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If you’d like to place an order, question anything or check on stock please don’t hesitate to send me a message...i’m available via email, Facebook or instagram :-) I don’t have a ‘waiting list’ for orders as such, but I do try to get orders out within 1-2weeks (usually a few days) once payment has cleared I take ‘custom’ orders on all my products, nappies, embroidered nappies, bibs, nursing pads, flo-biz pads etc etc Don’t forget to also check out the website for ‘ready to post’ items 😍😍 #thanksforreading #thanksforsupport #supportsmallbusiness #wahmbusiness #mumofmany #lovewhatido #aussiebusiness #openfororders #customorderswelcome #reusablesavesmoney #gogreen #makeadifference
|| Sugar. The American Heart Association recommends a maximum daily intake of 38 grams for men and 25 grams for women (ladies, don't kill the messenger). - I start the day with a protein bar, and have found many contain as much as 24 grams of sugar (64-96% of the daily max). Why does a product marketed as a weight loss aid have to be disguised as a "dessert"? Is healthy eating that scary? - Through diet and exercise I've achieved the lowest body fat content in my adult life. In the process I developed a focus for minimizing excess sugar. - Don't get me wrong: I still enjoy sugar, and it has its place. Save it for dessert and the occasional sweet tea. 👌🏼 - #thanksforreading #rantover #liveyourbestlife #atleast #livebetter #livehealthy #sugar #weightloss #leanandmean #thinkingmachine #staywoke #readlabels #makechanges #losefat #gainmuscle #losses #gains #ditchthesugar #but #eatdessert #healthybalance
let’s talk CARDIO i know i’ve been low key hating on cardio in FOREVER #nottobedramatic #teamweights but lately i’ve kind of gotten a bit more into cardiovascular exercises. #uhmwat before you totally judge me and think that i’m a cardio bunny and that from now on i will only run miles and miles on the treadmill, lemme tell you: you’re totally wrong. i’ve never been a fan of running and i never will be. funnily we associate cardio often with steady state cardio like running or sitting on the bike. but there are so many other activities that count as cardio as well; swimming, walking (big one for me), HIIT, boxing, circuit training etc. i always say that i don’t do any cardio but I’ve come to the realisation that that’s not true! I walk heaps, I ADORE HIIT, i implement lots of circuits into my workout routine and recently i’ve gotten quite interested in boxing too. I just never associated these activities with cardio as for me running on a treadmill or sitting on a stationary bike has always been the only REAL cardio to me. cardio is actually pretty great for you anyways. if your main goal is building muscle or losing fat (yes you heard that right), i would primarily focus on weight lifting. but cardio can always be part of a healthy lifestyle. it improves your cardiovascular performance and helps you break a sweat which is a natural way of detoxifying. that does not mean you should kill yourself hours and hours on a treadmill or try to cycle 50km a day. too much cardio is harmful and you can get injured easily. #balanceiskey if you’re trying to lose weight, look at cardio more as an assistance while weight lifting is your main priority. believe it or not, weight lifting is what helps you lose fat faster and get ‘toned’ and cardio is more for your general fitness. just letting y’all know. #tipoftheday #thanksforreading #ihopeyoucare
We are neither this nor that! We are the mixture of our complexities. So we are this and that, and at times more this than that — or vice versa. There are general and relative consistencies in the character of our behavior, but purity as in the homogeneous totality of something is nonexistent — because it goes against our own nature and the natural order of things. Meaning? There are days in which patience, love, tolerance, kindness, generosity, spontaneity, and laughter come a lot easier than other times (other days). Reason(s)? Our mood, and our mood comes from our experiences. Those experiences come from life (our everyday thing). It takes life to understand life — our breath — the very notion that we are indeed alive and kicking. NMF ☯️ P.S. Homework: Pay yourself a lovely compliment!❣️ Right now? Right now! 😉➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ #yinyang #mixture #purity #kindness #mood #balance #motion #experience #love #tolerance #humannature #ourhumanity #human #nature #generosity #journey #mindfultaiji #taiji #taichi #mindfulness #lifecoach #thanksforreading #selfacceptance #acceptance
