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morning routine brought to you by @beautycounter (and lots of coffee) 😍
This is still my favorite photo of us. 6 years ago on a VERY cold Friday evening, I married this man with all of our favorite people by our side! 6 years, 2 kids and now 2 houses! I could not have asked for a better anniversary gift than to find our forever home with my forever love!! 💗 Thank you Jimmy for always supporting my crazy dreams, being an amazing father to our girls, and a great husband!! Your hard work and dedication to our family do not go unnoticed. AND... Huge bonus points that you are always willing to help with my home renovation ideas too! 😘 📷: @jessicastricklandphotography #taranicoleweddings #risingtidesociety #communityovercompetition #tilinsiders #theinstagramlab #celebratewhatmatters #familytime #happyanniversary #6years
Take your dreams seriously. #conciousdaily
SPIRIT DAY // Today we stand with millions against bullying. - Spirit Day, created by GLAAD, encourages wearing purple to show the LGBTQ community—our family, friends, and neighbors, they are loved. - As we embrace this message, we understand that today’s teens, especially, fall victim of bullying. We want to start the conversation on how to love, strengthen and empower today’s youth and know what to say to someone who is bullied. We encourage you to wear your purple and read “How to Empower Teens Who Are Being Bullied” on consciousmagazine.co. Our youth's future matter. #consciousculture
Bergamot pumping in the diffuser giving me all the gummy bear/jelly bean vibes!🍡 (Anyone else think Bergamot smells like candy? 🍬🍭)
I didn’t choose to live in this time in history—but what do I do with it? #consciousdaily
What should Damon be for Halloween? 🖤 His fav option right now is a vampurrrrrrr 😸🧛🏿‍♂️
ARTISTS IN CONSCIOUS MAGAZINE // In Issue 04, we introduced The Art Space featuring Wunderkid artists. - Wunderkid (@wunderkidart ) is an organization determined to confront the problem of being a young artist on the brink of abandoning their dreams due to financial burdens. "Supporting young artists in a financial capacity during the earliest stages of their career will give them the necessary support and encouragement to stick with their craft" says Denise Troy, Founder of Wunderkid. - Check out all of the artists and learn more about Wunderkid in editions 04, 05 and 06. Pick up your copy in print or digital from the Conscious Shop (www.consciousshop.co) - Art by Sienna Brown.
A couple of days ago, I snatched a PB&J off Mom’s plate, and last week I ate Dad’s last piece of Pita 😏 Stealing human food means big trouble, but desperate times call for desperate measures. #alwayshungry #feedme
You just can’t beat the person who never gives up. ;) #consciousdaily
LIFE // Change your thinking, and you’ll change your world...one thought at a time. - The way we think is stronger than we realize. It holds power to create or destroy. And, many times, we become acceptors of negative thinking, which leads to mental turmoil and even actual, physical ramifications. So, how do we stop this? - The article "Change Your Thinking – Change Your Life" goes into depth on this topic than we can capture here. We encourage you to keep reading for a new or a fresh perspective. Read more on consciousmagazine.co #consciousculture - Written by Kara J Jones, Founder of The Purpose Company (@thepurposecompany ) Photo by Kimmie Harper (@kimmie_harper )
This thing called life and those things to pursue...goodness, kindness, adventure, dreams, joy, courage, and love.
