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...OK, I’m on an Austin kick... by way of Ft. Worth. #16 ... Arguably the greatest singer of Texas Blues of the era, or any era, Lou Ann Barton. Sure, she made other albums, Jerry Wexler tried his hand...but it wasn’t until the Antone’s label basically recorded what she did live that she made THE album. Listen to any young girl blues singer today, most likely they aren’t doing Janis Joplin like they used to, they are mimicking Lou Ann, and covering the songs on this album. The cast of supporting musicians is the cream of the crop, Jimmie, Derek, George, etc. It’s the heyday here. Austin, Texas. Put it on and learn. This is the Bible for everything you want to know about Texas Blues. And believe me, we put it on and learned. Good Lover, Sugar Coated Love...you’ve got to be kidding me, it just goes on and on. I still listen to it. Lou Ann is the Queen. ‘Nuff said. Check it out. #louannbarton #readmylips #texasblues
...just to let you know, these are in no particular order, just a listing of albums we listened to a lot and that demanded our attention. #15 is the elegant wildman (as Stevie Ray Vaughan described him), the one and only Texas guitar virtuoso, Denny Freeman. He did two albums on the local Amazing label, Blues Cruise and Out Of The Blue. When I first came to Austin and walked into Waterloo Records, Blues Cruise was the #1 selling album. I knew I had come to the right town. His influence was overwhelming and still is. A member of Antone’s house band, Angela Strehli’s band, Jimmie Vaughan Band, Taj Mahal, Bob Dylan’s band and beyond (The Mighty Zor!)....he made us all dream of one thing...having your own style. He certainly has his. These two albums of all instrumentals...Led Sled, Stealin’ Berry’s!...were killer, plus Jimmie Vaughan making rare appearances on steel guitar was the kicker. Denny was and is all of our’s hero in Texas Blues. @denny_freeman #bluescruise #divebomber #texasblues
Ok, #13 was from the East Coast...#14 comes from the West Coast...and it came to Texas in the form of a homemade cassette we all passed around and dubbed. I show this album cover, but we didn’t have an album. I’m not sure what we had, a 16th generation dub a live gig maybe? It had Red Headed Woman and Rock This House on it. Mike Morgan maybe had it first, I’m not sure. But when it hit, it hit like a ton of bricks. And I do mean a ton. Hollywood Fats. He could swing better than anyone alive. He had his own style and sound, that made whatever your style and sound was suck. He crushed us all. I saw him exactly once at Antone’s on Guadalupe. Then he died. He died young but made an everlasting legacy to blues players around the world. RIP Hollywood Fats. #hollywoodfats #cassette #homemade #westcoastblues #texasblues
Absolutely one of the top albums that influenced my generation of Texas blues players, Smokin’ by Ronnie Earl. A guy from the Northeast?, heresy! You’re damn right. But he did spend a hell of a lot of time in Austin, soaking it all in. His fire and fluency were just nearly unmatched. This album had the guitar-drum instrumental Ronnie Johnny...we all played that on gigs. Every song basically is a textbook on how it should be done. My Home Is A Prison, Ridin’ In The Moonlight, I Smell Trouble and on and on. All absolutely killer. And it brings up another point. These were all covers of classic blues numbers. To me, blues is like jazz...you cover the standards. People get caught up writing bad blues songs for their albums...there are plenty of great blues songs already. Play those. You will be judged by other musicians by how you play the standards. There’s no escaping that. And Ronnie got an A plus on this. And to that point, although he was covering old blues songs on this album that came out in 1983,...it sounded as fresh and current as anything at that time. Ronnie Earl is just as killer as they come, take no prisoners. Check it out. #ronnieearl #smokin #northeastblues #texasblues
