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Its both #nationalsiblingday and #nationalfarmanimalsday so we thought this image was perfect to fit them both! @gracie.stout did one of our “So You Wanna Be A Star” sessions and divided it into a summer and fall session. During the last one, we took a few minutes to capture some of family images in their pasture, surrounded by the cattle, at sunset. These are some of my favorite family images of all time, and everything came together for perfection! Every senior session we offer comes with a complementary family session, whether you do it at the same time or a year down the road. We’re so grateful the Stout family let us help tell their story! Surprising fact... this set took 17 minutes start to finish! We had 10 different poses, including some of just Gracie! Some of my best family sessions have been completed in under 20 minutes....remind your dad and brothers of that if they hate taking pics. #family #familyphotography #ranchfamily #lovewhatmatters #agvocate #tellyourfamilystory #ranchphotography #reallife #nebraskasunset #nebraskaphotographer #kccreationsseniors #kccreationsfamilies #certifiedprofessionalphotographer
This little guy is now a big brother! Shout out to my awesome clients who are now a party of 4. Wishing this awesome mom and dad all of the sleep and sanity they can get. 😜😍 . . #lorifullerphotography #whatsyourfamilystory #clickinmoms #documentyourdays #piecesofchildhood #bayareakids #childhoodunplugged #childhooddocumented #thefamilynarrative #familyphotosession #tellyourfamilystory #oaklandfamilies #510families
I can’t be the only Momma who find these little surprise selfies in my camera roll, right?!! I mean, how many selfies do they need to take...with MY phone?!! And this is just one kid! Yes, some of them are cute but many of them just take up space and time to just delete them! And how about that talking Tom cat?!! Only the last image is the story I want to collect. Let me help you deal with all of those 1000’s of digital snapshots you have on your phone, your computer, your camera. So many photos, not enough TIME. We can help you. Here’s how: 1. Come to the Story Collected Workshop next week after Spring Break and I’ll teach you a system to organize and find your best photos when you need them. 2. Let us do it for you. Talk to us about how you can have our staff do it all for you. Think of all the time you’ll save...and stories you’ll discover! We’ll even help you print an annual family album of your pics! More info in the profile or DM me if you have questions! Don’t lose all of your precious memories and snapshots to the cloud or the black hole of a hard drive. Your kids need to see them...in print!! @storycollected • • • #printyourphotos #storycollected #tulsaphotographer #oklahomacity #okcphotographer #stillwater #scrapbooking #tellyourfamilystory #celebrateyourlegacy #story #photos #memories
The beauty of a folio box is its versatility. Your clients have a beautiful product that can be passed down as a family heirloom and unlike an album, the prints inside can be shared and displayed.⁣ ⁣ Read more about what folio boxes can do for your business: https://3xmsolution.com/why-folio-boxes⁣ ⁣ Prints in photo courtesy of Paulina Duczman @paulinaduczman 💕⁣ ⁣ #folioboxesforthewin#versatilephotoproduct#perfectforportraits#heirloomimagebox#tellyourfamilystory#momentsoftime#leavealegacy#ultimatefoliobox#3xm
Did you know that I photographed my very first family session 11 years ago? Say whaa?! Back then, I knew that I wanted to focus on children and families over weddings because I was a mom and I knew the value and importance of documenting family life. Also, my 10+ years of teaching experience have given me the unique ability to not just enjoy working with children of all ages, but to actually *get* them. I understand their developmental needs and how to interact with them. I listen to them and understand their cues that naturally help guide the session. I help put parents at ease by taking the pressure off the session experience - children should be allowed to be children and it's ok if someone cries or has a meltdown (child or parent...wink wink). ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ If you're thinking about a family photo session but are worried because you think your child is too young or too old or won't cooperate, let's chat! Together we can customize your family photo session to make it an awesome experience for everyone! . 📷 by @sarahderagon . . . #bayareafamilyphotographer #tellyourfamilystory #mompreneur #oaklandfamilyphotographer #oaklandfamily #letthekids #documentyourdays #getinthephoto #documentingmotherhood #sanfranciscofamilyphotographer
Stop whatever you’re doing, grab your phone, find your kids from wherever they are in the house and snap a photo of you together. Yes I want YOU to get IN the photo this time. Your future self will thank you, and maybe someday they will, too. As a mom who tends to shy away from being in the photos, I am realizing that I need to show up more...for them. I show up in every other single way that they need and want each and everyday, but not enough showing up is going on in the photos! As parents, it’s important for our kids to see us in photos with them because it helps give them a sense of identity and place within the family. It also helps us visually tell the story of our ordinary moments together, which I’m finding are becoming more significant, extraordinary and fleeting because they are growing up so fast. If you do take my advice, be sure to tag me in your post so I can see you IN the photo and cheer you on! Know someone who would love this reminder? Tag them in the comments! . . . #lorifullerphotography #whatsyourfamilystory #oaklandfamily #getinthephoto #risingtidesociety #getmominthepicture #thefamilynarrative #letthekids #childhoodmemories #childhoodunplugged #documentyourdays #momofteenagers #clickinmoms #bayareafamilyphotographer #thehappynow #tellyourfamilystory #oaklandfamilyphotographer