My name is Leo. My story into wanting to become a barber is similar to some but different than many. I didn’t grow up cutting hair or even involved in the industry. I was born in Brazil and moved to California with my family at a young age. My father was always very hard working and my mother always wanted to give whatever and whenever she could. Growing up in such a giving and caring household instilled a lot of love, passion, and the desire to give back and help others in anyway I could. I enjoy being creative and letting my style be expressed without words. Wether it’s in the way I dress, or in the pictures I take. That is why transitioning into becoming a barber was one of the most easy decisions I have ever made. The choice was clear, and in a world full of indecisiveness this one was clear as day. I am here to share my journey and my passion to cut/style hair while transforming peoples day from average to an experience they will remember and leave feeling better than when they arrived. There is a long road still ahead but the sky is the limit because choosing to become a barber isn’t a job, it is a way of life.” In the end, what better way to live life than to be yourself, be happy, and make others around you feel that way as well. #goodvibes #thanksforreading #freetheclipper #shearwork #straightblade #art #style #paulmitchelltheschool #pmtssj #barberlife #passion #love #giveback #mensgrooming
Ako vam ljudi traže malo vremena, da odmore, da razmisle, da saberu ili oduzmu, da provjere i izvažu, da shvate žele li vas ili ne, dajte, molim vas, ispratite ih. Mahnite ili se izgrlite. Pozdravite ili oprostite, ali nemojte, tako vam vas, čekati da neko izvaže koliko ste mu važni. Nekad davno sam rekla: "Sitne su to gramaže, kad se ostajanje važe" i evo, danas, ako mi neko zatraži vrijeme, da se izgubi ili pronađe, da shvati želi li me ili ne, ja mu ga ne dam. Ti se možeš vratiti, vrijeme je nepovratno. A svoje vrijeme koje ste poklonili nekom ćete poželjeti nazad. Za ljude nisam sigurna. Ako se čovjek ili žena pitaju, ima li u ćošku njihovog života mjesta za vas, ako bi vas radije gurnuli u šupu nego vas stavili u krilo, dajte produžite. A ako se neko upita zašto mu ne date tog malo vremena, sjetite se sebe. Odgovor je jednostavan. Nemam vremena da ti dajem vremena. Kratko sam ovdje. #writing #mood #writersofinstagram #authorsofinstagram #thanksforreading #instadiares #takeamomentforyourself #findyourpurpose #loveyourselffirst
This poem means so much to me. I wrote this a few years ago and my grandmother loved it so much that she framed it and had it sitting on her night table the evening that she passed away. I hope someday to be able to recite this to my kids before they go to sleep. This post goes out to you Grandma. Thank you for always believing in me 💙🙏🏻🕊 . . #onelove #thanksforreading #expression #inktober #poetry #creative #thoughts #love #smile #grandma #kids #words #vibes #kitchen
Seriously it's stuff like this that makes me work harder to improve my photography. This made my whole month, and I'm not gonna lie, my eyes watered a bit. I'm overly critical on myself, and to have people think this highly of my work is sometimes overwhelming and unreal. My goal in life is to be able to do nothing but photography for a living. I just want to shoot shows, I've never felt this positive about anything in my life. . . . #thanksforreading #stoked #thanksforallthesupport #waitingformybigbreak #viciousvphotography #PabstBlueRibbon #PBRSoundSociety #letscollab #onabeercan #concertphotographer #streetphotographer #musicphotos #punk #punks #punx #subculture #photoblogger #teamcanon #riseandgrind #photographerforhire #freelancephotographer #streetphotos
Feeling especially grateful today for these two amazing women ❤ Thank you for being the most incredible mom and the most phenomenal sister! #familyphoto
Inktober #16 . ° -"Master blacksmith Soriel at your service my hero". ° [Eng] blacksmith + angular. So today I needed to do a female character but it seems that less hours of sleep are leaving me dumb 😅. •••••••••••••••••••••••••• -"Maestro herrero Soriel a tu servicio héroe". ° [Esp] herrero + angular. How me tocaba hacer a un personaje femenino pero se ve a que a menos horas de sueño más tontica me vuelvo 😅. ° ° ° { #inktober2018 #inktober18 #miyoinktober18 #RPGinktober #tintubre2018 #tintubre #traditionalart #blacksmith #angular #weak #thanksforreading }
Healthy eating myths 🍎🥕🍗🍍 ❌ it’s complicated ❌ it’s expensive ❌ i’ll have to give up every food that I love. . So wrong! I never make complicated meals. I very rarely follow actual recipes. Keep it basic. Cook up some protein on Sunday, keep healthy carbs in your cupboards, cut up your fruits & veggies so they’re easy to grab as a snack or a side for your meals. Every meal doesn’t have to look pretty for the ‘gram 😉 . I got all this good stuff (my boyfriend can’t live without sugary white bread filled with crap 😆) for under 70$. I pack my lunches for work & make my coffee at home. I watch the sales. You don’t think going to Tim Hortons or Starbucks every morning adds up?! Save it for a special treat ☕️ . You absolutely do not have to give up every food you like. I put creamer in my coffee everyday - just less than I used to. I LOVE ice cream - I just don’t have it everyday. If I’m going to the movies, you bet your ass I’m having popcorn - do I need a Large all to myself? Nope, and I’ll stick to water for my drink. My point is, I want to help you make long lasting, sustainable changes that don’t make you cringe. This isn’t a fad diet or a quick fix, and it doesn’t have to make you feel miserable🙅🏻‍♀️ . #rantover #thanksforreading #noexcuses
