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“It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to.” -J. R. R. Tolkien ☝️Especially when you spend your weekend exploring our national parks! 📸: @d_cotten_gt Have a great weekend out there everybody, and always remember to leave it better than you found it! Looking to make a bigger impact? Don’t forget to bring with a plastic bag to pick up any trash you find on your hike!
Walking through the woods in Acadia National Park. Have a great weekend everybody.
Sound on and watch the whole thing, you people with no attention span! BEHOLD! The coolest hydrothermal feature I've ever seen! This is a mudpot! . . . A mudpot is a natural double boiler. First, rain water or snow melt collects in a shallow dip in the ground. Thermal water beneath it causes steam to rise & heats the water inside the dip. Handy dandy microbes convert the hydrogen sulfide gas (that signature rotten egg smell) into sulfuric acid which breaks down rock into clay. The result is a delightfully gooey mix that bubbles and gurgles bc of the gases below it! . . . Various minerals that are present cause the mudpots to change from brown to a solid color which is why they're also called paint pots.
looking down the valley taken at Tunnel Parking Overlook #tunnelparkingoverlook
some Shenandoah Bull Thistles
Poking the bear. A bear can run 50 yards in 3 seconds, or up to 40 mph, faster than a race horse for short distances, and faster than any human. “If people persist in trespassing upon the grizzlies' territory, we must accept the fact that the grizzlies, from time to time, will harvest a few trespassers.” -Edward Abbey #edabbey #darwinaward #yellowstone #grizzlybear #edwardabbey #glaciernationalpark #americasbestidea #nps #alternatenps #nationalparkservice #americasbestidea #explore #discover #wanderlust #ontheroad #406 #lastbestplace #visitmontana #montana #montanamoment #the59parks #haydukelives #glacier_national_park #protectourparks #findyourpark
Does it get much better than experiencing a moment like this in our National Parks? 📸: @drivehikerepeat #seemorewilderness _____ Sometimes it can take a lot of energy to find yourself in moments like these. Blocking off a weekend (or a few weeks) for your trip. Doing so much research about what you want to do while you’re at the park. Packing. Checking the weather forecasts. But moments like this - that’s when you know it hasn’t been for nothing. When you would do all the planning, packing and hiking one hundred more times to experience a view like this again — something you know at your core that you’ll never forget. And that’s what makes it all worth it. ______
Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe South, California, USA 🇺🇸. . . What a great day to finish up my trip to Canada and the USA. Finding time to get my camera out and explore this lake was incredible. The serenity here is second to none. If you get a chance check out @laketahoeofficial . . . . . #thempsgallery #laketahoe #southlaketahoe #natgeo #natgeoyourshot #natgeowild #mynikonlife #nikonaustralia #nikonusa #travelworld365 #travelworld #traveltheworld #earthfocus #wildernessculture #awesome_earthpix #roamtheplanet #qftravelinsider #qantas #the59parks #hoffpostgram #escapetravel #discoverglobe #delta #master_gallery #nakedplanet #natgeotravel #usa #california #travelusa #austtraveller
Out for a walk in Acadia.
Early morning alien landscape 👽 . . . These are not your average clouds. All of this is caused by the geothermal area we were walking around in! Geeky post about the specific feature I fell in love with coming eventually haha
sunlight to the forest floor
some daisies at sunset🌼 Taken at the Pinnacle Point Overlook
A rare moment of perfect stillness at sunrise. This is Yellowstone Lake. This photo has been shared all over Instagram and has been geotagged as Wallowa, Oregon, leading many people to incorrectly believe this is Lake Wallowa. However, if you've ever visited the largest lake in Yellowstone National Park, you might recognize the mountains in the background and this view as the Flat Mountain Arm of Yellowstone Lake. To be clear, this is a composition with the deer silhouette and reflection added in with the saturation increased. It's a beautiful composition, and has inspired many people. The background image is taken from a 2016 stock photo on Alamy titled "The Flat Mountain arm of Yellowstone Lake at sunrise, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, 2016." Today's featured artist added in the deer silhouette and reflection, ripples around the deer, smoothed out some of the lake's surface, and increased the saturation. The original photographer is Neal Herbert who works with @YellowstoneNPS , and today's featured artist Stijn Dijkstra did a fantastic job of creating a magical image from the source material. Featured | @furstset Taken by | @nealherbert Location | Yellowstone Lake, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming #WWTTY | Where Will TOTEM Take You? ____________________ #TOTEMMade #YellowstoneNationalPark #Wyoming
We woke up to a thick blanket of fog on our drive up to the geysers in the northern area of @yellowstonenps. Visibility was poor and I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me when I realized there were herds of bison grazing very close to the road. . . . . . #visitwyoming #landscape_lover #outwest #yellowstonenps #yellowstoneforever #nationalparkgeek #nationalparkobsessed #travelholic #wyomingwildlife #wyomingmagazine #wildlife_photography #fogphotography #femaletravelbloggers #westbysouthwest #thatswy #the59parks #depthsofearth #nationalparkstraveler #discover_wyoming #nature_brilliance #travel_gram #travellady #rei #roamandexplore #discover_earth #radgirlslife
The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River is easily one of the most mind bogglingly massive areas...humans are so damn tiny in comparison and photos don't do it justice. Parts of the canyon are almost 1,200 ft deep and the river is 20 miles long . . . This canyon was formed via water erosion, not glacial movement. That river carved it's way down through hardened lava (rhyolitic rock) and welded ash (tuff)!