And just like that, *snaps fingers* I have my great grandfather Harrison Blacketer's Civil War pension record thanks to a very generous double cousin of mine who had ordered it from the VA back in 1984. Thankful she did order it and shared it with me since the VA recently declared it lost. #cousins #family #CivilWar #history #genealogy #familyhistory #familystories #tellyourfamilystory #4yourfamilystory
More reading material because one can never have enough books. Or read enough. #amirite #books #history #wildwest #CivilWar #familyhistory #familystories #genealogy #tellyourfamilystory #4yourfamilystory
Happiness is getting a divorce record of your great grandfather's (Claudius Roy Truitt) and his third (out of 4) wife's on the same day you receive a book on what gambling was like on the American frontier. (Background reading for research on my 2nd great grandfather, William Henry Smith.) Brewin' the tea for readin'... #genealogy #familyhistory #familyhistoryisneverboring #familystories #tellyourfamilystory #4yourfamilystory #frontiergambling
William Henry Smith (Reginent 4, Company A Iowa Cav), my 2nd great grandfather, received a flesh wound & dislocated knee cap from a minnie ball in the Battle of Brice's Cross Roads (a.k.a., The Battle of Gun Town (MS)) 10 Jun 1864. When forces were in retreat on their way back to Memphis, TN, he and his horse were crowded into a large ditch where the horse rolled taking William with it, breaking a few ribs and giving him a hernia. Outmaneuvered in many ways, it wasn't a successful day for the Union nor for William. #CivilWar #history #familyhistory #familystories #tellyourfamilystory #4yourfamilystory
Thought I'd read up on some battles my ancestors were in... #CivilWar #history #familyhistory #familystories #genealogy #military #tellyourfamilystory #4yourfamilystory
It’s a bit grey outside so here’s a photo to bring some #friyayfeeling for you. I hope it makes you smile like it made me smile whilst I was editing 😀 🍁📷
William Henry Smith's CW pension application file and his widow's pension application file are in chronological order! #genealogy #familyhistory #familystories #tellyourfamilystory #4yourfamilystory
Finally got the widow's pension application separated from William Henry Smith's #CivilWar pension application. Terribly out of order. Now to put both apps in chronological order and make citations for each document as well as for the pension file as a whole. Then put the digital file in order and rename digital files. 😳😁🤓 #genealogy #familyhistory #history #familystories #tellyourfamilystory #4yourfamilystory #illbedonewiththiseventually
"A trabajar" y "Esto e' pa' siempre" #puertoricandiaspora #abuelo #tellyourfamilystory
Getting prepared for winter... As the temps were dropping, Lavina reveals her husband picked up his $20 fur overcoat in Baxter, Iowa, 12 Oct 1901. I'd love to see a pic of Dan Haley in his fur overcoat... #transcribing #LavinaHaley #journals #1900thru1907 #Haley #Iowa #familystories #familyhistory #tellyourfamilystory #4yourfamilystory
Just received the marriage record for my great grandfather's marriage to his 3rd wife. Wife number 3 (of 4 that I've uncovered) divorces him some 7 years later. Waiting on copies of the divorce papers, but I'm guessing she either wanted to remarry and/or found out he'd already remarried his 4th wife in Houston. My great grandmother was wife number 1 who divorced him after being estranged from him for more than a few years, living in San Antonio. She cited he had abandoned them and like to drink too much. I'm also thinking she may have found out he might have married another woman in Dallas. I'm searching for those records. Claudius Roy Truitt seems to have preferred beginnings but seems to be a bit shy of properly ending things. One thing that can be said is he seems to be consistent, an important trait for being an accountant. #genealogy #familyhistory #familystories #tellyourfamilystory #4yourfamilystory
this is the beginning of your story. tell it the way you feel it... this was a session full of happiness on a perfect fall evening - you want to see it, feel it, and relive it every single day of forever. #printographerssociety . . . . . #lkpcouples #lkpfamilies #lkpheirlooms #wildhavenfarm #myspot #ilovefall #beautifulevening #saratogaphotographer #saratogafamilyphotographer #albanyphotographer #parentsportraits #fallportraits #printsnotpixels #proudtobeaPRINTographer #love #tellyourfamilystory #everydaymoments #photographyoureveryday #lovestory #engagement