always finding the best brunch spots with @hales_kate ☕️♥️
Every time I thought I was being rejected from something good, I was actually being re-directed to something better. #consciousdaily
We aren't going to wait for good news. We are going to go out and create it. - Issue 04, our Powerful Voices edition, was created to inspire others to carry out their voices with us, and as one unit, to create swift change. If you want a better world, then BELIEVE your voice has the power to reach the four corners of the earth. - Through these pages, we hope our readers would be encouraged, motivated and inspired to give a second thought to not only what you read, but what you say and certainly, how you say it. Contrary to the children’s fable that words may never hurt us, words are the sword and the shield, the uplifter, truth-giver, and freedom fighter. Sometimes our power lies in not how loud we say something, but rather the intention behind it. - Pick up your copy of Issue 04: Powerful Voices edition in print or digital from the Conscious Shop. (www.consciousshop.co) #consciousculture
Mugs make the coziest gifts and I will only have 20 of them for this holiday season. Find them at @refreshmarket and our open studio party to follow December 13th. If you can’t make either of these events and are wanting a mug (or something else), feel free to reach out! . . . . #gifting #christmas #mugs #ceramic #ceramics #pottery #glazing #thesearch #homeware #functionware #artstudio #design #art #artoftheday #create #createdaily #studiospace #studioscene #colorventures #handmade #thecreatedcommunity #create #createcommune
Mirror selfie because 1) it’s 55 degrees outside 🧣 2) I got the softest, most comfortable black tee in the mail yesterday from @carlyjeanlosangeles 🕶 3) we are headed somewhere fun this evening ✈️ 4) it’s my favorite day of the week 🗓
Peace of mind is priceless. Summer Sunset.
dying over these jars from @yankeecandle ’s Halloween scents! this one is called Sweet Seduction 🍬
We’re in full production mode at our studio from now until Christmas. If you’re looking for gifts, contact me directly for specific orders, otherwise come visit at @refreshmarket November 16/17 or come to our Christmas Open Studio December 13th (further details to come) to find gifts, objects, and seconds! . . . . #christmasgifts #shopsmall #shoplocal #smallbusiness #supportartists #ceramic #ceramics #pottery #throwing #mugs #cups #tumblers #thesearch #homeware #functionware #artstudio #design #art #artoftheday #create #createdaily #studiospace #studioscene #colorventures #handmade #thecreatedcommunity #create #createcommune
Three weeks ago, we took a day trip to Austin! Find all the details from our day in my stories and let us know where we should head next ✈️
Gratitude turns everything into enough. #consciousdaily
CONSCIOUS x WHO THEY ARE - Today marks a big day for my sister Elena Baxter and Conscious Magazine. She launched her new endeavor Who They Are (@whotheyare ) and is beginning her journey as an anti-human trafficking journalist. From Co-Founder of Conscious to now Founder of Who They Are, I couldn’t be more excited and proud of her and this partnership. - Who They Are is dedicated to telling the heroic stories of modern-day abolitionists. While Elena remains a vital part of the Conscious community, she will be bringing to light powerful stories of this era’s freedom fighters. - Join me in congratulating @elenambaxter. Join the Who They Are community to learn more. Visit @cmagazine and @whotheyare
CONSCIOUS x WHO THEY ARE | Telling Stories of the Heroes of the Modern-Day Abolitionist Movement - Conscious Magazine is excited to announce our official media partnership with @whotheyare , to raise awareness of the efforts combating the global anti-Human Trafficking movement. Who They Are is a media platform dedicated to telling the heroic stories of modern-day abolitionists, as well as, offer tangible solutions to fight on behalf of the 40 million victims currently enslaved across the world. - To kick-off our partnership, we are highlighting, Founder (and Co-Founder of Conscious Magazine) of Who They Are, Elena Baxter (@elenambaxter ) and her journey to becoming an anti-human trafficking journalist, as well as her vision for creating this new endeavor. We hope you are inspired to educate yourself further and take action. Read “CONSCIOUS x WHO THEY ARE | Telling Stories of the Heroes of the Modern Day Abolitionist Movement” on consciousmagazine.co #consciousculture - Photo by Chasity via Twenty20