Lately, I've been loving close-ups. And here's why- We picses are emotional people, we can be lost in a sea of our own emotion or so tuned-in to the emotions exerted by others that we may seem psychic. We are drawn to things that make us feel. Be it good or bad, we need to feel something for impact to be made. The face of a human holds so much emotion therein; the posture of the head, the expression surrounding the cheeks & lips- most of all, the eyes. When I look at a close up photo of another or myself, I see an ocean halted, a crested wave stopped from falling. Our emotions are like the ocean, the waves will fold into one another- the tides will change back and forth. But when that shutter clicks it preserves a fleeing instant forever. . . . #DontBeAfraidToCatchFeels #readyformycloseup #piscesfacts #unblemishedbeauty #emotion #themotion #iguessthatsjustthemotion #oceanic #deep #writing #writer #thanksforreading #goosebumps #faceispretty #savingface #waves #frozen #captured #thatshowyoufeel #felt * #bumpsandbruises #allperfect #thoughts #inmyhead #inmyfeelings #makemefeel #something #pisces #piscesworld #pisces
This month delayed quite some time, because i have been thinking quite a lot, so much and so fast that i dont even remember what i thought about and which part to put here. I used to make myself a packed schedule to go here and there to explore different restos or places or neighborhoods, but im losing interest to head out lately, but dont worry, im doing fine. I think now i just wanna take some time to decompose, sit back and organize my different thoughts... . #執唔走幫人賣左免費廣告 #我冇用佢地㗎 #唔講有冇以為我去左歐洲 #報平安時間 #randomjournal #chlontheroad #anothermonthgoneby #selfreflection #truebirdwithoutfeetnow #tokyo #wanderlustintokyo #igers #skwaetetintokyo #skwaetet #thanksforreading #potm
Orang bilang diam lebih baik.. Orang bilang sabar akan lebih baik.. Bahkan orang bilang tidak harus bicara sekalipun kamu tahu segalanya... Ah kurasa prsepsi ini ingin buatku gila.. . Sekedar melihat... Menyaksikan... Yang terjadi kini terkadang buatku sesak.. Semuanya tidak cukup untuk ku . Sangat sesak bersama perasaan penat di tahan . Hingga kasus pura2 tertawa padahal tidak bahagia sedang meningkatnya... Terkadang menahan hingga pada suatu malam semua keluar secara bersamaan... Jika tidak di antisipasi kurasa penyakit ini menjadi pemecah rekord dunia... Kurasa diam2 kamu perlu bicara . Dengan siapa? ? Cerita sama allah.. Pendengar terbaik.. Dan dengan Yah mereka teman terdekat. Orang tua. Sahabat.. Gak punya juga.. ?? Boleh cerita sama temboh sih sah sah saja. #thanksforreading
I’m not one to typically dwell on the past. At least not anymore. I’ve taught myself how to embrace (not avoid) bad memories & the emotions that they trigger. Instead of running away, I allow them to sit with me while I search to find my peace IN them. Last night, for example, I could not sleep because my mind raced with flashes of these past memories. When that happens I choose to use my energy to focus on the GOOD that has come out of those events. I don’t see the world in black and white. I don’t see those moments & those people who hurt me as inherently bad. Each person/event has taught me something that has made me a stronger, wiser woman. If those “bad” things did not happen, I would never have grown so much, expanded my world view, or met the friends that I have now. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. God reveals Himself to us in His time & I have faith that He uses ALL things for good because I have seen it first hand in me. My future is bright! My past is not weighing me down. It’s actually the reason I choose to live my best life every single day now! It inspires me to do more, to work harder, to be better, and to dream bigger. So without the hurt & the pain of the past, would I still be killing it in life today? Um, not a chance. 😉#Thankful #LongPost #RantOver #MotivationalMoment #TheEnd #ThanksForReading
Inktober #15 . ° -"Senseless! Idiot! You were not prepared for that kind of magic" - and then he disappeared in the gloomy cauldron. ° [Eng] wizard+weak. What about a young and cocky wizard trying to use forbidden incantations? 😈 Trapped for eternity~ Ps: the first person writing a "tentacle" kind of joke or because of nudity and bla bla gets deleted in the comments section :v ••••••••••••••••••••••• -"¡Insensato! ¡Idiota! No estabas preparado para esa clase de magia" - y así desapareció en el oscuro caldero. ° [Esp] brujo+débil. ¿Qué os parecería un brujo un poco chulo que en su estupidez se pone a toquetear encantamientos prohibidos? 😈 Atrapado por la eternidad~ pd: el primero que haga una bromita de "tentáculos" o referente a la desnudez bla bla será borrado de la sección de comentarios :v ° ° ° { #inktober2018 #inktober18 #miyoinktober18 #RPGinktober #tintubre2018 #tintubre #traditionalart #ink #wizard #weak #thanksforreading }
Inktober #14 . ° -"She mumbled to herself all the options you would have in the best situation and still...not much time". ° [Eng] tactician+clock. Ouh yeah! Gotta upload the next one and I will be on the road again! ✨✨✨. ••••••••••••••••••••• -"Ella murmuraba para si misma todas las opciones que tendrías en las mejores situaciones y aún así....andas corto en tiempo". ° [Esp] estratega+reloj. ¡Vámonos! Voy a subir el que tocaría hoy y ya estaría a punto de nuevo ✨✨✨. ° ° ° { #inktober2018 #inktober18 #miyoinktober18 #RPGinktober #tintubre2018 #tintubre #traditionalart #ink #tactician #clock #thanksforreading }
