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I’m trying to figure out my angles because why not, I’m bored and I want to get more into photography.😅😵 i like how my nails look in this pic...I always keep my nails short since I always bite them, but I’m happy that I’m able to control this habit a little more.😽🦋🌹 #longcaption #thanksforreading
[SWIPE FOR TEARS]. My main inquisitor Sais Lavellan. I know lot of you guys love Feyrith but ... Sais is very important to me so I hope you all will love her as well ówò💦. Da4 teaser made me realise I don't draw Sais enough. Bad memories in the romance side ...but oh! how I love my inquisitor and how she loves Solas...ouf. Post inquisition Sais suffers from nightmares a lot...it's really uncommon for her to have a peaceful dream... ° ° ° { #thedreadwolfrises #solavellanhell #solavellan #saislavellan #inquisitorlavellan #solas #dragonagesolas #dragonageinquisition #ahmychild #sorryformakingyousuffer #iloveyou #digitalart #artistoninstagram #photoshop #thanksforreading }
a friend told me that she would love it if i would read my writing to her. i LOL’d. then she explained. she's a new mom. she's busy. she wants to read stuff but she's got 2 eyes on a baby & no eyes left for looking at words. makes sense. also, i figure some of my best minutes are spent in the car listening to podcasts (hiding from my children?). so i've decided to do a smaller, shorter version of storytelling on my blog. every post will now have an audio reading of the article. from my lips to your ears. :) & in the spirit of a year-end cleansing, i've tidied the page up, added some more kid quotes and have started posting my poetry there as well. • thank you for reading my writing. ❤️ words can be found at betterinink.com & findyourpleasure.com. link in bio. subscribing is fun! • #blog #audio #writing #reading #findyourpleasure #betterinink #thanksforreading #sundaylove #sundayread
I’m still really sad about Zoe. I hope that people understand, however, that I don’t handle grief like other people. I don’t forget about what happened, but I do live in the moment. That’s what Zoe would have wanted. The dog in this video is Jilly, she loved the snow we got today! #snow #snowdog #dogsinthesnow #rompinginthesnow #cutesnowdogs #cutedogs #dogs #goldenretrievermix #corgimix #love #peace #rescue #beahero #bealeader #ripzoe #loveyou #thanksforreading #cute
🚨🚨 Join @fiyabone592 and I each and every Wednesday on Community Voices from 7pm to 9pm 🚨🚨 . . 💻 Log onto www.ablazinradio.com 📲 Download the #FREE Ablazin Radio app 📞 240-949-2289 to join the conversation and to win tickets for upcoming events #keepitlock #communityvoices #beheard #saysomething #internetradio #DMV #music #news #information #veejay #womeninradio #momolove #fiyabone592 #bookedandbusy   #newmusic #playingforkeeps #thanksforreading #staytuned #host #dancehall #reggae #afrobeats #RnB #rap
The “someone else will do what I’m not prepared to do” attitude that some people have pisses me off. #rant #straya #brisbane #thanksforreading #consumerism
In daytime I’m mostly a punk rock thrash girl. At night I switch into an indie emo girl. Play really old repeat-favourites in soft candle light. Makes my heart cry of self-kindness and me smilingly sob to the bittersweetness of life. Makes me happy and I feel beautiful. I feel like me. ... Today I called my father on the telephone. I wished him a happy birthday and we talked for an hour. We hadn’t spoken in two years. It was a good talk. He told me he loves me, even though it was a spontaneous outburst because I told him I sometimes quote Louis Blanc. Made me laugh. ... Tonight I said goodbye to a twin star. I am grateful. ... Today is the day both Lennon and Dime Darrel got shot and killed. Makes me humble. ... On this day, in 1944, the Gestapo erased my grandmother’s family home with a panzerfaust bomb, after arresting, and sending to death, seven family members. How brutally ironic her first-born arrived on that very day two years later. She named him after her oldest brother, who was publically executed by hanging. I am learning. ... #goodbyes #rememberance #december8 #father #dimebagdarrell #johnlennon #respect #emotionsonmysleeve #nomudnobud #thanksforreading
