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Anyone?!? 🙋🏼‍♀️ Tag a mama who can relate!
It’s such a privilege being able to play a small part in helping families bridge the gap between generations. ✨ Last week I spoke to a mama who shared that her family heritage was from France but after relocating to the US as a child, her parents never spoke French to her. She missed out on more than being able to speak a language. She missed out on a huge part of her heritage. 🇫🇷 Today she teaches her little ones French at home and loves that her daughter will be able to bridge that gap and know her roots. #theculturedkid #languagesforkids
I love this photo by @thespringbreakfamily as they share a glimpse of their trip to Paris this year. 🎠 They shared on the @adventureswithchildren blog recently why they think Paris was the best place they’ve ever visited with kids. Do you agree? If so put a 👍🏽 below or if not, share what your favourite city to take kids to. ✨ Remember to tag photos of your language adventures with #TheCulturedKid to be a part of @theculturedkid community. We love seeing (and sharing) all that you’re doing to help raise cultured kids together. #theculturedkid #languagesforkids #pariswithkids #frenchforkids
Celebrating Bastille Day from afar today! Love this country, their culture - and especially their contributions to the food world! 😋🥐🥖 🇫🇷 Are you teaching your kids French and if so, how are you celebrating today? #theculturedkid #languagesforkids #bastilleday 📷 @wonguy974
What is it about the stunning island of Burano that keeps calling my name! 😍 ✨ This quaint Italian town will have your kids smitten as they struggle to choose which colourful house is their favorite. ✨ Did you know it’s illegal to paint your house the same colour as your neighbor here? #theculturedkid #languagesforkids 📷 by @paolobalsamo
What are your favourite SPANISH resources? ✨ Don’t forget to tag #theculturedkid and share a little of what you love to use to reinforce vocabulary in your target language. #theculturedkid #languagesforkids pic by the incredible @mymamalingua
Want to teach your baby a second language? Books are an incredible starting point! 📚 I love the range of Spanish books that are being produced by @lil_libros ! They provide a fantastic means of introducing new vocabulary and short phrases which are vital for a child to learn from an early age. ✨ Remember to tag photos of your language adventures with #TheCulturedKid to be a part of @theculturedkid community. We love seeing (and sharing) all that you’re doing to help raise cultured kids together. . #theculturedkid #languagesforkids pic via @vonvis_photography
BARCELONA WITH KIDS A lush, green oasis outside the main city center of Barcelona, Park Güell is perfect for kids. ✨ The playful architecture allows for lots of exploration and invites fun games of hide-and-seek. Pick up picnic supplies at Forn Baluard, Barcelona’s best bakery, and enjoy a fun morning or afternoon walking the grounds of Park Güell. ✨ When you need a break, let your kids play in the park’s playground and enjoy the mouthwatering baked goods you picked up along the way. ✨ Definitely a recommendation for those visiting Barcelona with kids. 😍 Remember to tag photos of your language adventures with #TheCulturedKid to be a part of @theculturedkid community. We love seeing (and sharing) all that you’re doing to help raise cultured kids together. #theculturedkid #languagesforkids 📷 @ericacamargo
When your language lessons start to pay off ! 💪🏽 ✨ Share some of the wins you’re having at home below and show our community just what’s possible! 🙌🏽 ✨ Remember to tag photos of your language adventures with #TheCulturedKid to be a part of @theculturedkid community. We love seeing (and sharing) all that you’re doing to help raise cultured kids together. #theculturedkid #languagesforkids
Celebrating all our American families today who are in crazy holiday mode for the 4th July! ✨ How many of our followers hail from the US of A here!! Give me a shoutout with a 🇺🇸 #theculturedkid #languagesforkids 📷: @jupeandolive
Cinque Terre in fine form! Tell me it looks THIS good in the flesh and that it hasn't been photoshopped to within an inch of its life! ✨ Currently taking any recommendations on your favourite @airbnb places to stay in Italy: Think Cinque Terre, Amalfi, Rome and Tuscany! I need all the help i can get planning our trip! #theculturedkid #languagesforkids pic via @jamesrelfdyer
There's something wildly thrilling about jumping on a plane and heading off to the other side of the world! ✨ I recently make a spur of the moment decision to take a trip and fly to Canada for a conference to learn better ways to continue to serve the families in our community! It was so much fun - yes even the 22 hour long haul flight! 😍 I even found a way to have a short 24 hour stopover in New York City which made my heart so happy especially being reminded of how much this city has inspired me to maintain that focus on language and culture as my kids grow!! But so very happy to be home now! No place quite like it! ☺️ #theculturedkid #languagesforkids pic via @sincerelyjules
Chilly winter mornings here in Sydney have me dreaming about European summers! ✨ I have a dear old friend that these days spends 6 months a year in Greece and the other 6 months in Sydney - basically chasing summer. ☀️ What a dream right? 🏝 Anyone else have such grand plans to live this way? 😍 🎉 Remember to tag photos of your language adventures with #TheCulturedKid to be a part of @theculturedkid community. We love seeing (and sharing) all that you’re doing to help raise cultured kids together.