How to Live a Good Life: A Book by Erin. Chapter One: get a dog. The end. #thanksforreading #bestseller
If it comes, let it come. If it goes, it's ok, let it go. Let things come and go. ___ Stay calm, don't let anything disturb your peace, and carry on. #Thanksforreading
1015 #愛 ❤️LIFE #prestart #education #for #children #lesson #class #english #music #pe #artsandcrafts #math #enjoylearning #enjoyyourlife #lifeisbeautiful . . . . ⚠️以下☟長文です(いつもの日本語よりまとまりはあると思います💁‍♀️笑笑←)⚠️ . . この度、本当に素敵なご縁とタイミングとお話を頂いて、「愛❤️LIFE!」として子どもたちの先生をやらせて頂けることになりました👩‍🏫 本格的なスタートは今週土曜20日です! 主に小学生、幼児のお子さんを対象として(中高生、大人の方も対応できます)お母さんお父さん保護者の方々が、仕事したいちょっとどこかへ出かけたい遊びたいという時のお手伝いをさせて頂くものになります。 . 基本的には60〜90分でレッスン形式でさせて頂きます。 場所は記載通りです。要相談で場合によっては足を運びます!子育ては忙しいし移動も大変でしょうから😊☘ . 託児所として活用して頂いてももちろんokです🙆‍♀️ . 興味ある方、ご質問またはご意見ある方(料金、時間、科目、場所などについて)お気軽にご連絡ください(*´꒳`*)💓 . . 学校よりも塾よりも家庭教師よりも 楽しく学ぶことを第一に重視します! 保護者の方、そして何より子どもたちの希望や意欲を優先させて指導させて頂きます🙇‍♀️ . . ⚠️最後に!始めに言わせて頂きますと。。。 私自身、正規の教員としての経験はありません。しかし今年含め4年連続で期間は様々ですが、教育現場に何かしらの形(大学時代の教育実習、授業、研修、ボランティアなど)で携わっております。 小学校教諭、中高英語教諭の免許は取得しております。 ※なので幼児教育については勉強中です!(ラッキーなことに妹は名古屋で保育士3年目なんで教科書資料はたくさん実家にあるんでそれを<勝手に←>使って😇笑) . 肝心な英語力はまだまだ勉強中ですが、資格は現時点で英検準一級取得済みで、来年一級を受けれるように少しずつですが勉強中です\( ˆoˆ )/(来年受かるとは言ってません笑笑←) ちなみに来年1人でアフリカアジア周遊を予定しておりますので、一人で海外行くことはできる英語力と思って頂きたいです😉✈️✌︎💕 . 私が人生やりたかったことのうちの1つがこういう自分でレッスン、クラスすることだったんです。 でもそのためのタイミングも時間も財力も環境もなくて、、でも今年出会って現在すっごいお世話になってる大好きな方たちに提案され、たくさんの保護者の方に宣伝して頂き、頑張ってやってみようって行動できました!(行動力だけはそこら辺にいる人たちに負けん自信アリ💁‍♀️←) やらせて頂くからには中途半端にはしたくないので、今一度、「教育」について考え、勉強し続けていきます!!! . . 長々とでしたが、最後まで読んで下さってありがとうございました。 まだまだやり方は模索中かつ準備中ですが、子どもたちとともに私自身も大きく成長していけたらいいなと思ってます☺️ 全身全霊で励みます!常に勉強、努力、そしてnever give upの精神で!! . #thanksforreading #iloveyou #pleaseenjoylife
Was basically told today I’m lacking heart when it comes to my fitness. Definitely not in life my heart is fucking huge there. But made me question if it’s true. What is having heart with fitness? Is it being so into yourself you post EVERY pic showing your ass with some sorta quote? Is it posting hard working pics with tips and tricks? Is it just working in silence but everyone knows? I mean on here how does one show “heart”? Do I love the process as much right now, nope. I’m not seeing the results I once had. But I know my body is going through things and hopefully one day I will again. Do I show up everyday and work to my hardest potential, nope. Usually I do. But not everyday. So if I’m working hard on those days I do but my heart isn’t 100% in it, will I not see results? That’s my real question. I don’t feel as inspiring or motivating as I once was. But I’m not giving up. I wake up everyday hoping to fulfill my goals. Idk is that heart or just habit? 🤔 Sorry for the long post. Just my random thoughts for the day. And please no one take offense. None is meant. I see many who put in the work and it shows. And post it to inspire not get attention. Huge difference. #mindfulmonday #ranting #curiositygotmehere #thanksforreading
READ THIS!!!! She inspires and motivates many others, and especially ME!!! Even if I’m the one she’s referring to here, trying to push her and motivate her.... she does all that for me on the daily!!! #Repost @nat_guz0728 with @get_repost ・・・ Fun story: Chris starts me with 120lb seated row, I looked at him & said “I used to start with 60...” he ignores me, & just says go ‼️ the excitement is the first laugh... laugh 2 is right after he puts the stack at 150... ummm 🆗 *insert the ‘i cant’ * he ignores me, and again ‘just go’... so I go... and surprise myself! 💁🏻🦋 You can’t change without the challenge. You can’t grow without pushing. You can’t get stronger, settling into comfort. And on occasion when you can’t find the ummpph to do that alone, be thankful for those who give you the nudge...or completely ignore you and just say ‘go’ 😜 . . . #monday #neverskipit #progress #trusttheprocess #pushharder #neversettle #motivated #dedicated #determined #liftallthethings #challenge #change #growth #lift #isthismotivationaloramcmpost #wellneverknow #thanksforreading #yourresidentmotivationalspeaker 💕
Fun story: Chris starts me with 120lb seated row, I looked at him & said “I used to start with 60...” he ignores me, & just says go ‼️ the excitement is the first laugh... laugh 2 is right after he puts the stack at 150... ummm 🆗 *insert the ‘i cant’ * he ignores me, and again ‘just go’... so I go... and surprise myself! 💁🏻🦋 You can’t change without the challenge. You can’t grow without pushing. You can’t get stronger, settling into comfort. And on occasion when you can’t find the ummpph to do that alone, be thankful for those who give you the nudge...or completely ignore you and just say ‘go’ 😜 . . . #monday #neverskipit #progress #trusttheprocess #pushharder #neversettle #motivated #dedicated #determined #liftallthethings #challenge #change #growth #lift #isthismotivationaloramcmpost #wellneverknow #thanksforreading #yourresidentmotivationalspeaker 💕
Episode six! (Link in bio! 👉) Dedicated to all the servers out there! I hope this at least entertains you! Much love! Thanks for reading NOISE! #writersofinstagram #artistsoninstagram #wellness #everymonday #newepisodes #serving #service #serviceindustry #worstshiftever #pleaseshare #thanksforreading
