho messo davvero tutta la mia creativit e fantasia, ed 癡 uscito un bel lavoro. Guardalo, ti prego, ci provo da tantissimo tempo a fartelo vedere. Spero ti accorgerai di questo commento. Ti adoro 領歹 . . . My edit with my favourite squad 歹 @lelepons @hannahstocking @eljuanpazurita @juanpa @twan @twann2 Tag @lelepons on comments please, I'm trying about much time to see to her #leleponsmyeditforu
I don't want to earn my living, I want to live #karenjitkauronzee5 . . . #gymsharkwomen #teamlele
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