When your little ones hound you to have some ‘screen time’ and you use it as a chance to reinforce their French! 🇫🇷👌🏽✨😂 . Remember to tag photos of your language adventures with #TheCulturedKid to be a part of @theculturedkid community. We love seeing (and sharing) all that you’re doing to help raise cultured kids together.
There’s nothing I love more than travelling with my kids and love hearing tips from other parents who dare venture outside their comfort zones to show their kids the world. I recently read some favourite travel trips from @amberfillerup about some of the plans she makes when she travels with her minis and it’s so helpful! 🇮🇹 "It's so fun to take them to new zoos and fun exhibits and getting to see new things in new places through their eyes. Some of my favorite memories from vacations weren’t the tourist sights I wanted to see but the ones I planned for the kids. We always have at least one fun kid-friendly thing planned and usually stop at least one playground each day." ✨ Remember to tag photos of your adventures with #TheCulturedKid to be a part of @theculturedkid community. We love seeing (and sharing) all that you’re doing to help raise cultured kids together. #theculturedkid #languagesforkids #letthembelittle
When you learn to run your own race, you discover joy in the journey. ✨ It's so easy to compare your childs progress other other kids. It's the fastest way to get discouraged and quit. ✨ Today, I want you to celebrate your progress below. Share a WIN you've had on your language journey and what you think your next step might be! x ✈️ Remember to tag photos of your language adventures with #TheCulturedKid to be a part of @theculturedkid community. We love seeing (and sharing) all that you’re doing to help raise cultured kids together. 📷 #theculturedkid #languagesforkids #homeschooling #letthembelittle #parenting
Guys it’s nearly JULY!! ✨ JULY I tell you!! 😱 Anyone else scratching their heads trying to work out how on earth that happened this year?!? Already? 👌🏽 It’s been a huge year so far! The last two weeks alone I was galavanting around Canada and the US - and that long haul flight from Australia is no small feat. Mind you when you get a chance to hit summer for a few days, you take that opportunity! ✈️ We released our French and Spanish Preschool program and had a hoot of a time doing so! ☕️ I may be living off coffee and cuddles from my kids but really I feel like I could pinch myself coz it doesn’t feel real that I get to do what I do. Life is sweet and I love that I get to know you and be a small part of your world! #theculturedkid #languagesforkids
Throwing it back to when we first starting filming our video program! 🎪 It feels like only yesterday we started filming our Preschool Language Videos and gosh it felt like a huge and overwhelming job. ✨ As a mama, I so wish I had resources like this when my own kids were little - resources that would help teach my toddlers new vocabulary. And have it be fun in the process. 👶🏼 They say never work with kids and animals - but that’s exactly what we did and I’m so glad because what we have created is now helping parents teach their kids French and Spanish!! Especially if they don’t speak it themselves! 😍 Makes my heart swell so much!
