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What’s the first topic you taught your kids when first introducing a language? ✨ For me, it was Body Parts! I can’t tell you how many times my kids sang, ‘Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’... but they’ve never forgotten it! #theculturedkid #languagesforkids
Many people think you have to already be bilingual to teach your child to speak a second language, however the reality is it’s a little like teaching them to swim or even play piano. 🇫🇷 If you can create an environment of exposure to the language, provide them with plenty of instruction - both at home and in your community and create opportunities to practice, you’ll be amazed at watching just what’s possible. 👌🏽 If you’re raising bilingual kids at home, I’d love to hear your stories of what’s worked for you. #theculturedkid #languagesforkids #raisingculturedkids
There is no doubt that a trip to Montmartre is a great day out for the whole family. Located in North-West Paris, this beautiful, peaceful and exquisite part of Paris showcases quaint, picturesque and colourful houses, great eateries and of course, the magnificent Sacre Coeur. ✨ Don't forget to tag all your family travel photos with #raisingculturedkids to be featured as a part of @theculturedkid community. :: 🇫🇷 Words by @mamalovesparis Pic by @prettyfrenchthings
🇩🇪 Hast du gewusst dass ich früher in Zagreb gewohnt habe? Dann bin ich nach Slowenien umgezogen und danach in die USA. Bist du schon mal umgezogen? . 🇺🇸 Did you know that I used to live in Zagreb? Then I moved to Slovenia and then to the USA. Have you ever moved before?
Enrolments to our Preschool French and Spanish Lessons close in 48 hours. If you’d love to teach your preschooler a second language, now is the time as doors won’t open again until 2019. 😍 Our online programs provide curriculums for parents, homeschoolers and a separate program preschools/childcare centres. ✨ Hit the link in profile to find out more and ensure your child has a spot. x #theculturedkid #languagesforkids
TEACHING TIP: Teach through repetition. Children learn through repetition and active engagement with another language. If you and your child do an activity together, do the same thing next time in the second language. 🇲🇽 Only a few more days until we close enrolments to our Preschool French and Spanish Membership. Hope you can join us! ✨ Don't forget to tag all your family language learning with the hashtag #raisingculturedkids to be featured as a part of @theculturedkid community. #theculturedkid #languagesforkids
Australia these days is an incredibly multicultural society but it wasn’t always that way. ✨ I remember going to school as a child and having a single Asian classmate and I remember him being picked on often because he was different.... like it was a bad thing. ⚡️ I’ve never forgotten that and these always labour to ensure my kids celebrate those who are different from themselves. Gosh we have so much we can learn from one another! 💫 It’s one of the main reasons why I wanted to capture the many varying faces of kids from all over the world in our language program - Both in our Flashcards and also in every video we filmed. 🌍 Not just so our kids connect with those who are different from them and build a bridge, but also so every child can see their own heritages represented and experience a sense of inclusion. 💥 Makes me excited to dream about what’s possible for the next generation. #theculturedkid #languagesforkids
Both Croatian & Polish cultures love to sit around a table with good company, great food & drinks, and talk with family and friends across multiple generations. In Croatia, families typically gather together every Sunday for a big family lunch. Do you do the same with your family/friends? . 🇩🇪 Heute grillen wir! Ich freue mich sehr auf das Essen. Kochst du gerne auf dem Grill? Guten Appetit! . 🇺🇸 Today, we are grilling. I’m really excited about the food. Do you like to cook on the grill? Enjoy your meal!