Slim Harpo is like the gateway drug to all the Excello recordings. Once you get a taste, you just want more and next thing you know you’re strung out on Lazy Lester, Lightnin’ Slim and Lonesome Sundown. He was the original crossover blues guy, like Jimmy Reed, but in Louisiana. This was the particular vinyl album we had...everyone had this. This was the cover, so cool. In Texas, like Louisiana, all people wanna do is dance at your gig. So you better play some Slim Harpo, it’s just required. Scratch My Back, Hip Shake, Te Ni Ne Ni Nu... The T-Birds and Lou Ann Barton made careers outta this stuff. Coming up in the 80’s-90’s was no different, we couldn’t get enough of Excello....and Slim Harpo was the King. #slimharpo #bestof #excellorecords #louisianablues #texasblues
Lightnin’ Hopkins was playing what they’d later call rock n roll in 1954, these amped-up and wild recordings in Houston prove it. There were two volumes of this and you had to have both. All the fast instrumental boogies were split between the two albums...yeah you HAD to learn those, Hopkin’s Sky Hop and all that. It’s still some of the most fun you’ll ever have trying to play the guitar. I don’t know what these albums are called now in the streaming world, not Bad Boogie I don’t think. But these were vinyl for us back in the day, and it was Bad Boogie...and it was Bad! #lightninhopkins #badboogie #texasblues #1990s
Hop Wilson, was one of a handful of people (3 that I can think of, Freddie Roulette and Sonny Rhodes being the other 2) that played blues on the steel guitar. Not pedal steel, but a double-neck 8 string straight steel. Hop was the baddest of them all. This was no Elmore James-sounding stuff. He used standard country tunings and turned the blues on it’s head. But he was from Houston...land of Juke Boy Bonner and Lightnin’ Hopkins...so he sounded like that as well. His voice was incredible, other-worldly. His earlier Goldband records like ‘Chicken Stuff’ were amazing too, so it’s all a toss up with him, but think we listened to this album more slightly. I personally spent about 2 years tryin’ to play steel like Hop. Trying to figure out his tunings and turnarounds was all a mystery. Jimmie Vaughan can really do this stuff on steel as he studied it like the scientist he is. Anyway, get this album...and his Goldband sides too. Texas blues at its most pure. #hopwilson #steelguitarflash #texasblues
Ladies and Gentlemen, Stevie Ray Vaughn. #prideandjoy #srv #texasblues #fender #shuffle
WTF?! ...yes, wtf is right. We were players of our time, we didn’t live in a bubble with just old blues albums. By the 90’s...we had left behind the slicked back hair and vintage 50’s clothes we wore in the 80’s...for long hair and whatever fashion sense of our own we could cobble together....we looked more like a Seattle band or homeless people than a blues band. In the 90’s, we had to make our own mark musically and not just rehash what the T-Birds did. Doyle was in The Arc Angels now with huge hair and velvet shirts. Paul Size had gone to LA to join The Red Devils...and make King King on Warner Bros. Records with Rick Rubin producing...and make recordings with Mick Jagger. I joined that band later...and now found myself playing pool with Anthony Keidis, talking with Flea at the airport, and sitting in a rehearsal room playing for Rick Rubin with his Rolls Royce parked outside. We played with Bruce Willis, hung out with Dennis Leary and Everlast from House Of Pain. It was all a long was from Texas, and the blues scene we grew up in. But we had all listened to BSSM a ton, we loved that album. It was raw, funky and also a huge mega hit. Johnny Moeller flew to LA to try out for The Chili Peppers after John Fruciante quit. Jay Moeller came out to play with a version of The Red Devils for a minute. We were all in LA now. Little did we know when we were in Texas listening to this album, how we would all soon be connected to it for real. @redhotchilipeppers #bloodsugarsexmagik #texasblues #LA #1990s
Scored a #epiphone #riviera from the early 90’s this past weekend. Great archtop option. #happyfathersday on this #gibsunday