Culturing your kids by every means possible! ✨ Remember to tag photos of your language adventures with #TheCulturedKid to be a part of @theculturedkid community. We love seeing (and sharing) all that you’re doing to help raise cultured kids together. • #theculturedkid #languagesforkids pic via @designmom
Let us read, and let us dance; these two amusements will never do harm to the world - Voltaire. 📕 Remember to tag photos of your language adventures with #TheCulturedKid to be a part of @theculturedkid community. We love seeing (and sharing) all that you’re doing to help raise cultured kids together. ✨ #theculturedkid  #languagesforkids pic via Pinterest
If I’m honest, one of my biggest fears when speaking to my own kids in a second language is getting it wrong. ☹️ I am neither fluent in Italian and my German these days had a lot to be desired, HOWEVER as a parent I have the opportunity to immerse my children in a language, even if it’s not perfect. ✨ Don’t wait for perfection before you start. Even just a handful of sentences will go a long way to building fluency over time. ✈️ Use basic tools like google translate if you really need them but find a way to continually move forward! I’d love to hear ways you’ve found to keep going - and if you’re not fluent, some tips you’ve used to fumble your way through! ☺️ Remember to tag photos of your language adventures with #TheCulturedKid to be a part of @theculturedkid community. We love seeing (and sharing) all that you’re doing to help raise cultured kids together. . #theculturedkid #languagesforkids #bilingualkids
Did you know that research has shown that children who are brought up to be bilingual have a sense of where they come from and feel proud of their heritage. ✨ They sometimes describe themselves as being a bridge between two cultures!! Imagine how we can empower the next generation to connect what our generation has torn apart when it comes to peace and cross cultural relationships. #buildbridgesnotwalls 💪🏽 Remember to tag photos of your adventures with #TheCulturedKid to be a part of @theculturedkid community. We love seeing (and sharing) all that you’re doing to help raise cultured kids together. . #theculturedkid #languagesforkids pic via @chasingwindmillskids
Pastel dreaming in Italy! 🇮🇹 . Remember to tag photos of your language adventures with #TheCulturedKid to be a part of @theculturedkid community. We love seeing (and sharing) all that you’re doing to help raise cultured kids together. . #theculturedkid #languagesforkids 📷 @voyage_provocateur
Day 3: spent the pomeriggio in my favourite libreria in town. Yep, books are a big passion of mine and since I can't get libri in Italiano in 🇬🇧 I decided this is the right time per fare scorta. Quick tip 🤓, libreria is an Italian false friend infact, despite the similarity of the two words, library in Italiano is biblioteca, while bookshop is libreria 📚 very easy to get confused 🤔 Anyway got my favourite autore italiano Camilleri, if you have never read one of his book about the inspector Montalbano ❤, it is time you do! Also couldn't help myself from buying a book for baby having finally found... 🥁... "that's not my book" collection in Italiano #felicita 💃 Promise myself I will buy them all which probably means I'll have to add an extra luggage to my return ticket but sono soldi ben spesi 😍😀 . #fluentlyitalian #italianlanguage #bilingual #baby #bookholic #bookstagram #books #reading #readinglist #italy 🇮🇹 #italian #italianholiday #italia #italiangirl #italianstyle #italyiloveyou #beautiful #amazing #love #pic #photooftheday #picoftheday #instaitaly #italianblogger #likeforlike #instagrammer #instabooks #bookworm #theculturedkid
All the weekend feels! ✨ Remember to tag photos of your language adventures with #TheCulturedKid to be a part of @theculturedkid community. We love seeing (and sharing) all that you’re doing to help raise cultured kids together. . #theculturedkid #languagesforkids pic by @tinycottons
Thank you #theculturedkid @theculturedkid . This is so very true!!
I’ve been having some issues with my business Facebook account recently so I’ll be uploading more videos here and on YouTube in the meantime 👍🏼 Today, I’m speaking in German about how it is finally warm here! I would even say it’s almost summer ☀️ Is the weather already nice where you live? Can you understand German? 🇩🇪🇦🇹🇨🇭 Let me know!
