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It’s finally time for a hot bath and all the pampering I can fit onto one body. The last few days have been a bit of a right off but I’ve been extra productive today to make up for it. All the breakfast and lunches are made and ready to go, the flat is clean as a whistle and I’ve got fresh bedding ready for when I jump out the bath and settle down for an early night. I’m planning on smothering my face in this glorious little mask from @beautykitchen which is another favourite I received in the last @triyituk campaign. Just slather all over, leave on overnight and in the morning your skin is hydrated, dewy and absolutely glowing. What more could ya want? ⭐️
Black Friday is just around the corner! Anyone else fill their carts waiting for the deals hoping that you can get the stuff that you've wanted for a while? Where do you all think the sales will be?💓
Being a blogger can often mean you need a particular skill set on top of writing. 💭On a day to day basis, I take on the role of writer, social media manager, graphic designer, and of course photographer. From a very young age I’ve always enjoyed photography. I remember asking for a Fujifilm digital camera for Christmas when I was around eleven years old and I would take some of the most random pictures of friends and family.🎄✨ I loved the idea of being able to capture a moment in one picture. To this day I still love being able to snap a special memory but I’ve drifted more towards creative photography. 📸 What’s your favourite prop to use for flatlay photography?
Happiest when: with people that make my soul happy and face crease with laughter, a glass of something cold, made of grapes in hand and with nibbles at the ready (preferentially some sort of cheeseboard!) pretty much my ideal way of spending time! Me and @theemasphere stumbled across @petitcafeducoin whilst I was visiting her in Liverpool. We went to have a quick afternoon drink and maybe a photo or two. Hours, 4 glasses, a cheeseboard, olives and many, many photos later, we emerged. We agreed it was the perfect slice of a Parisian cafe out of France. Already wanting to head back to Liverpool, purely for this spot! It’s the personalities that run places like this which make them so rememberable! #StylePetalTravels
Cable knits and hats that make me feel like I’m straight out of Oliver Twist. Please sir, can I have some more clothes!? Cause I’m poor and can’t afford any this month 😭 Really trying to restrain myself on the clothes buying front but with Black Friday weekend coming I think my willpower is going to crumble 😂🙈 Hands in the air if you plan on smashing some sales this weekend 🙋🏻‍♀️
So lucky to have been invited to the launch night of The Greatest Snowman tonight with @funicularproductions and I got to bring my bestie @parissylvia ❤️ Cannot wait to feel magical and all festive on the ultimate train ride. Tickets are available to buy now on @designmynight 🎄💚
🌿ATTENTION FELLOW VEGANS (AND VEGETARIANS)! If you're looking for where you can buy some vegan sweets (that deliver nationwide), I recommend @theconsciouscandycompany ! 🍭🍬 They offer over 30 variations of sweets suitable for both vegans and vegetarians, including fizzy/sour gelatine-free gummy sweets 😍 I've written more about the perks of this company in my latest blog post. The link is in my bio! [NOT GIFTED OR SPONSORED] 🌿 . . . . . #vegansweets #fashionblogger #fblogger #discoverunder500 #lblogger #lbloggers #lookbook #thecaptionclub #bloggerstribe #fashionlovers #thegirlgang #discoverunder1k #lifestyleblogger #lifestylebloggers #seeingthepretty #insearchofjoy #discoverunder2k #postitfortheaesthetic #fashionistas #bloglovin #fbloggers #ukblogger #lifestyleblog #blogginglife #thisisdarling #calledtobecreative #blogginggals #newblog #bloggersofig #bloggingbabes
Jo Malone Perfection, this scent is incredible. Also I’m so ready to launch my Christmas Theme. It’s happening soon, I’m just so ready to switch it up for SANTA 🎅🏼 anyone else excited? 💪🏻😂 #makeupblog #bbloggerUK #britishbeautyblogger #BeautyBloggerUK #BeautyBlog #thegirlgang #shinyhappybloggers #BeautyBloggerUK #theblogpack #thecaptionclub #theblogtribe
The best recipe for a cosy Tuesday evening at home 🏡🥰 I’m feeling all kinds of tired at the minute, no amount of sleep seems to be enough! So I’ll be crawling into bed soon with a good book (courtesy of @inthefrow , and it really is SO good) and a few sprays of @thisworksofficial pillow spray to get me off into a deep sleep 😴