What does Kenny Burrell have to do with Blues? Everything. He’s Jimmie Vaughan and B.B. King’s favorite guitar player, that tells you all you need to know. We listened to Midnight Blue and Organ Grinder Swing a lot too. But I picked this album because it was one we all had, on cassette for whatever reason it seemed. One specific memory about it. I remember being at Lil’ Doyle Bramhall’s garage apartment one time, and he had this cassette on his little boom box. He kept trying to nail the chordal lick Kenny does at 1:46 on All Night Long. More than anyone of our generation, I think Kenny’s influence can be seen more in Doyle’s playing than anyone else. It may not seem obvious, but that slow burn style with danger ahead...that was really a Kenny Burrell thing that Doyle has as well. Check it out, great album. #kennyburrell #anightatthevanguard #jazz #blues #texasblues #1990s @doylebramhall2
Beads, has played alongside Paul McCartney, gave us a brilliant rendition of Leadbelly, a Capella, Old Hannah, just brilliant!! #flowerpotderby #leadbelly #livemusic #acousticmusic #texasblues
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There’s a lot of B.B. King albums...it’s pretty endless, and we listened to a lot of them obviously. But if I had to pick one that seemed to be playing all the time in those years, it would be Do The Boogie. I don’t think we even barely knew the title, we just called it the B.B. With Shorts On album. I think maybe it was Johnny Moeller who had it first, probably a Record Town purchase. Then we all just dubbed it on cassette. It was definitely a vinyl-only affair at first. Now, you can just stream every record in the world on your phone. Definitely made it more of a find back then, and you really focused on it. But this is the earliest B.B. stuff and it’s just so raw and super cool. When he bends a string in this era, he just makes this god-aweful-super-amazing-distorted cry. The bands and arrangements are killer, Memphis years. Check this out. #bbking #dotheboogie #memphisblues #texasblues #1990s
The blues was really a touchstone for me. It was what sparked a deeper interest in guitar playing, and challenged me to take music seriously. It sent me on a path to know what the history of American music was, and what its branches and roots were. This is just a simple blues in E. It’s not complicated, but it gets to the root of what I love as a musician. . . . . . . . #singer #songwritter #folksinger #singersongwritter #acousticguitar #gibsonguitar #martinguitar #americana #americanamusic #shuremics #iphonex #guitarplayer #guitar #diymusic #americana #portland #guitarplayer #cleantone #blues #bluesguitar #telecaster #martinguitar #bobdylan #coversong #chicagoblues #deltablues #texasblues #acousticcover #acousticguitar #acousticblues #robertjohnson #ericclapton #unplugged #ericclaptoncover
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Texas Blues Legend - Lance Lopez & Wes Jeans tearing it up and inviting special guest Anthony "Fallbrook Kid" Cullins onstage to jam with them !!! Tickets are only $ 15.00 if purchased in advance online at: http://www.ramonamainstage.com/lance-lopez-band/ All ages doors open at 7:00 PM #LanceLopez #WesJeans #AnthonyCullins #LiveMusic #RamonaMainStage #TexasBlues #Fallbrookkid #TheFallbrookKid #Blues #Soul #HittinAllCylinders
...this is another off-the-beaten-path album. Why were we so into it? Well, the two Otis Rush instrumentals “Everything’s Gonna Turn Out Alright” & “Rock.” We all tried to play those two instrumentals, and did at countless gigs in those years. It was the hip thing to play, in our minds. The generation before us was more likely to play Hideaway (we did too of course), but our generation would play “Everything’s Gonna Turn Out Alright,” cause that would show how cool you were. Great album all the way around, Otis kills some remakes of his old hits and his guitar sound is different...maybe he’s playing a Jazzmaster?, plus the recording quality is tremendous. Vanguard always had great studio sound. Check it out...the James Cotton stuff is killer too and Homesick James is worth a listen. #chicagothebluestoday #vol2 #otisrush #everythingsgonnaturnoutalright #rock #chicagoblues #texasblues
Happy straturday, and happy anniversary to the Texas Flood album. Thanks Larry Davis, and thanks SRV and Double Trouble!
