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Christmas presents from my children who modestly suggested the hashtag #bestkidsever for this post. 🌈 I started 2018 planning to read books by females only, something that I managed to achieve. I joined in many of the #ourdaughtersdaughterssociety posts which discussed different aspects of women, writing and books. I discovered so many amazing writers, some of whom were sitting on my bookshelf waiting, others who were completely new to me and some I’m still yet to read. I read books by authors I already knew and loved. #daphnedumaurier #yaagyasi #ayobamiadebayo #leilaslimani #sarahwaters #shirleyjackson #carsonmccullers #emmaglass #helendunmore #virginiawoolf #agathachristie #laurabates #janeduffus #ginphillips #jessieburton #heathermorris #angelacarter #sophiehannah #sarahwinman #patriciahighsmith #jeanettewinterson #pdjames 🌈 I learnt about the suffragettes, feminism and the women who built Bristol. I bought my first #persephonebooks and added significantly to my vintage Agatha Christie collection. I watched a play about #annefrank and visited Auschwitz. I listened to my first audiobook, took part in my first readalong and loved playing along with #nowthatswhaticallbookish and #thebookishbillboardhot100 tags organised by @pigeonpostbooks. The friendships I have made on here are one of the best parts of the year. Connecting over shared interests is very powerful and is what unites this community. Wishing you all the best for 2019. 🌈 #bookstagram
On Mondays we post #DuMaurier - otherwise known as #DuMaurierMonday . Here is one of her lesser known works: #MaryAnne about her Courtesan #GreatGrandmother , whom I enjoyed reading about so much in #TheDuMauriers . My only gripe is that @viragopress have changed the colourful spines on these glorious covers. This was the last one I needed to own all of them (as currently released in these editions). Unfortunately they have now opted for a rather non-descript uniform spine in unassuming green for the remaining ones. Sigh 😔. Now they won’t all match. This shall ever be known as #BlueMonday for @pigeonpostbooks#thebookishbillboardhot100 - St Mawes for the win. It’s a #NewOrder ! #nowthatswhatIcallbookish #bookstagram #bookworm #booknerd #booksarecool #booksaremagic #booksinthewild #alwaysreading #bookwormproblems
I've been lax the last few months with my hashtag #nowthatswhaticallbookish (where you post a bookish photo which depicts a song/group/singer/album or some other musical link. You can be as literal or creative as you like!) 🎶📚 So entering the charts today is a classic tune from 1967...Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You"... "You're just too good to be true I can't take my eyes off you You'd be like heaven to touch I wanna hold you so much..." 🎶📚 It's definitely how I felt when I recently saw two large shelves of King Penguins for sale, neatly lined up in number order from 1 to 76! Here I've posted a close up of some of the beauties. 👀🐧😍 If you'd like to have a go at the #nowthatswhaticallbookish hashtag, it's a fun one to try! And to make it even more fun, I'm going to run it as an **INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION** There will be a bookish prize for the winner! Instructions below ⬇️ 🎷You need to be following @pigeonpostbooks 🎷Make sure to use the hashtag #nowthatswhaticallbookish and tag me in the caption 🎷Must be 18 or over 🎷You can submit as many entries as you like 🎷Competition closes midnight GMT Friday 30th November 🎷I'll judge the entries with the help of an impartial judge 🎷Not affiliated with Instagram I'm looking forward to seeing your music-inspired posts! 🎶📚
. 🌻 ~ Heat and Heartache ~ . 🌻 ‘And it is hot. The summer is by now becoming legendary, a news item in its own right. Toppling records,incipient drought. Swarms of jellyfish in the Channel, basking sharks off the Cornish coast. Ice-cream sales at an all-time high, melanoma warnings with the weather forecast. One summer’s day rolls into the next, indistinguishable days in which it is still light at ten o’clock, then the sky starts to drain and within a short while is a strange electric blue, and the trees and hedges are shadow in a monochrome landscape.’ . ~ Heat Wave by Penelope Lively 1996 ~ . 🌻 We are currently enjoying a fabulous heat wave in the UK and so Penelope Lively’s appropriately named book seems to be the perfect choice of reading material! . 🌻 According to the blurb, Lively ‘gives us a moving portrayal of a fragile family, damaged and defined by adultery, and the lengths to which a mother will go to protect the ones she loves. . 🌻 I have recently enjoyed re-reading Penelope Lively’s Booker Prize winning novel, ‘Moon Tiger’, with some brilliant bookstagrammers, and have just arranged to read one of Lively’s children’s novels, ‘A Stitch in Time’, in August ,with the lovely Lesa @happylittlebirdy. Lesa has a very pretty feed, is so friendly and, like me, has a love of beautiful children’s books,so do pop over and say hello, and if you would like to join in with our read then just drop either of us a line. . 🌻 The fabulous cover of this particular copy of ‘Heat Wave’ was designed by the printmaker, painter and designer @angielewin who also designed the well known #viragomodernclassic cover of The Enchanted April’ by Elizabeth Von Arnim. . 🌻 The book also reminds me of the song, with the same title, by Martha and the Vandellas which is my husband’s all time favourite song.I am hoping that @amy.bethel will allow it into the esteemed hall of fame that is #thebookishbillboardhot100 !!! . 🌻 How are you staying cool in this heatwave?
What a nice way to end the week, coming home to a fabulous bookish box, sent to me by @amy.bethel , for my #thebookishbillboardhot100 prize. (For the full unboxing see my instagram story.) All the books look really interesting. I have never read any #tonimorrison or #joandidion , and these books look like great places to start. Mockingbird Songs sound wonderful too, and as a lover of To Kill a Mockingbird, I very excited about this book. . It also seems an ideal time to post my first #nowthatswhaticallbookish post. So here we go #allthatjazz , from Chicago and #musicbox by The Cinematic Orchestra seem appropriate. . . . #igreads #igbooks #harperlee #jazz #thewhitealbum #booksagram #bookish #morebooks #tbr #newbooks #bookishprize #bibliophile #booklover #bookworm
Penguin cafe orchestra for @amy.bethel 's #thebookishbillboardhot100 . I was sure we had the Tin Drum somewhere (an orchestra needs drums) but it may have gone in a purge. #bookstagram #bookswithdrinks #espresso #illy #penguins #penguinbooks #coffee #damnfinecoffee
Countdown is on to the end of @amy.bethel ’s #thebookishbillboardhot100 . 📕📕 As the mother of a redhead, it seemed obvious to post about Simply Red. 📕📕 I’ve not made it far through this book yet but it promises to yield lots of interesting stories about some legendary redheads. 📕📕 I’m not a fan of Simply Red but I do love the story (which may be a fiction) about Mick Hucknall, at the height of Simply Red’s popularity, getting an emerald embedded in one of his front teeth. Apparently it didn’t stay there long, because rather than giving the impression of giant wealth, it gave the impression of spinach caught between his teeth! 💚💚💚
. 🐪 ~ Memories and Moon Tigers ~ . 🐪 “She lies awake in the small hours. On the bedside table is a Moon Tiger. The Moon Tiger is a green coil that slowly burns all night repelling mosquitoes, dropping away into lengths of grey ash,it’s glowing red eye a companion of the hot insect-rasping darkness.” . ~Moon Tiger by Penelope Lively 1987 ~ . 🐪 Winner of The Booker Prize in 1987, Moon Tiger tells the story of historian and war journalist, Claudia Hampton, who is dying of cancer, and the memories of her life, and those who were involved in it, including her great love, Tom, who she met and lost in wartime Egypt. . 🐪 I am currently buddy reading Moon Tiger by Penelope Lively with the lovely bookstagrammers @contraryreader , @the_book_imp and @mrslorrainesmith.It is a real trip down memory lane for me as I first read the novel nearly 20 years ago,after a trip to Egypt to visit my sister, who was living in Cairo at the time. . 🐪 I wondered if the novel had stood the test of time and whether my reaction and enjoyment would be any different from the last time I read the book. In her book ‘Jacob’s Room is Full of Books’, the writer Susan Hill says “sometimes a book has its day and although of course it does not change, the reader does, as a result of having read better things, or new tastes having come to the fore, or fashions in literature having moved on.Other novels seem to have improved, usually because we have matured as readers, our imaginations have expanded and we understand new literary approaches, sometimes because of life events which have opened us up to a new emotional awareness and understanding.” . 🐪 The fact that Moon Tiger has been recently shortlisted for The Golden Man Booker Prize suggests that the book has indeed stood the test of time and I am definitely gaining more from my second reading of the novel. The first time I was merely concerned with the plot whereas during my second reading I am appreciating the multiple voices, the constant change from first to third person and am very much looking forward to hearing the views of my bookstagrammers, something I did not have the pleasure of first time around!
