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SUMMER BREAK // Dear Conscious Community, this is the time of year when we take our traditional summer break to rest, reset and gear up for the fall/winter season, as well as, create space for dedicated planning on our next print edition. To keep the creativity going and story building, we value taking time to reflect on what we’ve done over the past year, think about we want the next few months to look like and how we want to serve through media. We love engaging this community on a daily basis, sharing stories that shine a spotlight on what matters while being a source of knowledge in the area of global initiatives and being a support for social entrepreneurs. - We wish you a fantastic end to your summer filled with lots of idea building, relaxing, planning or whatever you’re up to! Please don’t hesitate to continue submitting your stories and ideas through our submissions portal. We will read them over the next few weeks while doing tons of other behind the scenes work. Happy Summer! –Team C.
It’s been two months since Italy and three since Nashville. Next up is a relaxing Labor Day weekend at the beach for @baileydhowell09 ’s Bach trip 🙌🏻 Where’s your next adventure taking you?
There was lots of dreaming along this drive.
Take me back.
I could go for a nashville trip right about now
We were created to do (and see and feel) amazing things—being all in is what gets you there. - Photo: @chorizo0408
My family was making fun of me when I had my sister take a photo of me but summer in San Francisco requires a leather jacket
Summer soon will be fleeting ☀️
Here's a #bossbabe for your Monday. If y'all don't know @juliaminucci18 then you're missing out. Ya girl is living the dream working out in TX for the one and only @magnolia 😍 Loved taking her headshots for @vindagua last Fall! #headshots #professionalheadshots #professionalwomen
FYI, all those influencers you follow that have pretty pics of just them in front of famous landmarks, yeah they take those at 6 AM while everyone else is still asleep. In all honesty, this was my favorite time to wander around all of the Italian cities. There were usually a handful of locals out and about and you could imagine what life would be like in a tourist free world.
Dang, Nashville. Your places continue to amaze me. New living room goals. 🌵
Sights like this, where the sunset leaves its gentle print on a cloud only for a few moments of the day, creates one of the best views.
Blonde bb nephew 💫
She is Biandi and I am Rosa. We gave each other cowgirl names at the NY airport. When I met this pretty horse, I named her Unicorn. Happy summer weekend! - Photo: @robeeeen
Kinda sorta ready for fall but mostly not.
Last year we had the pleasure of working with @danielle_harris_photography on our first vineyard wedding. Tomorrow, we get to do it all over again for Kayla and Joe! So excited to be working with a wonderful vendor team this weekend! ✨🥂 📷: @danielle_harris_photography #taranicoleweddings #weddingday #risingtidesociety #communityovercompetition #tilinsiders #theinstagramlab #indianapolisweddingplanner
Thanks for coming! We can’t wait either! | Repost from @allybfraz using @RepostRegramApp - I was *extremely* impressed with the @levinemuseum 's YP mixer hosted by @eatworkplayclt at @qcsocial last night. Keep your eyes on this group, I see monumental things in their future and it's definitely not just a dream. Can't wait to learn more about their organization and their vision at the 007 Gala September 8! (Yes, you can still get tickets too💚) #ewpclt . . . . . . #charlottenc #charlottesgotalot #exploreclt #socality #visualgang #thatcolorproject #collectivelycreate #communityovercompetition #thedailyfeature #youbelong #finditliveit #kinfolk #seekinspirecreate #theweekoninstagram #seemycity #darlingdaily #fromwhereistand #modernoutdoors #thecoolmagazine #hypekillsmag #postthepeople #theprettycities #urbangathering #killeverygram #thecreatedcommunity #diversityandinclusion
Made it to Friday 💃
I was *extremely* impressed with the @levinemuseum 's YP mixer hosted by @eatworkplayclt at @qcsocial last night. Keep your eyes on this group, I see monumental things in their future and it's definitely not just a dream. Can't wait to learn more about their organization and their vision at the 007 Gala September 8! (Yes, you can still get tickets too💚) #ewpclt . . . . . . #charlottenc #charlottesgotalot #exploreclt #socality #visualgang #thatcolorproject #collectivelycreate #communityovercompetition #thedailyfeature #youbelong #finditliveit #kinfolk #seekinspirecreate #theweekoninstagram #seemycity #darlingdaily #fromwhereistand #modernoutdoors #thecoolmagazine #hypekillsmag #postthepeople #theprettycities #urbangathering #killeverygram #thecreatedcommunity #diversityandinclusion
New sights and experiences are around each bend. I was asked what was my favorite part of the trip—it was these long drives enjoying the mountain views.