me, wondering where all my money went 🤷🏻‍♀️ 📸: @devinlintao ☆ ☆ ☆ i’m so happy i got to go to @colorfactoryco a second time — it was just as fun as the first!! i’ve got lots of #color and #content in my life and i’m ready to start sharing that with you guys! i’m setting my sights on mickey: the true original — i’ll have enough content for like a solid month 😍
AD | Want a conditioner that actually works miracles on your hair? My hair transformation since using the @pantene 3 Minute Miracle Repair and Protect Conditioner is crazy. My time between washes used to take a massive toll on my hair but my hair now stays softer, hydrated and smooth for longer. My hair transformation makes me feel more confident in myself, ready for whatever life has to throw at me that day. The power of good hair, it really can change your life 🙌🏻 Pantene have conditioners for all hair types so don’t wait, go check them out and have your hair transformed ❤️ #ad #PanteneGreatHairDay #HairMatters
My favorite types of sessions are the ones that show WHO a family is more than just WHAT they look like. Each year for my brother's family photos, we incorporate something that tells a little bit about them and their life. This year was the cattle. Feeding and raising cattle is a HUGE part of my brother's life & he and his wife are teaching their kids what hard work, dedication & running your own business look like by raising/feeding out calves. So next time you schedule a session, think about the location and what a you want to include. Help the photos tell a little more of a story by picking a sentimental location or including your businesses or pets. 🐂
I can’t believe my little blog has turned one! I’m so grateful for all the wonderful experiences and events but most importantly, all the people I’ve met and become friends with. I’m so glad that I finally took the jump and started my blog, I couldn’t be happier with it and everything that’s come from it. Feeling grateful for all the support from everyone as well ❤️
The start to yesterday was shite to say the least. Buttttt, you have to pick yourself up and dust yourself off! ✨ All my energy this week is focused on killing my workload, expanding in my blog and celebrating my birthday ( at the end of the week! ) Can’t believe we are onto hump day already tomorrow!
There comes a point in everyone's life when you have to say goodbye to someone and just let them go. Sometimes we tend to hold onto relationships because it's what we are comfortable with and use to. You need to be able to realise who is good in your life, if they bring you negatively cut them out. I know it's easy to say but it does take strength to do this, you need to start taking charge of your life. Stay away from people who make you feel like you are hard to love. #caitlinnngolder
One Step at a Time ~ This is something I have found myself repeating a lot lately. Whether it’s worrying about the future and whether we will ever be able to move or wondering when my toddler will stop having a tantrum over the tiniest of things. Worrying myself about when F should start nursery and whether I am doing a good enough job at helping him to learn so far. All of those things seem like huge, huge worries but breaking things down makes everything much more manageable. So for now, I’m trying to take each of those things one step at a time. I’ve found motherhood in general has made me much better at that. Do you also feel this way? This is also my entry for today’s #bebhashtagchallenge by the lovely @blearyeyedbaker . #littlesnippetsofus #realityofmotherhood #storytellingmama #autumnevenings #habitandhome #our_everyday_moments #lightedlight #chasethelight #quietmoments #mymamahood #thecaptionclub #parenthood_unveiled #kindredmoments #acupofmotherhood #mynameismama #dailyparenting #momentsthatmatter #motherhoodintheraw #heaventhrumylens #memoirsofmotherhood #myhonestmotherhood #myquietbeauty #littlebitsof_life
Went on a trip down memory lane today around some of my favourite spots on the north Cornish coast. It was one of those beautiful, cold but bright winter days and oh-so peaceful. All the nostalgic, warm fuzzies for me, especially filling my wellies with water and drinking hot chocolate on Polzeath beach. Where’s your happy place? ❤️
I don’t know why but these poses feel very @petiteelliee inspired💁🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ Finally started some christmas shopping today AND I signed up with a personal trainer! I am so excited to make these positive life changes and share my journey! • 💭Are you a gym goer? What are you fave ways to exercise?💪🏻 #theoutfitscrapbook #dollsofallcolours #thefashionforce #anotheroutfitpost
