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HOLIDAY // How to Shop for Good this Holiday! A Beginner’s Guide to Conscious Gifting - If you’re looking for something special to give, we’ve got a few ideas for conscious gifting everything from finding artisan-made to shopping local. Conscious gifting for the holidays is a great way to get inspired and to start the New Year off right! - Read “How to Shop for Good this Holiday! A Beginner’s Guide to Conscious Gifting” ideas curated by Melissa Wong of House of Gratia et Caritas (@houseofgandc ) on consciousmagazine.co. Photo by Helena Bakota (@anelehbakota )
I used to talk myself out of having a blog and IG because I felt like my “goal” wasn’t clear enough. I wasn’t JUST a photographer feed, or only a travel blog, and I needed to figured out “what” I wanted to be. Well guess what? I love SO MANY THINGS. I love travel and photography. I love my dog and my home. I love iPhone photos and curated photos. I love fun, witty captions and long reflective ones. I love photos without people (low performing) and photos with people (high performing). I compare my work to others just as much as the next person. But then I remember the phrase I heard at church while living in NW Arkansas that has stuck in my heart ever since I wrote it down in my bible over 2 years ago: live for an audience of one. My only audience that matters is Jesus. My work, my relationships, my IG, should all exist to glorify him and his kingdom. In a world where all of the voices are constantly streaming into our ears or onto our eyes, I pray for clarity to hear from the one voice that defines my existence.
hello lil friend help me crank out people’s wedding photos before I move across the country thx 💕
This dreamy greenhouse engagement session with @evelyneedens and @parker_quinn15 has me all 😍
Congrats MSU grads! I am so proud of y’all ♥️ We had a blast taking photos around campus even though it was drizzling the entire time! Thanks for being good sports 😉 Going back to Starkville always makes me feel so nostalgic. I can’t believe this was me almost three years ago! #HailState
A rare sighting. In a season of loving life to the fullest with this one and I’m holding tight because I never want it to end! However, I am also vividly aware that we only share the highlights of our lives on social media, and I want to break that mold and be as open and honest as possible. So, ask us about our marriage, jobs, faith, failures, successes or anything else below! 👇🏻 Let’s build relationships not audiences.
There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up. #consciousdaily
Staying up late is a pastime I hardly ever get to enjoy as an adult. Tonight, I’m still up editing two shoots from today with the new cam that I just can’t get enough of. Will I be cranky tomorrow? 💯💯 Am I most creative after 10 pm? 💯💯
*Happy Holidays / The Holiday Season by Andy Williams blasts in the background*
Inquiries are rolling in for a few international events and my heart is so happy! Nothing inspires me more than the beautiful architecture of Europe. I want to take a moment to say thank you to my sweet friend @mollycarrphotography for always encouraging me to follow my dreams. I really feel these destination weddings are a step in the right direction of balancing my love for travel and motherhood. If you are looking for assistance with planning a wedding or an event abroad, please contact us - 2019 is almost booked! And then go contact Molly, because she is amazing! 📷: @mollycarrphotography #taranicoleweddings #theinstagramlab #risingtidesociety #communityovercompetition #tilinsiders #destinationwedding #destinationweddingplanner
The small details of the wedding day that allow you to soak in the fact that you just married your best friend are one of the reasons I love my job! I love this idea to take a carriage ride after the ceremony to have some quiet moments of just the two of you! 💗 📷: @ashleylinkphotography #taranicoleweddings #risingtidesociety #communityovercompetition #theinstagramlab #tilinsiders #beawesometoday #stylemepretty
Holi-daze. Get it?
I said in October “idk if we’ll have a good photo to use for Christmas card this year so I probably won’t send one”. At the end of the month — we are engaged 😭 When Z & I talked about getting engaged, I never once mentioned a photographer. He thought of it on his own! I shot my best friends wedding, she shot my proposal! I’m glad she did because I really wanted to use @paperculture again this year for our holiday card. Each order plants a tree 🌲💚 Happy Holidays, friends!
POWERFUL VOICES // Follow the story of how one designer took the leap from creativity to conscious-creativity. - From the pages of Conscious Issue 04, Alex Olmstead, Founder of the Marketing Agency, Good vs Evil, launched his company on the premise that rather than contributing to the noise, how could he use his talents to help change the focus from promoting pure consumerism to a much bigger conversation. He started asking questions like, “How can we as humans live on the planet and become successful without destroying it at the same time?” - Discover more how this leader of purposeful design is making Corporate Social Responsibility more than an afterthought. - Grab your copy of Conscious Magazine Issue 04 from the Conscious Shop. (www.consciousshop.co) #consciousculture
How I probably looked all day at work today. Jokes aside, going back to the real world after time off is tough, and today I found it especially hard. Although the jet lag hasn’t really kicked in yet (not complaining) my emotions were at an all time high and my 40 minute commute of trying to fight them off or get them “under control.” I’m slowly learning to give my emotions time and that just because I feel something in that moment, doesn’t mean I’ll feel it forever. Because of God’s abundant grace, I am recognizing how to give myself personal grace for the things I fight so hard to control and am beginning to loosen my grip on them.
