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January is for weekend wandering. The end of the year with Christmas is so crazy busy we always try to make sure to appreciate the quiet time now. Fresh air, long walks & Bailey standing like a meerkat
Love this time of year, the dark days of winter are slowly being met by the expectations of spring
The shop is CLOSED tomorrow, Tuesday 15th January. Apologies to anyone planning a visit. As annoyed as Bailey might look about the closure, he’s actually over the moon. It’s Seamus’ birthday, the big 3-0! so we’re taking the day to quietly celebrate as a family
Fresh air and muddy boots
Baby Garman #2 coming July 2019. We are so excited to grow our family and to watch Ellis become the best big brother. He sure will be a great one! Also, I didn’t realize we lost the “I” until I was processing, but you get the idea!
Today we took stock of where are are and where we’ve come from. It was this time in 2015 that we thought it would be a good idea to start a website called Midgley Green, selling crafted products by British makers. We had no experience in websites, very little money (we really mean that, very little) and next to no clue how it was going to work. Every spare moment and penny was ploughed into growing our business, we didn’t take anything back for a long while. It took a huge amount more work than we could of imagined, but thanks to Instagram our audience has kept growing. We’ve managed to stick to our ethos organically, which makes us very proud. It’s surreal to think that we now have an online shop, bricks & mortar shop and not only support ourselves but also many craftspeople too. We’ll never be rich, but I know nothing else will ever make us happier
Katherine hasn’t had it easy of late. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt during this pregnancy so far, it’s morning sickness definitely doesn’t happen just in the morning. Any people out there who really struggled with this, we feel your pain!
The best tactic we could come up with was going to the high point of the bridge and smashing big blocks of hard snow down onto the frozen river... absolute failure... not even close to a dent 🙄 ❄️#madawaskariver #frozenriver #light #travelwithkids #overlanding #dearphotographer #clickinmoms #clickpro #childhoodunplugged #lonelyplanet #traveltheworld #themindfulapproach #our_everyday_moments #the_honest_lens #clickmagazine
12•31•2018 🙌🏻 The very last photo taken on the 365th day of my photo a day project. 📸 I made a commitment to myself to shoot for me at this time last year. I had been bitten by the comparison bug and was spending way too much time dwelling on the reasons behind why I wasn’t getting enough work and why I wasn’t always satisfied with my work. I picked up my Nikon almost EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. and boy am I grateful I did. I really got to know my gear, experimented with some new lenses, improved my skills, but most importantly I documented our year in its entirety and stopped playing the comparison game. 👏 While a 365 project is a huge commitment, I would highly encourage it for anyone who is looking to improve their skills, get out of a creative funk, or someone looking to DOCUMENT their stories. Those day to day elements that get lost in the craziness that we call life. Believe me, it’s totally worth it.
We experienced a small hiccup over the holidays. 🎄 A terrible wind storm left us without power for three days. It was a bit stressful to manage visitors and entertaining without power, but some amazing friends let us borrow an extra generator so we could at least run our fridge occasionally as well as our pellet stove. We did a lot of playing in the dark.
Step three: Attempt to balance
Step one: Stand up on skis
Fresh start, fresh display. Feels good to be back in the shop, ready to tackle 2019 head first. Haven’t started the year badly, thanks to your nominations @the_shopkeepers . We’ve been recognised as one of the worlds best interiors & home shops - bonkers!
