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The outdoor classroom. Graduate students worked with Arapahoe Elementary students on an outreach program last month. . . PC: Amy Lorenz
Heads up! Yellowstone snowcoach season is almost here… PC: @orijinmedia
The Teacher Learning Center has had a busy fall, leading workshops on place-based education in Missouri, Illinois, Vermont, and in Kelly, WY.
High fashion on display at TVCS's Trash Bash.
Here we have the grads showing their gumption during cross country ski training day
The perfect Xmas tree, the Olaus Murie Xmas tree. Saves a live tree, nothing artificial. Fun to make and decorate! Kinda like a “Charlie Brown Christmas Tree”! #jhnordic #xmas #findyourinnerwild #xmastree #murieranch #tetons #tetonscience #tetonscienceschools #jacksonhole #gtnp #grandtetonnationalpark #wilderness #decorate
Phleps Lake, served with a tiny dash of fall colors. . . This image was captured during the Madeleine Choir School's (@madeleinechoirschool ) field education visit earlier this fall. Field Education programs are currently on hiatus until the holidays, as staff prepare for the 2019 calendar of visiting schools and groups.
#journeysschool students contribute to the Snake River bridge mural, earlier this fall. . . PC: @orijinmedia
926F was legally shot outside YNP this weekend. She was a favorite of ours. After a few tough years she aged gracefully. Lamar Canyon’s recent pups provide an exciting new chapter. Here she looks down on us as we we were drinking coffee at the hitching post... a magical moment we will never forget. Thanks to @charliereinertsen capturing the moment. #tetonscienceschoolsgradprogram #926F #yellowstonenationalpark #placebasededucation #tetonscience
It’s Friday! TVCS PreK students demonstrate proper attire for welcoming the weekend.
Git. In. Mah. Belly! . . PC: Trevor LaClair (@trevor_laclair )
New snow blankets Lake Creek at the LSR preserve. Cross country skiing fresh snow on a still day in #grandtetonnationalpark has to be one of the quietest experiences you can have in the outdoors. . Thanks to all of you who chose to support Teton Science Scools for #GivingTuesday yesterday. If you haven't checked out our new website yet, tap the link in our profile. You'll get to see a lot of new photography that hasn't made it to this feed yet. . . PC: Reid Bauer
Hooray! It’s Giving Tuesday! . . Wildlife Expeditions is the ONLY non profit wildlife tour provider in Jackson Hole. For 19 years we have been facilitating educational tours of Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone. 100% of our proceeds benefit Teton Science Schools (@tetonscience ) - a non profit that provides educational programming to an average of 15,000 people of all ages annually. On this #givingtuesday please consider giving to Wildlife Expeditions or Teton Science Schools. To donate, simply click on the link in our bio . . 📷: @orijinmedia
Curious about how you can support TSS’s mission on #GivingTuesday ? Head over to our BRAND NEW WEBSITE (link in profile) and check out all of the changes. To support the TSS mission, click on the ‘Donate’ button in the upper-right corner when you’re good and ready. . . PC: Sarah Ernst (@Sernst83 )
Journeys and TVCS students returned to school today after break. . . PC: @orijinmedia
A Yellowstone wolf and some nearby ravens make sure that there won’t be any leftovers from this carcass. . . VC: Sarah Ernst
Happy Thanksgiving! . . PC: Kyle Isherwood (@kyleisherwood )
AmeriCorps Volunteer Sam Pappas grins and grinds through a snowstorm during Pocatello Community Charter School’s field research day. ❄️❄️❄️
Carson High School students get some rarified air at Taggart Lake, enjoying a respite from the wildfire smoke back home in L.A. . . PC: Jackson Ray
The bighorn sheep have returned to Miller Butte! Every winter, this herd of of ungulates migrates down to lower elevations to seek out better foraging and warmer temperatures. #PhenologyFriday . . PC: Jeff Mulligan
This week students from Carson High School in Los Angeles have been hanging out with us in the Tetons, so you know they’re excited to make snow angels!
Today is the last day of service for our fall cohort of #AmeriCorps volunteers. This is the 31st cohort of TSS AmeriCorps who, all told, have included 347 members. They have volunteered with 46 different local nonprofits, where they have contributed more than 8,000 hours of service. . Massive props to this crew; thank you for your service! . . PC: @orijinmedia
Our focus with the students yesterday was Awareness. Awareness of self, place and those around us. • Too many pictures... #grandtetonnationalpark #tetonscience #carsonhigh #eset #tss #environmentalscience #outdooreducation #linkedlearning #kellywyoming #jacksonhole
Pocatello Community Charter School students find a winter wonderland at Taggart Lake last week.
