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One of the less obvious signs of early fall in the Tetons: mormon crickets! These huge invertebrates are among the largest insects that you can find in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and they’re especially active in early September. This one was observed by a group of Road Scholars. #PhenologyFriday . . PC: Anna Hoch and Will McDonald
The String Lake Yacht Club is closing down this week; Road Scholars (pictured) and Timberview will be our last two groups to take the canoes out before they get put into storage for the winter. . . PC: Scott Whisler and Sami Wolniakowski
More highlights from the grad students' backpacking trip last week, this one from Paintbrush Divide. . . PC: Leanne Clark
The 2018-2019 Graduate class spent last week in the Teton backcountry. We have lots of highlights coming over the next few days but we're going to start with this snowy panorama of Hurricane Pass and Schoolroom Glacier. . . PC: Kevin Krasnow
Teton Valley Community School students are back in action, as of today! Journeys School middle and high school students, meanwhile, are headed out on their fall journeys. . . PC: @orijinmedia
This is what my classroom looks like for grad school. #tetonscience #tetons #wyoming #womanwhohike #optoutside #paintbrushcanyon #kickingbutt
Journeys School students return to classrooms today! For daily Journeys photos, check out the @journeysschool feed. Teton Valley Community School students will start classes next week. . . PC: @orijinmedia
The second Road Scholar Great Outdoor Summer Get-Together is in full swing. Here, a Road Scholar participant in our first Get Together enjoys the view at String Lake before hopping into a canoe. . . PC: Scott Whisler and Elana Selinger
As @wildlifeexpeditions lead faculty Sarah Ernst pointed out, this displaying male Dusky Grouse’s eyebrow game is on point. Male dusky grouse also lure prospective mates with short display flights, a hooting song, and by strutting around like a boss. . . PC: Sarah Ernst @sernst83
Road Scholars enjoy views of Cody Peak during our first summer Great Outdoor Get-Together. Besides getting to ride the world-famous Jackson Hole aerial 🚡, participants also explored the alpine community above 10,000 feet. . . PC: Mike Fatsis and Kelsey Eibler
At a panel discussion about conservation - - don’t worry, folks, the future of public land is in good hands.
A cloudy, rainy day for our departure from this amazing place. Thanks to #tetonscience and #roadscholar for a great week in the Tetons. We will be back someday soon! #grandtetonnationalpark
Rendezvous Elementary students tackled a service project during their visit to TSS. The fifth graders teamed up with @friendsofpathways to build a new turnpike on the the Phillips Connector Trail. . . PC: Mimi Andrews
Teton Valley Community School and @journeysschool teachers returned to campus last week and are currently getting ready. The halls and classrooms of our two #independentschools are quiet now, but they won’t be for long... . . PC: @orijinmedia
Awesome morning helping the NPS with picnic table assembly service project! #roadscholar #tetonscience #grandtetonnationalpark
The teachers are back at TVCS and getting ready for another great school year. Lots of tasty treasures were found during our farm and garden staff training. #eattolearn #learntoeat #gardenbasededucation #schoolgarden #tetonscience
It’s a chilly morning at the peak of Rendezvous Mountain. Lots of cloud cover makes it difficult to see Grand Teton today. #roadscholar #tetonscience
WOLVES (our all-girls summer backcountry program) participants do some evening journaling on String Lake, earlier in the summer. . . PC: Laura Brown, Becca Williams, Sophie Poukish
Float trip down the Snake River with this view for 2 hours. The haze obscured the mountains at the start of the trip and then they slowly revealed themselves as it burned off. Love this park!! #grandtetonnationalpark #tetonscience #roadscholar #barkerewing
Road Scholars on a recent intergenerational camping program got to wake up to this sunrise in the Hayden Valley.