Winter on the hills. We couldn’t of asked for a better end to our break than spending it with Naomi @collateinteriors up on the Quantocks. Not only does Naomi have a gang of beautiful spaniels, she also owns one of our favourite shops. So of course we spent most of the day talking shop life and getting excited for small independents in 2019 - alongside getting muddy and breathing in the fresh air... (swipe left for more photos)
One of the best memories of my childhood is when my mom gave me beaters from a mixer and there were no other sweets that could replace that glorious feeling 😄 Now I‘m transferring that tradition onto my kids who embrace it without any question and I promise we don’t do it when I baking something for the guests 🤣
Slow days. We love the quiet of the early part of new year. Still resting, haven’t got back into the swing of things, feeling like we’re in a daze
Dream day on Exmoor, taking it slow. We had our belated Midgley Green Christmas meal in one of our favourite pubs. Of course Bailey won all the awards - Rear of the Year, Employee of the Month (every month) and the People’s Choice Award
What an expedition! We saw 2 moose, a porcupine climbing a tree, had hot chocolate in a tepee, found a moose antler, harvested giant horseshoe fungi and spotted coyote tracks in the snow 👌🏽At the halfway point we reached the 'outpost' where we roasted sausages in the log burner for dinner. Fran and Angela met us there in the truck and brought the salad, chilli, vegetable platter and mint aeros... proper wild! 😂 #expedition #onelifeliveit #doyourownthing #lovelife #liveforthemoment #travelwithkids #overlanding #dearphotographer #clickinmoms #clickpro #childhoodunplugged #lonelyplanet #traveltheworld #pixel_kids #cameramama #thewonderinglight #themindfulapproach   #letthekids #runwildmychild #our_everyday_moments #the_honest_lens #clickmagazine
Happy New Year from the Midgley Green family. We’ve started 2019 as we mean to go on - walking up and down hills with this mad thing
Running into 2019 with THIS energy in mind. I’ve got this. I’m not going to drown. Totally have my head above water 😂😂 (and might be giving the finger to parts of 2018.) The more I repeat this the more likely it will happen, right?!? This shot was my last photo from my last session of 2018 and it seemed fitting 🙌🏻😂 Happy New Years my friends! And thanks to the Swets family for a FAB time! • #TheDocumentaryMovement #magicofchildhood #hellostoryteller #exploringcreativephotography #dubaifamilyphotographer #documentyourdays #allisonredmonphotography #saudiphotographer #lxcn #khobarphotographer #saudifamilyphotographer #thecuriouschild #the_sugar_jar #dearphotographer #let_there_be_delight #shamoftheperfect #theartofchildhood #the_honest_lens #our_everyday_moments #ourcandidlife #thehonestlens #lookslikefilm #dear_photographer #camera_mama #runwildmychild #documentaryfamilyphotogs #ourweekendstories #filminglifefeaturedfilms #tsj_welcome2019 #deeplyauthentic
End of year round up of all my favorite personal photos… Some of these have never seen the light of day due to “technical imperfections” but I still love seeing them all together, a visual history of what I found beautiful in our family in 2018 + my Vietnam trip. I can't wait to get many of these printed for our walls and put into an album for my kids. 2018 was an INCREDIBLE year and I can't wait to do life with these littles next year ♥️ • PS: This is also the 1st year that 2 iPhoneX photos made the cut! • #TheDocumentaryMovement #magicofchildhood #hellostoryteller #exploringcreativephotography #dubaifamilyphotographer #documentyourdays #allisonredmonphotography #saudiphotographer #lxcn #khobarphotographer #saudifamilyphotographer #thecuriouschild #the_sugar_jar #dearphotographer #let_there_be_delight #shamoftheperfect #theartofchildhood #the_honest_lens #our_everyday_moments #ourcandidlife #thehonestlens #lookslikefilm #dear_photographer #camera_mama #runwildmychild #documentaryfamilyphotogs #ourweekendstories #filminglifefeaturedfilms #familyfilms
It wasn't only Gino, Fran and a white Christmas that we were looking forward to in Canada... An oven in the cabin was high on the list too with us not having one in Albus. Meringues, shepherd pie, Yorkshire puddings, lasagna, apple crumble and cookies have all been ticked off the pre-prepared 'want list' of oven baked delights ❤️❤️❤️👩🏼‍🍳🇨🇦 #oven #treat #jobs #cookies #onelifeliveit #doyourownthing #lovelife #liveforthemoment #travelwithkids #overlanding #dearphotographer #clickinmoms #clickpro #childhoodunplugged #lonelyplanet #traveltheworld #pixel_kids #cameramama #thewonderinglight #themindfulapproach   #letthekids #runwildmychild #our_everyday_moments #the_honest_lens #clickmagazine
These quiet in-between days are so relaxing. The buzz of Christmas is slowly petering away, giving us a chance to take in this years journey. It’s been a confident year, less jagged, less scary, a lot smoother. We couldn’t be more grateful for all of your custom and support in 2018. Every penny you’ve spent has helped us grow our support for a network of independent makers, keeping old crafts alive. Tomorrow the shop will be open 10-5 and then we’re taking a short break to catch up on a few day trips before we dive head first in to 2019
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