My entry for #thebookishbillboardhot100 Thanks Amy @amy.bethel for this fun challenge. Anthem by the great Leonard Cohen: Ring the bells that still can ring Forget your perfect offering There is a crack in everything That’s how the light gets in. 🎵 The death of Leonard Cohen; poet, novelist, songwriter, was the second worst thing to happen in November 2016. 🎵 #Leonardcohen #Louisepenny
Ok.. obscure photos to rattle the thought police... for @amy.bethel #thebookishbillboardhot100 .. don't know why I didn't think of it sooner... 😁 hope you're ok Amy.. don't you think pineapples are good props.. and a #bowie reference.. even better 🤣🤣😚 #1984 by #georgeorwell and #davidbowie two legends 🖤✴
🎵Cause it's a bittersweet symphony this life Trying to make ends meet, you're a slave to the money then you die.🎵 - The Verve I thought I'd have a go at @amy.bethel #thebookishbillboardhot100 on its last day... . Thanks @jenniferqueenie for the book prescription 👍 . Staring at the Sun by Irvin D. Talon is about how facing our mortality head on, with full awareness will help us live more meaningful lives and also lessen our terror of death. . I've had death anxiety from since I can remember, which is fine, that existential part of my personality and has influenced how I live my life, in good ways I think. But since losing all faith in a God (was faith me trying to avoid death?)I have often felt like life is meaningless. And this year it has been more of a terror than anxiety. I would sometimes start drifting off to sleep then have a full on panic attack, or wake up from a dreamless sleep gasping for breath. . So this book hasn't cured any of my anxiety, but it was a comfort nevertheless. It helped untangle at lot of worries, and also made me realise that my night panics are most certainly a reaction to my brother's recent death from a heart attack. . He talks about how life is a glimmer of light between two dark places: we are not concerned about the darkness that came before, so why be worried about the future darkness? . Also, unrelated, whenever I get bouts of depression, I have felt like all progress was imaginary. But there was a quote by Nietzsche: "When we are tired, we are attacked by ideas we conquered long ago". I'm going to try to remember that. . And something my husband always mentions whenever I try to talk about death anxiety is Rippling. Rippling is how memories of us live on through other people. So we need to become more connected to other people and learn to live a life without regret. . I loved Yalom's existential psychotherapy as it fits in with my own philosophy. Will be reading more of his books! . Hope you're all having a great weekend booksters 😊 . . . #irvindyalom #staringatthesun #deathanxiety #existentialpsychotherapy #psychology #librarybooks #nonfiction #bookstagram #booknerd #bookish #junereads #justread #unitedbookstagram
Here is my most recent bookish purchase, which I have looking out for for quite some time #thewildplaces by #robertmacfarlane . My extravagance knows no limits - this was 30p from a local charity shop, bought on the way the allotment this morning. It also forms my final entry to #thebookishbillboardhot100 . When I arrived at the allotment this morning, thinking about the book, the song #wildworld by Cat Stevens came to mind. And so there you have it - my final entry. How did I do @amy.bethel @renie.baxter and @contraryreader Now I better get on my with weeding, so I am not late for my slightly more glamorous afternoon plans, cocktails with @40_tude_bargainista . Have a great weekend everyone . . . #books #newbook #bookish #bookwork #gardening #poppies #bookworm #igreads #igbooks #booksagram #bookworm #toomanybooks #bookaddict #booklover #bibliophile #reader #reading #booklove #naturewriting #allotment #gardenlove #wildthing #bookbargin #countrysidewriting
This is the first Louise Penny (Inspector Gamache) novel (thank you for the recommend Jaanu @anaquarianslibrary ☺) that I got to read. . Unfortunately it turned out to be the twelfth book in a thirteen book series (Google told me this)😅but I got stuck inside the house with torrential rain enveloping the place. So I gave it a go anyway. . @amy.bethel here's one more for the  #thebookishbillboardhot100 which this book inspired in me: Penny and Me - Hanson (any body here who loves their songs too?) 🎼"Penny dreams of rainy days and nights up late by the fireplace  And aimless conversations about the better days" 🎼 . The book started off slow, but I can understand why, I kind of jumped in clearly after a lot had taken place - Inspector Gamache, his wife, his friends and even his enemies seemed to have figured a lot in the previous books in this series. He has had to take over the training academy and brings about a few changes there in order to put an end to the corrupted cops. However a colleague is found dead and fingers start pointing to Gamache himself. . There are two parallel mysteries as well- a fascinating map and the identity of one particular cadet. The mysteries are revealed at a painfully slow pace, but I must say the last word (exactly! the last word!) just made up for all the wait. So whatever you do DON'T turn to the last page of this book once you start reading it.Looking back I would say I really like the character of Gamache as well as the warm people in the village of Three Pines (lovely setting). He is a very wise, perceptive, and wonderfully humane detective. 📝 There is something he and another detective drinks as they sit down one night and it is called a 'tisane' - have you heard of it? If not swipe right to read a bit about an article on it from my archives 😀. It is a warm beverage with some fruit/jam/honey boiled in it. Even Poirot used to be partial to it apparently, but I can't recall. 😅 . It's a sunny day here and I am off to take a walk and soak in some sun! Happy Weekend and Eid Mubarak to all who celebrate! Wish you a blessed Eid!🎉
🎶No sun will shine in my day today; (no sun will shine) The high yellow moon won't come out to play: (that high yellow moon won't come out to play) I said (darkness) darkness has covered my light, (and the stage) And has changed my day into night, yeah. Where is the love to be found? (oo-ooh-ooh) Won't someone tell me? 'Cause my (sweet life) life must be somewhere to be found - (must be somewhere for me) Instead of concrete jungle (jungle!) Where the living is harder (concrete, jungle!).🎶 🎶 Concrete jungle (jungle!): Man you got to do your (concrete, jungle!) best. Wo-ooh, yeah.🎶 Sneaking one last entry into @amy.bethel 's jammin' #thebookishbillboardhot100 competition with my favorite Bob Marley and The Wailers song, Concrete Jungle, and #marlonjames #manbookerprize winner #historicalfiction #abriefhistoryofsevenkillings ; which is about a whole mess of people and places surrounding an attempted assassination of Bob Marley. While Concrete Jungle didn't make it on the real hot 100 I learned, for this post, that Roots, Rock, Reggae, did at number 56 in 1976 📻 . . . Have a groovy Friday! »»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» #Bookstagram #booknerd #booklover #bookgeek #bibliophile #bookworm #bookaddict #bookphotography #ilovereading #booksbooksbooks #readersofinstagram #ambushinthenight #reggae #bookandmusic
Bit of a best seller Classic lullaby Hush, little baby, don't say a word. Papa's gonna buy you a mockingbird And if that mockingbird won't sing, Papa's gonna buy you a diamond ring And if that diamond ring turns brass, Papa's gonna buy you a looking glass #thebookishbillboardhot100 #harperlee #lullaby @amy.bethel