Happy Wednesday! I received the sweetest gift from @rachaelfosterphoto reminding me that I am more than a mom or a wedding planner and to take care of myself. Swipe left to see her adorable packaging and gift! One of my favorite times of the day is the quiet time I get after I drop the girls off at school. It allows me to spend some time reading scripture, plan the day, or just drink my coffee. Now I get to enjoy some peppermint bark chocolate with this morning’s coffee!! 😉 Thank you Rachael for knowing exactly what I needed and this sweet reminder!! You are the best!! 😘 📷: @sugarpaperla #taranicoleweddings #homesweethome #risingtidesociety #communityovercompetition #theinstagramlab #tilinsiders #beawesometoday #mompreneur
Generosity is the heart of humanity. #consciousdaily
GLOBAL // The Impact of the Water Crisis on Families Around the World - People have found new life because of clean water. Access to abundances of clean water is an issue many people deal with every day. According to the World Health Organization, 844 million people lack a basic water source. From urban to rural parts of the world, the distance from water sources becomes larger. Internationally, many individuals have to walk hours to retrieve water from a dirty source, such as a river. - While the water crisis is still hugely prevalent today, there’s so much we can do ensure everyone in the world has access to clean water. How? Support organizations that are working to drill wells, provide water filters, and train others on critical health knowledge to provide clean water to larger masses. - Read “The Impact of the Water Crisis on Families Around the World” on consciousmagazine.co Written by Emma Loan (@emmalown ) Photo by Esther Havens #consciousculture
Home sweet home. 🏠 I felt super emotional yesterday when leaving the markets, but I felt even more emotional walking into my home this evening. I’m grateful for the genuine kindness of Americans. For a house covered in lights. For the days ahead filled with family and time to give thanks for the birth of Christ.
Some moments are worth repeating over and over again.
Been a little quiet over here for the past few weeks soaking in some sweet moments with our family. With Thanksgiving, moving, unpacking, and getting ready for the holidays we have been busy busy! Last week, our house was hit with the flu but that did not stop us from finishing up our holiday cards for this year! Heading to the post office now to send the rest of these beautiful cards to our friends and family! 📷: @ashleylinkphotography #taranicoleweddings #happyholidays #risingtidesociety #communityovercompetition #tilinsiders #theinstagramlab
Never let the fear of striking out get in your way. #consciousdaily
TIPS & HOW TO’S // 3 Time-Management Practices of High-Achievers - For every social entrepreneur and business owner, maximizing work hours and delivering the absolute best, every day, is vital to growth. But with multiple tasks on hand, what’s the real key to success? According to Steve Jobs, “the precious resource we all have is time.” So, there’s something to be said about excellent time-management skills. With a few positive lifestyle changes, from creating a yearly roadmap to valuing rest to committing to high-impact habits, over time, one will see that their lifestyle will bear noticeable fruit. - Read “3 Time-Management Practices of High-Achievers” on consciousmagazine.co Written by Melinda Sims, Founder of Mel Sharell Paper & Company (@Thepinnacleplanner ) Photo by Crystal Sing (@crystalmariesing ) #consciousculture
° Shooting in analog while surrounded by digital: this is something that I have grown to love doing, capturing moments without do-overs or the option to delete. I have to focus more on how I frame the shot or the contrast of light and shadow or how the subjects are situated, and then (the best part) I have to exercise patience while I wait for the film to develop. Now I just need to figure out how to display my photos instead of leaving them in a pile on my end table. ~ Also, these are all photos I took during our Halloween party this year; I'm loving the mood 🎃°
gingergirl 🎀
Cheers to Mr. & Mrs. Moody! 🥂
Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. #consciousdaily
Many of you have been following Conscious from the very beginning (and that's awesome!). For some, perhaps you have only just discovered our company. With that said, we wanted to share one of the reasons why we pursued this idea. - We launched Conscious with a simple, yet powerful mission: to ­tell real stories with real impact and inspire a community to change the conversation. We want to encourage readers to use the information we share in an action driven way to impact our communities and contribute to our world in need. Based in NYC, Conscious is a community of professionals, social entrepreneurs, leaders, non-profit founders, writers, creatives, photographers, students, and journalists who help produce the magazine and its web stories. Each member's contribution and perspective help shape and define the magazine. That's just a little bit about us. :) - Happy reading Conscious this week! Team C.
All that’s missing from this hallmark moment is Captain wearing reindeer antlers dressed in pom poms and bells. With @chorizo0408.
