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EMOTIONAL FEELINGS I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANY LONGER I rep my people on this one,we can only fight for ourself #show some luv #Rebroadcast ...Nigeria independence day @58
Name: Ekwe Ndi Igbo ji anya isi. @techno_mobile #technomobileng #nigeriaat58 #indipendanceday
Techno Mobile We personal love the L Series here at @techsupportng #NIGERIA ABUJA πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬#TECHNOMOBILENG πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬ #TECHSUPPORTNG πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬
Saw this wonderful clip in my phone of this Little people with great potentials. I love their courage and boldness #technomobileng #phonephotography #phone #mobilephotograhy @thepowerofyounigeria @nesiffellows @child_of_grace__ @leadersoftomorrow___
THREE YEARS REMEMBRANCE MISS YOU MUM........ ......My sweet mother abiamo dada, Iya oninure. I really miss you forever for your prayer,advice and your effort. .......It's exalt 3years today that you have slept in Christ on (9th of September 2015) # Mrs Florence Taiwo Akintola Your husband Mr Solomon Akintola and entire family,your children, sibling,cousin love and miss you till eternity. We love you but god Love you most, continue to rest in the blossom of almighty. ..... Love you miss you mum : # Didun ni iranti olodo : # Iya oninu ire : # oniwa Pele : # masun ni aya olugbala
Motigbana olamide just remind me back in the day when we are dancing galala, thank for taking us back to ajegunle dance... Omo this thing still dey for body
#RepreneursNews ... Techno Mobile Nigeria @tecnomobileng announces the finalists to the #LightUpYourDream2018 ! edition. These 20 people stand a chance to win fabulous prizes at the grand finale come July 31st, 2018. Congratulations to all the finalists. ... ... Regrann from @tecnomobileng - If you can identify yourself on this list, Congratulations! You made it to the final stage of the TECNO Spark 2 #LightUpYourDream2018 ! Come July 31st, 2 people on this list will win N1m each and TECNO Spark 2, 8 people will win Spark 2 and 10 people will win Rechargeable Fan. Wait! They will not be the only winners. We will be giving out Spark 2 to a lucky fan invited to the Grand Finale. Tell us why you should earn a ticket to witness the Grand Finale!!! #Spark2LightUp - #regrann ... #News #Update #Passion #Dream #BetterLife #GreatLifestyles #Winners #Finalists #TechnoMobileNg ... #Repreneurs ...Promoting Entrepreneuship Globally!
#Murkreminisce Another Dope Vibe #Lyrics With Video
Jbliss Irunmole # Mr Belliwuva ...Is finally Out With Another New Dimension You Gonna Wait To Feel This Vibes Another Crazy Move Dope Track ...is About to ......Banging Out in a jiffy Tittle: # Jeun ninu Poo From :Jbliss Mr Belliwuva Pls Be Anticipate # Wave to dope # lyrics to nflow # Irunmole fe jeun ninu poo
Eyin aye eboyin nimo gbewa
My name is dammy ife, am a student of nubapoly. My dream is to become a successful blast business man in Nigeria and then extend to the world. I will use the 1million naira for trading business if I probably be the winner of it. I will celebrate this success with d less privileges, I mean it.so help me God. #lightupyourdream2018 #technomobileng
My name is harmony, I'm a student of nuhu bamalli polytechnic Zaria, my dream is to be a graphics designer and also a music minister,I will invest in multimedia particularly video production, when I win I will celebrate with family and business partners. #Lightupyourdream2018 #Technomobileng
@tecnomobileng #LightUpYourDream2018 #LightUpCelebration @lasisielenu - My name is Ademu, Job Ugbedeojo, am from Kogi State and a trained microbiologist. - My dream is to make healthy consumer products from cashew apples. - Kogi State where am from is one of the major producers of cashew, efforts have been made over the years to utilize the cashew nut. How be it, very little had been done to utilize the cashew apples and Kogi State alone losses over 50 Billion Naira annually from he lose of this cashew apples. - This is a major problem in Kogi State and other cashew producing state of Nigeria, my dream is to make healthy consumer products like : Cashew wine, cashew juice, jam, jelly, bagasse, pomace, phytochemicals, additives for animal feeds and other by-products of cashew apple on an industrial scale. - This dream of mine will create jobs for hundreds of Nigerians including the rural dwellers and provide and economic potential for farmers, entrepreneurs, so as to meet up with the global market demand, retain market shares, add to GDP of the country, alleviate poverty and as well help in coping with the rapidly emerging competition in world market. #TogetherWithTecnoLetsSparkThisDreamToReality Let's do this people!πŸ’›πŸ™Œ - HOW I WILL CELEBRATE I will make an appreciation video to show my well wishers and those who believed in my dream by double tapping and commenting on this post that what they believed has become a reality and to tell them I love them from my heart, I will also thank #technomobileng for this opportunity to spark ✨ and light πŸ’‘ up my dream, I will then call my team members together and share team Kudo and begin implementation immidiately. Finally I will buy one Tecno Spark 2 to kicks start necessary take off operations. #Dream #reality #entrepreneurs #entrepreneuship @tecnomobileng @lasisielenu @get_repost Much Love 😍!