Favourite classic E M Forster Elvis Presley classic: Fools rush in, where angels fear to tread And so I come to you my love My heart above my head Though I see the danger there If there's a chance for me Then I don't care, oh-oh-oh-oh Fools rush in, where wise men never go But wise men never fall in love So how are they to know When we met, I felt my life begin So open up your heart and let This fool rush in #thebookishbillboardhot100 #lovesongs #elvis #emforster #takeachance @amy.bethel
#fridayintroductions with a twist... 🇳🇿 I come from a land downunder 🇳🇿 Despite what the song implies, there aren’t a lot of vegemite sandwiches in my life (but there is an excess of vegemite on toast). 🥪 I didn’t grow up in the place I call home, but I’ve been here coming up for 13 years. This place has an unreasonable number of hot, hot summer days and more than it’s fair share of blue skies. The winters can bite, but it always seems easier to endure the cold under a blue sky. I see the 🌊 every day and lots of 🌲 🌳 out my windows. People often make eye contact, smile and say hello when they pass you on the street. You can make new friends because you see them frequently enough at a cafe. Parking is an outrageous $1 an hour if there are no free car parks to be found. It’s a pretty good life. 👇 Now it’s over to you, I’d love to know something about the place you call home (even if you live in the same place as me!). Share away 😊 . . . . . . . . . #iamonahashtagstrike #but #thebookishbillboardhot100 for @amy.bethel
It seems #thebookishbillboardhot100 floodgates have opened...thanks again @amy.bethel for such a fun challenge! 🎶 🎶 Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around and dessert you 🍷🥃🍫🍰🍦
🎵It’s not about the money money money We don’t need your money money money We just wanna make the world dance Forget about the price tag 🎶 🏷🏷🏷🏷🏷🏷🏷🏷🏷 So here’s another #thebookishbillboardhot100 - anyone else driven crazy by stickers on books?! It’s all about the price tag!! The worst are the ones that don’t come off!! For pairing with Jessie J, I have chosen this sticker-tastic edition of The Road by Cormac McCarthy, a book so depressing, you’ll definitely need wine. (It’s a brilliant book. Brilliant, but devastatingly depressing). It’s a few years now since I read it, and it still gives me shivers. 🏷🏷🏷🏷🏷🏷🏷🏷🏷🏷 Thank you to @amy.bethel for this fabulous challenge!! 🎵📚🎶📖📚🎶📖🎵📚🎶📖 #cormacmccarthy #theroad #pulitzerprize #pulitzerprizewinner #fiction #dystopian #dystopianfiction #wine #whitewine #bookandwine #novel #bookish #bookstagram #booksofinstagram #readersofinstagram #bookgram #instabook #igreads #paperback #americanliterature #literature #literaryfiction #bookchallenge #jessiej #pricetag
Is it too late now to say sorry? #sorry @justinbieber for #thebookishbillboardhot100 and @amy.bethel
🎶 I could swim one thousand miles. And I could swim one thousand more 🎶- let’s not over proclaim, but I did swim a mile!! So I’m sneaking in a cheeky #thebookishbillboardhot100 entry with #TheProclaimers ’ famous ditty. With thanks to my #winggirl @pppondie - at 26 we didn’t know if we could do it, but we powered through. And what a feeling. Several people at work are looking at me as if, do I realise how far that is- as in what an achievement. Need to speed up now. #buzzing #goalachieved Naturally, an early morning swim is best marked with a #bookstagram post. This time I am promoting @neilhimself and the fabulous, #submersive #theoceanattheendofthelane - because there is literally a new life at the end of this particular lane, one where I am a distance swimmer, she shirker of exercise. This book is a magical exploration of those great borders in life. Times of change. Childhood/adulthood fantasy/reality. And it manages it with the healing power of water, something that sings to my soul. This one engages the senses and made me really feel like I was #underwater . #secretmermaid #swimrise #booksandswimming #bookworm
Thanks to @amy.bethel for her #thebookishbillboardhot100 challenge, which has got me finally posting on this account again. 🎵 Sweet Child of Mine 🎵 (although strictly speaking it’s my husband’s book 😉)
Ok, @amy.bethel , challenge accepted. First post for the #thebookishbillboardhot100 challenge. 🎤 Royals 🎤 And we'll never be royals It don't run in our blood That kind of lux just ain't for us We crave a different kind of buzz Let me be your ruler, you can call me Queen B And baby I'll rule (I'll rule I'll rule I'll rule) Let me live that fantasy
Jane Eyre is one of my all time favourite books. I have reread it several times and it never disappoints. What would you class as an all time favourite read? . It is also my next entry to #thebookishbillboardhot100 as surely Jane Eyre should have asked Mr Rochester, ‘Please, please tell me now. Is there something I should know?’ Although the book would be considerably shorter if she had. . What do you think @amy.bethel ? . . . #janeeyre #charlottebronte #penguinclassics #booksandflowers #flowersandbooks #igreads #igbooks #bookphotography #bookish #booksagram #booksagrammer #bookblogger #bookworm #booklover #bibliophile #booknerd #booklove #readmorebooks #readmore #unitedbookstagram #lovereading #lovebooks #bookphotography
Thrilled to hear the wonderful Laura Linney on Woman’s Hour this morning saying she was about to start filming more Tales of the City for Netflix.Still my favourite book series ❤️And for @amy.bethel ’s #thebookishbillboardhot100 -Let’s go to San Francisco.Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair! #armisteadmaupin #talesofthecity #sanfrancisco #books #bookstagram #bookcover #bookcoverdesign #booksofinstagram #maryannesingleton #lauralinney #actor #tvseries #agoodread #netflix
With apologies to The Turtles and their 1967 hit "Happy Together"... 🎶📚 "Imagine me and you, I do I think about you day and night, it's only right To think about the books you love and hold them tight So happy together • If I should call you up, invest a dime And you say you belong to me and ease my mind Imagine how the world could be, so very fine So happy together • I can't see me lovin' nobody but you For all my life When you're with me PELs the skies'll be blue For all my life • Me and you and you and me No matter how they toss the dice, it had to be The only one for me is you, and you for me So happy together • Ba-ba-ba-ba ba-ba-ba-ba ba-ba-ba ba-ba-ba-ba Ba-ba-ba-ba ba-ba-ba-ba ba-ba-ba ba-ba-ba-ba" 🎶📚😍😄 #thebookishbillboardhot100 #penguinenglishlibrary #penguinbooks #coraliebickfordsmith #bookish #instabook #bookworm #bookphoto #bookcollector
Just a little bit of The Beatles for today’s #thebookishbillboardhot100 @amy.bethel 🎵☀️📚 This was actually one of my first thoughts for this books/music photo challenge. Since then I’ve been getting carried away with a variety of mainly 80s related hits and groups! 🎵☀️📚 There must be loads more Beatles’ hits that have a bookish connection - can anyone think of any? I’ve just thought of the obvious Paperback Writer! 🎵☀️📚 #murakamimonday #herecomesthesun #norwegianwood #paperbackwriter #nicoledennisbenn #harukimurakami #bookstack #bookstagram #booksandmusic #igbooks #igreads #bookspines #bookphotochallenge #booklover #bookish #booksofig #thebeatles #thebeatlessongs #beatlessongtitles #paperbacks #paperbackbooks
Inspired by hearing 'Groove is in the Heart' on @laurenlaverne 's show on Friday, an approximation of my bookish heart thinking about that song and New York City. For @amy.bethel 's #bookishbillboardhot100 , thanks for all the fun!