We are having a little happy dance today as doors to #theculturedkidsclub opened and we are already welcoming new members to our Preschool French and Spanish Program. ✨ If you could teach your child any language, which one would you choose? #theculturedkid #languagesforkids
SPAIN TRAVELS Spending 3 days in Ronda is a perfect match. It is a small town and looks really really cute. The special sight is a bridge that connects both parts of the town over a breathtaking canyon with 3 waterfalls. It simply is incredible and hardly anyone is aware of this magic place. Unfortunately, you also have “typical” European streets: which means they’re paved with cobblestones. Therefore, you will only be able to use the carrier. 🏖 Don't forget to tag all your family travel photos with #raisingculturedkids to be featured as a part of @theculturedkid community. ✨ :: Sweet capture by @nappy_nomad
It’s true! We only open enrolments to our Preschool Language Program a handful of times a year so if you’ve been wanting to teach your child FRENCH or SPANISH, now the time! ✨ Doors are only open for 1 week so head to the link in bio to check out all that included in our done-for-you, all-in-one, language curriculum for homes and preschools! #languagesforkids #theculturedkid
Being in Poland with my family is amazing! It has been a while since we all managed to come here together and I hope we can make it happen more often. I love hearing Leo & Maya pick up the language and use Polish interchangeably (with English). We got to see my cousins and aunts and uncles at one of the best weddings ever (#Szymila ) and today we are visiting my grandparents’ village in Mazury. 🇵🇱 Pozdrawiam serdecznie! ❤️
This week I’m holding a free online workshop all about the ‘4 Steps To Start Teaching Your Kids a Second Language’. ✨ In it I’m going to be sharing about how you can .. ✔️Find the confidence as a parent to start teaching your kids a second language this week ✔️How you can have plenty of fun along the way and ✔️How to create a long term plan to keep going .. If you’re interesting in finding out how you can give your preschool aged kids the head start than languages provides, hit the link in my bio and I can’t wait to see you there! 🙌🏽
Running into the new week with adventure in our hearts - and gelato on our hips! 😬 ✨ Today is Italian day at the kids school so we dressed them in all the colours of the flag and ensured there was enough money for pizza and gelato for lunch! The kids spend the day making pizza, playing an Italian card game called scopa and really embracing all things Italian. 🇮🇹 Sounds like the best way to spend a Monday to me! #theculturedkid #languagesforkids cute tshirt pic by the cool kids over at @jeanandjune
Ready and willing! ✈️😍🏖 What’s your favourite thing to do with your kids in Italy? :: #theculturedkid #languagesforkids pic by @stuartcantorphotography
As fun as travelling the world is with your little ones, it’s not always as easy, or practical to pickup and go galavanting full time. ✨ I know in our family, we have commitments to work and church and family that don’t allow for us to travel full time - but that doesn’t mean my kids miss out on the benefits that come with it. ✨ Their language lessons and conversations each week broaden their horizons and make the times when we DO travel, all the more richer! ⛩ In the next few days we will be opening the doors to ‘The Cultured Kids Club’ or #tckclub - our Preschool Language membership that helps parents + preschools introduce languages to their kids in a really fun way! ✈️ We’ll be offering French 🇫🇷 and Spanish 🇪🇸 this enrolment period and are working on other languages as we speak for next year! 🥐 If you’d like some information about our program - delivered weekly into your inbox, comment below with your questions as I’d love to chat! ☺️ #theculturedkid #languagesforkids pic by @likemiljian
Numbers Counting Games: Firstly, grab a ball and throw it to your child who throws it back to you practicing numbers consecutively. (For example in Spanish) – uno / dos / tres / cuatro. If they say the wrong number or drop the ball, they lose a leg (¡pierdes una pierna! ) i.e. they have to stand on one leg! If they answer correctly the next ball is thrown to them, they stand up normally, if they get it wrong again they lose two legs (¡pierdes dos piernas!) and they have to kneel on the floor. 👧🏽 After that they lose an arm (pierdes un brazo). This is probably far enough as it is hard to catch the ball on the floor with only one hand!! Remember the goal is to have FUN and use correction as a gentle way to prompt them of their numbers. #theculturedkid #languagesforkids
Weekend dreaming of bucketlist destinations and glasses of wine in tracksuit pants!! ✨ Or is that just my normal Saturday night!?! 😂 ✈️ What’s on the top of your bucketlist right now?