Back in the studio after an incredible week away in Liguria 💛💙💚 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Although it’s sad to leave such a beautiful place, I’m feeling refreshed and ready for a couple very busy months ahead. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• I’m also feeling newly inspired. When you travel you see the world with your eyes wide open; you take in your new surroundings, focusing on the details in the landscapes, the cracks in the painted walls, the scents of the foliage and the flowers. You savour every mouthful of scrumptious food. Most importantly you let your mind drift off; freeing it from the perceived stresses of everyday life and wander off into the distance. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• I’m trying to bring a bit of the magic home with me and find inspiration on my doorstep. As T.S Eliot wrote “We shall not cease from exploration and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time”. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #comeunavolta #agriturismo #mondaymotivation #responsibletravel #tseliot #discoverliguria #tbmonday #artistsontour #vacanzeitaliane #lavitaebella #femaleentrepreneur #cinqueterre #vinoitaliano #livingincolour #smallbiz #womeninbiz #travelinspo #liguria #brightondesigner #explorations #brightonartist #thanksforreading #jewellerydesigner #italianseaside #gelatoitaliano #artistsinspo #vernazza #riomaggiore #monterosso #dreamyplaces
‘You only live once’, ‘it’s now or never’, ‘life is too short’, ‘you’re not guaranteed tomorrow’. . . all these life philosophies we hear or see daily and yet . . . Here some of us are, merely surviving. So I say to you, take chances, make changes, experience, and LIVE your life. I’m not saying to lose sight of your morals and go crazy, we still need good people with good intentions. I’m saying to tell that person you love them, have a conversation with the person sitting next to you, put down your phone, go for a walk, apologize, go on that trip, say what’s on your mind. Because truth is we’re not guaranteed the next five minutes. Don’t live a life of could haves or should haves . . . Do it, experience it, and live it. #livelife #dontjustsurvive #experience #thanksforreading
Inktober #13 . ° - "Guarded behind his energy barrier the monk awaits". ° [Eng] monk + guarded. But hey....I'm catching up :"D👌. ••••••••••••••••••••• - "Protegido tras su barrera de energía el monje espera". ° [Esp] monje + protegido. Pero oye...estoy poniéndome al día :"D👌. ° ° ° { #inktober2018 #inktober18 #miyoinktober18 #RPGinktober #tintubre2018 #tintubre #traditionalart #ink #monk #guarded #thanksforreading }
Inktober #12 . ° - "Never more than three steps away from her odd trinkets. But who knows...maybe between all the things there will be something useful". ° [Eng] peddler + whale. Please don't kill me, time is passing faster than I want it to be *dead*. ••••••••••••••••••••••• - "Nunca tres pasos alejada de sus raras baratijas. Pero quién sabe...igual entre todas esas cosas hay algo útil". ° [Esp] buhonera + ballena. Por favor no me matéis, el tiempo pasa más rápido de lo que yo quiero.... ° ° ° { #inktober2018 #inktober18 #miyoinktober18 #RPGinktober #tintubre2018 #tintubre #traditionalart #ink #peddler #whale #thanksforreading }
Yesterday was probably one of the toughest things I had to do for awhile, but also the most uplifting thing I’ve done. Mind you, it was my first time doing spoken word or even sharing one of my writing pieces publicly. I almost wanted to back out last minute let alone perform...but thank you to all those who have been by my side supporting me and my work from the beginning. Y’all know who you are, and I’m so blessed to have you guys in my life. _ Mental health has always been a part of my life, most times bad but, I’ve learned to redirect it. The reason why I say this, is cause not only was it bad, but I’ve learned to embrace myself..More often than most, people feel alone and claim that they can’t relate or others won’t understand. I think it’s very important to address these issues. It’s not easy feeling like you have to fight this battle yourself. You’re never alone. _ Thank you Ashley Lynn Caballero for hosting this. Please follow and check out @sparklemhc and let’s make a difference! Again, thank you to all those who have supported me and work from the beginning. And lastly I want to thank my wonderful boyfriend @hikikomori_san_ for staying up with me the night before and all the other nights listening to me rant, vent, ball my eyes out, and keeping me happy when I feel like im losing control and falling apart. You have been so good to me and know how to support and handle me with care and love. Bless you all for blessing me. And if you read this post thus far, you’re beautiful and you’ve always been. Thanks for reading. _ My words: @getthelowdown ___ 📸: @love.thu.lift ___ #mentalhealth #youarenotalone #cupofjoe #coffee
I was hoping to get out the house today but this old bod of mine told me to stay in, order a couple little suitcases from tkmaxx, watch some Singapore maths teaching videos, clean my bathroom, and dance to some @this_nao @jorjasmith_ and @rayblk .. I'm tired now. Such a wimp with a cold. This was Wednesday when the sun was out to play. • #sundaze #landscape #bluesky #sunshine #plants #ignature #walking #green #autumn #colourful #igdaily #diary #thanksforreading #comebackanytime #hifriends