🎵Hey Jude, don’t let me down... 🎶 😧 For the fabulous #thebookishbillboardhot100 challenge hosted by @amy.bethel I have today chosen this cheery tale of disappointment, heartbreak and social outcasts 😪 and matched it with a top Beatles tune 😅 #thomashardy #judetheobscure #bookchallenge #bookish #bookoutside #pinkroses #wordsworthclassics #victorianliterature #victorian #wessex #booksofinstagram #bookstagram #readersofinstagram #igreads #bookphotography #classicnovel #classics #novel #fiction
Today’s post is brought to you by the colour pink. 💗🌸🎀🐷👛👚🧠 #ReadingWomenMonth day 10 pink cover. #thebookishbillboardhot100 P!nk 💗🌸🎀🐷👛👚🧠 I have been enjoying reading different stories from The Women Who Built Bristol. There is such a diverse range of women represented in the book and it feels especially relevant to me that all these women had some connection to Bristol. 💗🌸🎀🐷👛👚🧠 Delusions of Gender (which I have not yet read completely) is an attack on ‘neurosexism’ proving that there is no hardwired difference between the sexes. 💗🌸🎀🐷👛👚🧠 This week a 5 year old boy in my class whispered to me when we were at the swimming pool, “I’ve got some pink on my trunks but don’t laugh.” I love it when these things come up in my class as it gives me an opening into a meaningful discussion. When I hear words such as “that’s for girls” or “you can’t play this game because you’re a boy,” I relish the opportunity to discuss these issues. However, it happens so often that I’m beginning to realise how huge this problem is. 💗🌸🎀🐷👛👚🧠 Finally the pink and grey blanket in the photo is one I’ve just finished crocheting - for my son. 💗🌸🎀🐷👛👚🧠 #delusionsofgender #cordeliafine #thewomenwhobuiltbristol #janeduffus #pinkbooks #pinkisforeveryone #pinkisforboystoo #nonfictionbooks #bookstagram #bookcoverdesign #bookcoverlove #bookflatlay #booklover #booksofig #igbooks #readingwomen #femalewriters #feministbooks #raisingfeminists #feminism #feminismisforeverybody #genderequality #neurosexism #everydaysexism
Another entry into #thebookishbillboardhot100 🎤 @amy.bethel . . 🎹🎼 Moon Over Soho by Ben Aaronovitch - Moon Over Miami by Ray Charles 🎼🎹 . . . #moonoversoho #benaaronovitch #book #booklover #reading #igreads #bookstagram #bookish #bookblogger #bookworm
Don’t push too far your dreams are china in your hand Don’t wish too hard because they may come true And you can’t help them You don’t know what you might have set upon yourself China in your hand. 🎤 #thebookishbillboardhot100 #tpau #chinainyourhand @amy.bethel 🎤 Did you know T’Pau’s song, China in your hand was inspired by Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein? Lead singer Carol Decker watched a documentary about the writer and was fascinated with how, at 19 she wrote this story and achieved success, outselling noted poets Byron and Keats. The song carries the meaning of be careful what you wish for as Shelley’s success caused much jealousy and unhappiness in her marriage and friendships. 🎤 #frankenstein #maryshelley #vintagebooks #vintagepaperbacks #bookstagram #bookcoverlove #femaleauthor #femalewriter #booksandmusic #bookphotochallenge #bookish #bibliophile #igreads #booksofig #bookloversofinstagram #gothicfiction #maryshelleysfrankenstein #frankensteinsmonster #ilovebooks #feministbooks
Christina Rossetti; Victorian poet, sister to Dante Gabriel, sister in law and close friend of the beauty and addict Lizzie Siddal, and author of the creepiest poem about addiction that I’ve ever seen. The Goblin Market reminds me so much of Marianne Faithfull’s story. Marianne was, to my eyes, the most beautiful woman of the 20th century, a marvellous singer (both as a young woman with a light voice and middle aged and older with a Brechtian purr), a writer, and a muse. And for a time an addict. Goblin Market speaks of the young woman leaning out her beautiful neck toward the goblin men (the dealers) like a boat slipped from its last restraint. Rosetti goes on to write that after tasting “the fruit” “She suck’d until her lips were sore; Then flung the emptied rinds away But gather’d up one kernel stone, And knew not was it night or day As she turn’d home alone.” Similarly Marianne writes of walking “round Times Square, with a pistol in my suitcase, and my eyes on the tv”. If anything people may more commonly associate Marianne’s writing about addiction with Sister Morphine (co-written with Jagger), but to me “Times Square” is more interesting as it conveys the waste of time, and the restlessness that addicts live in. One of the YouTube videos of “Times Square” has a little intro from Marianne where she talks about the song and her time as an addict quite eloquently. So this one is for @amybethel and her #thebookishbillboardhot100 & thanks to Amy for her contest reminding me of my love for Marianne’s voice (off to haul out my MF cd’s to play in my ancient Volvo). #mariannefaithfull #christinarossetti
‘I see skies of blue’ ... will be my tenuous #thebookishbillboardhot100 entry for the lovely @amy.bethel and her competition with a musical twist with #LouisArmstrong and #WhataWonderfulWorld . It’s a wonderful world full of books and I have the gift of reading. This lovely vista also allows me to give The kindly Janel @keeperofpages a hearty thanks for my #bookmail , that arrived this week. I am very excited about this title #SomeMustWatch / #TheSpiralStaircase by #EthelLinaWhite . I’m on a particularly satisfying streak of #darktomes #thrillers and #crimecapers , and this one looks just the ticket. I’m all about the #classiccrime and #noir . Especially after acquainting myself with #PatriciaHighsmith and her #StrangersonaTrain . I could just picture this scene taking place at #BlaiseCastle and the cover has an air of a famous ghostly photograph taken on a spiral staircase in London, of #spectralhands descending the rails. If you are interested I will post a picture on my stories. So let me know. Hope you are all having a lovely weekend and have some relaxation and reading planned? I’m exhausted after being on a residential trip with my students and have lots of housework to contend with. Boo 😒- and not the good kind 👻 #bookstagram #booksandcastles #booksonthemove #booksoutdoors #wildbookstagramming #bookworm #booknerd #booksarelife #booksaremagic #booksarecool #bibliophile #spookytales #spinechillers
#thebookishbillboardhot100 #aceofbase #allthatshewants #1992 🎶📚 All that she wants is another...Penguin 😍🐧 "She leads a lonely life She leads a lonely life When she woke up late in the morning light And the day had just begun She opened up her eyes and thought Oh, what a morning It's not a day for work It's a day for catching sun Just laying on the beach and having fun She's going to get you"