🏰 in the water! And the Italian bucket list continues to GROW! #theculturedkid #languagesforkids @michaelpezzaioli
You bet I am dreaming about all of the soccer/football I am going to watch this weekend ⚽️ I’m most excited to watch Morocco 🇲🇦 vs Iran 🇮🇷 today, Croatia 🇭🇷 vs Nigeria 🇳🇬 tomorrow, and Germany 🇩🇪 vs Mexico 🇲🇽 on Sunday! Are you watching the #WorldCup ? 🇩🇪 Heute ist Freitag - Gott sei Dank! 🇵🇱 Dzisiaj jest piątek - dzięki Bogu! 🇭🇷 Danas je petak - hvala Bogu! 🇺🇸 Today is Friday - thank God! 🇪🇬 اليوم هو الجمعة - الحمد لله! 🇲🇽 Hoy es viernes, ¡gracias a Dios! 📸: @babuskana
1 MORE HOUR until doors close for our Preschool French and Spanish Membership. ✨ We won’t be opening the doors for a while now as I’ll be spending time supporting our members inside our community helping them take giant leaps and bounds forward in helping their little ones learn French or Spanish! 🌈 Would hate for you to miss out on all the fun, games and SUPPORT we’ve planned for you! Hit the link in profile NOW to register and grab a spot for your little ones! xxx #theculturedkid #languagesforlittlekids pic by @threebirdies
I had always wanted to learn another language before having kids in hopes to raise my kids bilingual. Knowing how difficult I found learning a second language was in school made me want for an easier method for my kids. Well, the kids are here and I am still only fluent in English. I figured I had missed my chance. 💫 That is, at least until I found The Cultured Kid. Josiah, my 3yo, loves the flash cards. My husband, 30yo, loves the design. These cards are always out and are used daily. The instructions provided are so encouraging in helping me teach a language that I don't yet know. 🎡 We carry the vocab learned from the flashcards throughout our day-to-day and find ourselves speaking French often. The Cultured Kid's flashcards have been an easy way to introduce a new language.&; Josiah thinks he's playing a game, but he's also building a great foundation in French. - Mel (NYC) _____________________________________________________________ REGISTRATIONS to our Preschool French and Spanish language membership close in just under 3 days time and we’ll be starting our brand new weekly lessons together on Tuesday! And I can’t waif! Would love you to join hit the link in profile to register! x #theculturedkid #languagesforkidd ##pic via @couldihavethat
Happy 4th Birthday to Leo! My nephew is so smart, sweet, and fun to be around. He’s an amazing big brother to Maya and I am so proud of him. When he was born, we spent the first weeks of his life obsessively watching the World Cup (like we always do) but it was even better with Leo! I can’t wait to watch the World Cup with him this summer (you know his Wujek @tslavprsa got him a Croatian jersey already to sport). I really love being a Ciocia (aunt). If you’re lucky enough to have a sister who is truly your best friend, you can imagine how much I love her children - my nephew and niece. Dominika and Paul are wonderful parents. I love this photo of Leo, Maya, Tomislav and I from an early morning walk on the beach at our #Kampršaroni family vacation last June. ❤️💙💚💜💛🎈🎂 🇺🇸 Happy Birthday! 🇭🇷 Sretan rođendan 🇵🇱 Wszystkiego najlepszego z okazji urodzin 🇩🇪 Alles gute zum Geburtstag! 🇫🇷 Bon anniversaire 🇳🇱 Fijne verjaardag 🇵🇭 Maligayang kaarawan 🇭🇺 Boldog születésnapot 🇳🇴 Gratulerer med dagen 🇵🇹 feliz Aniversário 🇸🇮 Vse najboljše 🇮🇹 Buon compleanno 🇪🇸 Feliz cumpleaños 🇪🇬 عيد مولد سعيد 🇷🇺 С днем рождения!