Yesterday 10-13-18 leading to this morning 10-14-18 Deputies have been staying proactive and responding to calls for service. A few highlighted calls for service include a good samaritan observing a possible drunk 😵 driver in the Ralph’s parking lot. Deputies arrived on scene, located the male subject and conducted a DUI Investigation / Field Sobriety Tests. The male subject just wanted to “Walk home”. Deputies arrested the male subject for DUI. Also earlier yesterday, Deputies assisted a female subject who had a hard time getting 🏠 . Deputies escorted the female subject to her residence without incident #happytohelp . Another DUI investigation was conducted reference a “fender bender” (no injuries) driver was arrested for DUI. Deputies have been vigilant in catching drivers running red lights 🚨🚦#ticket . Deputies have been writing citations 🗒 in hopes it will remind drivers to pay attention and avoid any preventable traffic collisions. We are also conducting patrol checks 🔦throughout the night on the Oso Trail, making sure your early morning jogs and or walks are safe 👍🏼. #thanksforreading ! #happysunday
Since most of the time Starbucks Diosdado Macapagal St. (near Kenny Rogers and Café France) has lots of people coming in and out (snake-like queuing, and have to be alert whoever stands out or whoever is done with the table so you’ll be the first one to take the table), mom and I frequently stays at Starbucks Powerstation. I don’t know why people still stay in that place (I know it’s bigger than here but lots of people? That’s alot of stress and hassle), when there’s more space around here, stress free, hassle free, free parking (same goes to Diosdado Macapagal branch). Starbucks Powerstation is just few meters away from Starbucks Diosdado Powerstation. Practically saying, stay in a coffee shop that’s convenient for you..after all, coffee shop should be the place to chill..NOT to stress you out. BTW, dulce de leche is good for drinking coffee and I’m not drinking coffee just ice shaken black ruby grapefruit ❤️ #justmyopinion #justsaying #starbucks #starbucksph #thanksforreading #food #yummy #icedshakenblacktearubygrapefruit #dulcedeleche
So I spent the day in #er again and that was fun and all #buthonestly --- i thought that they would #takemeseriously if I had a list of my #symptoms , a hunch on my #postsurgery issue/symptoms etc, AND if I wore my #smartperson #glasses . #guessiwaswrong #ahha well i got a 'maybe' the right perscription out of it. #booyah #disabled #physically #mentally #invisible #stillhere #showingup #TBH I am not even sure how I am still laughing about this and staying positive. (It's probably another trick my brain is playing on me...?) . . . ALSO noted I think my #forehead looks big in these glasses. Unfortunate. Or it's the #hairband . #imok #ipromise #thanksforreading #bpdproblems #ihadapanicattack at the #hospital #embarrassed #freshoutoffucks ☆☆☆ If you made it this far - till next time my one and only true friend. ♡ #butwhy
Job well done to Copy That Dance, the world’s best dance company. Had a blast at @sparkdanceforum performing an excerpt from COMPLIMENTS, and we have some exciting announcements for the future of this piece... Pictured: @monicamordaunt @phrosie @lkgilbert #SPARK2018 #sharethespark #performanceweekend #allinbraids #jobwelldone #lotscomingup #otherperformancesimean #andotherstuff #thanksforreading #kthxbye
Hi, I’m #32weekspregnant today and am officially murdering the next person to ask if I’m sure I’m not having twins 😡😡😡😡 seriously it’s not funny or cute to say something like that to a pregnant person. My body is changing in some new and bizarre ways at a rapid pace and that’s weird enough to deal with. Nobody needs body shaming of any kind. Trying to handle other people’s comments with good humor and kindness is wearing me out. How about we all take a moment and try to not make anyone feel bad about their bodies, like, ever? Being a human is hard enough. These bodies we have are wonderful and strange and each one is unique. Pain, pleasure, shame, pride... we all go through it in our own ways. I’m so thankful and honored to be carrying my little girl! I’m sore and tired basically all the time, but hello I’m creating NEW LIFE! I’m a lucky and magical being!💕But I’m also hormonal AF. So don’t try me.🤡⚔️💅🏻👀 #rant #thanksforreading #nowgogetmeasnack
when your dreams become a reality… thank you for all the feedback & your support means the 🌏 to me! I have UNISEX sizes XS all the way up to XL. I personally wear M in this & I love the fit. the material is lightweight and soft, while still being thick enough for a fall outfit or under a jacket or hoodie in the winter! I will post more photos soon with different lighting/angles & s/o to @jad.dovey for helping make this happen 🖤 space(house) in 🇯🇵 supēsuhausu • spacehause • my craft “spacehause is my creative space. it’s neither here nor there. it’s not permanent. it’s forever growing. perplexed and tranquil.” model:@lil.meliss #thanksforreading https://www.thisispacehause.com