Great things never came from comfort zones. #consciousdaily
LEADERSHIP // There’s nothing better than having a group of people who do their job with love, dedication, and responsibility. But, you can’t expect this kind of a team to be born out of nowhere, you need to build that team. - The best way to inspire people to give it their best and become a true member of the team is to motivate and inspire them. Make sure to choose goals that bring out the best out of every one of your team members. Give them space to grow, develop, learn, contribute and be important. Give them their spot and they’ll respect it. Give them something to fight for. Go into more depth with ideas and tips by reading: “How to Choose Goals That Motivate and Inspire Your Team” on consciousmagazine.co #consciousculture - Written by Malia Keirsey Photo by Carina König (@criene_images )
temps dropping to the 60s this week & I’m so happy I could cry 🙌🏼😭
If you’re new to the #boosbalancechallenge , start with something small! My parents started by teaching me “stay” when I was just a young pup. Once I mastered that, they started putting a treat on the tip of my nose as a more advanced form of stay. If you *stick* with it, you can balance anything 💪🏻
“But I don’t want to go among mad people," Alice remarked. "Oh, you can’t help that," said the Cat: "we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad." "How do you know I’m mad?" said Alice. "You must be," said the Cat, "or you wouldn’t have come here. • #AliceInWonderland • • • • • #visualgang #seekinspirecreate #socality #createcommune #minimalist #thecreatedcommunity #peoplescreatives #butfirstcoffee #thediscoverer #hardwork #makeitblissful #becomeyourcreative #creativepreneur #thecoolmagazine #hypekillsmag #ohwowyes #gritandvirtue #makersgonnamake #oneofthebunch #makeitcount #slowlived #communicationskills #theblogissue #brandmarketing #morningslikethese
It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not.  #consciousdaily
We’ll have the curry, fried rice + ginger special please. 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♂️ Sometimes the BEST food has been right under your nose the whole time. Ryan and I recently found Top Spice, a Thai + Malaysian restaurant we pass every time we went to the gym, and here we are a year later. Man, have we been missing out. I got extremely sick the first time I tried Thai, so there were a few years there where I avoided it, but now I’m back 💪🏻 Curious though ... do you love Thai or hate it?
Addressing feelings of negativity with honesty, love, and a bit of grit, goes along way. - Vid: @chorizo0408 Location: @neoufitness
Get you a best friend who will drop everything and drive 430 miles to an Ed Sheeran concert with only six hours notice 😆Shouts to @dylanalidor for the awesome seats and @teddysphotos for the incredible show ➗💙
friends in town means fun activities!!! 🍻
Starting point.
i made these brown butter cookies with maple glaze last week and our house still smells like pancakes... 🥞 Z loves Fall because then I actually feel like cooking 😛
just staring out the window waiting for the leaves to change 🍁🍂🙃
Double the pup. Double the love. - Cutest NYC run-in ever! The elevator door opened and these two cuties walked out. Hey...if any part of you ever wanted to adopt a pup...do it this weekend!! ;) Or donate to a cause like the Best Friends Strut Your Mutt Organization (support.bestfriends.org) - Photo: @rhipena
okay so I only bought nine of these little cuties, don’t judge me 🎃
Starting to pull together some stock for @refreshmarket (Nov 16/17) - I’m a little behind as I only just recently came into this gig full time and I’m trying to simultaneously stock stores for Christmas. And @katpinoceramics graciously reminded me I still don’t have a booth designed or made. Find these tall tumblers in my future booth hopefully sitting among other objects . . . . #ceramic #ceramics #pottery #glazing #thesearch #homeware #functionware #artstudio #design #art #artoftheday #create #createdaily #studiospace #studioscene #colorventures #handmade #thecreatedcommunity #create #createcommune #refreshmarket #christmasshopping #shopsmall #shophandmade
Hold tightly to what is good. — Swipe 👉 for all the Friday goodness.