It's no secret that we love @theculturedkid and have a #momboss crush on founder Shannon...so here's a language-related announcement from her that you won't want to miss! 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 DM us if you want more info. 💛 • • • ✨FRENCH + SPANISH FAMILIES✨ I’ve JUST opened the doors to our French and Spanish Language Membership. ✨ If you’ve always wanted to teach your toddler/preschooler a language but not known where to start, or you’re fluent in the language but need a framework to teach your little ones, this is for you! 🌈 Our membership provides you with WEEKLY French or Spanish lessons that include IMMERSIVE Video Lessons, play based Lesson Plans, age appropriate Activity Sheets and Illustrated Flashcards! 💫 Plus you’ll join a community of parents and educators that will support each other in our PRIVATE group with regular face to face video calls with other members plus live Q&A chats with experts to help build momentum. 🎡 I’m also going to be giving away a bonus to the first 20 members who join - with a physical set of our stunning Flashcards coming your way. 🙌🏽 Registrations open until Monday June 11 and when doors close, we won’t be offering this again for a while as I’ll be inside the membership supporting our community so if you’ve been thinking about starting, now is the time!! . . . #languagelearning #languagesforkids #theculturedkid #languagelessons #summerwithkids #homeschoolideas #homeschooling #preschool #learnspanish #learnfrench #frenchforkids #spanishforkids
That Monday morning feeling!👌🏽 This week is pretty exciting as I finally get to share with you all that’s been going in behind the scenes for those if you teaching French and Spanish!! Have you marked your calendar yet for June 7! What do you think it could be? #theculturedkid #languagesforkids
I would rather own a little and see the world, than own the world and see a little of it. ✈️ There’s something so magical that takes place when you travel to different lands and experience a culture unlike any other. It changes you and it never leaves you! 💫 Where’s a destination that changed you the most? Mine was when I was 15 and lived in Germany for a few months on school exchange. #theculturedkid #languagesforkids pic by @mer_mag
✨PRESS PLAY✨ Here’s a glimpse into all that’s coming up NEXT WEEK! Our Preschool Spanish doors are OPENING for the first time! 👶🏼 Make sure you note in your diary the 7th June - coz that’s when it’s all going down and make sure you join the waitlist to be notified when doors open! 🙋🏼‍♀️ link in bio. 🎡 What language are you most excited to teach your little one? #theculturedkid #languagesforkids #preschoolspanish #spanishforkids #spanishkids
Diving into the weekend like 💦 • Are you hitting the beach, the city or heading to the mountains this weekend? #theculturedkid #languagesforkids pic via @los_mosqueras
Today I’m a little bit Spanish crazy after seeing the very first of our preschool Spanish videos lessons realised. • But seriously guys it’s coming together! 🙌🏽 I’ve been working furiously hard to finish some of our Spanish lesson plans and put the finishing touches on our Flashcards and Activity sheets!! (woop woop) 🎉 I can wait to share them with you in a few weeks time!! Make sure to check out my stories to take a sneak peek and jump in and join the waitlist (link in bio) to be notified when doors open!! • Hands up if you’re teaching SPANISH at home with your minis? 🙋🏼‍♀️ #theculturedkid #preschoolspanish #kidsspanish #spanish
When your kids watch tv in the target language, remember it’s important to pause, replay, ask simple questions and share ideas with your little one. A quick tip is to do this from the beginning so your child won’t feel like you’re interrupting and it’s normal. 😉 #theculturedkid #languagesforkids