I could post an entire day of Instagram stories and this beautiful photo of Salzburg at night, and make you believe that our day yesterday was nothing short of magical. But the truth is, traveling abroad isn’t always as glamorous as it looks. Yesterday was hard on both of us for many many reasons, and deep into the mess of our traveling stresses we realized we both just wanted to be with one another. My love language is quality time, and yesterday, suffocating in the swarms of German tourists headed to Salzburg, I couldn’t find that anywhere. Ryan and I finally sat down on our evening walk along the river and realized that it’s not the travel agenda or the food or the breathtaking mountains that we care about. It’s the opportunity to be with one another, whether in Austria or Atlanta. And that at the end of the day, the travels will end, we will grow old, but thanks to God, we have one another.
If you know me, you know I love coffee. So much that I think my habit of drinking it has gotten worse! but there is nothing wrong with that right ? ;)
It’s Austria day! I’m up an hour before I need to be because I’ve been fighting a horrible cold ever since we left ATL and had a really restless night of sleep (at one point I came into the bathroom and turned on the shower and sink as hot as I could and sat there for 20 minutes). But I’m so pumped to be hopping on a train towards those rugged mountains I saw off in the distance as we flew into Munich and to experience Christmas Austria style! 🎄 ⠀⠀ Ps. For anyone wondering if I’m pleased with the new cam, the answer is 💯💯💯
I love his happy little hiker smirk ☺️
Fresh set of sleep rollers- prettiest sight to see • • 10 drops Cedarwood 10 drops Lavender 10 drops Envision Sweet dreams oily pals 🌟👼🏽
Take me back to spring 💕
I do not mistrust the future. I do not fear what is ahead. For our problems are large, but our heart is larger. Our challenges are great, but our will is greater. #consciousdaily - Today we recognize George H.W. Bush, our 41st President, and honor his passing with his words, which we deem incredible and strong. We are grateful for his dedication to public service teaching how it is noble and necessary, and accepting failure as part of living a full life, but to never to be defined by it.
First pics on the new cam did 👏 not 👏 disappoint 👏. Never in a million years would I have been able to take this photo at night inside our home on my old camera. My creative adrenaline is pumping and I’m ready to make some magic ✨
Given the multitude of significant issues facing our planet and the society within it, none of us have the luxury of staying on the sidelines. - From the pages of Conscious Issue 04, our Powerful Voices edition, we dive into the role empathy plays in corporate America and how “one must think in terms of not just what they can do, but also the opportunity cost of doing nothing.” This article does a great job recognizing how rethinking leadership in corporate America can transcend into a new way of being. - Discover more! Grab your copy of Issue 04 in print or digital from the Conscious Shop (www.conscioushsop.co)
This time tomorrow we will be on our way to ...... Germany! 🇩🇪 Ryan and I have been debating an anniversary trip for a while and finally nailed something down last weekend. It will be a short trip, starting in Germany, heading to Austria, and then ending in Germany! We have plans to hit Christmas markets, see some castles, take a sound of music tour and most importantly EAT ALL THE FOOD. If you’ve been to either Munich or Salzburg, please share any and all recommendations and be sure to follow along on my stories.
If you haven’t noticed yet, I LOVE Christmas. I grew up surrounded by strings of m&m Christmas lights and constant Christmas music in the background. December is a month of childlike dreaming, which is why I SO enjoyed photographing @brittanyhb_ and her siblings. We made cupcakes, ate popcorn, decorated a gingerbread house, trimmed the tree, and read the grinch, all while wearing Christmas pjs.
Never forget where you’ve been. Never lose sight of where you’re going. And never take for granted the people who travel the journey with you. #consciousdaily
The tree is actually very beautiful. Well done, Rockefeller.
CONSCIOUS X WHO THEY ARE. Gift Ideas that support freedom! - If you’re making your giving lists, we want to share a few ideas that support survivors of modern day slavery and the abolitionists of the anti-human trafficking movement. We really are in the middle of an exciting cultural shift when it comes to shopping, especially with the boom in social enterprises that offer creative, functional and purposeful products that make a net-positive impact for humanity as well as bring hope. Thanks to our new media partner, Who They Are (@whotheyare ), for curating a list of gifts that can make both a cheerful and social impact and also supports freedom during this time of giving. - Check out Your Impact, Their Freedom | The 2018 Holiday Gift Guide to Support Women on whotheyare.com. #consciousculture
There’s still time for someone to correctly guess what European countries we’re heading to this weekend. While we’re waiting, tap the link in bio to check out my latest blog on the top things to do in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Diagon Alley.
The Great Sand Dunes: They seem so small compared to the mountains towering in the distance, but their immensity grows as you approach them. It’s almost hard to comprehend just how massive these dunes really are. Such an interesting, strange, and magnificent place.