This month what i can say is, plans can never keep up with changes, in the past 11 months, i don’t remember how many times i rethink about my plans, it’s tiring and consuming. but life is not short, you gotta plan somehow, and you gotta have faith in your choices through changes and hang on for just a little more... i think this week it’s the first very time so far i heard something supportive finally. when everyone says “it’s so tough to live a new life on one’s own in a foreign country especially Japan; no matter how hard the life is at home, it’s still your home; you have wandered long enough out there; if it is not going well, just come back home, you are always welcome to be home.”, but she said to me (i cant recall the exact words) “it must be tough, but u gotta try hard for such a big move.”. Even it’s very short and light-toned, i cant get this line out of my head. I know many of you really love me and may feel hard for me, but that only makes me feel no one believes in me, and makes me feel even tougher and lonelier... I think this journey, no matter how it may end up to, is just a process, which makes me a stronger person. I do not purposely go against the world to prove anything, but i think in life, sometimes we have to hold on and hold on and hold on...until we cant. It’s just 11 months, i think i can still hold on for a bit more. So please just bear with me for a bit more... And believe in me for a bit more. #thankyou #youknowwhoyouare #報平安時間 #randomjournal #chlontheroad #anothermonthgoneby #selfreflection #truebirdwithoutfeetnow #銀杏 #yellow #秋 #あき #myfavoriteseason #wanderlust #神宮外苑イチョウ並木 #東京 #tokyo #東京生活 #skwaetetintokyo #wanderlustintokyo #igers #skwaetetintokyo #skwaetet #thanksforreading #potm
Všetko sa to začalo 28. Augusta 2018, keď sme prišli s konceptom Unique & Limited. Hneď sme sa bez rozmýšľania pustili do akcie a začali premýšľať, tvoriť a budovať. Prečo? Pretože ak by sme mali zasadiť len jeden strom, tak sme tu niečo vytvorili, zanechali. Chceme tu po sebe niečo zanechať, a robiť to, čo nám robí radosť, čo nás napĺňa energiou. 🔥 Malé dennodenné kroky, ktoré sme podnikali vytvorili to, čo je Unique & Limited teraz. A malé dennodenné kroky to budú zväčšovať a vylepšovať, budovať a formovať. Nie veľký skok je to čo nás vytvorilo, ale každodenná systematická a konzistentná práca. Priatelia, nečakajte na nový rok a na nové predsavzatia, ale snažte sa strategicky vyžmýkať EŠTE z roku 2018 maximum. #thanksforreading #haveaniceday
The original name of Africa is Alkebu-lan “mother of mankind” or “garden of eden”. Alkebulan is the oldest and the only word of indigenous origin. It was used by the Moors, Nubians, Numidians, Khart-Haddans and Ethiopians. Go check out https://moordetroit.bigcartel.com/ and follow @moordetroit #thanksforreading #detroitbrand #moordetroit
The original name of Africa is Alkebu-lan “mother of mankind” or “garden of eden”. Alkebulan is the oldest and the only word of indigenous origin. It was used by the Moors, Nubians, Numidians, Khart-Haddans and Ethiopians. Go check out https://moordetroit.bigcartel.com/ #thanksforreading #moordetroit #motherland #detroitbrands
Last shipment of toys prepped & ready for collection on Monday the 10th. Initial target was to have all toys shipped by Monday the 3rd but I had to deal with the whole card fraud ting. - Not sure when I’ll start ordering products again, got the first VAT return coming up and other tax due starting 1st of Jan. Trying to figure it all out in my pea brain 💃🏼 #boxhug #lookslikethepumaisangryatthebox #longhashtag #hashtag #okimdone #jk #thanksforreading #loveux
This top looks like my primary school uniform - only difference is this is not white. #thanksforreading
Teaser! I got a request to send a note of encouragement to some Battle of the Books teams in Michigan. I borrowed Abigail Halpin's wonderful character design for Newt, from The Last Fifth Grade, and put him in a BoB tee. He'd be a great team member! #battleofthebooks #thelastfifthgradeofemersonelementary #iwentoverboard #thanksforreading #authorsofinstagram
I battled over the decision to post this. I worried over what people would think. But i love my Posh. I’m proud of these numbers. I’m thankful for all the people who helped make this possible and supported me. And i love that this journey has taken me to a new self worth and is helping me do more for my family. For ALL these reasons I decided to post. This is what 2 years of Poshing looks like for me and it can be you too. #thanksforreading #perfectlyposh ##naturallybasedproducts #poshlife #momlife #dancemom #workingmom #opportunity #selfworth #bossbabe #goldpremier #poshandpamperedwithkrista #youcandoit #youdeserveit #joinmyteam
i live in europe lol yeah it’s cool lol great bathrooms lol also have a dali dali xmas (get it bc the stache & expression) lol apparently it’s the best time of the year but idk i don’t celebrate lol also jesus was b(rown/lack), the grinch was a real one before they (?) sold out, & consumerism is killing the planet but keep buyin them gifts me lovely lil ho ho hos elon’s gonna take us all to mars or at least those of us who’ve got $10milli for a ticket, as for the rest #love will save us lol thinkin bout only posting bathroom selfies going forward, whaddyall think??? #wowwhataride #boredandsickinbed #conversationsinmyhead #butamiwrong #lucidelirium #mixinupthemedicine #oktimetosleep #lol #thanksforreading #idoitforyall #nothingwithoutyou #imdying #rememberme #pleasedontstartagofundmetho #goodnight 🌙🌚✨