We have selected a winner for our September Storybook Session giveaway! Congratulations to Clint And Leslie for winning the monthly Storybook Giveaway Session for September! I can't wait to photograph this sweet baby boy! Read their beautiful family story below....and then you'll get to see the final session in a few weeks! "Liam is the true meaning of a Blessing and Miracle! I know most parents say that, and I do feel all children are a blessing but here is our story of Liam Richard Stone. Clint and I had tired for 9 years to have a baby, you name it we tried it including IUI and IVF. All of which did not work or ended in a heartbreaking and devastating miscarriage. I had 3 different doctors tell me I could never get pregnant on my own without medical help. Back in June of 2016 Clint and I decided we were either going to adopt or try IVF one more time as I had lost over 75 lbs from 2015 – June 2016 but we had decided to wait till closer to the end of the year (adoption paperwork was on our coffee table as an option). However, I did not need to wait anymore. On July 19th, 2016 I took a pregnancy test only because I did not feel good and knew it was the first thing the doctors would do so I was helping to rule it out for them. It was 4:30am and I was getting ready for work waiting for the flashy thing on the test to say yes or no (I was not going to deal with is there a line or isn’t there). I had already told myself it’s going to say no as I had received so many negative tests over the past 9 years. To my utter shock it said yes. I ran and woke Clint up to make him read the test, making sure I was not crazy. I proved the doctors wrong as this was 100% a surprise package with no medical intervention. Our son, Liam Richard Stone, was born on March 23, 2017 weighing 9lbs 11oz and 21 inches long. He is a miracle and the best thing that has ever happened to Clint and I!" Watch a sample Storybook session here: https://youtu.be/zlx8qnf1w3U #storybooksessionsrock #tellyourfamilystory #only4sessionspermonthavailable #callustoday 8054901180
Postcards. Are they a lost art form? Do you still send them? . These are just some of the postcards I have from both grandparents and my parents. The one with the handwriting is from my dad to my brother. . I love postcards. Maybe it is just the fact that it gives a snapshot of a person’s #handwriting and perspective at a certain point of time. . Maybe it is the cool scenery that many depict. . Maybe it is for the simple nostalgia factor. . Seeing my dad call my brother Master is a sight to behold. 😊 . I have recently gotten back into the habit of sending out postcards. . And it isn’t when I travel. Rather I send encouraging ones. I send ones that show that I am thinking of the person. Whenever the thought pops up, I try to remember to jot down a quick word or two into a postcard. Done and done. . [In case you are wondering, right now I am really loving the #postcards from the @cultivatewhatmatters team. No sponsorship. Just 💜] . When’s the last time you mailed a postcard?
What’s on your bookshelf? . I’ve read books and continue to do so every day. Last year I read over 60 books. I say that not to brag but rather to prove my point. (I even have a shirt that says it as well). . One of my favorite authors is Studs Terkel. Studs lived by the adage #tellyourstory . . He interviewed countless of individuals during a multitude of stages in their lives. He asked about Race. He asked about Work. He asked about Death. . He knew we each had a story (however small we may feel it to be) that needed to be told. . I am putting it right out there: I want to continue his #legacy in however and whatever way I can. I want to be like Studs and so should you. . Now that is scary for me to make such a bold declaration. But I think Studs would approve. . For there are still stories out there. Perhaps your grandma or your great-great-great grandpa had one. . And I know for sure, you have one. . Why don’t we discover it together?
Do you ever think about your legacy? . Heavy stuff, I know. 🙃 . I think that is one reason (of the multitude) that I research a family’s story. In the story lies the legacy. . I hope my legacy will be that I was kind. I had a good sense of humor. Also, that I wanted others to know their family’s story in an intimate way. . For it is in the knowing of where you come from (in what has lingered) that we can fully understand and truly be in the present. . Tell me, what is your family’s legacy? 💜
Write What You Love. . I have never considered myself a strong writer. I was consistently told I was too wordy. . Run-on sentences can be my friend at times. It’s just that when I get excited, I write and write and write and forget to put in a comma or a period into that passionate prose. . On the other hand, I have always have been a decent editor. I can catch mistakes in a church bulletin or library newsletter like nobody’s business. . So I decided to volunteer to help edit the St. Clair County Genealogical Society’s newsletter. I am a part of team of three woman who go through the monthly newsletter and make it into the readable gem that is then delivered to its membership. . A few months ago, they asked me to write something about my experience at #rootstech2018 . So I did. . And then they asked me to write another piece. This time I wrote about Social Media and Genealogy. . It has been fun to see my name in print. I feel that my writing has improved the more I do it. . I hope to write more. . How about you? Have you written for a #genealogy newsletter? Volunteered for your local genealogical society? Volunteer for an organization you love?