I am obsessed with this vintage-style Halloween banner we got at @loweshomeimprovement ! it reminds me of the one my mom used to hang up when we were kids 🖤
I kept having to tell these two to stop looking like a magazine ad. This one keeps making me think of coke for some reason (probs all the happiness). I am blessed to have such beautiful friends like you @an_tonyanem 🙌🏻
POWERFUL VOICES // Featuring Nora Gherbi. Founder of WHo CAREs Chronicles and Producer of the newly released film, Indigo. - We captured Nora's story in our Powerful Voices edition (Issue 04). Having lived in four different countries and five different cities, Nora gained many close friends around the world and a vibrant outlook on culture and life experiences. Her experiences led her to start the conversation on why every company needs a Chief Care Officer while advocating empathy in the corporate world. You can read her full story in Issue 04 (www.consciousshop.co). - More recently, and during UN Week, she debuted the inspiring film, Indigo at the Paris Change Now Summit featuring the story of a 7-year old girl who lives in a Syrian refugee camp while aiming to bring to light the misunderstood facts. The name Indigo is a metaphor to our last chance to give the refugee crisis the attention it deserves and the actions it requires. #consciousculture - Discover and learn more today! Visit: Who Cares Chronicles. (@whocareschronicles )
Today’s Goal: Spread encounters with Love the way a southerner spreads butter on toast.
Ideas are worthless - execution and solving meaningful problems are the backbone of a strong business. ⠀
Two things define us. Our patience when we have nothing and our attitude when we have everything. ‪#consciousdaily
when it’s been one heck of a tuesday... 🍷🛁 #bubblebathbeforedinner
Halloween movies on deck 🎃
I just sat for far too long trying to decided the story I wanted to tell with this photo. Ultimately I was reminded that this photo was taken at about 10am on a Chicago sidewalk and how I couldn't stop giggling because you were ordering wine with breakfast. I just want to remember those giggles and you laughing right back not being bothered what anyone thought. #vacationmodeforever
Throughout the month of September, I tell myself to go ahead and get in the Fall spirit, or I’ll miss the season entirely. Well another October has hit yet again and I’m already feeling panicked that I won’t be able to do all of the seasonal things I love like heading to a pumpkin patch and going apple picking. 😬😬😬 My advice to you, start celebrating your season as soon and as long as you want. 🎃
EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE // Sometimes the path to addiction opens because of our own lack of training in emotional intelligence. We get schooled in intellectual intelligence all day long as we grow up and get career training. But little focus is placed on our ability to be aware of and process emotions in constructive ways. - Emotions don’t deserve to be boxed up and denied a part of your life. Given the right care, they help us survive and thrive. They can help move you to constructive action, feel part of a community or connect with family. Continue the conversation. Read "The Powerful Impact Of Emotional Intelligence In Your Life " on consciousmagazine.co - Written by Foundations Recovery Network Photo by Robert Anthony
We already have plans for 3/4 weekends this month 🙌🏻 1 set of visitors, 1 weekend of travel, and 1 wedding! Now to decide if we should fill up our extra weekend or leave it free 🤔🤔
Be strong. You never know who you are inspiring. #consciousdaily
GLOBAL GOALS // Conscious Magazine Issue 05, our Global Goals edition was dedicated to creating a conversation about the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as the Global Goals. - These goals promise to save millions by ending extreme poverty, fighting inequality and injustice, and addressing climate change by 2030. This will be done through the commitments and actions made by individuals, nonprofits, businesses and governments, who have accepted the responsibility of enhancing human life, as well as preserving the environment for today’s generation and the generations to come. - Continue reading. Pick up your copy of Conscious Magazine Issue 05 (in print or in digital) from our Conscious Shop (www.consciousshop.co)
Once again @charlieandlee killing it with the beautiful photos 🙏🏼. Find these little pourers (and more coloured ones coming soon) in their shop! . . . #ceramic #ceramics #pottery #glazing #thesearch #homeware #functionware #artstudio #design #art #artoftheday #create #createdaily #studiospace #studioscene #colorventures #handmade #thecreatedcommunity #create
Wherever you go, show up powerfully and magnetically.