A throw back to a couple of weeks ago here, and a trip to the National Trust property Croft Castle, with another book I bought in #hayonwye #foxes . I was really pleased to find this one as I been looking at it in #Waterstones for months. At some point I will have to take a picture of my complete #Hay hawl but I will probably require a wide-angle lens! . It is also my next entry for #thebookishbillboardhot100 . It could be the artist #foxes or the band Fleet Foxes, or perhaps I am thinking of the Primal Scream track Country Girl - you decide. Or is it Fox on the Run by The Sweet? . Next up we have #thetravellingcatchronicles and a rare foray on to Instagram for Poppy. Are we channelling Cat Stevens here, or perhaps it is the musical #cats ? . Next, and I can’t believe nobody else has come up with this, is #colindexter #thepolice . . Finally, I feel Wham! have been woefully underrepresented so I give you Last Christmas. . How am I doing @amy.bethel and @renie.baxter ? . . . #hayfestival2018 #croftcastlegardens #nationaltrust #igbooks #igreads #booksagram #bookblogger #bookish #morebooks #toomanybooks #naturewriting #naturalhistory #bookworm #booklover
Yay! It’s Friday! And time for another entry to #thebookishbillboardhot100 , this time featuring a selection of beautiful nature books. . I have seen lots of links to Duran Duran in the last couple of days, so here is my contribution- Seven and The Ragged Tiger (although I think this selection of books could work just as well for Bow Wow Wow’s Go Wild in the Country). Inspired by @renie.baxter ’s post last night we have The Size of a Cow by Wonder Stuff. Number 3 - these are books I would class as holiday reads, which brings to mind, We’re all Going on a Summer Holiday by Cliff Richard. Finally we have Human by the Human League, self-explanatory I feel. What do you think @renie.baxter , @amyandbooks and @amy.bethel ? . . . #naturebooks #naturewriting #booksandnature #booksandmusic #booklover #obssessed #igbooks #igreads #morebooks #booksagram #booksagrammer #toomanybooks #bookblogger #booksagain #bookworm #wildlifewriting #johnlewisstempel #thewainwrightprize
Come Back and Finish What You Started by Gladys Knight & The Pips for #thebookishbillboardhot100 and @amy.bethel 🎶 Come back and finish what you started And don't leave me hanging on Come back and finish what you started And don't leave me hanging on, no You planted seeds of love in my heart With all the tender words you said at the start But love is something you shouldn't begin If you're not gonna see it through to the end 🎶
🎶“I’m on the top of the world lookin’ down on creation And the only explanation I can find Is the love that I’ve found ever since you’ve been around Your love’s put me at the top of the world.”🎶 📚 Another entry into #thebookishbillboardhot100 challenge run by @amy.bethel. This 1972 hit by the Carpenters was the first and only song that I ever sang into a hairbrush in front of the mirror.😜 📚 Annie Smith Peck was definitely a woman at the top of her world. She was a scholar, educator, writer, lecturer, mountain climber, suffragist, and political activist who refused to let gender stereotypes get in her way. . “My next thought was to do a little genuine exploration, to conquer a virgin peak, to attain some height where no man had previously stood.” -Annie Smith Peck . . . #bookchallenge #70smusic #topoftheworld #thecarpenters #bookstagram #bookish #bookjoy #awomansplaceisatthetop #anniesmithpeck #biography
It's back to 1983...I admit that this one is a bit of a stretch, but it does give me the chance to reference #true by #spandauballet for #thebookishbillboardhot100 😉🤣 "(Ha-ha-ha, ha-ha-ha) (Ha-ha-ha, ha-ha-ha) • So true Funny how it seems Always in time, but never in line for dreams Head over heels when toe to toe This is the sound of my soul This is the sound • I bought a ticket to the world But now I've come back again Why do I find it hard to write the next line? Oh, I want the truth to be said • (Ha-ha-ha, ha-ha-ha) I know this much is true (Ha-ha-ha, ha-ha-ha) I know this much is true" 🎶📚
🎶 #thebookishbillboardhot100 @amy.bethel #smalltown #johnmellencamp 🎶 Well I was born in a small town And I live in a small town Probably die in a small town Oh, those small communities . No I cannot forget where it is that I come from I cannot forget the people who love me Yeah, I can be myself here in this small town And people let me be just what I want to be . Well I was born in a small town And I can breathe in a small town Gonna die in this small town And that's probably where they'll bury me 🎶 "Human nature is much the same everywhere, and of course, one has opportunity of observing it at closer quarters in a village." Miss Marple, Agatha Christie . From English villages to tight knit Southern towns to immaculately planned Midwest communities, the small town has been the setting for many novels in literature. As Miss Marple states, the small town is a microcosm for the larger human community and therefore a fascinating setting for many a great book. . I just finished and enjoyed The Bookshop by Penelope Fitzgerald where the protagonist experiences the ruthlessness of small town life! . What are other books you've enjoyed that are set in a small town? . Stacy
Just starting this one: #EvilUnderTheSun by #AgathaChristie for the @maidensofmurder readalong. I know it is a real favourite with Sahiba @dumbwitnesses so I am excited about this one. This is partly fuelled by the knowledge that it is one of the #crimecapers Ag’s wrote at her favourite Devon retreat @burghislandhotel. Do you have a favourite Christie? Are you partaking in this readalong? And how are you coping in this heat? 🚨STOP PRESS 🚨Evil Under the Sun also masquerades as a #ColePorter track. Take that #thebookishbillboardhot100 and consider this entered @renie.baxter and @the_lady_who_reads. Three can play that game!!! #bookstagram #booksonthemove #bookworm #murderandmayhem #crimefiction #mysteries #detectivefiction
This is my fledgling attempt at #thebookishbillboardhot100 hosted by @amy.bethel 🎶 📚 🎵 🎧 The brief - A bookish post representing a song title/album/singer/group. After rejecting #satindoll #loverdoll #babydoll #valleyofthedolls #ragdoll #livingdoll I settled on #doll #foofighters ✨🎤🎸🎙 . • . You know in all of the time that we’ve shared I’ve never been so scared Doll me up in my bad luck I’ll meet you there I wish I never had taken this dare I wasn’t quite prepared Doll me up in my bad luck uh huh,ah Doll me up in my bad luck I ‘ll meet you there . 📖 📚 💡💕⬇️🖌 Love of Seven Dolls. Paul Gallico. 1954. A disturbing ,bizarre novella of love and hate , a heartbreaking , dark fairytale . Think this may be a first edition. . Second pic shows a doll seen in an #opshop recently that had interchangeable heads! . . . . #paulgallico #loveofsevendolls #bookstagram #vintagegraphics #vintagebook #bookcover #embroidereddoll #chinesedoll #bookcollector #coverlove #iloveoldbooks #charityshop #opshopping #booklover #iloveoldstuff #vintagedoll #scarypuppets #vintageillustration #1950s #toys