Hi guys, I landed a Hallmark Holiday special called The Ornament—starring friends, a baby and my dog Captain. ;) - Catch my new movie this Sunday at 7 PM Central Time on the Hallmark Channel. Please call your local provider if you don't have the channel. You don’t want to miss it! Photo: @rhipena
And the first FULL weekend in December is a wrap 🎁 It was spent with a special bestie visitor, a year two Christmas tradition, 3 photoshoots (with people I LOVE), and an abundance of joy. ✨
Please join @katpinoceramics and I at our open studio sale on Dec 13th from 4-9pm. There will be drinks, chats, browsing, and a selection of discounted seconds! We would love to see you there! . . . . #studiosale #openstudio #christmassale #gifts #shophandmade #ceramic #ceramics #pottery #thesearch #homeware #functionware #artstudio #design #art #studiospace #studioscene #handmade #thecreatedcommunity #create #createcommune
Be comfortable with being uncomfortable. It may get tough, but it’s a small price to pay for living a dream. #consciousdaily
sometimes you just have to stop and stare 🏔
You've got one shot at this thing—so why would you not wake up every single day excited and ready to run with a passion and purpose and drive to live your life to the fullest. - Heard this the other day and loved it! Words by Chris Graebe. Photo by @rhipena
We had an incredible time traveling around Colorado in this @nativecampervans van! It was our home for the week, and we already miss it! I’d say we are definitely hooked on #vanlife now 🚐👍🏼
keep the earth below my feet 🌲
Last night, as I stood with all of Smyrna in below freezing temps and cheered for Santa as he rose on a fire truck ladder to light the Christmas tree, I felt like I was living in a Hallmark movie. To stand as a community of hundreds, and for once to be cheering for the same team, gave my soul such hope and joy. I imagine every day in heaven will be standing around and cheering for Jesus just as we cheered for Santa last night.
A first look at the visual identity we created for Red Headed Stranger, a Southwest Texas inspired restaurant opening soon in East Nashville. More to come as we work towards opening day! #graphicdesign #agencylife #create #visualsoflife #thecreatorclass #peoplescreative #peoplescreative #postitforaesthetics #agency #digitalmarketing #production #clt #marketing #thecreatedcommunity #flashesofdelight #beautifulmatters #dreambigger #livecolorfully
Giving Tuesday is to be celebrated and shared! Today kicks off the #GivingTuesday movement to create an international day of charitable giving at the beginning of the holiday season. - For Holiday 2018, we collaborated with House of G&C (@houseofgandc ) on a Conscious Gift Guide and featured list of #GivingTuesday ideas. We’re honored to curate a collection Conscious approved gifts that embody the spirit of the global conscious community showcasing local and artisan-made brands to gifts that directly support a non-profit organization. - Discover the full list! Check out the “Holiday Conscious Gift Guide Curated by House of G&C” on consciousmagazine.co. - Photo by Carina, Founder of Criene Images
I know it’s holiday time but it still looks like Fall here & I’m not ready to let go of pumpkins & leaves yet...
down in the valley
just you, me, and the open road 🗺
hiking in the sand is no joke, but wow it’s so beautiful 🧡
These past few days were the first “time off” we’ve had all year where we weren’t exploring a new place and it was MUCH needed. I didn’t open my laptop the entire weekend, which to be honest made me feel a little panicked. As I’m sitting in the passenger seat (PTL for @weitzel.ryan ), I’ve realized that the panic wasn’t from a feeling of disconnect, but rather from a longing to create. I’m on Instagram because I LONG to create. Rarely do I look at something and think “wow, I’ve created something meaningful.” But there are overwhelming moments where I’m proud of what I created. We are creations and how beautiful it is that we are reflections of God when we create.
sand in my eyes, sand in my mouth, sand in my pants, sand in my shoes... sand everywhere but we had a BLAST! A sand blast 😆💨
nothing like the taste of a well earned beer 🍻
Begin every gathering with gratitude. - November 2018 Sunrise
sometimes home is where you park it 🚐
It’s been a hot minute since I’ve shared any house updates and I realized I’ve never posted our kitchen/dining room. The space is so small and dingy and is usually just a cluttered place to to drop off mail. However, a few weeks ago I splurged on a piece of flocked garland from @target and bought live cedar from @homedepot to spruce it up. I’m hoping that one day we can have a big dining room table where I can create tables-cape masterpieces, but I love being able to make-do with what we have now. 🎄
loving Colorado even more than I knew I would 🏔
Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours! 🍁 We are grateful for this season of gathering with family and friends and settling in our new home. What is one thing you’re grateful for? Comment below! 📷: @ifgathering #taranicoleweddings #risingtidesociety #communityovercompetition #theinstagramlab #tilinsiders #beawesometoday #grateful #happythanksgiving
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