TEACHING TIP Find ways to immerse your child in the target language. 🎈 Kids have a unique ability to learn not only 1 but multiple languages through sheer exposure to the language. 🙌🏽 This is GREAT news because you have an incredible opportunity to give your kids a head start now. 🎡 You can do this through exposure to rich, dynamic, engaging interactions through songs, games, activities and short videos. ✨ Not sure where to start? We've created everything you need to take your first steps with The Cultured Kid's Club and our doors will be opening again NEXT WEEK! 😍 🥢 Head to theculturedkid.com for more info! #theculturedkid #languagesforkids via @pigsandswine
If you ever needed another reason to teach your kids Spanish, (other than the 437 million people who currently speak it that is) then THIS might just convince you. ✨ Don’t forget to tag your photos with #RaisingCulturedKids to be part of @theculturedkid community. We’d love to see all you’re doing to give your kids a global perspective! #theculturedkid #languagesforkids via @butnomatter.theroadislife
It doesn’t get much sweeter than seeing how your little ones are engaging with our lessons. ✨ Here our Spanish program is in full swing and I’m super excited to say that next week, we’ll be opening the doors to new members who are wanting to teach French and Spanish! 🎈 I can’t wait to meet you and get to know your story and help you get started with your language journey! It’s going to be a lot of FUN that I can assure you! 👶🏼 Don’t forget to tag @theculturedkid with how you’re running your lessons so we can share in your wins. Use the hashtag #raisingculturedkids so we can all celebrate with you! #theculturedkid #languagesforkids
Me too @theculturedkid ! ・・・ I saw this quote the other day and it made me chuckle! ✨ I’d love to see your comments below and hear your best tips and tricks for travelling with kids! Goodness knows we all need them! 👶🏼✈️🎈 #theculturedkid #languagesforkids via @notsomumsy
Me too @theculturedkid ! ・・・ I saw this quote the other day and it made me chuckle! ✨ I’d love to see your comments below and hear your best tips and tricks for travelling with kids! Goodness knows we all need them! 👶🏼✈️🎈 #theculturedkid #languagesforkids via @notsomumsy #InstaSaveApp
Before we teach about the world, I love teaching our kids about their neighbourhood! ✨ I don’t know many kids who don’t love going for a visit to the station and Miles was VERY happy to oblige when we asked if he wanted to capture our French lessons here! 👨🏼‍🚒 If you’ve been wondering when doors will open again for #theculturedkidsclub French, you won’t have long to wait. Keep your eyes peeled coz it’s all happening next week! 🇫🇷😍 #theculturedkid #languagesforkids #raisingculturedkids
If you're a little late to the party when introducing a language to your child, OR you're not a native speaker - Don't worry! Your child will not miss out. ✨ Sounding like a native speaker is not nearly as important as being able to communicate in the language which helps broaden your childs world! 🎈 I’ve heard it said that the best time to teach your child a language is before the age of 7, the next best time to start is now. 💥 What’s one limiting belief that’s holding you back from starting? Mine used to be that I wasn’t fluent so how on earth could I teach my own kids... #theculturedkid #languagesforkids pic via @lindseybadenhop
Adventure Ready! ✨ Don’t forget to tag us in your adventures so we can share how you travel with and culture your kids! Use the #raisingculturedkids to be featured. 🙌🏽 #theculturedkid #languagesforkids via @avec.ingrid
In case you needed a reminder that you're taking more ground than you know and your little ones are picking up more of your target language than you realize. KEEP GOING! You can do this - Dive into our Community today and share some of your high's and lows that you've encountered on your language journey and how we can support you as you move forward. x #theculturedkid #languagesforkids
So I’ve been a little quiet about some of the goings on behind the scenes of @theculturedkid lately because I’ve been working day and night to launch a new favourite project of mine... our Podcast! 🙌🏽 ✨ I’ve already had some incredible conversations with parents raising bilingual kids, language experts, travel aficionados and those who can inspire us along the way. My dream is that it would be a watering hole for parents to raising cultured kids not just through second languages but in all areas of life! ✈️ I’d love to know what questions you’d like answered and if there’s anyone in particular you’d like as a guest on the show. 🎡 I can’t wait to share more over the next week when our first episode launches! 😍 #theculturedkid #raisingculturedkids #stunning pic of he colloseum via @hellofashionblog