At forty-four minutes to four An angel walked up to my door Opened the windows to my soul Told me he thinks that I should know That life only gets harder, but you gotta get stronger This is for my brother, I do this for my daughter That's why I keep going, that's why I keep going That's why I keep going 🎵Jhene Aiko, W.A.Y.S Everyday in America 90 people die from gun violence. A Better Place by Pati Poblete is an eloquently written memoir about the sudden, violent death of Pati's son, her grief, and how she built her life back piece-by-piece after this tragedy. . Her pain throughout is palpable, but I admired how she was empathetic to her daughter's and family/friends grief. Also, how she made the decision to be fueled by love and forgiveness, rather than hate and revenge. . She talks about 'The Dark Night of the Soul': when the meaning in our life collapses. And rebirth: life can have meaning again, but not the same meaning it once had. . She focused on the activities Robby loved, including meditation and Buddhism, in an aim to better understand her son and continue his journey: "I felt as though Robby had sprinkled bread crumbs, gently easing me out of the darkness and onto a path toward healing." . The above song was mentioned in the book, and I love it! Jhene Aiko's brother tweeted her "Why aren't you smiling?" minutes before passing away after his battle with cancer. The song reflects everything behind this book: the grief, the Buddhist spirituality, the keeping going for our remaining loved ones, and the rebuilding of ourselves. . #thebookishbillboardhot100 #readingwomenmonth memoir . #patinavaltapoblete #abetterplace @nothingbutthetruthpublishing #memoir #nonfiction #junereads #gunviolence #grief #bookish #bookstagram #bibliophile #instabooks #unitedbookstagram
My third avian-themed post in a row. Intriguing (I say, stroking my chin in Dr Evil fashion). This is a borrowed copy of the Snow Goose (so no date or publisher, #bookboffins ), by the prolific Paul Gallico. I recall this book kind of creeping me out as a teenager as the male protagonist seemed much too old for the female. But apparently they were closer in age than I’d thought (but it still read a bit odd somehow). I think it’s the kind of story that people would not have thought twice about when it was published in 1941, but now that sort of friendship seems a bit off? Still, it’s also a tale of Dunkirk, and my dad was at Dunkirk (in the Navy, not on the beach), so I’m a bit attached to the idea of it. The migratory habits of the snow goose, and the melancholy tone of the story, has always reminded me of Simon and Garfunkel’s April, Come She Will. Damn, that song is perfect. For you @amy.bethel and your #thebookishbillboardhot100 #paulgallico #snowgoose #vintagebooks #bookstagram
Now it's time for some 50's jazz!🎷 Recorded in 1959, it's the biggest-selling jazz single ever... #thebookishbillboardhot100 #takefive #davebrubeck 🎶📚 I've grabbed a random stack of vintage books from my bookshelf...imagine you can only take five books from this stack, which five would you choose? 🤔 I think I'd have to go for: 🎷The Victorian Chaise-Longue 🎷The Chrysalids 🎷 The Diary of a Nobody 🎷 The House on the Strand 🎷 Tom's Midnight Garden
Another dose of nostalgia albeit recently purchased and a perfect entry for #thebookishbillboardhot100 challenge set by the brilliant @amy.bethel . It's Bette Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes (💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙) meets The Veronicas (an Australian duo who are in some way associated with the Archie comics) and since this is a double digest and two comics, Double Take by Holly Valance is perfect. Thoughts? Praise? 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣. I couldn't help a Bob's Burgers reference by asking for thoughts and praises. Fans of the show will know what I'm talking about🍔🍔🍔. #bettyandveronica #archiecomics #comics #laughter #bookstagram #books #booknerd #music #popculture #bettycooper #betty #veronicalodge #veronica #theveronicas #kimcarnes #hollyvalance #comicbooks #fun #riverdale #reading #bobsburgers #bookish #booklove #igbooks #booksofinstagram
Landslide book and song @amy.bethel - preferably Dixie Chicks version - Fleetwood Mac's song, great!! #thebookishbillboardhot100
"You know that place between sleep and awake, that place where you still remember dreaming? That’s where I’ll always love you. That’s where I’ll be waiting" Peter Pan, J. M. Barrie 💕 There are so many wonderful lines from Peter Pan - many of them make me tear up! I think that quote about the place between sleep & awake is my favourite. I feel I know that cosy cocooned place - it may only last a split second but it's where anything feels possible, where the past & future can be changed, where I can fly and soar high, or swim between continents, where adventure is on the horizon, and where the vividness of my dreams linger... ✨ As someone who often has vivid and lucid dreams, and recalls them (sometimes still decades afterwards), I'm always intrigued by people who say they don't dream or can't remember their dreams. Does that apply to you? If so, are you relieved or disappointed you don't recall your dreams? Are you convinced you don't dream at all? 🛌 Incidentally, I went for a lovely walk along the Regent's Canal this morning and spotted a little boat which was also masquerading as a 'Dream Museum'! I might pop along one weekend when it's open to see what it's all about. In the meantime I'll post some pics in my stories. 🛌⛵ By the way, if you are dreaming of owning this pretty 1969 edition of Peter Pan - check out my Pigeon Post website and make that dream come true 😉 It's now available as a "Fledgling" Pigeon Post. 🐦📚 Last but not least, this book also lends itself well to one of my favourite songs for #thebookishbillboardhot100 #flymetothemoon #julielondon 🎶
Current read, photo taken on my porch (or the gallery as it was called on the bayou). Different century, different vibe but same roots and also a classic ... I’m also a fan of “Born on the Bayou.” 📚 🎶 #bayoufolk #katechopin #louisiana #cajunlife #bayoucountry #prometheusbooks #womenwriters #thebookishbillboardhot100 #bornonthebayou #creedenceclearwaterrevival #livreetcafé #livres @amy.bethel #rhodereads #fernfoodie
On a Monday (and the first Monday of a new half-term, at that) I give you a #bookbattenburg , inspired by @amyandbooks and started by @amy.bethel . . As part of my on going obsession with #thebookishbillboardhot100 ,also started by Amy, I could not help but see a couple of links to songs in these books. Life After Lifer clearly becomes Time After Time by Cindi Lauper. John Steinbeck wrote about America which is clearly a very big country; and the 80s band Big Country had a song East of Eden on the record Steeltown. . . . #bigcountry #eastofeden #grapesofwrath #lifeafterlife #agodinruins #johnsteinbeck #igreads #igbooks #booksagram #booklover #bookworm #toomanybooks #katesatkinson #reader #reading #booksagain #morebooks
'And in the sea there is a fish, A fish that has a secret wish, A wish to be a big cactus With a pink flower on it And the flower, Would be it's offering Of love to the desert, And the desert So dry and lonely, That the creatures all Appreciate the effort' This is one of my favourite songs ever, by the amazing Kimya Dawson and is my entry to @amy.bethel 's #thebookishbillboardhot100 ! If you've never listened to this song, I highly recommend that you do. It has the loveliest lyrics 💕 #bookstagram #bookish #thebookishbillboardhot100 #bookcommunity #bookcover #bookcollector #cacti #penguinbooks #penguin #randomhouse #penguinhandbook #bibliophile #bookcover #observers #observerbooks #bookcompetition #bookcontest #bookaddict #bookstagrammer #cactus