This isn’t exactly the most clear or stunning photo, but I still love it because of the memories that are behind it. When we lived in the valley, Elijah and I would wake up as early as we could, get ready for school, then spend the rest of our time roaming the hills. In the winter we needed to bring flashlights with us because it was still too dark out to see and we would often just sled down the hills. This picture is of one of the many mornings the sun was just beginning to rise, the air probably smelled like wet dew, the cold air was biting at our cheeks. We always had smiles on our faces and a dog or two never far behind us. I miss those days. :) #thanksforreading #photographer #photography #memories #valley #boandnilla #predawn
Long post alert! Proceed at your own risk:- 😉 It took us 9hours return journey by bus from Taipei to this Rainbow Village. I’m now still on the bus on the way back to Taipei at the time I’m typing this post. Many times today a thought came to my mind “why do we do this?” “will it worth it to come this far? going through this hassle?” But when we reach the village, we were rejoice by the bright colors and fun murals. We spent only 1 hour at the site till the closing time at 6pm. I definitely recommend this place to anyone visiting Taipei but perhaps choose a faster and more convenient way to reach this village i.e taxi, rent car or high speed train if you have extra bucks to spend. 😊 #thanksforreading #postablog #myexperience #sharingiscaring #taipeibekind #day1journey #ontheroad #rainbowvillagetaichung #taipei #colorfultaiwan #lailafootsteps
*WARNING* Long post alert!! So, after last week and the motivation of finishing my first Parkrun, I have had a particularly bad Hashimotos week. It is completely my fault because I decided to enjoy the wonderful food my sister-in-law put out at our nephew's birthday party on Sunday, even though I knew I shouldn't eat it. I have been suffering with fatigue and complete exhaustion, brain fog, an inability to regulate my temperature, painfully swollen everything really (from my joints, my fingers... even my eyes have been swollen and painful) *See photo evidence* Lol. I woke up this morning, looked at the sky and could quite easily have sacked off the Parkrun this morning... afterall, there was no way I was going to beat last week's time feeling like this. Then I decided... No... that is not what this is about for me. So I put on my Wonder Woman underpants and what can loosely pass for my running gear and headed to Wicksteed Park. I set myself my own goal this week - based on my current state of health - and that was purely to cross the finish line, not too concerned about my time. I am pleased to say that I managed that and I met, possibly, THE happiest dog in the world in the process! So despite the ran (again) and running against the strong winds, I have finished my 2nd Parkrun now. With huge thanks to all the volunteers that make it possible. For me this is about small steps, personal achievements and just doing something. I may be beat but I'm not beaten... I may be broke, but I'm not broken. Hashimotos will not win!! Now for a well earned (and much needed) shower!!! #hashimotosdisease #hashimotos #hashimotosfighter #parkrun #parkrunuk #loveparkrun #parkrunwicksteedpark #smellyandsore #lookingforwardtomyshower #thanksforreading
New blogpost is up on the good old blog! I know it’s been awhile but know there are more posts coming soon 😊 Link in the bio! 💖🙏🏽 #welcomeback #creativeexpression #journey #inspiration #newbeginnings #thanksforreading
Feel like an Egret with my long legs and white dress #BirdLife 📸 @j.6sh
Inktober #11 . ° - "You thought he was tired after killing every soldier on the battle...now you think it would be better to run". ° [Eng] dark knight + cruel. A bit rushed to be honest but I'm happy he looks different n.n 🧡. •••••••••••••••••••••••• -"Pensaste que estaría cansado después de haber asesinado a cada soldado en la batalla...ahora piensas que sería mejor correr". ° [Esp] caballero oscuro + cruel. Hecho un poco a la carrera pero estoy contenta de que luzca diferente a los demás n.n 🧡. ° ° ° { #inktober2018 #inktober18 #miyoinktober18 #RPGinktober #tintubre2018 #tintubre #darkknight #cruel #traditionalart #ink #thanksforreading }
Inktober #10 . ° - "Spirits of the nature will guide you when you get lost"- said the blind woman. ° [Eng] chaman + flowing. I keep working hard! Gotta upload yesterday's right now too :) •••••••••••••••••••••••••••• -"Espíritus de la naturaleza te guiarán cuando te encuentres perdido" - dijo la mujer ciega. ° [Esp] chamán + fluyendo. Sigo trabajando a tope. Voy a subir el inktober de ayer ahora mismo también :) ° ° ° { #inktober2018 #inktober18 #miyoinktober18 #RPGinktober #tintubre2018 #tintubre #chaman #flowing #traditionalart #ink #thanksforreading }