La vie en rose 💕 In the next few weeks, doors to the #tckclub will be opening and I can't wait to share with you more about our FRENCH and Spanish lessons for Parents and Preschool Teachers. Have you joined our waitlist for more information? #theculturedkid #languagesforkids
✨TAP FOR VOLUME! ✨ Raising kids to speak a second language at home is one of the best gifts a parent can give their child. 👶🏼 Even if you’re a non-native speaker, you can teach the foundations of a language through regular interaction and have fun in the process. 🎈 Head to our IGTV or Facebook page to watch the full story of how Anneke is teaching her 2 year old son, Soren to speak French. 🇫🇷 #theculturedkid #languagesforkids
Summer is coming!! ✨ We’ve had a few warm days now and it almost feels warm enough to swim here in Sydney! 💦 I can’t wait for afternoon to come when I grab the kids from school and head straight to the beach until dinner time! It’s honestly the best time of the year! 🎡 Thought I’d share a sneak peek of our kids Spanish lessons where we teach all our ‘Actions’ vocabulary. We’ll be opening #theculturedkidsclub in a few weeks time so if you want to teach your kids a language, make sure you’re in our waitlist so I can let you know when doors open! 🙌🏽 #theculturedkid #languagesforkids #preschoolspanish #preschoolfrench
Never underestimate the power of learning one word at a time. Especially if you're a non-native speaker. 🎡 You'll be amazed at what you can build on over time and how quickly your little one's vocabulary can grow! ✨ Have you signed up for our waitlist for our FRENCH and SPANISH program? The Cultured Kid's Club is designed to help you take your first step and create the foundations of language learning when your little ones can pick them up the easiest. #theculturedkid #languagesforkids
Did you know that from the age of two, children go through what's known as a 'vocabulary spurt' where they add around 200 brand new words to their working vocabulary? 👅 What's important to keep in mind is that there is a wide variation of what is considered 'normal' AND there is no research that suggests that introducing a language delays kids in their speech which means NOW is the best time to introducing as much vocabulary as possible during this important season in your little one's life! #theculturedkid #languagesforkids pic via @kcstauffer
I saw this quote the other day and it made me chuckle! ✨ I’d love to see your comments below and hear your best tips and tricks for travelling with kids! Goodness knows we all need them! 👶🏼✈️🎈 #theculturedkid #languagesforkids via @notsomumsy
What weekends SHOULD be made of! 😘😘😘🥖🥖🥖 Anyone off galavanting to exciting places right now? I’m definitely living vicariously through you guys as you share your adventures to find and exciting lands! #grassisalwaysgreenerhey ! 💃🏼 Don’t forget to tag #raisingculturedkids in your pics as you share your travel and language experiences! I love sharing them with our community and inspiring us all for what’s possible! xx Favourite pic by one of my favourite accounts to follow @localpassports ! You gotta check out their recent trip to Paris! 😍 #theculturedkid #languagesforkids
The sweetest French shirts by the cool kids at @tinycottons ! #theculturedkid #languagesforkids
You might be surprised to know that most of our community are non-native speakers of their target language and are having enormous success teaching a language at home! 🎈 That’s because you don’t need to be fluent to engage your child at home, you just need the right resources to start! ✨ So this week, I’ve been working on a particularly fun challenge to show you just how easy (and FUN) it can be to start with your preschooler today. 👶🏼 We’re doing a 5 Day Kids Language Challenge where we’re introducing French and Spanish to your kids! All that’s left is for you to join us! 💃🏼 Why not tag a friend below and do it together and you’ll be amazed at how you can teach 5 brand new words in 5 days! 🙌🏽 #theculturedkid #languagesforkids stunning capture of our French Flashcards by @mowgliandthebear_
Right, January it is then! #theculturedkid #languagesforkids
One of the best reasons to start introducing foreign languages from an early age is because there is MUCH less pressure to get it right as a kid. 🎬 I remember being in Germany as a 15-year-old kid, trying to practice my new words and sentences and realizing that I wasn't always going to get it right. It definitely made me draw back and only speak if I knew it was 100% correct. 👻 Kids take risks. They generally don't care if they get things wrong, they're happy to dive in deep and give anything a go - which is the best approach when learning to speak a new language #theculturedkid #languagesforkids