Twenty-two teachers from Laramie, Rock Springs, and Casper, Wyoming at the Kelly Campus over the weekend for a workshop on Place-Based Education. The participants deepened their learning about place-based education and collaborated on ways extend place-based education to connect with the Wyoming Science Standards. . The program was co-hosted by the TSS Teacher Learning Center and a team from the University of Wyoming. . . PC: Clare Gunshenan (@claresguns )
A cow and calf moose mosey through the Jackson Campus two weeks ago, during Salt Lake Arts Academy’s visit to TSS. The landscape’s a bit whiter now, but we’re still seeing moose out foraging, especially at the Kelly Campus. . . VC: Emily Batdorf
Last week, Teton Valley Community School 2nd and 3rd graders hiked to Phelps Lake during their visit to the Jackson Campus. In a bit of cross-program collaboration, TVCS faculty and Jackson Campus field educators worked together to provide a 3-day experience on the Wyoming side of the Tetons. . . PC: Julie Thomsen
Pocatello Community Charter students aren't letting a little snow slow them down this week! Groups are finding time to work snow angels and snowman construction into their field days. . . PC: Holly Gordon and Maddie Taylor
Snow in the Valley this weekend has us dreaming about #winterYellowstone snow coach trips. Snow coaches start running in December, check out the link in our bio for more info. . . PC: @orijinmedia
As we move firmly into the shoulder season between fall and winter, slope aspect plays a crucial role in determining what terrain holds its snow and what doesn’t. Take a look at the Jackson Campus earlier this week. The aspect difference between the two sides of Coyote Canyon is minor (one slope is slightly south-facing, one is slightly north-facing), but the difference in snow retention is profound and noticible. . . PC: Reid Bauer
Snow, melt, repeat...November is upon us. . . PC: Dylan Kinesteker
Happy Halloween from @journeysschool ! . . PC: Kevin Krasnow
The Teton Park Road closes for the season on Thursday. We won’t be seeing any more String and Jenny Lake pictures until May, so enjoy this view (taken last week) while you can! . . PC: Reid Bauer
One team of TSS graduate students spent last week doing outreach education in central Wyoming. Here, Jimel Lopez Montoya works with a class of students at Aspen Early Learning Center in Riverton. The team also taught students at Wyoming Indian Elementary School in Ethete. PC: Ben Rossetter
Salt Lake Arts Academy students left campus today after experiencing a week of exploration in the Tetons. The mountains showed off just about every type of October weather possible in the last four days: sun, clouds, warm, cold, rain, and everything in between. PC: Emily Batdorf
Salt Lake Arts Academy students seek symmetry on the Doug Walker Challenge Course. . . PC: Kelsey Eibler
To be clear: this is NOT the scene in the Tetons today. This sweet video of a marching moose was recorded on an earlier Wildlife Expeditions tour. Watch it again and notice how the moose doesn’t drag its legs through the snow; it lifts them straight up, then plants them straight down, which provides less drag and conserves energy. . . VC: Sarah Ernst
A fall sunrise on the commute to the Kelly Campus. . . PC: Leslie Cook
Another day in the field for TSS grad students. Leanne is teaching geology to students from Shoshoni Junior High on the Taggart Lake Trail.
I’m putting together a super fun and VERY colorful pattern of amazing drawings from the k/1 class (the strong feathers) at #tetonvalleycommunityschool ⭐️🌻🌈✨ #tetonvalley #projectbasedlearning #makearteveryday #littleartists #kidartists #independentschool #tetonscience #wydaho #tetonvalleykid #tetonvalleykids
A McGillis (@themcgillisschool ) student soaks in the solitude at Jenny Lake this week. Only a week and a half left before the Teton Park Road closes for the season! . . PC: Scott Whisler and Maddie Taylor
Graduate students recon Sinks Canyon where they will be teaching this week.
