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내 눈엔 두 장 다 이뻐서🌨
Этот Олень особенный! Точно Вам говорю! ⠀ Загадайте желание, поставьте ему сердечко и всё у Вас точно сбудется! ⠀ И я не просто так это тут пишу! Он 2 года ждал своего часа, у него было другое предназначение, но это секрет. ✨ ⠀ В этом году он нашёл своё место и пусть не там, где изначально планировалось, но это уже не важно. ⠀ P.S. Мы всё-таки решили нарядит нашу старую малышку, ибо ничего лучше я пока не нашла в нашем городе🤷🏼‍♀️ . #magictime #girlythings #cozytime #darlingweekend #onthetableathome #goodday #weekendvibes #candlelover #cozymoments #cozy #sweaterweather #sweaters #magictime #christmastime #cozychristmas #flatlay #flatlaystyle #momentsofmine #simplebeyond #myeverydaymagic #creativelysquared #daysofsmallthings #theartofstreetwear
Etong kapatid ko na ayaw na ayaw picture-an hahaha. Thank you pinagbigyan mo ko sa shots na to. . You can call him our editor. He has a say on the designs and look. I 100% trust his taste, and he’s the one that’s closer to the local streetwear scene. . He’s also always there! Thanks for believing in me. Kaharap ko siya ngayon so for sure pag binasa niya to, korning korni na siya hahahaha. Pero lakompake hahaha. . Love you!
La sua storia é fatta di stile, passione ed un cuore grande grande (chi lo conosce lo sa!). Grazie @rikyrock_fsc per vestire Suos!! Ph: @nastyden.is Event: Slap Down aka @_makeitfunky_ ✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔ #suosclothing #starturownsubvert #bestofstreetwear #theartofstreetwear #streetstyle #outfitsociety #urbanwear #streetwear #streetstyle   #streetfashion #mensfashion #urbanfashion #design #urbanstyle #urbanclothing #instagood #skate #hiphop #streetclothing #style
@dstrctclothing . We needed models for a photoshoot campaign and these 2 were my first choice! They have great taste and style, maybe almost everything that I envisioned the DSTRCT audience could be. So we couldn’t be grateful enough for them for agreeing to do it . We shot our first photoshoot campaign at Escolta and as expected, they nailed it! . Thanks @manuelsteph and @lousyboy_ ! 🙏🏿
About 2 months ago, nung umabot sa 1.2 billion ang lotto, @geedgee_ and I were in a small meeting room at our workplace... I think we were watching netflix, I don’t remember exactly. But at one point a question came up, “What would you do with 1.2 billion?” It’s one of those questions that are really really fun to answer! Mostly because it’s never gonna happen haha. Anyway, I said mine was the usual condo or house and lot, travel, charity, savings, investment... business... business... hmmm business... but I’m horrible at business so I thought “What’s something that I really want to do?” Then it all came rushing back. I’ve always wanted to pioneer a clothing brand, I didn’t know what kind it would be, what style, nothing, but let’s just say it was a dream. . So right then and there, in that very cozy room, we were sooo hooked with the idea that we started conceptualizing the brand. It’s now definitey gonna be a streetwear brand. “What would we call it?” after so many lame ideas, we agreed on DSTRCT. We were too stoked so I immediately searched for a font for the name, and there! All in one afternoon! . I didn’t think we’d push it this soon. To be honest I didn’t think we’ll actually do it at all. But @geedgee_ and my brother @_jojosiah really believed it can be done. We suddenly had enough funding, enough drive, and the rest is history. . We just launched our first release last night for pre order! It all still feels surreal. And now that most of the ground work are done, some anxiety is kicking in on whether it’ll click or not but we’re HOPEFUL! . Here’s to (as korni as may sound) chasing dreams and making them happen! . Pls follow @dstrctclothing and pre order hehe
At the end, endless lines intersects at infinity
throwing’ it back to summer wth: @prince_del • www.kareemjamal.com now in bio • spread love
...В этом году точно! Да, я уверена! Я его точно уж не пропущу! Буду сидеть возле ёлки сиднем, сторожить и никуда ни ногой! ⠀ ...Таааак, Мама зовет помочь на кухне, не очень, конечно, кстати, я ж тут важным делом занимаюсь... ну ничего, я быстренько, мухой туда и назад! ⠀ ...Так, всё, мчу дальше держать пост, все, я на месте! 😲 Как? Когда? Вернулась, а тут уже под ёлкой сюрприз! Да, сюрприз так сюрприз! Ну когда?! Меня ж не было секундочку! Да и из квартиры не выходила! ⠀ Знакомо?! У вас тоже Дед Мороз проявлял невиданную осторожность и креативность, чтоб пробраться под ёлку и оставить долгожданный подарок?🙈😜 ⠀ У нас дети в ночь с 18 на 19 декабря встают в 4 часа утра!!! И с фонариком бегают по квартире в поисках подарков... шелестят пакетами, пахнут мандаринками и шоколадом... ⠀ После такого ночного квеста Ната в прошлом году уснула прям на полу среди подарков в 5 часов вечера.... ⠀ Что ждёт нас в этом году 🤪?
Got to explore Vietnam again, and it’s just really beautiful. Goes to show wherever your from and whatever you do, no matter how hard it gets, you keep pushing forward. Never stand still 👊🏾 • • • • • • #travellife #cultureandvibes #streetstyle #streetwearculture #streetstyle #streetwerspace #mensfash #backtominimal #bestfitdaily #simplefits #unisexwear #urbanfashion #ootdmen #malestreetwear #mensfashionblogger #beststyle #streetfitgallery #streetwearco #theartofstreetwear #vietnamstreetwear #trueoutfit #allstreetwear #fitsonpoint #philippinestreetfashion #travelstreet
Classy ▫️#dailyoutfit
#logomania 2018f/w
Visionaries Never Die. • • Check out @apollo_vision for some dope gear ! Let them know i sent you ! 🙌🏽
Fear of God x Chuck 70 High 'Black'/'Natural'
Which is your mood? 🤔 📷: @kimkardashian #modegalerie
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PLASMA TEE // In store now 🛸🛸🛸
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