Your geography shouldn't determine your child's opportunity to learn about the world. Nor should it limit their chance to be educated. ✨ A second language can be taught at home, even if you don't speak it - You only need to step out and start with one word. #theculturedkid #languagesforkids via @thebeachpeople
Beach days of summer ☀️ . 🇺🇸 We love the beach! . 🇩🇪 Wir lieben den Strand! . 🇵🇱 Uwielbiamy plażę! . 🇭🇷 Volimo plažu! . 🇪🇬 !نحب الشاطئ
And a new week is rolling around! What camp are you in today coz I’m convinced it changes every other day!😂 #theculturedkid #languagesforkids
Throwing it back to days when my kiddos were still babies and I was clueless about how to teach them French. ✨ But with each baby step, we travelled in a direction that would open their minds and their hearts. ✨ I still treasure this image. This is a pic of us reading This Is Paris by Miroslav Sasek and we read this until the pages fell out. We learned all about the city and its culture and experienced the beauty of another world so far away from our own. ✨ And these days, we don’t just dream but we plan trips and my kids have their own ideas of what they want to see - birthed from ideas they once saw in this book. ✨ What memories are you making with your kiddos today? What is your favourite resource that you’re using to teach your own kids about the world? #theculturedkid #languagesforkids
The five charming villages clinging to the cliffs that give the region its name (Cinque Terre means “five lands”) were built around the 11th century and for centuries were accessible only by boat or by footpath. Families do need to plan carefully to experience kid-friendly Cinque Terre as the terrain is varied. ⛵️ Hiking between the villages is still the best way to discover the terraced vineyards, the lemon trees and olive groves, the scents of rosemary and lavender, and the tiny clusters of multicolored houses in this unique region. #theculturedkid #languagesforkids Pic via @enricoig
✨PRESS PLAY | SPANISH✨ One word is all it takes to start teaching your kids a language. Why not start today with ‘Run’. 🌮 This week we are launching our French + Spanish ‘5-Day Kids Language Challenge.’ 🎡 Hit the link below to find out how easy it can be to start teaching your kids a language in 5 Days! #theculturedkid #languagesforkids
Here's your midweek reminder that the world is your oyster and your little ones will follow your lead. ✨ Tag a mama who needs a reminder of the importance of raising little ones to see further than we ever have. ✨ Come join me in our private FB group Preschool Language Club where we share all things raising bilingual kids - and chat to parents who are doing the very same things! #linkinbio #theculturedkid #languagesforkids
TEACHING TIP: A great way to continue to immerse your child in the target language is through engaging your children in their favourite interests. ✨ It's a great idea to try and find books focusing on topics that they care about. One of my favorite kid's books is the internationally renown, 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle. Why not also read both the English version and the target language equivalent such as the French edition 'Le Chenille Qui Fait des Trous.’ You might be surprised at how much your child might comprehend when you introduce the story in the target language! #theculturedkid #languagesforkids
The language(s) I’m currently speaking the most: A lot of English, Polish, German, and Croatian 🇺🇸🇵🇱🇩🇪🇭🇷 . The language I’d like to speak better: French - I’d love to get a great teacher to work on it further! 🇫🇷 . The language I already know that I need to work on: Arabic. I found more of my materials from early on in my دراسات عربية (Arabic studies) and it’s so fun to go back and see how far I’ve come. I love to combine language learning with my hobbies so I’m looking forward to watching @fatafeatchannel again (the food network of the Middle East! I love cooking shows). 🇪🇬 . The trip I can’t stop thinking: Santa Fe, NM - I fell in love with the the landscape, the mountains, and the art! Can’t wait to come back and take another tour with @santafearttours 🎨 . What about you?! Are there any languages you’d like to speak better or are currently working on? 🌍