Safe to say I wasn't fully prepared for how cold it was today. I had so many layers on, I needed a large cup of coffee to warm up - I mean I'm pretty sure my toes were frozen. ➽ I had a wander around the Christmas markets, bought some more @spectrumcollections brushes because they were too gorgeous not to snap them up at 3 for 2 in Boots & spent a bit of time with my in laws. ➽ How's your Tuesday been? #thecaptionclub #chattycaptioncommunity
Letting my solar plexus shine brighter than my necklace. 🌼🌞✨ . Today, tomorrow and forever. . To anyone reading this don’t you ever let anyone dim your light. BE EXTRA! BE HONEST! BE YOU! . 📸: @ramiamotorsport . . #copaceticbeings #copa
Does this make you want to eat your screen? It makes me want to go back to all the markets and spend stupid amounts of money on chocolate 🍩🍪🍫 I need it after today. Why is the first day back at work after a fab weekend also the one that is incredibly long and stressy? 😂 I'm already in my PJs and dressing gown 👵
New post live on the blog all about how to style leopard print and avoid looking like Kat Slater. In other news I need to go into hibernation for rest of this week I’m in the wars and having zero luck with technology. Second iPhone of the week and this one has issues. #thecaptionclub
In the summer I like to complain about the heat, in the winter I like to complain about the cold 🌊❄ . . . . #myunicornlife #thehappynow #mydomainetravels #bloglovin #inspocafe #dametraveler #darlingescapes
Partial to getting lost in the woods .. 🍁🍂
These are the first products I've tried from @evolvebeautyuk and they smell amazing 😍. I've been really impressed with them and I'm looking forward to trying some more bits! I included these in my Christmas Gift Guide - link in bio lovelies 😊 #gifted
The Christmas Coundown is On! ✨💫 Have you got your Advent Calendar sorted yet? I have been sent this really amazing Advent Tower from @yankeecandleeu that I thought I’d give you guys a little sneak peek at! It is really generously filled with 24 days of goodies from small jar candles, tea lights, votive candles & holder, wax melts, a wick trimmer and more... 🎁 All in their gorgeous festive scents! Right now if you spend £75 or more online or in a Yankee Candle store you will receive this Advent Tower (worth £75) for FREE! What a fabulous offer!!🎄 #yankeecandle
Never let bad situations or a rainy day (even the actually falling from the sky rainy days) dictate your mood, and how you spend your day. It’s been so grey cold and miserable here yet I didn’t want that to stop Arthur and I from having fun and doing what we love, being outside. So we wrapped up warm and took a trip to the park. Does anyone else child get cabin fever if they’re in doors all day? Arthur defiantly does. Since Arthur’s been sofa surfing, crawling and climbing all over the place His socks just get ruined with our little park trips so his lovely Nanny brought him his first pair of shoes 💙😍 A new milestone. #familylife #mummybloggeruk #parklife
🎁 The first taste of Christmas 🎁 Wrapping the first few presents yesterday because I had an urge to get in the Christmassy spirit. I made a hot chocolate, put Home Alone on, and got my wrapping on. It was bliss!!! ✨ I really appreciate and enjoy gifts that I can use, and enjoy. I feel as I’m getting older, I’m so over the “stuff” that as a younger person would ask for over and over (circling the Argos catalogue). Candles, bath goodies, everyday accessories and books I feel are fail safes if you get stuck on what to get someone. I like to put tags on presents that I give to people explaining why I thought of them. ✨ Have you started Christmas shopping, or your wrapping? What’s your go to gift you know people enjoy receiving? ✨ Some items pictured have been gifted 💖 -Unicorn Dust- Boots - Maria Nila set - Sally Beauty - Cath Kidston - Giant Stocking - The Range
Sugar Plum Fairy 🍭 I can’t get over how vibrant and colourful Diagon Alley was (and even more magical with the festive decorations up!) 😍 I think Sugar Plum’s Sweet Shop had to be my favourite of the bunch, with the inside overflowing with all kinds of delicious looking chocolates and sweets 🤤 I was very tempted by a chocolate frog, of course! 🐸 P.S. Can you spot Tom in this photo? 🕵🏻‍♀️ Forever the best Instagram husband ever 📸 Thank you to @atdattractions for gifting me my @universalorlando ticket 💖 #atdhappy #missjordantravels