Extreme honor getting to play this guitar today. It was given to me to play by @rockingksezwhat. This is the original Fender custom shop prototype reproduction of Stevie Ray Vaughan's Lenny Stratocaster before they built 185 reproductions. This was made exactly to spec of Lenny by the custom shop. Every nick is the same, including the cigarette burn where Stevie would ash his cigarettes on the headstock. Thanks Kenny K for letting me have it on loan. Playing today through a 1966 Fender Deluxe Reverb! #dallastx #reddottestudios #recordingstudio #texasguitarworkshop #mitchakesmusic #fender #stevierayvaughan #lenny #rivieraparadise #blues #texasblues #stratocaster
Spending #Straturday by going through my annual Stevie Ray Vaughan phase again. It's no secret this dude has shaped every facet of my foundation as guitarist. The search results for his name on YouTube has essentially been my bible for the last three years. I first heard this song late one night driving home from work back in the summer of 2015 and I put it on repeat. I took the long way home and can still remember the warmth of the still air and the way this was exactly what I needed to hear in that moment. If it wasn't for SRV I would've never taken guitar seriously, I owe him a lot more than words but for now I'll just push his music on all of my Instagram followers. So here's a tidbit of "Lenny" from the concert disc Live In Japan.
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Beautiful Saturday weather = Texas blues rythme a on da porch 👌photo credit: @may.kamsch.designs . . . . #texasblues #bluesguitar #pickupsummer #pickupjazz #songwriter #fender #stratocaster @fender
Another fun little recording I did today. Can you guess the song? #blues #rock #texasblues #fenderstratocaster #srv
Another fun little recording I did today. Can you guess the song? #blues #rock #texasblues #fenderstratocaster #srv #stevierayvaughan
I went around the world till I found the right spot. It was ultra sweet and just a little bit hot. Dippin' low in the lap of luxury. Dippin' low in the lap of luxury. ‪‎TBT‬ ✅ Videos, Photos Highlight Daily Update 🙏 Please Follow 👉 @zztop_online via:@zztop Thanks a lot 💥
My baby @soulfullady and my other boo thang @iammusiclove27 got down last night in Deep Ellum.....been too long... . . . #cassieholtandthelostsouls #TwiliteLounge #Dallas #Texas #DeepEllum #goodtobehome #Texasblues #Texassoul #samsmithstaywithmecover
“the sun sets on the highway, it’s got me thinking about my home...” -Until Tomorrow 🎶 Enjoy a great weekend w/ lyricist + acoustic singer Paul Renna @ The Salt Lick BBQ this Saturday! So drawn to the language of his music - never disappointed! . .. ... 🚩 @saltlickbbq #songwriters #realmusic #weekends #texasmusic #austinmusic #summerconcerts #americana #texasblues #outlawcountry #lyrics #texasroadtrip #satxbloggers #houstonblogger #acousticguitar #saltlickbbq #wimberley #driftwood #junipergrovyehillcountry #texashillcountry
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A little Texas Blues fo’ ya! #wimberleytx #texasblues #texashillcountry (picture quality is awful but you only need your ears to appreciate this one.)