A bull elk and harem, photographed in Mammoth. Harems (groups of female elk associated with one or two males) like this only form during the rut. After the rut, female elk congregate in larger herds while bulls often form bachelor groups. #PhenologyFriday . . PC: Dylan Klinesteker
Eighth graders from TVCS and Journeys School enjoy a snowy afternoon on Teton Pass last week. . . PC: @orijinmedia
Graduate students muster for a field session back in September with Graduate Program Director Aaron Nydam. Lately, the Kelly Campus is looking a little less leafy. . . PC: @orijinmedia
A black bear and cubs, spotted at the Murie Ranch during a Wildlife Expeditions trip. This profile shot really shows off many of the differences between black bears and grizzlies: no shoulder hump, a straight face profile, and tall ears. . . PC: Dylan Klinesteker
Recuerdo haber jugado a la escuelita con mis amigos.. En la escuela recuerdo los recesos cómo mi parte favorita porque podía jugar.. Todos esos recuerdos son parte de mi día a día, ya no es un juego, ahora tengo la oportunidad de compartir el conocimiento y mi pasión por la naturaleza con más personas. “Enseñar” no estaba en mi mente como carrera profesional pero la vida da muchas vueltas y en una de esas me enganché con la educación. . . . I remember playing to “the school” with my friends .. At school I remember the breaks as my favorite part so I could play .. All those memories are part of my day today, it is no longer a game, now I have the opportunity to share my knowledge and my passion for nature with people. Teaching wasn’t on my mind as professional career but life has some twists and turns and in one of those I got hooked with education. #placebasededucation #fieldinstructor #holisticeducation #sharingspace #connectwithnature #natureisyourclassroom #engage #inspire #leadership #tetonscience #tetonscienceschoolsgradprogram #outdoorsismyhappyplace #outdoorwomen #outsideisbetter
Another great shot from Linford Elementary’s visit this week; the snow is starting to accumulate on the high peaks... . . PC: Holly Gordon
Snow in the Valley! Linford Elementary students celebrate our first snow flurries of the season while, appropriately, navigating the Narnia area near Taggart Lake. PC: Emily Batdorf and Julia Fisher
TVCS elementary students circle up for a math lesson. . . PC: @orijinmedia
Snow in the Tetons! The high peaks of the Tetons got a blanket of white stuff last night. Pictured: the 2018-19 graduate student class treks through a short-lived covering of September snow. . . PC: Tracy Jacobs
Knock knock! Who’s there? Black bear cubs! . . Would you answer the door if you heard knocking and then realized it was a black bear cub standing on its hind legs, wiping its muddy paws on the glass of the door, and curiously looking inside? This photo was taken at the historic Murie Ranch in Grand Teton National Park. Coexisting with wildlife poses many challenges. If you live in wildlife habitat or you are visiting wildlife habitat you can do your part to minimize negative encounters by being responsible, making wise decisions, and not harassing animals. Have you had a safe, ethical, and exciting wildlife encounter in the past? If so tell us about it in the comments below . . 📷: Wildlife Expeditions Director, Patrick Leary (@patreekl )
Yesterday saw some much-needed rain in Jackson Hole, which brought not just a good dose of moisture, but also a bonus rainbow over Journeys School. . . PC: Patrick Leary
It’s harvest time at Teton Valley Community School! . . PC: @orijinmedia
Madeleine Choir students pH tested GYE waterways last week as part of their research day.
Leigh Lake, looking lovely. . . PC: Reid Bauer
Journeys School (@journeysschool ) students putting in some more work on the new mural for the Snake River Bridge. . . PC: @orijinmedia
TVCS Middle Schoolers camped at Colter Bay last week for their fall community building retreat. Check out the highlights!
One of the special seasonal delights of visiting the Tetons in the fall is listening to elk bugling during the rut. Pictured: a St. John the Baptist student listens for elk near the Taggart Lake trail. . . PC: Sami Wolniakowski and John Curnyn
How’s this for a sweet classroom?Today TSS grad students put their field education teaching methods into practice. #tetonscienceschoolsgradprogram #tetonscience #placebasededucation #fieldeducation #thisismyjob
The Teacher Learning Center has returned once again to the Land of the Thunder Dragon! On this trip to Bhutan, TLC staff will be observing courses and providing support to Masters of Education students at the Samtse College of Education. On their first day in country, TLC faculty observed this phenomenal rainbow over the Amochuu. . . PC: Leslie Cook
TSS grad students facilitating evening programs with fifth graders at the Kelly Campus #tetonscienceschoolsgradprogram #tetonscience #fieldeducation #placebasededucation
Graduate students make their way toward the Death Canyon Shelf earlier this month.
Who's ready for the weekend? Journeys (@journeysschool ) PreK students enjoy music class outside with Zach...and now you have a new song stuck in your head, you're welcome. . . VC: Erin Solomon
Saint John the Baptist (@sjbmiddle ) students untangle the human knot. . . PC: Anna Hoch and Issac Newell
One of the less obvious signs of early fall in the Tetons: mormon crickets! These huge invertebrates are among the largest insects that you can find in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and they’re especially active in early September. This one was observed by a group of Road Scholars. #PhenologyFriday . . PC: Anna Hoch and Will McDonald
The String Lake Yacht Club is closing down this week; Road Scholars (pictured) and Timberview will be our last two groups to take the canoes out before they get put into storage for the winter. . . PC: Scott Whisler and Sami Wolniakowski
More highlights from the grad students' backpacking trip last week, this one from Paintbrush Divide. . . PC: Leanne Clark
The 2018-2019 Graduate class spent last week in the Teton backcountry. We have lots of highlights coming over the next few days but we're going to start with this snowy panorama of Hurricane Pass and Schoolroom Glacier. . . PC: Kevin Krasnow
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