Waiting to step into mid week like....🕺🏽🕺🏽🕺🏽 - today has been a feel for the wintery months we have ahead, talk about bloody freezing❄️☃️ I just want to wear a skirt naked legged one more time?!🌈⭐️ #wereallunbalanced
The question that automatically elicits a negative answer is "What if.......?" ___ What if I don't make it? What if they will hate me? What if people won't show up? What if he leaves? What if I mess up? What if.....? ___ It's as though we've been programmed to automatically fill the blank with a fear statement that only breeds more fear. ___ What about a quick reprogram.... Flip it around. ___ Instead of imagining all that could go wrong, what if we began to see what is good, what can be good, what is already wonderful, beautiful. ___ What else is possible here in this place where we are finding ourselves? What good thing can we imagine? ___ What if ___________ (fill in the blank with good). . . . . . . . #womenentrepreneurs #bossladies #empowerwomen #inspirationquotes #inspirationalwomen #womanentrepreneur #darlingdaily #lifestylecoach #thecaptionclub #entrepreneurlife #entrepreneurmotivation #mumpreneur #entrepreneurialmindset #workflourish #entrepreneurial #risenshine #empowernetwork #empowered #workers #workstation #paceyourself #inspirationquotes #motivationalspeaker #motivationdaily #businesses #businesscoaching #inspirationoftheday #curateyourownfeed #motivationwords
I wanted to travel much more in 2018 than I’ve been able to, so seeing new places (both near and far) is one of my biggest goals for next year. Where would you recommend? ✈️
My curls say hello 👋 . . I was bullied a fair amount in secondary school because of my hair. I didn’t have a clue how to look after it and I felt really ashamed all of the time. It got so bad that until the age of 18, every time I heard someone laugh in public I used to get a jolt of anxiety because I thought they were laughing at my hair. So being able to truly love my hair, to enjoy it so much and spend time showing it off is unbelievably empowering. I feel like I’ve completely reclaimed something that used to be my biggest shame. Plus, not to be petty but I know that all the straight haired people who used to shout things at me, laugh at me, spit at me - they don’t get random strangers coming up to them all the time complimenting their hair, but I do 😏😉 I was bullied for being different and for struggling to handle that difference. But that difference made me who I am, and it’s turned into one of my favourite features! . . #curlyhairstyles #thecurlyclub #teamcurlybunch #curlygirl #curlyhairgoals #curlyhairgang #curlygirlmethod #teamcurly #curlyhairbeauties #selfielove #shinyhappybloggers #discoverunder1k #seeingthepretty #curlygirlsrock #curlinspiration #reallifeandstyle #thehappynow #sharethehappiness #selfloveclub #happyselves #beautygram #beautyofig #makeupfree #ambhappylife #curlyhaircommunity #thecaptionclub #prettylittleiiinspo #theuncoolclub
Another fave from my shoot with @sztechmanphotography 😍 I’ve been struck down with a stinking cold, not great when I’ve got plans to meet friends and head to the theatre this week (oh the joys with working with kids). But I’m taking lots of time to rest, hydrate and get myself better as soon as possible 👍🏼 anyone else just hate being ill?
With this post I declare: “ I AM NOT READY FOR THE WINTER ❄️ “ not either for the finale of GOT 🤬🤦🏼‍♀️
Where has the day gone?! ⭐️ Time for a spot of lunch and dinner prep 💗 Recipe for a scrum tea: throw all the veg you can find into a slow cooker with some mince, chopped tomatoes, red wine and kidney beans. Add some paprika, chilli flakes, Henderson’s relish and let the magic simmer away into a killer Chilli Con Carne 😍👊🏻 ps. Extra points if you have a home grown chilli AND left over gravy from last night to chuck in there too ✌🏻
Every day is the right day to buy the perfect gift. Remember this week ALL GIFTS are 50% OFF, so head to www.shopgiftingsuite.com and shop ‘til your heart’s content. And don’t worry about shipping...it’s always FREE! Just our little gift to you ☺️ #thesuitestgift