We are the memory keepers. . Do you ever consider yourself as being more than just you and your memories? . I find that as I delve deeper into family history and the stories that inevitably reveal themselves, I then take on those memories. . It is my responsibility to hold those stories, share those stories, and preserve them. . Perhaps they are stories that aren’t the most glamorous. Perhaps they are the stories that talk about mental illness, suicide. Topics my grandmother would never imagine you bring up in polite company. . While during her time that may have been the case, it is no longer true. . We are the memory keepers because their story needs to be heard. To provide comfort. To provide strength. . To help the present know that they are not alone. . We have a big role. Let’s not blow it.
The names we give to those we love. . My girls know they have always had a grandpa in heaven - “Grandpa Bob.” But my stepfather Ray was the only grandpa on my side that they actually knew and love. . Ray (shown here with my oldest in 2007) was a wonderful grandpa. He never met a baby that he didn’t want to hold and squeeze. He would play with all of his grandkids with abandon since he was essentially a child at heart. There was no distinction in his mind whether they were related by blood or not. All were family. . He was the grandpa my dad never got the chance to be. And for that I am grateful. . So while my girls have two biologically grandfathers, they are blessed to have had three. . One “Pop” still here and the other two (Grandpas Bob and now Ray who joined him in 2016) cheering them on in heaven. . What was a favorite activity you liked to do with your grandpa? 💜👴🏻👴🏼👴🏽👴🏾👴🏿💜
This little man has the best sparkle in his eye! Book your family photoshoot today!
44. . My dad was 43 when he passed away in 1984 from brain cancer. . I turned 44 yesterday. . It is a birthday that my dad didn’t get to celebrate. That simple fact still sucks, 35 years after. . My siblings are 9 and 7 years older than me. My brother especially enjoys teasing me. So it wasn’t any surprise when he texted me yesterday: “Congrats on making it past 43.” . When your parent dies at a relatively young age and you are a kid, you know he was young but not THAT young. After all he was an adult. A grown up. Perhaps that is what just happens when you get to be that age or thereabouts. . You die. . But then I became that age. I realized how young he really was. How young he was when he was diagnosed (39 or so). How young. . So yes, I made it to 43. I beat the “death year” as myself and my siblings have morbidly called the year you are 43. Sure as hell wished my dad could have as well. . Another birthday is another blessing in my book. How do you view your birthday? With dread or anticipation?
I didn’t know him but I definitely knew of him. . He was Lucian R. Walters and he was my step-father’s brother. He died when Ray, my step-dad was 12. . Lucian was in World War 2 and was just 19 when he lost his life for his country. . Ray would repeatedly tell me and anyone else that was within earshot that “you might not be here right now if it wasn’t for my brother.” . Did he make his brother into something he probably wasn’t? Most likely. . But Ray definitely knew the extent and enormity of his brother’s sacrifice. Out of that something good must be born. Ray saw that that as being freedom for you and me. . And now you know of Lucian R. Walters too. . Please comment below with the names of your ancestors that served and died in the name of liberty. . From the bottom of my heart, thank you.
House moving can be dangerous. . Not the kind of moving you and I may be used to but actually physically moving a house. . When Chicago decided to raise their streets from 1857-1877 due to poor drainage, house movers became sought out and played a vital role. . My great great grandfather was one of them. And died as a result of being one. . Do you have an ancestor that was injured or died as a direct result of their occupation?