I was able to make it to 6 National Parks this year and Cuyahoga was the last for 2018. Already planning for next year. #ohio #cuyahogavalleynationalpark #findyourpark #the59parks #ourparks #nationalpark #waterfall #bluehenfalls #longexposure
Day 1 at Zion. A little warm up hike for the Narrows with @justinaugust57 . I’m excited to be here, can you tell?
A perfect snapshot of Summer. This is Lake Tahoe, which lies on the border of California and Nevada. It is famed for the clarity and blueness of its water, its large freshwater fish, and it is one of America's largest and deepest mountain lakes with a capacity of 39 trillion gallons. Because so many people have fallen in love with this beautiful lake, it is a popular destination. People tend to show their love in one of two main ways: by enjoying the water and natural scenery, or by developing property near the lake. The latter has resulted in an increase in fine particulate matter and nutrient concentration. The more particulate matter, the lower the clarity. The more nutrients, the greater the presence of algae, and the less blue the lake appears. While the Sierra Club and Friends of the West Shore have been fighting development around Lake Tahoe, it seems like they are slowly losing the battle in both California and Nevada. Lake Tahoe is a big lake, but we know humans are capable of rapid environmental change and eventually the lake may lose the very qualities it is prized for. Featured | @jess.wandering Taken by | @everchanginghorizon Location | East Shore, Lake Tahoe, Nevada #WWTTY | Where Will TOTEM Take You? ____________________ #TOTEMMade #LakeTahoe #Nevada
I’ve been waiting a long time to do this hike. Certainly didn’t expect some of the events that went down.. such as: getting charged by a cow, hiking into complete blackness without finding our campsite yet, and that 16 miles feels a lot longer in water. Thanks for taking this on with me @corburr
Now I know where they got the name "Yellowstone" from. Could you imagine walking through plains for months and then coming across this with no way to understand how it got there? Whew! How spectacular
Yellowstone round 2 is a success! Mammoth Hot Springs was one of the first things we went to and boy does it live up to it's name . . . These are the same types of thermophiles that thrive in the hot springs I previously posted about. They form huge algae mats and congregate in the areas with the best temperature for their needs...a similar concept to the merits of a tempurpedic bed! Oh, you prefer 95 degrees? By all means, move a little to the left and I'll stay here at 198 degrees 😄😁
It’s been a while since I posted a Milky Way shot, so here’s a freshly edited old photo from Zion. I’m really missin’ this place right now.
The rocky shores of Maine. Beautiful even on the gray days. Learn how to process images like this one using Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop CC. My complete video training library is available now at www.focusphotoschool.com
The oceans along the Pacific Coast of the Olympic Peninsula are like nothing you have ever seen before. The rainforest along the waves will take your breathe away!! #thisismyroute @visitolympicpeninsula
The white stuff is already falling at the Grand Canyon! ❄️❄️❄️❄️ If you haven’t seen it before, the Canyon looks absolutely beautiful in the snow! Come check it out...
It’s a beautiful Finter (fall + winter) morning here in ColoRADo. Make sure to get outside and enjoy the beauty today, even if only for a moment. ❤️💛💙 #nps100 #the59parks #adventurealways #getoutside #epiceveryday #mountainlife
Photos by @hanhandon Special shoutout to featured follower and #womenwhohike ambassador @hanhandon. Glacier National Park is the latest addition to Hanh's growing patch collection. When Hanh's not out exploring National Parks, you'll likely find her running, hiking, or climbing her way through Arizona. We highly recommend following her, but we cannot guarantee you will be able to keep up! . 📍 Glacier National Park 📍 Cibecue Falls, Arizona #officialparkpatches #glaciernationalpark #cibecuefalls #nationalparkpatches #sheexplores #adventurepatch #girlswhotravel #womenwhoexplore #outdoorphotography #patchcollection #nps #the59parks #the60parks #montana #roadtrip #travel #loveyourparks #discoveramerica #exploremore #herwanderfullife #arizona
“Our ability to perceive quality in nature begins, as in art, with the pretty. It expands through successive stages of the beautiful to values as yet uncaptured by language.” -Aldo Leopold, ecologist and conservationist
Another sunset next to the Vermillion cliffs
Yellowstone National Park Is this real life? cc: @bdorts
When Utah stole my heart 🖤 After being chased by bats a few hours before while just trying to stargaze, this offered much more solitude coming back to watch the sunrise 🧘‍♀️
Sediment swirls in the House of the Sun
A happy and frozen Justin - caught by @corburr during our Bryce Canyon sunrise 🌅
Some of our trails the last couple of days...the air is so cold it's sharp to inhale but it feels so clean and fresh. We are being cleansed from the inside out. This place is like a cathedral.