Today is my husbands birthday and we are celebrating by eating our way through our favourite cultures! ✨ Baked eggs for breakfast, Turkish gosleme for lunch and our favourite Italian restaurant for dinner! 🤤 ✨ I’m trying to be a good wife so we got his motorbike detailed with fancy new number plates (coz that totally matters) and the kids got him a @patagonia shirt so he’s now he’s officially a cool dad!! 💪🏽 Although we’ve always known that! 😍 ✨ Do you have any specific birthday traditions you carry out each year? #theculturedkid #languagesforkids
Never not looking for beautiful resources that inspire learning and reinforce a language. ✨ @thomasalm3ida this Spanish book ✔️ all the 🔲! 👌🏽 Anyone else a sucker for good design for your kids? 🎡 Tag a mama teaching their kids Spanish and get some brownie points for the referral! #theculturedkid #languagesforkids
What a week this has been. Kids are back at school. I’ve been trying regain a bit of routine after what’s been a whirlwind few weeks of school holidays and conferences and overseas work trips etc. ✨ I never thought I would ever say this but my goodness I’m grateful for the ordinary sometimes. ✨ Life is busy but I’m grateful for what each day looks like at the moment. ✨ I’m grateful to run a business that works around my kids school hours. ✨ I’m grateful to work nights because it means my afternoons are spent with my minis. ✨ I know that I’ll look back on these times with fond memories - even if it’s a little crazy and imperfect at times. ✨ Most mornings you’ll find me walking my Scout dog down by the harbour, taking a breath before the day starts. Goodness I need that breath! ✨ The older I get the more I’m convinced that perfection will never arrive. That I have to fight for the things that matter to me more than anything else. That we have more control than we realise. ✨ So this weekend, I’m taking a breath and choosing gratitude. And I’m taking time (in the craziness) to dream and set aside the things that matter to me, and taking steps to seeing them outworked... ✨ What’s your one thing you’re prioritising this week for yourself? #theculturedkid #languagesforkids
Weekends were made for adventuring! 🎡 Mind you my adventuring today looks like dropping my son to basketball and then hustling my daughter over to a birthday party on the other side of the city and then back again for collection #thatmumlife ! 🚘 Not as glamorous as the posts I see of everyone in Italy right now #highlightsreel , but I’m grateful for the ordinary days. Life is sweet even in the mundane of it all and I’m choosing to find ways to make it fun... At least that’s always the goal right? 🏖 Comment below all the ‘fun’ plans are you navigating this weekend! 😂 #theculturedkid #languagesforkids via @ingrid_nyc1
But seriously I love how our community rallies together around needs. I love that we share our tips and tricks that collectively help our kids move forward. I love that we never need to do this adventure alone! 👯‍♀️ Have you jumped over into our free FB community yet? We have nearly 1000 mamas sharing the best of their experiences and I’d so love you to be a part of it. 💫 The only thing is it’s a private group for our TCK community only so mention you heard about it from over here on insta and you’ll be in like Flynn - (whoever Flynn is!). 😂 Click the link in bio to join or head to theculturedkidcommunity.com to request access 💪🏽 #theculturedkid #languagesforkids
It’s the middle of winter but the sun is out and Sydney is showing off like it does so well! 🌊 As much as I love to travel the world, gosh I love this city! #theculturedkid #languagesforkids via @beautifuldestinations
Never underestimate the power of learning one word at a time. Especially if you're a non-native speaker. 🎈 You'll be amazed at what you can build on over time and how quickly you little one's vocabulary can grow! Have you signed up for our waitlist for our FRENCH and SPANISH program? The Cultured Kid's Club is designed to help you take your first step and create the foundations of language learning when your little ones can pick them up the easiest. #theculturedkid #languagesforkids
TEACHING TIPS: Find other kids who speak the target language and arrange fun playdates. Be intentional about making these days fun and provide props, treats, and toys to help them play together. ✨ This becomes important so that your kids can connect with other kids who are navigating different languages too. Don't worry too much if your 'play-mate' is a little older than your child as role models are just as important for your little one. 🎈 How do you find ways to engage your little ones with other kids in your neighborhood? #theculturedkid #languagesforkids
Anyone?!? 🙋🏼‍♀️ Tag a mama who can relate!