You have to find that place that brings out the human in you. The soul in you. The love in you. 💞 . Genuine happiness is something that’s hard to achieve. I struggled for a long time trying to find what fueled me. What made me feel alive. But most importantly, what made me happy. I never experienced passion in what I was doing. I didn’t know what my purpose in this world was. I felt for so long that I was just existing rather than truly living. I had a lot of thoughts to myself..what am I doing? Where is my life going to go? I tried going to school, trying different jobs, even changing hair colors constantly as dumb as that sounds. I just didn’t know who I was or what I was supposed to do. 😅 . Fitness came into my life on accident. I decided one day to workout. It wasn’t until after my workout that I had this overwhelming feeling. I can’t really explain it, I just had a feeling it was the start of something. For the first time in my life, I became obsessed with something. I spent all my time researching articles on diets, different workouts, etc. I was addicted to learning about this whole fitness thing. Then, I started working out everyday..I don’t think I even took a rest or cheat day that whole month. 🙈 For the first time, I started to feel good on the inside and the outside. My heart started to heal which I never thought would happen from working out? After every workout, I felt stronger. I felt confidence creeping in. I went and worked out when I was mentally struggling and I would get done happier and more in control of my emotions. I dealt with a big loss when I was 18. I talk about losing my best friend a lot but it’s still something that aches at me to this day..back then, I didn’t know how to deal with it. I took all my pain to the gym and somehow it started to fix things. I didn’t realize that slowly I was falling back in love with myself while also falling in love with something that would soon turn into my biggest meaning and passion in life. This journey changed me in the best way. I’m forever grateful. I found something that brought the happiness and soul out of me. 💞 . #sorryforthelongcaption #thanksforreading 🙏🏼
LONG POST ALERT 🚨 — I had a high school bilingual evaluation today. The teachers reported the student presents with dysfluency and lacks English skills needed for social communication and academic work. The student just arrived from Dominican Republic 🇩🇴 1.5 years ago. Twenty days after landing in New York she was placed in a ninth grade classroom. Since then the teachers have noticed she does not have the skills for her coursework and are demanding speech therapy and most recently special ed. — — I completed my portion of the evaluation, both in English and in Spanish. She does not have the skills in English and can barely hold a casual conversation in English. She speaks Spanish at home and with all her friends that she has made in school. When I decided to talk to her English second language teacher, who by the way is a monolingual English speaker, said she is really low and needs a lot of help and apparently presents with the same errors in Spanish. However, how are you aware of her errors in Spanish if you only speak English? She was very adamant that she knew more than me, and I was wrong. Neither here nor there... — — But, excuse me ESL Teacher do you know THAT.. It takes two years for a second language learning to acquire Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills (BICS), and FIVE to SEVEN YEARS to acquired Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency (CALP). #JustSaying Despite my recommendations for modifications that could be done whether it’s dual language homework assignment, extra support, etc. The teacher consistently did not agree and stated she needed special ed/ICT. It’s very upsetting to me because if she doesn't have someone to advocate for her she’s going to be diagnosed/classified incorrectly. — — When I was younger my first language is Spanish and the school told my mom that I needed special ed. Had my mom not advocated for me I probably would have been in the special ed system. — — Cultural competency and advocacy are huge factors in why I am a Bilingual SLP. Please learn and understand the difference between Difference and Disorder because so many children will suffer from this mistake.
