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R E F L E C T // O F T E N . . . Sometimes we need to go back and reflect on what God has already spoken to us. Sometimes we move so fast, looking for the next revelation. Forgetting the lessons we were taught and what God has already declared over our lives. . . We go back and re-read scripture, blog posts and journal entries often, and what’s funny is, God speaks something NEW to us every time. . . Currently re-reading a blog from last year entitled “Anxiety” and these three sections spoke to us in such new and profound ways . . “God, who He is and what He’s saved you from is the answer to the fears in your heart. Allow Jesus, the ultimate sacrifice to silence the doubt in your mind. Because Jesus came, we do not have to stay in fear. Let’s not be tempted to extend our stay at fear land motel. . . God’s name and who He is...This is where you stop letting the enemy accuse you and you start acknowledging who you were designed to be. . . ...Don’t get comfortable in self pity. Don’t let self pity deaden your spirit.” - kyrakgold (ANX•I•E•TY). . . So remember to reflect often because God is speaking something NEW in what He’s already spoken. . . . Your friends, Travis and Kyra . . . Prayer | Action | Faith . . . #TravisAndKyra #PrayerActionFaith
rising tide
Hindi talaga ako galit diyan 😂
🌵 Best. Idea. Ever. ☀️
Pepperoni. [15/365]
Love the Oregon Coast but I think I might be ready for some sun at the beach again
#perdomo time
All that bark and no bite 🗣
A typical surfari to CA in pics and video. #surfari #daynawithoutrules #waveseekers
Accessories~ @hm_man T-shirt, denim and shoes~ @zara PC~ @atharvapatill
Dumbo Wumbo
Sol y frío al mismo tiempo
If you want to see what happens next click the link in my bio to Watch the second episode of cold Southern Blocks @csbseries @jcreolemusic @denisfangmusic @davnarr @sonndoggy
{no caption} 💋
Bystander. [14/365]
Who would you lay with? (📷: @jydo5.travelife )
Featuring @amandaembers
Featuring @amandaembers
Featuring @amandaembers
Give him your troubles!
Aesthetic 😘😘✌!!
Do You... Forget about me... 🤘🏽
“The mountains are calling and I must go.” - John Muir • I will never tire of this quote.
2018 Bugatti Chiron V16 1184 HP 260 MPH 0-60 2.5 SEC
Standing in this place was surreal, it felt like I was looking at a movie set. Nature is beautiful, but there is also something so beautiful about a city. Maybe it’s the people, maybe it’s the buildings, but it’s beautiful.
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