Look who we ran into at Yellowstone! 👍🏼
A great day canoeing and hiking in Grand Teton National Park! #grandtetonnationalpark #tetonscience #roadscholar
Hot springs show their colors in Yellowstone’s Upper Geyser Basin, with the Old Faithful Inn visible in the background. . . PC: Dylan Klinsteker
Day 2 of our adventure! Lots of great things to see in Yellowstone NP. #yellowstonenationalpark #tetonscience #roadscholar
Today is the final day of day programs for summer 2018! Thanks to all of the staff and volunteers that worked together to make this summer of programming come together. . . We’ll be announcing the 2019 lineup of day programs in a few months, so stay tuned to our website (link in profile) for updates. . . PC: Scott Whisler and Mimi Andrews
Day 1 of the Great Outdoor Get-Together: a 7.5 mike hike around Phelps Lake in Grand Teton NP. #grandtetonnationalpark #tetonscience #roadscholar
Students and parents from the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth are currently participating in a field education program based on our Jackson Campus. Earlier this week they visited Yellowstone and had the chance to soak in the vistas and scan for wildlife
A few highlights from the Ultimate Grand Teton Adventure backcountry program, including summit photos from Taylor Mountain and a campfire at the Murie Ranch with Docent Dan. . . PC: Mac Baker, Kelly Eagan, and Justin Sonberg
It's difficult to impart a true sense of scale in photographs of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Remember that video we posted of the Lower Falls? Here’s another angle, captured on a @WildlifeExpeditions Yellowstone trip. Swipe right to get a better sense of the size. Closer. Closer... . . PC: Dylan Klinesteker
Early morning journal writing at Leigh Lake. . . PC: @orijinmedia
Mountains and Mudpots participants spent an overnight in Yellowstone two weeks ago and peered over the Lower Falls. . . PC: Sami Wolniakowski and Liz Forelle
Tonight, the 24th class of Teton Science Schools graduate students will celebrate the conclusion of their program at TSS’s historic Kelly Campus. . . PC: Asnoldo Benitez
It’s been a bit hazy in Jackson Hole this week, but JE Cosgriff students still got some good views while hiking. . . PC: Kaile Kota
Canyon Kids aren't afraid to get their hands dirty. . . PC: Amanda Haraksin and Alison Wilson
Marchin' into Monday... . . PC: Sarah Ernst
West Thumb Geyser Basin on Yellowstone Lake. Mountains and Mudpots participants got to take in this view last week before the storm hit. . . PC: Sami Wolniakowski and Liz Forelle
Girl Scouts paddle String Lake as a part of the Destinations: Wildlife, Geysers and Mountains program. . . PC: Kaitlin Rookus
Soldering on with Journeys Summer Academy Robotics Camp. . . PC: @orijinmedia
Graduate students work with Teton Explorations students on their map and compass skills earlier this month.  In a little more than a week, the 2017-2018 TSS Graduate Class will be celebrating the conclusion to their year-long program. . . PC: @orijinmedia
For #phenologyfriday , we are proud to present: a baby moose! They can appear ungainly, but even a 5-day old moose can outsprint most humans. . . PC: Sarah Ernst
Boots n’ Boats campers do some creeking down at Schwabachers Landing. . . PC: Amanda Haraskin and Becca Williams
A Grossology participant shows off some serious stoke! . . PC: Kelsey Eibler and Miya Frank
WOLVES participants enjoying a sunset paddle on String Lake. . . PC: Laura Brown, Becca Williams, Sophie Poukish
H2Art campers stop for some inspiration at String Lake. . . PC: Rachel Long and Kelly Eagan
Buggin’ Out day campers team up to search for macroinvertebrates! . . PC: Lily Anderson and Andrew Friedman
Road Scholars at the Murie Ranch take in spectacular sunset views of the Tetons while floating the Snake River last week.