They call me ‘Bell’ They call me ‘Stacey’ They call me ‘her’ They call me ‘Jane’ That’s not my name That’s not my name That’s not my name That’s not my name. 🎤🎵 It’s another entry for #thebookishbillboardhot100 from The Ting Tings. 🎤🎵 I complained that there were no songs with Amy in them to my music teacher when I was at school. He told me about the song ‘Once in love with Amy’ which Elaine Page played on @bbcradio2 this afternoon. I’ll put a clip on my story. 🎤🎵 Do you know any songs featuring your name? 🎤🎵 P.S. I can’t believe I forgot to put the book Rebecca in this pile when I took the photo!🤭 🎤🎵 #onceinlovewithamy #femaleauthors #femalewriters #womenwriters #eileen #carol #stillalice #sophia #iammalala #elizabethismissing #emmahealey #patriciahighsmith #lisagenova #anitaanand #ottessamoshfegh #malalayousafzai #bookstagram #thatsnotmyname #musicandbooks #bookphotochallenge #bookstack #bookspines #thetingtings #booksofig #igbooks #paperbacks
This was a brilliantly fun challenge set by @amy.bethel and here is my entry for #thebookishbillboardhot100 challenge. Mine is so off tangent and a bit literal but here it is😊. It's a reference to one of my favourite songs and albums of all-time, Bat Out of Hell by Meat Loaf. I adore Bat Out of Hell II: Back into Hell as well so this references both superb rock and roll materpiece albums. #thebookishbillboardhot100 #booklove #bookstagram #booknerd #bookish #rockandroll #meatloaf #batoutofhell #music #book #dracula #vampire #bat #canada #stamp
Bit of a cheat for #thebookishbillboardhot100 as I'm pretty sure the 70s psychedelic/prog band #SoftMachine didn't trouble the charts, but @amy.bethel challenged me and this was my first thought book-related-to-music wise. Great 70s cover too #sunday #sundaymorning #book #WilliamBurroughs #TheSoftMachine #paperback #corgibooks #1970s #KevinAyers #music
As #Sunday was always chart day, I feel it’s only fitting that we have another round of #thebookishbillboardhot100 @amy.bethel First up, off one of my favourite albums, There’s no Need to Argue by The Cranberries, is the track Yeats’ Grave and so I give you #poetry by #yeats Number 2 - It’s early Sunday morning and as Bjork tells us It’s Oh So Quiet. Number 3 - As some of you may be aware Suzanne Vega has done a whole album of songs about Carson McCullers, ‘An Evening with Carson McCullers’, which also features the song Harper Lee. . . . #booksofinstagram #carsonmccullers #quiet #igreads #igbooks #booksandflowers #poems #booksofinstagram #reader #reading #booksandgardens #bookworm #bookish #toomanybooks #booksagram #booksagrammer #bookworm #bookslut #walterdelamare #harperlee
✨🎵Look at the stars, see how they shine for you... 🎶⭐️ This is my very literal & somewhat unimaginative interpretation of the Coldplay song ‘Yellow’ !! And it is for @amy.bethel ‘s fab #thebookishbillboardhot100 😅 This is such a great hashtag & I’m going to try & think of a couple more bookish entries!! 📒 #yellowbooks #yellow #bookstack #booksinthegarden #booksoutside #bookstagram #bookchallenge #readersofinstagram #coldplay #igreads #bookphotography #yellowroses #sunnyday #weekend #childrensbooks #childrensclassics #winniethepooh #enidblyton #rapunzel ☀️
“Tramps like us, baby we were born to run.” 🎶 Born To Run is my entry into #thebookishbillboardhot100 run by @amy.bethel. Pairing the iconic Springsteen song with Christopher McDougall’s book was a no brainer for me. Back when I used to run, this song was queued up halfway through my Walkman playlist and would always give me an extra boost. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that he was singing about a girl with my name, but it always made me pick up the pace. 🎶 Come to think of it, there are a lot of songs with the word “Run” in the title: The Long Run- Eagles Ready To Run-Dixie Chicks Band On The Run-Paul McCartney and Wings Take The Money And Run-Steve Miller Band 🎶 Can you think of others? . . . #borntorun #bookishchallenge #booksandsongs #booksandmusic
🎶Havana, ooh na-na, Half of my heart is in Havana, ooh-na-na, He took me back to East Atlanta na-na-na, all of my heart is in Havana, my heart is in Havana, Havana 🎶--Camilla Cabello . . . I'll admit when it comes to Cuban music I'm more of an Omara Portunda/Buena Vista Social Club kind of gal but for @amy.bethel 's #thebookishbillboardhot100 #camillacabello 's catchy #havana tune & @chanelcleeton 's #nextyearinhavana seem to have been made for each other. When I first spotted this book on BG months ago this song was truly the first thing that popped into my head! 😄 #bookdance ! . . . Have a swinging Saturday! 🌇 _________________________________ #bookstagram #booknerd #booklover #bookgeek #bibliophile #bookworm #bookaddict #booksbooksbooks #bookishfeature #readersofinstagram #bookphotography #ilovereading #historicalfiction @berkleypub @penguinusa
It’s The Smiths for #thebookishbillboardhot100 — an unlikely association, Morrissey and these pups, and one of those things that was definitely more amusing in my head 😆 . So this is technically just one Smith, I know, but Dodie turned out to be the only one in my entire library! . Head over to @amy.bethel ’s page for full details on how to enter this book/music competition she’s running. Love to see your ideas 📖🎶 • 1976 | The Starlight Barking 1974 | The Hundred and One Dalmatians by Dodie Smith. Illustrations by Janet and Anne Grahame-Johnstone. • #dodiesmith #janetandannegrahamejohnstone #thestarlightbarking #101dalmatians #childrensclassics #childrensbooks #oldbooks #vintagebooks #book #bookworm #bookstagram #booksofinstagram #reader #reading #readersofinstagram #igbooks #igreads
'Unbirthday' is a word famously made up by Lewis Carroll. We have just one birthday but 364 unbirthdays. That's a pretty cool idea! 😁 #AliceInJune ❄ This tiny storybook in French was a thoughtful birthday gift from my brother. I have had the opportunity to study French as a second language for quite a few years. But lacking any practical usage, it had gone a bit rusty. ❄ But seeing this book (which I quickly read through), gave me much hope to rekindle my language skills once again. Thank god for wise younger siblings! What would we do without them right? 💞😁 ❄ Also, can't help it @amy.bethel :) One French song that came to stay quite long in my heart was Edith Piaf's ' Non, je ne regrette rien' (more famous as the song from the movie Inception) - a great song indeed ! 🎼"Non, rien de rien, non, je ne regrette rien Ni le bien qu'on m'a fait, ni le mal Tout ça m'est bien égal"🎼 . #thebookishbillboardhot100 QOTD: In which all languages do you listen to music in?
. 🐝 I have just added #thebees by poet #carolannduffy to my little collection of bee themed books and have gathered them all together here( scroll ➡️) for an entry into @amy.bethel ’s wonderful #thebookishbillboardhot100 . 🐝 There are so many songs with bees or honey in them that it was difficult to choose just one song title. I could have selected ‘Bumble Bee’ by soul singer Wilson Pickett, whose songs often crossed over into the real Billboard Hot 100, or ‘Sugar, Sugar’ by The Archies(1970) whose refrain goes annoyingly round and round in your head: Sugar, ah honey honey You are my candy girl And you’ve got me wanting you.... But I think I’ll plump for Alison Moyet’s 1984 release of ‘Honey for the Bees’, and hope that The Bee Gees aren’t too disappointed! . 🐝 Thanks for the fun, Amy!