Teaching a language at home shouldn’t be a difficult thing - even if you don't know the language - which is one of the motivations around creating our double-sided Flashcards - they contain the Phonetic and English on one side and the target language on the other and help introduce and reinforce the language during your lessons each week. . Coz lets be honest, kid-wrangling a preschooler is hard enough - Aint nobody got time to wrestle language you can't pronounce ;) #theculturedkid #languagesforkids
✨I want to hear your story!! ✨ Have you introduced a language to your child at home? Particularly if you’re not fluent in the target language? If so, I’d love to hear (and share) your story! Your child doesn’t have to be fluent but I’d love to hear how you started and are taking steps forward. Comment below with what language you are introducing and some tips that have helped you along the way. #theculturedkid #languagesforkids pic by @earlychildfood
When your child CHOOSES to read their own books in their target language! 🙌🏽✨😍 Share below some of your FAVORITE kids books. Start with what language you’re teaching and the title of the book - or type in ‘need recommendations’ if you need some inspiration! #theculturedkid #languagesforkids pic my @earlychildfood
Raising babies to speak French is just about the cutest thing ever - and the smartest thing to do if you want to give your kids a head start in life! ✨ Do we have many Mamas teaching French at home here? #theculturedkid #languagesforkids pic via @petitbateau
Last week I got to spend the week helping mamas take their first steps to introducing a brand new language to their kids. • Most mamas didn’t speak the language they wanted their kids to learn but they were able to see that with each step forward, their little one picked up new words and new perspectives on culture. Plus we had a lot of fun doing it. ☺️ I’m thinking of running this challenge regularly given it was so much fun but wondering if anyone else would be interested in joining again soon? Comment below if you missed out but would love to join in. #theculturedkid #languagesforkids
We are honored to be featured as an expert in one of the @theculturedkid 's latest resources for parents raising bilingual kids. New blog post + link to download the FREE 28-page PDF with inspiration, wisdom and actionable tips...link in bio! ☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻 . . . #languages #bilingualkids #bilingual #bilingualfamily #bilingualbaby #bilingualmom #qotd #tipsformoms #momboss #theculturedkid #culturedkids #languagestudy #momtips #tipsformoms #momtrepreneur #mompreneur #homeschoolmom #homeschooling #workingmom #thingsforkids #kidstuff
Spring in the air in one of the most beautiful cities in the world! 😍 #theculturedkid #languagesforkids
Ok today’s the day! We are about to kick off our 5 Day - Kids Language Challenge - Where you’ll learn just how easy it can be to teach your child a language(even if you don’t speak it). If you’re still keen to join us, you have a very small window of time, so jump in NOW. Hit the link in profile to register! 😍 #theculturedkid #languagesforkids Stunning photo by the ever gifted @playartlearn
Weekend Priorities! ☕️ Am feeling a little under the weather today and my incredible husband let me stay in bed and get some rest before I head to NZ on Monday. ✨ So. Very. Grateful! Anyway I’m so glad to have a moment to breathe. Its been a busy week planning our Kids Language Challenge which I’m super exited about - and hope you’ll join us. ☺️ Head to the link in profile and make sure you good to go for Monday! 🙌🏽 #theculturedkid pic via @jeanandjune #languagesforlittlekids
My heart definitely skipped a beat this morning reading @wanderlust.crew ’s latest blog post on The Complete Guide to Cinque Terre with Kids! 😍 Make sure you jump over and take a peek - my favourite tip was the gelato challenge! 🍦Just the pictures themselves had me wanting to expedite our trip to next week - and will def want to make you book one if you haven’t yet been. 💫 Our kids have been learning Italian now for the past 4 years and I’m so excited about what that trip might do in their hearts - and for their vocabulary! If you’re teaching a language at home, how often do you travel to immerse your kids?