Benjamin yero I'm a student of Kaduna state university My dream is to win the #1000000 naira Bakery business I will like to cellebrete it with my causemates #lightupyourdream2018 #technomobileng
My name is Keziah Jangado Am a student of Kaduna State University My dream is to become a professional photographer I will use the 1Million Naira to pay my last school fees and go for photograph training(professional) then buy a good camera and kick off I will celebrate with my family and put my tithe in church #lightupyourdream2018 #Technomobileng
My name is Thelma Moses. Am a student of kaduna state university. My dearm is to become a fashion designer. To start up my fashion business. I will roll on the floor if I win the money and thank God for it. #lightupyourdream2018 #technomobileng
Jael Jonathan. Am a student of kaduna state university (Bsc political science).my dream is to become a politican.cosmetic business. I will celebrate with family and friends.#lightupyourdream2018 .#technomobileng
My name is Gamaliel Danladi, lam a student of Kaduna state university department of economics. My dream to be a fashion designer,if I win the one million I all open a fashion complex.I will celebrate it with my family and give God the glory and testified his Glory on me. #lightupyourdream2018 #technomobileng
My names Shem bahago I am a student kaduna state university I will use the one million for large scale farming(green house agriculture) I will celebrate with first techno mobile Nigeria officials. #lightupyourdream2018 , #technomobileng
My name is Constance Christian Atagbu and I'm a 300 level student of English and literary studies in the University of Calabar. My dream is to grow and expand my wig making business. This is such a big deal for me. Honestly the first thing I would do is give back to the society. I will empower other people by teaching them the art of wig making and hair maintenance at an affordable rate. I will support them by guiding them and giving out free wig making kit as a way of empowering them and impacting in their lives . Every wig in the video is my work and you can see more by simply checking @headenvy Thank you very much for this wonderful opportunity to express myself and make my dreams come true. Thank you in advance for this chance ❀. Please help me like, share and repost so I can make this dream a really. Remember to mention friends too, thank you so much. I know I can count on you❀ @tecnomobileng @lasisielenu @mercyjohnson @realmercyaigbe #technomobileng @headenvy #lightupyourdreams #lightupyourdreams2018 #lightupyourdreams2018 #lightupmydream #nigerian #repost #followtrain #calabar #headenvy #calabarwigseller #calabarwigmaker #calabarwigs #wigwow #wigs #wigmaker #wigsincalabar #wigsinlagos #wigging #wigout #lightupyourdream #lightupcelebration #enterpreneur #nigeria #pisces
My name is Elijah Adekunle, I'm a pianist, vocal coach, music producer and a song writer... My dream is to have a record label,studio rehearsal, recording studio,help those who are talented, support as many as possible #lightupyourdream2018 #lightupcelebration @lasisielenu @tecnomobileng I have alot to dispense In the Music Industry ...#lagos #technomobileng #lightupyourdream #lightupyourdreamproject #lightupyourdreams
My dream as a fashion designer is to have a big shop full of different sewing machines and employ people to work for me and also I will like to have a fashion school to train people . If #TechnoMobileNg can give me a million naira that means my dream comes true and I will be grateful. #lightupyourdream2018 #lightupcelebration
Good day everyone. Anty @realmercyaigbe , my name is Ejibunu Mercy Helidiiam. A fashion designer. My dream is to own one of the largest fashion industry in Nigeria. With 1million naira, am a step ahead. I will register my business, get a space for my work which can accommodate students, and purchase industrial sewing machines, weaving machine, to mention a few. I will be glad and more than happy if this opportunity does not elude me. Thanks and God bless you ma. #lightupyourdream2018 #lightupcelebration #technomobileng