Mission: JH participants got after it today on the high elements of the Doug Walker Challenge Course. . . PC: Bo Weldon & Andrew Uccello
The end of the weekend is always a good time to reflect, especially for the backcountry programs that just returned from the field. The girls-only WOLVES program, along with Teton Explorations, both wrapped up backcountry camping experiences last week. PC: Reid Bauer
The more you look, the more you see. A participant in the Buggin’ Out program shows off, not a bug, but one of the tiniest snails you’ll ever see. Our second week of day camps wrapped up at the Jackson Campus today. PC: Lily Anderson and Andrew Friedman
Jaws and Claws campers search for some aquatic jaws and claws. PC: Kate Romanaggi and Andrew Uccello
Even though bison seem slow and relaxed, they can move when they have to! Running bison have been clocked at 35 mph, as fast as a horse, and can jump 6 feet high. When observing bison in the park, don’t forget to give 25 yards of distance in case they decide they need to move. PC: Sarah Ernst
Once again, Teton Science Schools has claimed victory in the Commuter Choice Challenge! This alternative transportation initiative, sponsored by @friendsofpathways , pits Jackson Hole businesses and nonprofits against one another to see which organization can log the highest number of alternative commuting miles. . . TSS won both the ‘Total Mileage’ category and (for the 6th year in a row) the “Active Mileage” category. Over the course of the two-week competition, staff logged a total of 2,164 miles, with 1,828 of those miles logged as Active Miles (walking or biking). This added up to a total of 89,000 calories burned and 2,124 lbs of carbon dioxide diverted. . . PC: Reid Bauer
For Baby Animal Friday, uh #PhenologyFriday , today we have a waterlogged grizzly cub! This first-year cub is the offspring of the Grand Teton bear dubbed “Blondie”. Grizzly cubs typically stay with their mother for their first two years before striking out on their own. . . PC: Trevor LaClair
Imagine that this is the view from your family’s ranch. Your family has owned and enjoyed this land for more than 70 years. Do you: Toast to the next 70 years as you settle back in an Adirondack chair and enjoy the view? Remove the buildings and roads from the ranch, restore the land to a natural state, and donate the property to the American people? . . Laurance Rockefeller chose b) and 10 years ago today, the Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve Center was dedicated. There are many lovely spots in Grand Teton National Park, but the history of this spot, to me, makes it the most beautiful. . . “Laurance hoped people would restore their spirits in the wilderness setting.” -John Turner, speaking at the dedication of the LSR Preserve in 2008.
Millie the art science microscope loaded and heading to The Teton Science Camp for some fun art!!! #microbeart #microbes #nsffunded #tetonscience #science #sciencelovesart #sciart #inspiredbynature @renewilliamsart @wyomingepscor @nsfgov @4thstreetstudios
A few highlights from Journeys School graduation two weeks ago. Video of the entire ceremony is available on our Vimeo account (link in profile). . . PC: @orijinmedia
Columbia students paddling on String Lake. While this photo was captured during last week’s cohort, it pretty well sums up the weather of the last two days. The visible peaks in the distance are Teewinot, Storm Point (appropriately), Symmetry Spire, and Mt. St. John, from left to right. . . PC: Kate Romanaggi and Grace Heller
The Bison field group from Columbia, MO, out for a hike last week in Grand Teton National Park. And rocking TIGHT sunglass game. . There’s still one more cohort of students from Columbia visiting the Jackson Campus, and they arrived yesterday. . PC: Anna Hoch
A bison calf stretches its legs. Spotted on a @wildlifeexpeditions Yellowstone tour. #PhenologyFriday . . PC: Sarah Ernst
A summer storm front blows past the Tetons. We’ve had some windy weather here over the weekend, but the past week has been bringing us summer bluebird days, one after the other. . . PC: Leslie Cook
A Columbia student shows off a shed moose paddle her group discovered while hiking. After examining the antler and posing for photos, the students returned it to the spot where they found it. The third cohort of students from Columbia Public Schools are halfway through their weeklong visit to the Tetons. . . PC: Kelsey Eibler and Becca Williams
Today is the last day of school for @journeysschool students! Teton Valley Community School students already finished their classes last week. . . PC: @orijinmedia
Wildlife popping off on Yellowstone training trip #EarnYourLearns #TetonScience #Yolostone
Two pollinating bees pay a visit a not-quite-blooming Green Gentian. Also known as Monument Plant, Green Gentian typically flowers in July and August. #PhenologyFriday . . PC: Clare Gunshenan (@claresguns )
Canoeing season is back! Columbia students bask in the sunshine on String Lake earlier this week. . . PC: Lilly Anderson
Today is Graduation Day for the @journeysschool class of 2018 (pictured).
#savetheworms ! Gardening in the rain at TVCS. . . PC: @orijinmedia
Our second cohort of Columbia Public Scools students spent their first day in the field today and the weather was EXCELLENT. . . PC: Hunter Jones
Oh yes, it’s that time of year again...time for baby animals! This week for #PhenologyFriday , we’re highlighting one of the three black bear cubs that have been stealing hearts and stopping traffic in Yellowstone for the past two weeks. . Remember to be a responsible observer of wildlife in the national parks. Keep your body and your parked vehicle completely off the road, stay 100 yards away from wolves and bears, and don’t attempt to affect the animals’ behavior. . . PC: Sarah Ernst
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