It’s such a privilege being able to play a small part in helping families bridge the gap between generations. ✨ Last week I spoke to a mama who shared that her family heritage was from France but after relocating to the US as a child, her parents never spoke French to her. She missed out on more than being able to speak a language. She missed out on a huge part of her heritage. 🇫🇷 Today she teaches her little ones French at home and loves that her daughter will be able to bridge that gap and know her roots. #theculturedkid #languagesforkids
I love this photo by @thespringbreakfamily as they share a glimpse of their trip to Paris this year. 🎠 They shared on the @adventureswithchildren blog recently why they think Paris was the best place they’ve ever visited with kids. Do you agree? If so put a 👍🏽 below or if not, share what your favourite city to take kids to. ✨ Remember to tag photos of your language adventures with #TheCulturedKid to be a part of @theculturedkid community. We love seeing (and sharing) all that you’re doing to help raise cultured kids together. #theculturedkid #languagesforkids #pariswithkids #frenchforkids
Celebrating Bastille Day from afar today! Love this country, their culture - and especially their contributions to the food world! 😋🥐🥖 🇫🇷 Are you teaching your kids French and if so, how are you celebrating today? #theculturedkid #languagesforkids #bastilleday 📷 @wonguy974
What is it about the stunning island of Burano that keeps calling my name! 😍 ✨ This quaint Italian town will have your kids smitten as they struggle to choose which colourful house is their favorite. ✨ Did you know it’s illegal to paint your house the same colour as your neighbor here? #theculturedkid #languagesforkids 📷 by @paolobalsamo
What are your favourite SPANISH resources? ✨ Don’t forget to tag #theculturedkid and share a little of what you love to use to reinforce vocabulary in your target language. #theculturedkid #languagesforkids pic by the incredible @mymamalingua
Want to teach your baby a second language? Books are an incredible starting point! 📚 I love the range of Spanish books that are being produced by @lil_libros ! They provide a fantastic means of introducing new vocabulary and short phrases which are vital for a child to learn from an early age. ✨ Remember to tag photos of your language adventures with #TheCulturedKid to be a part of @theculturedkid community. We love seeing (and sharing) all that you’re doing to help raise cultured kids together. . #theculturedkid #languagesforkids pic via @vonvis_photography
BARCELONA WITH KIDS A lush, green oasis outside the main city center of Barcelona, Park Güell is perfect for kids. ✨ The playful architecture allows for lots of exploration and invites fun games of hide-and-seek. Pick up picnic supplies at Forn Baluard, Barcelona’s best bakery, and enjoy a fun morning or afternoon walking the grounds of Park Güell. ✨ When you need a break, let your kids play in the park’s playground and enjoy the mouthwatering baked goods you picked up along the way. ✨ Definitely a recommendation for those visiting Barcelona with kids. 😍 Remember to tag photos of your language adventures with #TheCulturedKid to be a part of @theculturedkid community. We love seeing (and sharing) all that you’re doing to help raise cultured kids together. #theculturedkid #languagesforkids 📷 @ericacamargo
When your language lessons start to pay off ! 💪🏽 ✨ Share some of the wins you’re having at home below and show our community just what’s possible! 🙌🏽 ✨ Remember to tag photos of your language adventures with #TheCulturedKid to be a part of @theculturedkid community. We love seeing (and sharing) all that you’re doing to help raise cultured kids together. #theculturedkid #languagesforkids
Celebrating all our American families today who are in crazy holiday mode for the 4th July! ✨ How many of our followers hail from the US of A here!! Give me a shoutout with a 🇺🇸 #theculturedkid #languagesforkids 📷: @jupeandolive
Cinque Terre in fine form! Tell me it looks THIS good in the flesh and that it hasn't been photoshopped to within an inch of its life! ✨ Currently taking any recommendations on your favourite @airbnb places to stay in Italy: Think Cinque Terre, Amalfi, Rome and Tuscany! I need all the help i can get planning our trip! #theculturedkid #languagesforkids pic via @jamesrelfdyer
There's something wildly thrilling about jumping on a plane and heading off to the other side of the world! ✨ I recently make a spur of the moment decision to take a trip and fly to Canada for a conference to learn better ways to continue to serve the families in our community! It was so much fun - yes even the 22 hour long haul flight! 😍 I even found a way to have a short 24 hour stopover in New York City which made my heart so happy especially being reminded of how much this city has inspired me to maintain that focus on language and culture as my kids grow!! But so very happy to be home now! No place quite like it! ☺️ #theculturedkid #languagesforkids pic via @sincerelyjules
Chilly winter mornings here in Sydney have me dreaming about European summers! ✨ I have a dear old friend that these days spends 6 months a year in Greece and the other 6 months in Sydney - basically chasing summer. ☀️ What a dream right? 🏝 Anyone else have such grand plans to live this way? 😍 🎉 Remember to tag photos of your language adventures with #TheCulturedKid to be a part of @theculturedkid community. We love seeing (and sharing) all that you’re doing to help raise cultured kids together.
Moon Valley - Bolivia ... just amazing!!! #mycurrentview #worldtraveler #Bolivia #theculturedkid
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