Through my eyes I see the pain Through my eyes I see the strain Through my eyes I see the scars Through my eyes I see who you really are. #musicforlife #music #gretschguitar #gretsch #fenderguitar #fenderguitars #tattooeddad #tattoos #tattoo #texasblues #guitarplayer #guitar #guitarist #blues #acoustic #acousticguitar #taylorguitars #gibson #gibsonguitars #planetfitness #workout #gym #musicianworkout
Pessoal muito obrigado pela presença de todos no Tributo SRV de ontem no #manifestobar , vcs foram sensacionais! Segue uma foto em primeira mão! . Hey guys thanks to everyone that made our SRV tribute night at @manifestobar so special! Here is brand new pic from yesterday! . #guicicarelli #srv #blues #tribute #saopaulo #musico #musician #bluesrock
Only took me 9 years but I finally made it out to see Tomcat Courtney #texasblues #socksandsandals
JUNE 22 Ramona Main Stage Lance Lopez is going to be cuttin' heads!! This is a killer opportunity to go see Lance play while he's in Southern, CA. Tickets are only $15 #LanceLopez #AnthonyCullins #RamonaMainStage #LiveMusic #TexasBlues
And now for the elephant in the room... We just wanted to be The Fabulous Thunderbirds. All of us. They were the blueprint. Stevie was huge at the time, and still is. But I didn’t know anybody that was trying to play like Stevie. Everyone was trying to play like Jimmie. They still are here in Texas. Jimmie will fuck you up as a guitar player...because if you don’t play like JV...it feels like you’re doing it wrong. And that has ruined and influenced us all to no end. If you played bass, you wanted to be Keith Ferguson. Even if you didn’t play bass...you wanted to be him. If you wanted to play drums, you listened to how Mike Buck played a shuffle. Kim has no equal on harmonica, sang like Mercy Baby and wrote songs that sounded like old songs. Writing a new blues song is near impossible...and they did it. What they all did was super correct. And they were the baddest & coolest....just look at that cover. Girls DID go Wild...and every musician wants that. We wanted that. This album had it all. Everything. It was something we were all drawn to and running away from at the same time. #thefabulousthunderbirds #girlsgowild #texasblues
If you were a young blues-wanna-be in Dallas in the 80’s-90’s...whatever blues band you happened to be in at the moment...probably played at least 3 songs a night off this album. Every song is a classic basically, “Too Tired”, “Lonely Lonely Nights” “Hot Little Mama”...every damn song. And they were ‘songs’ in the truest sense. It wasn’t just another shuffle. He was a great songwriter...and we needed ‘songs’ to play live..:especially ones people could dance to. Plus he was one of the most influential guitar players in Texas, even to this day. All capo’d up and wild...plus that voice. It was all so very, very cool. We wanted to be cool...and Johnny ‘Guitar’ Watson was the coolest. #johnnyguitarwatson #hitthehighway #texasblues
With Jesse ‘Guitar’ Taylor 🎸@continentalclubatx He was a true Texas blues man and my friend 🙂 I’ll always miss ‘Hercules’ 💪🏻 . . . . . #guitarist #texasblues #blues #jessetaylor #guitar #guitarra #texasmusic #austinmusic #lubbock #legend #tommymack #thelifters
🎶#blues , #boogaloo , gulfcoast #soul ! 🎶it’s gonna be hot out, so you might as well come and sweat it out with a cold beverage! 10:30-1:30 @continentalclubatx Gallery. @johnnyradelat gonna be joining us tonight.... . . . . . #oldiesareforever #garyclarkjr #ska #texaloorecords #texasblues #hammondorgan #78704 #atx #atxmusic #texasmusic
This record was a new album...unreleased until the 1980’s, so none of us had ever heard it. It was a revelation, to say the least. It was recorded live in 1969 in two different places.... at the big Ann Arbor Blues Festival and then at a small nightclub, The Alex Club. So it really gave you insights into his playing in the different environments. The story in Ann Arbor was that he showed up without a guitar or a band. He borrowed both. But you’d never know it from the recording...he destroys it...unbelievable. And I mean that, we couldn’t really believe it. Jaws on the ground when we heard it. We all loved Magic Sam, a big influence on everyone. But his classic studio albums from Cobra and Delmark were all that was out there. But there’s a huge difference hearing Magic Sam on his classic studio album ‘West Side Soul’ and hearing him on ‘Live’ with his amp on 10 playing to an audience. If you were a guitar player from Texas in the 1990’s and didn’t play Sam’s version of ‘Backstroke’ from the Live album...then you weren’t from Texas. Magic Sam died of a heart attack the same year these recordings were made, 1969...at only 32 years old! He set the bar for all of us...and it was very, very, very high. As much as we loved Otis Rush, Buddy Guy, Freddie King etc...for our generation, this Live album put Magic Sam out front of all of them in a way in our minds...as far as what we wanted to be. Check this album out. #magicsam #live #chicagoblues #texasblues #1990 ’s
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