She hated her first name. . Hazel Johannah (McAuley) Dunlap was born on this date, May 18th, in 1909. . But she didn’t like her name. She instead was known strictly as “Shorty” (or “Granny” to me). . I don’t know how she got this nickname or if there was a story behind it. Since she was my grandmother and she was short (under 5 ft), that was enough for me to understand why she was called Shorty. No further explanation needed. . My Granny Dunlap has been gone almost 30 years. She was a tough broad. She liked the company of men over women and could drink you under the table (don’t let her small frame fool you). . I miss her. But then I look into the eyes of my youngest daughter. They share the same eyes and a lot of the same spunkiness. I take comfort in these facts. . Do you have a nickname? Is there a story behind it? Please share! 💜
*insert drum roll here* Volia, the first Google Docs template available in the Etsy store. Now you can create Ancestor Snapshots regardless of your operating system or installed software. You will need a free Google Account so you can access Google Docs and save items to your Google Drive. That's it. Nothing else to install. The link is available immediately after purchase so you can be creating your ancestor snapshots in only a few minutes. More designs coming soon. See the link in my bio to check out what is Available on Etsy.⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ #ancestors #ancestorsnapshot #ancestorsummaries #ancestorsstories #telltheirstories #ancestorsinaglance #familyhistory #familyhistorystories #genealogy #storytelling #tellyourfamilystory #bookmarktemplate #googledocstemplates #createyourkeepsake #familyreunionmomentos
You asked for templates that didn't require PowerPoint, and I'm so excited to bring you the first of my Google Slides templates. You will need a free Google Account so you can access Google Slides and save items to your Google Drive. That's it. Nothing else to install. The link is available immediately after purchase so you can be creating your ancestor bookmarks in only a few minutes. The first design in the store is the "Classic" (on the far left in the photo), with the "Folded" and "Modern" designs following later this week. See link in bio to check out the Classic Bookmarks in store.⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #ancestors #ancestorbookmarks #ancestorsstories #familyhistory #familyhistorygifts #familyhistorybookmarks #genealogy #genealogygifts #thinkoutsidethebook #storytelling #tellyourfamilystory #bookmarktemplate #googleslidestemplates #createyourkeepsake #familyreunionmomentos #familyreuniongifts
People and relationships change. Time is fleeting. Moments are precious. 📸⏱🧡#capturereallife #preservetime #tellyourfamilystory #familydocumentaryphotography #familyphotojournalism #dayandlifephotography
This just about sums up today's research on my Big Paw Paw. The thing about fog? It clears up eventually. #genealogy #familytree #tellyourfamilystory #tellyourstory #familyhistory #familystories #fog #wine
My husband's paternal grandfather, Forrest Richard Pointer, US Navy, World War II, probably Aleutian Islands, Alaska. He's the one in the middle with a white t-shirt with his swoop of hair already down on his forehead. He was well into his evening activities. My son has his very same swoop, caused by a cow lick. Genetics. #genealogy #familyhistory #familystory #familystories #tellyourstory #tellyourfamilystory #genealogyphotoaday #worldwar2 #USNavy #Alaska #Pointer #4YourFamilyStory
Pearl May (Williams) Pointer, my husband's great-grandmother. According to her son, Great-Uncle Donald, when the Williams family moved from Missouri to Iowa when Pearl was a girl, she and her sister walked behind the covered wagon between towns, jumping into the wagon when going through the towns. #genealogy #familyhistory #familystory #familystories #tellyourfamilystory #tellyourstory #genealogyphotoaday #Missouri #Iowa #Williams #Pointer
My 2nd great grandmother Annie Josephine O'Brien was born 27 Jul 1853 in Dublin, Ireland to James O'Brien and Jane Lennon. She came to New Orleans in 1873 to visit her maternal cousins, staying with her cousin Jenny and her husband the NOLA city engineer. She met and fell in love with Daniel Rook Vaughan, a carpenter remodeling her cousin's home and a Civil War veteran. Soon after their marriage, they moved to Galveston, Texas. #genealogy #familyhistory #familytree #familystories #familystory #tellyourstory #tellyourfamilystory #Irish #Ireland #stpatricksday #stpattysday #OBrien #Lennon #Rook #Vaughan #Vaughn #NOLA #NOLAIrish #Galveston #Texas
My paternal grandmother Rettie Maye Martin (My Paw Paw - Her maiden name is my middle name Martin ... love that! She was an artist.) My great grandmother Lillie Maye Alley (Lillie Maye died when my Paw Paw was only 6 years old.) My 2nd great grandmother Catherine Caroline Vaughn (I love that I share her name!) My 3rd great grandmother Matilda Adeline Jane Simmons with my 3rd great grandfather (her husband) Alexander Vaughn They were all from/lived in Johnson County, Illinois or around there until my Paw Paw moved with her brother and sister to Ft. Bend County, Texas and then San Antonio, Texas. #genealogy #familyhistory #familystories #tellyourfamilystory #familytree #familystory #Illinois #JohnsonCounty #Martin #Alley #Vaughn #Simmons #Texas #genealogyphotoaday