Happy place 🍃🙏🏼💕
time to get some tiny pumpkins to dress up this little front porch 🍁🍂
GLOBAL GOALS // Why re-imagining the workforce can help build a robust future. Taking a look at goal No. 8 from the pages of Conscious Magazine Issue 05. - If we are to achieve sustainable economic growth for all, we must work together, lean into our respective strengths, share in the bounty, and promote a workforce that is fair to all. By aligning purpose with passion, cultivating the right work culture and preparing our youth with relevant and applicable skills for the future, we can more actively engage our workforce. The UN wants to do its part to make this possible. Global Goal 08, Decent Work and Economic Growth, “promotes sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.” - Continue reading. Pick up your copy of Conscious Magazine Issue 05 (in print or in digital) from our Conscious Shop (www.consciousshop.co). - Written by Alex Abelin, CSO of LQD WiFi Art by Prixel Creative
our little home looking so cute under that crazy cotton candy sky last night 💜🍭🍬
GLOBAL GOALS // Conscious Magazine Issue 05, our Global Goals edition was dedicated to creating a conversation about the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as the Global Goals. - We collaborated with a group of amazing leaders to produce a story for each goal like Lauren Bush Lauren (Founder of FEED Projects), Dr. Sylvia Earle (Founder of Deep Ocean Exploration and Research, Inc.), Tom Hart (Executive Director of One.org, which was started by Bono), and many other hard-working individuals who are on a mission to create solutions to the world’s biggest problems. - Continue reading. Pick up your copy of Conscious Magazine Issue 05 (in print or in digital) from our Conscious Shop (www.consciousshop.co)
GLOBAL GOALS // We’re exploring Goal #09 , Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all a resilient future across the globe is ours for the taking. The first step is believing. The second step is doing. - Global Goal 09, featured in Conscious Magazine Issue 05, talks about achieving a human environment by 2030 that is built upon a strong foundation of economic empowerment, human well-being, and boundless possibilities for all. Through the amazing advancements of technology and the incorporation of innovation into the very fibers of every infrastructure (whether government, education, business, agriculture or socioeconomic), we are on the horizon of breaking ground to transform communities far and wide. - Continue reading. Pick up your copy of Conscious Magazine Issue 05 (in print or in digital) from our Conscious Shop: www.consciousshop.co #consciousculture - Written by Team Conscious Art by Harry Dunkerley, Wunderkid Artist (@wunderkidart )
Conscious Magazine x Global Goals. - This week marks the annual Global Goals Week happening in NYC, one of the most incredible gatherings bringing leaders together to drive the 2030 mission forward. I'm still inspired by the 20+ writers and artists who collaborated to help us create the 5th edition of Conscious Magazine (@cmagazine ) dedicated to the Global Goals conversation. - This was one of the more challenging editions we produced, but one of the more exciting too. It was an honor working with organizations like @feed , @illgofirst , @water , @wunderkidart , @one and many more. - Discover it: www.consciousmagazine.co :)
GLOBAL GOALS // Today we’re taking a deeper look at global goal No. 6, to ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all. - From the pages of Conscious Magazine Issue 05. Today, 4 billion people lack access to basic sanitation services while 3 in 10 people lack access to safely managed drinking water. - “Tirotama and her husband, Shushil, live in the Cuttack district of Odisha, where they live in a house they worked hard to build themselves. Complete with a thatched roof and mud floor, it took the couple about five years to construct, affording building materials as they earned money working or through approved loans. Like most of their neighbors, Tirotama and Shushil moved into the house with no running water or toilet. Unfortunately, these are standard conditions for millions of people around the world.” - In September 2015, the 193 Member States of the United Nations committed to 17 Global Goals with Goal 06 ensuring an end to the global water and sanitation crisis for all people everywhere. With an expansive list of 17 goals, we must not lose focus on individuals, like Tirotama and Shushil, who are the reason that achieving them is so important. -  Continue reading. Pick up your copy of Conscious Magazine Issue 05 (in print or in digital) from our Conscious Shop. www.consciousshop.co #consciousculture - Written by Gary White, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Water.org (@water ) Art by Ania Tomżyńska, Wunderkid Artist (@wunderkidart )
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