Travel. It’s a feeling you cannot explain simply. It frees yet burdens your soul. For when you’re traveling you feel cleansed. Like all the misfortunes of life don’t seem so unfortunate. You recharge your mindset and remember to appreciate all things. It’s contagious. Travel gives you curiosity, confidence, humility, and desire. Because travel isn’t always pretty. Sometimes it’s heartbreaking to see a suffering world outside of our comfortable bubble. Its humbling to be thrown into the unknown..unknown languages, unknown cities, unknown rules, unknown cultures. No matter what walk of life you come from in that moment we all feel the same. Or When you see landscape so beautiful your heart hurts and architecture so intricate you can’t put into words what you see with your eyes. It reminds us what desire feels like. Because once you leave the unfamiliar place and you return to your normal...nothing feels the same. You long for the unknown. You’ve changed, you’ve grown, you’ve felt the rush of adventure and you crave it with every part of your gypsy spirit. And this is how travel burdens the soul. Because for the true wanderers normal will never be enough.... 🖤Justine #foreverawanderer #myfeelstoday #thanksforreading #wanderlust #neverstopexploring #travelisgoodforthesoul #gypsysoul #wanderer #spain #paris #morocco #mexico #belgium #ireland #portugal #iceland #germany
Poem continues below! This was written quite some time ago 💛 /// I want to let out the hurt, the pain hidden the way the ground absorbs water, because my hands get tired pretending they can hold the sunshine & the rainbow. My lips have spoken words stolen from a woman named strong, my back has stood tall for the short, my arms provided comfort for the weak, my heart collected hope for the hopeless, unwavering through winds. I've always been strong & now I find myself not knowing how weakness tastes because I was never allowed a single sip, always told it was bitter, too bitter for my taste, a color no one would like would be painted on my face had I let it touch my lips... & so I also never learned how to properly dress in black & mourn because no one allowed me to mourn the loss of smile & like weakness, I find myself unaware of how to kiss sadness. Everyone wants to be strong but now I just want to let my knees falter, my hands shake, cause after all the holding I've done, I need to be held. I'm asking for permission to be weak because my palms are cracking, my fingers withering underneath loneliness &  I'm in need of repair... I'm scared because I don't want to scare you with the gray, all I want is to offer you the whole color spectrum but it hurts to be lying on nails & telling everyone it's a bed of roses. I don't want to scare you away with my weakened feet, I promise I can still walk, I can still hold your hand, I can still endure hot sand & cold tiles & carry you when your feet don't see far into the future, but these shoes have worn out soles that have taken breath after breath from me, & I was never allowed to ask for help before but I'm in need of a new pair, so please tell me, & only tell me if you don't lie, that it's gonna be okay... please tell me it's okay that I wish to lay down & cry myself to sleep, please say it's alright to ask for help & to wish you were here holding me tonight. I'll get back to saving lives but I guess sometimes the hero needs saving too. #thanksforreading
Been thinking what to write this month and i went blank so many times... Started picking up the study pace again and realised 1 year cannot reach the expected level of Japanese as planned in a year (disclaimer: due to the pace of the class, not me..!), so the stress is lightened up a bit i guess. Because of that, i finally get to start enjoying life in here, even still not many friends, thought i would be super bored this summer holiday not flying out elsewhere, but turned out i just had dinner with another HK face and another two are coming over the weekend, im excited!! . #又係時候報平安 #咁就7個月 #今個月賣大包送3張 #特別鳴謝我的攝影師們 #呢3張全無p圖 #7monthsgoneby #tokyolife #yokohama #東京生活 #報平安時間 #randomjournal #chlontheroad #anothermonthgoneby #selfreflection #truebirdwithoutfeetnow #tokyo #wanderlustintokyo #igers #skwaetetintokyo #skwaetet #thanksforreading #potm
10.13.17 *long post of reflection ahead* With today being Friday the 13th, I was already feeling a little wonky and decided instead of going off and getting a cheap tattoo for the day, (which believe me I really wanted to😂) but instead to do some self reflection on my improvement these past few months. "When one improves themselves, they are entitled to feel superior. That is they are entitled to feel superior to their past selves." This holds true to all of us and my advice to anyone from what I've continued to learn along my journey is that there is absolutely nothing wrong with continuing to seek happiness and accomplishment through self love and growth. I removed myself from relationships and environments I was unhappy in, spent more time on inner beauty and being healthy rather than my physical apperance and popularity, and started doing more things that made me happy with people that care about not only me, but OTHERS.💚 And most importantly, I started to take care of myself. You are not an inconvienience, you are not a burden, you have great style and personality, and you are without a doubt absolutely beautiful. And why? Because of who you are. No one is better at loving you than yourself. After you realize that, everything else falls into place. I am so VERY thankful for everything and everyone in my life and on this earth and my soul is happy as fuck☮️🌲🌻🌸🌎 #selflove #atpeacewithmyself #atpeacewithlife #happiness #growth #thanksforreading
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