This is one of my favorite pics of my Gran, Mary Alice Velda (Truitt) Blacketer. I think it's a favorite because I didn't know her when she looked like this...younger. My Mom is number 7 of 8 kids and I'm number 4 of 4 kids. It reminds me she had a whole other life before she was my Gran. The Gran I remember had gnarled arthritic hands that'd done and created a lot of things. Here her fingers are long and perfect...on the brink of her life...almost, dare I say, anticipatory? My daughter inherited those hands and especially those long fingers from my mother and my Gran. What a great DNA inheritance! #genealogy #familyhistory #familystory #familytree #tellyourfamilystory #genealogyphotoaday #history #grandmother #maternal #family #Truitt #Blacketer #SanAntonio #Texas #DNA
Getting some research time in this afternoon at the Conroe library. #genealogy #familyhistory #familystory #familytree #tellyourfamilystory
I'm obsessed with a house I'll never see. My 2nd great grandparents, Oddur and Bertha (Schumann) Schleicher, purchased their house in Galveston in 1856 after renting it for several years. The house is long gone and the property is now a part of the UT Medical Branch campus. Tracing the family throughout their lives and their daughters' lives in tax records, land records, city directories, Sanborn Insurance Maps, and newspapers has allowed me to learn more about all of them. I'm obsessed with a house I'll never see. #genealogy #familyhistory #familyhistory #familystories #mixedmedia #art #tellyourfamilystory
My book arrived today! This book was written by a German teacher who visited Texas in 1849. He visits many German Texans including my 2nd great grandfather, Oddur Schleicher, who lived in Galveston and my 3rd great grandfather, August Wilhelm Schumann, who lived near New Braunfels and who founded Schumansville. Gives me some insight into why they came and how they were doing. #priceless #Texas #Germany #GermanTexans #genealogy #familyhistory #familytree #familystory #tellyourfamilystory
When was the last time YOU were in the photos? If it's been a while, be sure to #getinthephotos with the kids/spouse/parents/grandparents/friends or ______(fill in your own special person) who you love and adore. You'll be so glad you did. . . #lorifullerphotography #sfbayarea #oaklandphotographer #parentsandkids #momtalk #mompreneur #makingmemories #tellyourfamilystory #familyphotos #familyphotographer
By the time I'd received my great grandparent's church marriage record, I'd already figured out the hard way throughout her life Emma hadn't been very Catholic. However, this dispensation to marry from the bishop explicitly states Emma was not Catholic and John was. #genealogy #familyhistory #Marschall #Catholic #familystories #tellyourfamilystory
A small branch of the family tree on the Christmas tree. Bottom: my paternal grandmother, Rettie Maye Martin; Top: her mother, Lillie May Alley; Right: her father, Joel Arthur Martin; Left: her maternal grandmother, Catherine Caroline (Vaughn) Alley. Lillie died when my grandmother was only 6yo. Catherine helped raise her. #tellyourfamilystory #familyhistory #familytree #familystory #genealogy #heritageornaments #ChristmasTree #familystories
There are powerful, funny, and important stories passed from one generation to the next. In a digital age, I'm feeling the urge to preserve so many stories that aren't documented anywhere. I want this for my children, and our future generations, to know where their own family history began and unfolded before they came along. Alongside artful expression, I'll be bringing the stories I can recall to the pages of my legacy art journals. Who will keep your legacy alive and how will it be documented? #ruleyourlegacy #tellyourfamilystory
I absolutely {LOVE} the handprint and footprint inscription dangles, and sadly, they're Limited Edition, and will no longer be available after Mother's Day. What does that mean? It means you need to get your orders in ASAP! ☺️ #newmommas #newdaddykeychains #simpleandsweetnecklace #charmbracelet #accessorize #tellyourfamilystory Let me know if you have any questions! **And if you want it by Mother's Day, you'll need to upgrade shipping because the last day for standard shipping for inscriptions, to be received by Mother's Day, was yesterday. www.stephfitzpatrick.origamiowl.com/shop/party/277568
Cool way to visualise four generations by Martin Srna. http://ow.ly/X54X8 #tellyourfamilystory #printyourphotos #saveyourmemories #familyphotobook
#tbt All the way back to 1955. My brother Thomas Arthur Tweedel "Bubba"❤️ #scrapbooking #tellyourfamilystory
My favorite Thanksgiving film, Avalon #barrylevinson #amazing #tellyourfamilystory