This has been a pretty spectacularly rubbish start to the week, but i’m muddling through with 80’s music, Brooklyn 99 in the evening and coffee as always ☕️ but hey at least central London was looking pretty and festive at the weekend ❄️ #christmasinlondon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #londonbylondoners #prettylittlelondon #theprettycities #festivelondon #mydarlinglondon #londonelegance #findingtheprettyinlondon #tuesdaythoughts #thisdelightfullife #honestcaptions #darlingdaily #petitejoys #happysquares #bloggerssparkle #lbloggersuk #suitcasetravels #travelerinlondon #thelocalwayfarer #bondstreet #londonblogger #thecaptionclub #chattycaptioncommunity #curateyourownfeed #happyselves #thelifestylecollective #shinyhappybloggers
There are times when I am going about my day, when suddenly time stops, for just a moment, and I am so painfully aware of my own existence: my hand wrapped around a mug of coffee, eyelids still a little heavy with sleep. My skin vibrates with unspent energy. For a few precious seconds I am so present and so beautifully alive, and nothing matters. I cease to be a person and become one more dot in this unbelievable, beautiful thing we call Universe... And then, as quickly as it came, the feeling leaves me and I turn again into a woman who has work meetings and doctor appointments, and other little tidbits that constitute a life. . . . . . . . . . . . #flashesofdelight #nothingisordinary #thatsdarling #momentsofmine #choosejoy #wildatheart #feelfreefeed #igerstampa #abeautifulmess #creativelifehappylife #discoverunder5k #myeverydaymagic #creativemind #discoverunder1k #bloggergirl #theeverygirl #thatauthenthicfeeling #livethelittlethings #latinagirl #thevisualvogue #gramkilla #distractionsandinspirations #tampablogger #thecaptionclub #lovelysquares
Can’t believe it was a month ago today that I was a bridesmaid for my sisters wedding! 😱 Today is also special because it’s my 1 year anniversary with my boyfriend! We’re going to get pizza express for dinner and see fantastic beasts tonight as a little celebration which I can’t wait for!! And then he has a big surprise celebration in December for when I’m back from uni ☺️ (📸: @zedo147 )
A gorgeous snapshot of Zürich from @thecommonwanderer. 😍✨ Did you know? Uni Baggage offers luggage delivery services to towns and cities all across Switzerland, so whether you’re visiting Zürich, Geneva, Basel or otherwise— you can ship your luggage ahead to your destination easily with Uni Baggage. 🌍
Despite my life being less ~chestnuts roasting on an open fire~ and more lighting a @officialbyredo (or @yankeecandle ) candle, I've woken up today feeling rather festive ❄ I don't know whether it's the super cold weather, flipping through the @tescofood magazine getting all kinds of excited for roast potatoes or simply because it's my favourite time of year but I 👏🏻 am 👏🏻 here for it 👏🏻 What's your favourite thing about the festive season?🎄🎅🏻
Things that are making me happy at the moment: this red and pink color combo, pasteis de natas, Outlander, porridge with almonds and brown sugar, pretty autumnal leaves, cozy jumpers, catching up with pals and mugs of hot chocolate with marshmallows on top! Sometimes it's the little things that mean the most!
Morning darlings.. brrr it's a bitter cold morning. Am really excited as today I am off upto London for some Christmas shopping. Can't decide whether to go to Selfridges or Harrods, will need a coffee first as i feeling rather tired have to say. Have a fab day..💛 . . #londonfashion #thecaptionclub #ukblogger #brightonblogger #wearetravelgirls #whowhatwear #imwearingri #prettylittlethings #londonbloggers #ukbloggers #discoverunder1k #bloggershare #streetstylelux #stylediary #trendsetters #fashionbloggers #ootdpost #mydailystyle #abmlifeiscolourful #discoverunder100k #blogginggals #womenwithstyle #ootdshare #newblogpost #anotheroutfitpost #thestreetograph #newblogger @boohoo
I’ve been trying to find something nice to write here all morning but I have nothing 👀 so here’s a picture of me and my favourite boots which I’m happy I’m not wearing today as they’d get ruined 🌧👀
The biggest problem we had with buying a new build is the desperate lack of storage. Despite the brand new fitted kitchen we had so much stuff out on the counters and I hate clutter. So we bought this amazing freestanding pantry in the @cotswoldco sale and I ❤️ it. * For day 20 of #myhousethismonth CUPBOARD LOVE * * #decorinspiration #mycosyhome #cornerofmyhome #mystyleddecor #mystylishspace #nontoxicliving #chemicalfreehome #styleithappy #kitcheninspo #kitchendecor #myhouseandhome #myhappyplace #mylifeinsquares #thesehappysquares #homedecordaily #sustainablehome #dontquityourdaydream #glutenfree #whatveganseat #thecaptionclub #thatsdarling
I’ve definitely reached the point in the year where I would rather be hibernating.