If you ever wonder why I do this, share my sweaty selfies, tell you I’m eating healthy and having my daily dose of dense nutrition, its deeper than you probably think… While it does feel good to get the “you’re looking great” comments (send as many as you like), I do it to share that there is a positivity YOU can add into YOUR day. In the end, it is for no one else, just you. Yes, I share, but even if I didn’t, I would still make the same choices. Because I know the difference it has made in my life and the person I am to others who interact with me. I want you to know the same. At this point in my life (two young kids, a husband and a FULL time job) I could let the stress and difficulty take over. I almost did. But I knew I had the resources to pull myself out of that downward spiral. I knew I deserved better. Now I want to be that for someone else. If you have ever had the thought “I just need to accept the fact that I feel crappy and I will take care of myself when this rough patch is over”? Know that I can relate. I was there and have been there many times. I have an option. It might be the solution for you, it might not. But I can promise you one thing, you will never know unless you try. #positivity #happylife #happymommy #liveyourbestlife #joinme #thanksforreading
New Post today! Talked about a lot of the things that brought me to the cruise ship! Hope you all like it! The link is in my bio! #thanksforreading #trainingforthefuture #shiplofebeginning #friends #personalblog #readme
Day 8, school uniform. So I drew Aura (that it's my apprentice persona) in my high school uniform :") I really didn't like the uniform not even now ...I really don't like skirts 😂💦 did you have uniform back in school? Ps: same Nadi ... ° ° ° { #thearcanagame #apprenticeaura #juliandevorak #thearcanaasra #fanart #miyocs #sketches #digitalart #photoshop #thanksforreading }
I want to live in the way I am. #thanksforreading #lien #writer
Dear @furiousfotog even since the few years since this shoot, I know you want me back .... to the Bama .... in that shape again ... 😅😣 ... but what was I? I looked like an angel beast from the block! Lol 👼😈 ... thanks for the #waybackwednesday post Mr G, nice work mate ✌️👍😎
Call it attention grabbing, or whatever you want. Idgaf. I’m just tired of getting hurt, let down and treated like nothing by any woman I develop any sort of feelings for. I never treat women like shit, I never make them feel inferior, or demean them, or talk down, or harm them physically. I don’t look at them as sexual objects, or see how many I can bang, or lie to them. I’ve never cheated or did anything behind an ex’s back. I’ve simply been me... Yet, for some reason, it’s never good enough. Sure, I don’t make tons of money, or have a super nice car, or live in a fancy house/apartment, or have a six pack. What you see is what you get. A guy with a pretty average height, average looks, and average life. The face you see is the face of disappointment/sadness/defeat. Over and over again women seem to think I’m nothing, because I’m basically treated like nothing. Doesn’t matter when, where, or how I met them. It’s the same story again and again, and the older I get, the worse it gets. When do I deserve to be happy? When do I deserve get treated like I treat them? Cause I’m getting tired of it. Maybe someone will see this and give me an answer. Sincerely... that good guy all you women claim you want. #niceguy #dontdeservethis #girls #defeat #igiveup #justwannabehappy #thanksforreading
Title track off of my upcoming EP "1SOUTH" is officially out!!! Peep my bio for the link and show me some love!!!!