We are in full #prepmode for our wedding this weekend and the colors are blush and dusty mauve 💕 Makes my heart so happy and takes me back to these gorgeous florals by @oldforestfarm for sweet @winniey_88 last year!! 💗💗 📷: @stacyablephotography #taranicoleweddings #risingtidesociety #communityovercompetition #theinstagramlab #tilinsiders #beawesometoday #lifeofaweddingplanner
Morning walks 🚶‍♀️
Sneakers makes me the luckiest dog aunt in existence 💛
⚠️In progress. Basically the ongoing status of our home. We live in a rental, which makes it extremely hard for us to settle in. Both Ryan and I want to paint walls, tear up flower beds, take down patios and build pieces of furniture. I rearrange rooms weekly. This is the current state of our second guest bedroom. Who knows how long it will stay like this 🤷🏻‍♀️
Oh ya know just my sister making these Mississippi backroads look like a freaking dream // @lindsayduncanphoto
Finally made it to @cafereveille
Life is not about running away from the lesser things but about running towards the greater things. - Came across this lake in Banff on our way to Moraine Lake, which I don't have a name for, but it was a pretty majestic spot in this corner of the universe. - Photo: @chorizo0408
There is so much more to this business than styling pretty photos like this gorgeous one from a fun Spring project!!! A day full of meetings, prep for this weekend's wedding, a lunch date with a sweet May 2018 #taranicolebride followed with meeting a new sweet calligraphy friend and then finished with an online business strategy call has me feeling so accomplished today!! I even wrapped up in time to grab the girls from daycare and we all did dinner together! I also cleared out my email!! I had to write all this down so I would have a reminder that actually happened in busy season - LOL 😂 📷: @christahitchcockphoto #taranicoleweddings #risingtidesociety #communityovercompetition #theinstagramlab #tilinsiders #beawesometoday #lifeofaweddingplanner
I've been thinking about this lately and I can't figure myself out. Don't know if I like mornings or nights better and when I'm more productive. Anyone else confused by their own habits? Or do you just absolutely know you are an early riser and there's nothing you can do to fight it? Tell me about it!
That feeling when you crush a 7am workout two days in a row. S/o to my beast of a trainer @bodybyhannah 📸 @theaaronsawyer #bbh #bbhfit
This is a beautiful way to say good evening.
It has been one month since I have posted to social media. And even though I am in the middle of busy season, that is not the reason I haven't been on here. In the midst of all the busy, I just craved peace and quiet. I just wanted to take in the summer and relax and social media was too loud and distracting. I took some time to reflect on life, my business, and think about what we really want to do with our future. We made some plans for the kids, plans for our home, and plans to travel and make memories together. This photo from @rhiannonbosse is a beautiful reminder to me to really stop and live in the moment with each day. 📷: @rhiannonbosse #taranicoleweddings #risingtidesociety #communityovercompetition #tilinsiders #theinstagramlab #mondaymotivation #makewavesmonday
From the pages of Issue 06, the Mental Health Edition // In our society, there seems to be a lot of shame around asking for help when you’re struggling with depression, addiction, eating disorders, and substance abuse. There also seems to be a misconception that you are “weak” if you struggle with a mental illness or substance abuse. - Those of us who have claimed these victories need to create the space for others to talk openly about these issues so that they can seek the help and support they may need. For this article, Conscious and Whatever It Takes collaborated to facilitate a conversation surrounding mental health by addressing how teens are perceiving, thinking and asking questions about mental illnesses. This will make a great read as we're a month away from school starting again. - Discover more. Grab your copy of CM06 in print or in digital via the Conscious Shop (www.consciousshop.co). Be inspired! #consciousculture
Her children shall rise up and call her blessed 💕 @jodirandazzo
Spent the weekend rearranging the house, deep cleaning the closets and dreaming of fall. 🍂
Everything you want is a dream away... This was one of the first lakes we visited after camping called Lake Louise. This spot was absolutely dreamy with its blue hues framed by soaring mountain peaks. - Photo: @chorizo0408
Mountain vibes.