guess who dyed their hair a few weeks ago but posts their face so rarely around these parts that you guys haven’t seen it yet... yep it’s me🙋🏻‍♀️ . . . . . #sotonbloggers #bmthbloggers #lbloggers #bbloggers #bloggershare #instagrambloggers #thecaptionclub #lifeinsporeposts #busybarelyadulting #curateyourownfeed #reallifeandstyle #theblogpack #blogginggals #blogandbeyond #discoverunder5k #discoverunder10k #selfie #brunette #discoverunder100k #lifestyle #
I've been quiet on Instagram for a while. Sometimes life just happens. And throw studying, treatment and sick days into the mix, and before you know it a few months have passed. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• But I'm back now. And hopefully the algorithm won't punish me too much. I also discovered a new preset pack I love. So there's that for a little inspiration too. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #naturephotography #rain #southafricanblogger #rainisgoodforthesoul #pluviophile #petermckinnonpresets #pmpresets2018 #lightroompreset #raindrops #sablogger #southafricathroughmyeyes #southafrica #johannesburg #fromwhereistand #myview #bedroomwithaview #thecaptionclub #sablogging #theblueeyedbelle
Is it just me that recycles old photos when you haven’t got anything else to post? 🙈 ~ I might not post everyday on Instagram or even every week sometimes but to be able to do that I need to have photos to post and have photos to post, I need to take photos. ~ I have a part time job, I do a PGCE once a week and suffer from ME/CFS. I am guilty of constantly setting unrealistic goals for myself then beating myself up when I can’t do it. ~ Just a little reminder that if you can’t keep up with posting every day on Instagram or posting regularly on your blog, it’s ok. Nothing will change, your loyal followers will still be there when you get back 💛 ~ Also a huge thank you to all of my lovely, supportive followers, a lot of whom I now consider friends who always like, comment and read my posts - I couldn’t do it without you 🥰 ~ #bloggingbed #beechat #lbloggersuk #grlpwr #bloggerlife #bloggingcommunity #blogginggals #chronicillnesswarrior #MECFS #mychroniclife #butyoudontlooksick #thecaptionclub #honestcaptions
Smiling because it’s the OFFICIAL @elsieandfred Black Friday Sale hunniessss!!! So so happy to be able to offer you lovely lot 35% off some of the fabulous items which are all linked in the secret link in my BIO including this Carrie dress with the code - BLACKFRIDAYEVIE - Get in before it all goes my lovely girlies ⚡️⚡️⚡️
So, this is it! The next part of the journey. My new website is now up and ready for you to see - it's where you'll find all of my coaching packages, as well as value-packed blog posts and all the podcast episodes for Blog It Boss It Radio. . This has been a long time coming and I couldn't thank @kayleighnoele enough for creating a website that encapsulates everything ABOH is all about and puts you at the heart of it. I can't wait for you to see what 2019 has in store, you're gonna' boss it so much! Thank you for your support as ever 💚 Link in my bio. . P.S It also would've been my Grandad's birthday today so there was no better time to launch this. They always watch over you 🌟
Why does the fact that I’m sitting on a bench table make me feel very very edgy? But I’ll tell you what isn’t edgy the numb bum I had for about 30 minutes after because it was so bloody cold! 🤦🏻‍♀️ Whole outfit is from @primark
Why is writing a caption so hard?! I just sat here for around 20 minutes staring at this photo for some inspiration and honestly, I didn’t come up with anything. 🤷🏻‍♀️ - You can instantly shop my looks by following me on the LIKEtoKNOW.it app @liketoknow.it http://liketk.it/2ylS4 #liketkit #LTKeurope #LTKunder50
The leaves have pretty much all fallen now and the temperature has dived which means it’s time to upgrade to the winter coat and whip out the infamous Cossack hat! . . Haven’t gassed on about how much I loved Bohemian Rhapsody on the grid yet so allow me to do so...WHAT A FILM. I wanted to watch it again immediately after it finished, which is the sure sign I really truly loved a movie. @teganbeechey summed it up well when she said she had so many words about it therefore she had no words. I just loved every second of it. I laughed, I cried, I mouthed along to every song, there was surprise Tom Hollander which is among my favourite of surprises and everyone clapped at the end. Whilst it’s very much a Queen biopic rather than Freddie biopic, Rami Malek *transformed* into Mercury. And, banger after banger - that goes without saying. I may even go again this weekend... Have you seen it yet?
Mood: wanting about 50 hot chocolates with marshmallows😋☕️ #wereallunbalanced #creativegalgang
Wake up every day and tell yourself that you’re a badass and that you deserve the world - and then go out and get it. 👏🏼🌎 wearing @newlook #thisisnewlook
And just like that. Christmas is upon us 🎄 I say us, when in fact I mean I’ve been watching Christmas films and listening to my Christmas playlist for at least a month now🎅🏼 but I can now come out of hiding and embrace the festivities out in the open! However the real debate: what’re the best Christmas songs? Mine are ‘I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday’ - Wizzard, ‘Merry Xmas Everybody’ - Slade and ‘Spaceman Came Travelling’ Chris de Burgh (which no one else seems to love like I do 🙊) ▪️boilersuit @newlook #ThisIsNewLook #midsizestyle #stylenovice
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