Janet gets annoyed by both myself and the LA Times. Despite her threats, she won’t get rid of either one of us 😎🖤📰
A cold November day A train going everywhere and nowhere A sweet Revelation A lonely poem A cold ice-cream and a steaming hot chocolate A million smiles Over-expectations Fingers laced together A plumb woolly hat A hug on a train Going Everywhere A world full of possibilities The start of a Love Story? -Original poem 🌸❤️#poetry #writersofinstagram #youngpoet #originalpoem #love #teenagethoughts #winter #sweet #commentfeedback #thanksforreading #followformore
Day 7, someone suggested Feyrith cosplaying Aang and I thought it would be really cute UwU 👌✨ (What do you mean I could have done this sketch without the nip-slip ¿???¿¿?? :V) ° ° ° { #atla #thelastairbender #fanart #feyrithlavellan #dragonageinquisition #inquisitorlavellan #sketches #digitalart #artistoninstagram #photoshop #thanksforreading }
UPDATE IF YOU GIVE A SHIT: Here’s the current state, probably the worst she’s ganna look during the whole “build” process. Complete underbody/frame are going to be wire wheeled and permanently undercoated with POR15 along with a fresh POR15 TopCoat. Fifth wheel pins/mounts have been removed due to excessive rust which slightly impacted the frame itself. All the rust you see is completely surface rust and will be able to be removed no problem, just a lot of tedious sanding/wire wheeling. - - - - - #thanksforreading #caseycoletheauthor #bookcomingsoon
We’ve heard that “it’s better to be feared than to be loved”. The truth is such way of thinking is a form of cruelty. It’s detrimental toward ourselves and others. It benefits no one. Love and respect are always the answer. When either becomes difficult or close to impossible, then we can only step back without ill will toward the one who is or may come across as a jerk. In the end, keep in mind the word Karma. None of us can escape the conditions we experience in life due to the choices we make. So take it easy! Wish well, and see how the Universe is going to bathe you with the most beautiful things and people around you. Allow the Universe to show up for you — with all the love It has for you! NMF ☯️ P.S. Beyond love or fear, there too is the Middle Way. This is to say Respect! ——————————————————————————————- #love #compassion #universe #empathy #sympathy #wellness #health #energy #positivity #karma #respect #themiddleway #beyondtolerance #middleway #thanksforreading #gratitudenevergetsold
I don’t remember when I allowed myself to think that I’m only limited to what I see or when I allowed myself to set myself only on what I hear. I don’t remember when I stopped feeling comfortable in my hunger. I thrive in silence, a library card, cafe conversations with strangers, history museums, a recording studio, friends with loud laughs full of love and with a camera. Ultimately I can’t remember when I started letting people decide who I am. I was told that your 20’s are a declaration and man am I ready to let my name yell. #Thanksforreading
:: What does an Osteopath do? :: A notoriously difficult question to give a short answer to! This is owing to the diversity of the training we receive in our five years of study, the numerous postgraduate courses available that allow Osteopaths to develop skills in a wide variety of areas, and the fact that every treatment varies depending on the needs of the individual :: Osteopaths look at the function of the body at rest AND during movement and use a combination of hands on techniques and exercise/diet/lifestyle advice that aim to address the root cause of the problem and give you skills to manage it yourself :: Osteopaths take a “big picture” approach to the human body- we look at how the skeleton, joints, muscles, nerves, circulatory system, connective tissue and internal organs function together as a whole :: The profession is so diverse that you will find Osteopaths working for elite sports teams, alongside doctors in fertility clinics, treating babies/children, or specializing in management of chronic pain (just to name a few) :: #thanksforreading #novel #osteopathy #alliedhealth #brisbaneosteopath #lookafteryourself
If you are missing past episodes then just come by our workshop and grab them! Cactus reader @bud_daze came by after trimming buds all day @azns_treez to get copies for his family to read.🙏🌵🌲 #collectible #magazine #cannabiscactus #cactuscrew #thanksforreading #muah