Hello everyone, my name is Arekamhe Elizabeth, graduate of Afe Babalola university. I'm a food blogger and chef. Due to the busy schedule in Lagos, people hardly have time to go out to eat, i become a bridge by delivering healthy meal ranging from breakfast to lunch to their offices and make soups and sauces in large quantity for families. I currently run this from the kitchen in my house which is not really a good working environment neither is it that spacious. My dream is to own a restaurant that can incorporate healthy foreign meal into our Nigerian lifestyle which in turn would improve the state of health and wealth in Nigeria by creating more job opportunities for others. I believe if I win this one million naira, I'll be a step closer to completing my dream. #lightupyourdream #technomobileng #lightupcelebration #lasisielenu #lagos #abuad #calabarcorper #tomike_a #realmercyaigbe @technomobileng #lightupyourdream2018 Pls like and share
I dream alot but Everytime I dream big, I sometimes wonder how I'm going to achieve it. If I win #1m , it will be my stepping stone towards achieving my dreams. I will go back to my make-up learning which I was unable to finish some years back due to my financial issues and I will use the remaining money to start my business as a makeup artist and also sell make-up products#lightupyourdream2018 #light up celebration #TechnomobileNg @lasisielenu
Took the crowd home @technomobileindia #technomobileng
#Lightupyourdreams2018 My name is Emmanuel Uchenna, an Engineering student of University of Benin, Ugbowo campus, Benin City, Edo state, Nigeria. A native Of Ezza South LGA, Ebonyi state. Giving me a million Naira will be a turning around in My life, I'm a person who uses money to make more money aside being a student. I'll invest the money in Artificial Intelligence (AI) knowing fully well that coming 2020, that Robots will be in much demands, 60% of the world based on analysis will be in need of Robotics Because it saves money. Let's look at it this way, will you prefer to employ workers who you'll be paying monthly or will you rather get a robot at a higher cost but on a long run, you're earning more net Profit. Thanks #TechnomobileNG #lightupcelebration @TechnomobileNg #Lightupyourdream2018 Friends, please click on the LinK below to like my comment https://www.instagram.com/p/BkNDWXmBhEX/
#clearselfiecontest ..i love taking selfie ....techno products all the way ...#camonxselfiecontest please love....#technomobileng
#clearselfiecontest ..i love taking selfie ....techno products all the way ...#camonxselfiecontest please love....#technomobileng
Selfie with me and my hommies #clearselfiecontest #lagos state polytechnic #technomobileng . Just like my picture. God blesd
Art is only beautiful when your mind can interpret the beauty. Live life and live free #happygirl #technomobileng #camonx
Time out with friends, No professional camera.. No problem, Capture unforgettable moments with #camonx #camonxclearselfie #technomobileng
Don't wait for change, create the change that you want. #clearselfiecontest #camonxclearselfie #technomobileng #YYCRealityshow #warriupdate
Lets win this....like, repost and tag someone #clearselfiecontest #technomobileng #camonxclearselfie
#clearselfiecontest we gonna give it a try CU's we up #technomobileng
See why I don't see some messages. . Help me beg themn @tecnomobileng the #camoncx department. I have 9 gig free space on external SD card, somebody please tell them to release my messages. . Memory's not full. . . . I had better add the #phanthom8 to my wish list. This memory palava won't let someone be great. . . . . #jadorecakesng #phantom8 #technomobileng #gadgetissues #phone #memoryfull
Amazing or nothing... #JourneyToGreatness #technomobileng
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