Found a unicorn in Honeymoon Valley. - Photo: @robeeeen Thanks girl for this gooder!
Let your dreams stay big and your worries stay small. #consciousdaily
From horseback riding on backcountry hills and camping in the wilderness to exploring glacial lakes and having good times in Banff, and all the adventurous details in between, my summer trip to the Canadian Rockies was amazing. Looking forward to sharing what I captured during my time there. :)
LIFE + WORK // 5 Ways to Manage Stress at Any Time - It does not matter if you do administration for a social enterprise or are a CEO and President of it all, work and purpose can often consume us. Because we can be so passionate about the cause, things can weigh heavily on our shoulders at times. We can get so involved that we lose perspective. We can become obsessed with details. All of these can halt progress, which causes more stress. We have a few favorite ways to keep that stress at bay and push forward with our goals! Read “5 Ways to Manage Stress At Any Time” on consciousmagazine.co - Written by Stephanie Robinson (@stepharoo495 ) Photo by Crystal Sing (@crystalmariesing )
Was thinking maybe putting on a dress would make the sun come out today. I’m a little over San Francisco weather right now, I need heat!
We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us. #consciousdaily
apparently the “fill line” was just a suggestion—we helped break the Guinness world record for most beer cans opened at the same time in the same place this weekend, so that’s cool #nashvilleisfun #ilikeithere 🍻🍺
loving this local spot 🌹
don't forget to play
espresso yourself ☕️
A flower doesn’t bloom year-round, and neither do you. If you’re in a season of bloom, soak it up! If you’re in a season of growth, just remember your bloom is coming. 🌼
Friends! Make sure to tune in to the @syncedculture live stream today at 10:00 PST for #womencrushingitwednesday photo // @lindsayduncanphoto #syncedculture #thingsadored
new fav weekend activity: walking through a vineyard full of grapes while drinking wine... 🍇🍷 I have a feeling we’re gonna be regulars here 😆
how much whine would a wine drinker whine if a wine drinker couldn’t drink wine?🍷
there comes a time in life when you just have to throw on a panda onesie and dance with kids 😂🐼🐼🕺💃👳🏾 📸 @iamcalebhart @camerondare
LIFE // Why Having A Vision Is The Most Important Aspect Of Your Life. - "Why are we here?" is probably the biggest question of all, which is why having a vision for our life is important when realizing what we want. Vision helps us when we decide our friends, how we spend our time, as well as influences and our habits. Read more on consciousmagazine.co. #consciousculture - Written by Tony Logan (@tonythrifts ) Photo by Phong Nguyen
Success is not counted by how high you have climbed but by how many people you brought with you. #consciousdaily
Surround yourself with people who illuminate your path #consciousdaily
Traveling and getting work done at the same time ain't no joke and I am terrible at it. Heading to #Chicago this morning! Who has tips and tricks to share?? #travelingphotographer #airportoffice
Sunday Funday
I don’t know any woman who is excited to throw on a swimsuit but you know what? Women’s bodies are badass and they can do so much, so let’s celebrate them 🎉👏🏻 📸@shespeakssouth
Summer, slitches. 💛
Some words to live by to display in your home 🖤 N E W by @allisonmariedesign
Hope you all are having an inspiring and restful weekend! 💙
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