🦘🦜🐜 #australia
✨Holiday Glam : Day to Night ✨🥂 Soft Bronze Smokey to A Winged Bronzed eye! by adding a bold matte black liner add another accessory to your eye make up that’s ready to last all night! . . . . . #love #latergram #makeupartist #desi #girl #makeupaddict #wingedliner #makeuplover #makeupjunkie #makeup #glitter #darklips #gloss #matteblack #freelancemakeupartist #lovewhatido #hashtags #goodtimes #mumbai #donefortheday #riopinksky #kisses #xoxo #thanksforreading #myhashtags
Stressed, depressed but still well dressed (don't mind that toilet in the background, thx) . . . . . #black #mirrorselfie #dark #me #everydaywewearblack #redhead #girl #polishgirl #nirvana #creativityleftme #thanksforreading #kbye
Thoughts spilling out of my thumbs. #thumbthoughts #dreamreflections #thanksforreading
Here we have a scale in its natural habitat, it feeds on native plants and shrubs, predators that may harm it includes fridges and other whitewear appliances #Newbrighton #Channeldavidattenborough #Thanksforreading #farewellChristchurch
Thought long and hard about wether to post this or not but f#ck it 💯😂 over the last year I have had businesses go under, many false promises made, relationships break down, been in and out of shape and started to isolate myself, focus on the past and poison my mind with regret 😫 Some say to meditate, snap out of it, look in the mirror and say you are proud of yourself but when I was in my f#cked headspace for a few weeks and overthinking I couldn’t do anything let alone that stuff 😂 What helped me was finally talking about it, grieving if I felt like it and acknowledging that I brought myself to the position I was in while accepting I can’t change the past but I can l learn from it, adapt and improve as a person 💯 Once I got to that point it was headphones in blasting podcasts/motivational audios and smashing training until I started to feel better 💪 It worked for me and brings me to now, I know I still have work to do but I have my drive back and I am finally launching my personal training business next week 👌 thanks to those that have already committed 🙌 Also excited to be signing on with another business (not mlm) in a market that I have been wanting to learn about and be a part of for a long time 🙏 It’s good to be smiling again and I feel ready to go to work NOW to take my mind, body and business to the next level in 2019 🚀 Anyone else out there that is going through a tough time, cry if you need too, try to talk to someone about it (as hard as that can be), get the headphones in and listen to some positive vibes, get around quality people, keep busy as f#ck doing things you enjoy and try and view the time as a test while knowing something great is waiting for you on the other side 🙌 If you believe it then it will be 🙏 Will be using insta @hayden_levelup and @levelup_academy a lot more for training and business in the coming months so follow me there if you wish to keep updated 💯 thanks for your support 😀 #dontwait #makeithappen #talk #heal #thentakeover #personaltraining #newcastle #thanksforreading
SQUARE PART 1: Background info about the comic: One day SQUARE goes to school, expecting it to be an easy day. What he doesn't know is that the teacher has other plans, she tells the whole class it's a surprise test day. The whole class wasn't expecting this as well. She passes the test and SQUARE just looks at it for a second and starts writing down his answers. When he looks at both of his sides, the two student next to him are looking at his paper getting the answers. SQUARE didn't like that so he raised his hand, but before he could speak. The teacher told him no. So now he is sad and thinks about his plans of what he's going to do after school with the help of his friends. Speaking of his friends, they are looking through the window and waiting for SQUARE's class to end so they could play games. The next day...(That's part 2). Thanks for reading this if you did😁. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .#drawing #originalcharacter #notartist #comic #oc #drawings #square #storyline #notcomicartist #justforfun #drawingsomewhat #creature #draw #cute #creatures #creature #doodle #doodles #draw #artaccount #cutecomic #thanksforreading
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