This place continues to blow my mind every trail we walk on. We lucked out and had a day full of sunshine . . . Nick always splashes water on his face when we find streams. Glacial rivers are his favorite and he couldn't pass up the opportunity despite how frigid it was 😊
I'm on a roll editing Utah photos from my trip a few years ago. Eventually I wanna start scrapbooking my trips📸📚📌
this was taken one year ago this week in the smoky mountains. i walked this trail the first day i arrived, my first day on my first photo trip. it was the first time i really felt like i was doing what i want to do with my life. if i were there now, i'd have shot this a lot differently, but i've learned a lot in just a year, and this winter will be spent doing a lot of tutorials and really getting in to learning better editing technique as i've learned better shooting technique over these few trips. i still love this shot, as it was the first landscape photo i was ever proud of. i'm thinking of returning next fall. . .  #artofvisuals #earthpix   #earthfocus #moodygrams #instagood #fantastic_earth #discoverearth #nps #nationalpark #beautifuldestinations #exploretocreate #landscape_lovers #wildernessculture #visualsofearth #naturelovers #travelphotography #naturephotography #ig_shotz_october18 #optoutside #the59parks #national_park_photography #findyourpark #smokymountains #smokies #amazing_landscapes #pictureline #landscapephotomag #nationalparkgeek #nationalparklife
Fall in Acadia National Park A canoe paddles along a placid Eagle lake on a beautiful fall day in my National park #40
National Monument Feature 001: Cabrillo — commemorates the landing of Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo at San Diego Bay on September 28, 1542. This event marked the first time a European expedition had set foot on what later became the West Coast of the United States. 🇺🇸 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Things to see: the spiral staircase inside the Old Point Loma Lighthouse, Tidepools, Cabrillo Statue ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Great for: breathe-taking views of San Diego, long walks on the beach ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Entry: $15 📸 @frankponce
Here's to impatiently waiting to get back out on some trails for those epic views with peace and solitude. I gotta learn to allow myself proper healing time. Walking around for 7 hours ago a few weeks ago absolutely kicked my ass and I felt my body trying to shut down on me. I'm not quite 90 days out from my last surgery and did have complications with this one too, it's just so frustrating but I've come this far. My heating pad is my best friend and physical therapy is helping. Putting this park on my list to return next year for Angels Landing and more exploring through the Narrows cause we just don't get views like this in Norcal. Hoping to get out soon with just a small and easy hike to keep me happy. Loving seeing everyone elses adventures on the trails to keep me motivated 🙌😜 #fbf
Those winding mountain roads ⛰🛣⛰
Dry Tortugas is the third lowest visited park out of all the National Parks. Despite the low on the totem pole status, it still has so much magic to offer like all the parks. There is a reason each park is designated to be protected, and this one has many. Built with over 16 million bricks, surrounded by miles of blue seas, inhabited by hundreds of kinds of birds and thousands of turtles, this was a wild place to see. #DryTortugas 📷 Sony Alpha A7 . . . . . . #eastcoastcreatives #bealpha #sonyalpha #SonyAlphasClub #dreamingtones #ccunderfollowed #unknownlenses #global_exposures #nationalparkservice #nationalparks #nationalpark #the59parks #nationalparkgeek #nationalparkcentennial #nps #findyourpark #usinterior #goparks #americasbestidea
Nostalgia X10! Lol still so much to post from West Coast! (SWIPE RIGHT) this is all in Mt. Rainier National Park! After having encountered a bear, we read to talk loud and or make noises to potentially warn bears were nearby, so Nico and I got to working on this... (see last video) Lolol #mountrainier #mtrainier #mtrainiernationalpark #the59parks #nationalparkgeek #nationalparksusa #vagabond #traveler #wildernessculture #intothewild #wildernessearth #nationalparks #nationalparkservice #exploreamerica #mountains #chasingwaterfalls #waterfallhunters #hikingadventures #explorewashington
Throwback Thursday to this stunner. It’s been a year since I was here, and when I think back, so much has happened in my life since then! What hasn’t changed though, is my love for this park. Yosemite will always hold a special place in my heart. I’m heading there again this weekend and I’m so excited! Can’t wait! . . #yosemite #optoutside #sonyimages . . Sony a6300 Sigma 19mm
Picture this. A Civil War Era Fort built 70 miles west of Key West, then turned into a prison of the times. After fires, hurricanes, and disease ravaged its inhabitants for decades, it is now a National Park. Visiting Dry Tortugas was another Park to add to the list (14 total) but this one was special. After enduring a 2.5 hour hellacious, rough boat ride to get out there this morning, we were greeted with sunshine, blue skies, turquoise waters, and red brick. This was a special place to visit and I’m honored to have the opportunity to capture its uniqueness. 📷 Sony Alpha A7 . . . . . . #NJspotsTravels #eastcoastcreatives #newjerseyphotography #bealpha #sonyalpha #SonyAlphasClub #dreamingtones #ccunderfollowed #unknownlenses #global_exposures #nationalparkservice #nationalparks #nationalpark #the59parks #nationalparkgeek #nationalparkcentennial #nps #findyourpark #usinterior #goparks #americasbestidea #drytortugas
📍Grand Canyon || Arizona #grandcanyon #grandcanyonnationalpark
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