Here are some of the books myself and other booksagrammers were lucky enough to be given at the #hayfestival2018 #booksagrammersbrunch earlier this week. I can’t believe it was almost a week ago, and that it is now almost time to head back to work. This post, I feel, doubles up nicely as my next entry for #thebookishbillboardhot100 @amy.bethel (I think this will be number 2 of 4). Can you put the clues together? Books = reading, jotters = writing and calculator- arithmetic; and there we have it The Sunday’s with their L.P. Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. (It has also dawned on me that the cover of the top book could be another song title - Swing Out Sister with Breakout.) . Picture 2 is a book I finished yesterday, so clearly ‘Here’s Where the Story Ends’, off the very same record sprung to mind. . Just like yourself @renie.baxter I think I am now a little bit obsessed with this! Yet another idea came to me in the middle of the night. . . . #readingwritingandarithmetic #thesundays #hereswherethestoryends #bookishcompetition #booksandmusic #igreads #igreads #booksofig #booksofinstagram #reader #reading #booklover #penguinmodernclassics #bookworm
#thebookishbillboardhot100 #michaeljackson #smoothcriminal 😎📚🎶 This wonderful 1948 Penguin edition of "Raffles" by E. W. Hornung was one of my star finds at the #ithacabooksale recently (@finepreserversbooks I hope you've forgiven me for finding it before you did! 😉🙏🏼). Raffles is one of my favourite fictional characters of all time. He is the archetypal antihero; a smooth criminal! By day he is a Victorian gentleman and one of the finest cricketers in England; by night he is a thief. His criminal exploits are told here by his accomplice Bunny Danvers. They are a duo akin to Sherlock & Watson (and Sherlock fans are likely to warm to Hornung's tales of this master criminal). He is a thief with a code of conduct, and you find yourself willing him to succeed, hoping that each adventure won't be his last. Hornung apparently dedicated his first set of Raffles stories to Sherlock's creator - Arthur Conan Doyle (who was in fact his brother-in-law). 🏏🕵 Have you read Raffles? If not, and if you like well-written fast-paced crime stories, then add this book to your reading list!
My son saw this title on top of a stack of books, and said “that is meta”. Written by the (late) antiquarian bookseller, Percy Muir, this lovely edition was published by Gramol, in a year which shall remain a mystery as ironically it doesn’t bloody say. It’s got me thinking of the Elvis Costello song, Everyday I Write the Book, which Elvis made a big to-do about having written in 10 minutes. Yes, Elvis, you’re a clever lad, now go sit down. The song charted, so this ear-worm is for @amy.bethel and her #thebookishbillboardhot100
Just something for World Outlander Day.😄💙 And I realised this title is a veritable musical medley perfect for #thebookishbillboardhot100 challenge and @amy.bethel . DIANA - Dirty Diana by Michael Jackson. BREATH - Every Breath You Take by The Police (The quintessential stalker song 🤣). SNOW - Let It Snow - Dean Martin. ASHES by Celine Dion (from the madcap and brilliant film Deadpool 2 😍) #outlander #bookstagram #booksofinstagram #worldoutlanderday #bookish #books #book #booklover #timetravel #jamieandclaire #historical #adventure #romance #reader #fantasy #love #dianagabaldon #scotland #travel #history #fiction #instabook #tvseries #magical #ilovebooks #bookaholic
My entry to the #thebookishbillboardhot100 - @amy.bethel . Love the idea of finding song links in book titles! 🎹🎼🎤 Thanks @the_lady_who_reads For getting me thinking 🤔 . My number 3 - The Railway Man by Eric Lomax - The Railroad Man by the Eels. Number 2 - The Revolutions by Felix Gilman - Revolution by Diplo. Number 1 - Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone by J.K. Rowling - Philosopher’s Stone by Van Morrison. . Enjoyed thinking about these links, thanks for the competition. 😊 . . . #therailwayman #ericlomax #therevolutions #felixgilman #harrypotter #jkrowling #books #bookstagram #igreads #bookish #bookishcompetitions #booklover #bookworm
#hellodolly #thebookishbillboardhot100 📚🎶 "Hello Dolly This is miss Dolly It's so nice to have you back where you belong You're lookin' swell, Dolly I can tell, Dolly You're still glowin', you're still crowin', you're still goin' strong • I feel the room swayin' While the band's playin' One of our old favorite songs from way back when So, take her wrap fellas Find her an empty lap, fellas Dolly, never go away again • I feel the room swayin' While the band's playin' One of our old favorite songs from way back when So, golly gee, fellas Have a little faith in me, fellas Dolly, never go away Promise, you'll never go away Dolly, never go away again" 🎶 The 1969 musical film "Hello, Dolly!" was a favourite in our house when I was growing up. I watched it over & over again, and looking back although many of the more grown-up themes about relationships escaped me, I enjoyed the music, the fast moving plot, and the sassiness of Dolly Levi played by Barbra Streisand! And of course there was the appeal of Michael Crawford who was playing the sweet & endearing Cornelius Hackl (but who I also knew as Frank Spencer in the brilliant sitcom "Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em") 🎶 I've only just discovered whilst writing this post that the film was directed by the legendary Gene Kelly. And the original musical was based on 'The Merchant of Yonkers', a play by Thornton Wilder. I love the idea that Susan Hill's ghostly tale "Dolly" has led me to a favourite childhood film and to also learning something new! 🤓
Fab book cover for @amy.bethel ’s book challenge -match a book to a song,artist or band .So here’s Doctor in Clover-a Dr Feelgood... #bookchallenge #booksofinstagram #books #bookstagram #vintagebooks #doctorbooks #richardgordon #bookcovers #illustration #illustrationart #thebookishbillboardhot100 #reading #vintagebookcover
Good morning, it’s that time of the week once more... the #crazypeople (me) have been for a #swimrise . Because that is the logical thing to do when there has been a raging #thunderstorm . All that latent power- I’m feeling charged (and if I wasn’t I am now). I thought this might also be a good time to introduce #ThePower into the proceedings, by @naomi_alderman as my entrant into @amy.bethel ’s #thebookishbillboardhot100 because #ThePower by #Snap because I might attack and you don’t want that 🎶. Thankfully the legendary Tony, our swim teacher (scroll through) wasn’t in the water when I went in. You wouldn’t want that on your hands. As ever, advocating this magical place @sandfordparkslido - because nothing wakes you up like a bolt of lightning to the water! #becomingahabit #bookstagram #booksarelife #bookworm #booksandswimming #swimming #swimread #booksarecool #dontsplashmybooks #guardianbooks #ourbookishadventures
#thebookishbillboardhot100 #youresovain #carlysimon 🎶📚🖼🎨 "You walked into the party Like you were walking on a yacht Your hat strategically dipped below one eye Your scarf, it was apricot You had one eye on the mirror And watched yourself gavotte And all the girls dreamed that they'd be your partner They'd be your partner, and... • You're so vain You probably think this song is about you You're so vain, I'll bet you think this song is about you Don't you? Don't you?" 😎 Have you entered my musical-bookish competition yet?? To take part just post a bookish photo which depicts a song, group, artist or other musical link, and make sure to tag me and #thebookishbillboardhot100 😉 And if you like the look of these vintage editions of Oscar Wilde's 'The Picture of Dorian Gray' they are both available for sale on my Pigeon Post website (see link in profile). The Airmont edition is available as a "Fledgling" and the rather striking Signet edition on the right is available as a "Bird in the Hand". [Edited - Signet edition now sold] 🐦📚
The Spice Girls. #thebookishbillboardhot100 🌶 Three cookery books by women illustrate this all-female group from the 1990s for the competition organised by @amy.bethel. I’m on a roll now and can’t stop thinking of bookish photos with a musical link! Have you entered yet? 🌶 P.S. I may have raided the impressive cookbook shelf of @bethfrombristol for this photo! Congratulations on your feature in @theipaper today, Beth! 🌶 #thespicegirls #thetamarindtree #thesaffrontales #summersunderthetamarindtree #oliveslemonsandzaatar #sumayyausmani #rawiabishara #yasminkhan #cookerybooks #recipebooks #bookstack #booksofig #igbooks #booksandmusic #cookbooks #cookbookaddict #cookbooksofinstagram #bookcollector #bookspines #beautifulbooks #bibliophile
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