🇫🇷PRESS PLAY🇫🇷 It’s easy to be overwhelmed when thinking about where to begin if you’re teaching a language from scratch. ✨ The best way to learn a language, is by starting... one word at a time. 👶🏼 Taking one step forward is better than being overwhelmed and not doing anything. If you’re not ready or able to introduce your child to formal lessons yet, that’s totally fine! 😉 Why not start with the basics by showing your child words throughout their day that have two names - one in each language (for example English / French). As your little one continues to be introduced to the world around them, acquaint them to both languages word by word. 🎉 You’ll be surprised at how quickly their vocabulary will grow using this method. Tag a mama who might find this method helpful. #theculturedkid #languagesforlittlekids
Keep learning
It's been a full few weeks with the kids on holidays, however, I did manage to sneak in a few meetings with some incredible childcare centres in Qld and I'm so excited to announce some new partners who will be outworking #theculturedclassroom FRENCH program this year. ✨ Welcome to the Family #LittleGemsEarlyLearning ! ✨  Their little ones at the Helensvale, Albany Creek and Jimboomba locations will be speaking French as quickly as you can say un, deux, trois! x #languagesforkids #homeschooling #parenting #letthembelittle #childhoodunplugged #magicofchildhood #theculturedkid #languagesforlittlekids #bilingual
Weekend routines that make my heart happy. ✨ I love our morning walks with Scout, our #bouvierdesflandres puppy - we take her down most days to our local park where she gallops around off leash (and sometimes dives into the harbour for a swim). 😐 🐶 With only a few days left until the kids go back to school, I’m making the most of time with them. Soaking it up coz it seems to fly by during the normal school terms! ✨ Having said that, it’s definitely been a huge few weeks trying to simultaneously make the most of the time I have with my kiddos but also, dig in and work on our Spanish lessons... Its SUCH a tough challenge to navigate as a working Mama at times - so if any of you have managed to nail it please tell me how on earth you do it all!🤪 #theculturedkid #languagesforlittlekids
I remember how intimidated I was when I first decided to teach my kids French. It was scary because I thought that I was 'just' a mum, wasn't a teacher and I didn't even speak French... But I quickly realised there was a lot that I could do to get the ball rolling - and eating 🥐 was definitely part of the solution! 😉 If you've ever felt like this or needed some inspiration around how to teach your kids a language make sure you get your hands on this free checklist I created which will give you that boost you need. x Hit the link in my bio to get your hands on it. ✨ #theculturedkid #langaugesforkids
If you’ve been in our world a little while you might remember that our lessons first started at home and then we were asked to run our French lessons in my daughters local preschool, which quickly grew to running them all around Sydney! 😵 • While a lot has changed since 2014, my desire to teach languages to kids only continues to grow which is why I’m ridiculously excited to be partnering with some of the finest Early Childhood Centres across Australia. 🇦🇺 • I’ve been working behind the scenes (day and night) to create a program that provides tools to educators to run weekly language lessons in their own centres! • It’s called #theculturedclassroom and our French program is currently being rolled our across a handful of Partner Centres with #AppleseedChildcare being the first! 🎉 • We are currently going through applications from centres all over Australia to run our program however if you’re interested and want your child’s preschool to pickup a language, make sure you tag them below! Coz honesty moment, there’s no reason at all they shouldn’t be these days!! 😘 #theculturedkid #languagesforkids #daycare #preschool #earlychildhoodeducation
Never not dreaming of adventures with my kids! #sacrecoeur #theculturedkid #paris
Hi guys! I wanted to pop in and let you know of a few small changes in the shop for the next few months. In an effort to focus on putting the final touches on our Spanish program, I’ll be removing our physical French and Spanish Flashcard sets for the next wee while. • If you want to get your hands on some of our sets (think Colors, Numbers, Actions, Animals etc) jump in ASAP as I don’t yet have a date that they will be coming back. Hit the link in profile to get your sets today. x
When screen time gives you a moment to breathe as well as works on your kids French pronunciation! 🙌🏽 🇫🇷 #theculturedkid #languagesforlittlekids
First time at CIFF was a blast! Loving these times with my girl! #CIFF #moviebuff #theculturedkid #thatsmygirl #mommysgirl 🎀 #lovingindira #liyanafilm
Since we launched our French program last month, I’ve been bombarded with DM’s and emails asking when I’ll be starting SPANISH next! ☺️ • I can’t blame you really! Being one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, it makes sense to want to teach your kids how to speak it! SO I can tell you we will be opening our Spanish membership on the 8th JUNE for just a handful of days to accept enrolments. ✨ • HOWEVER I would encourage you to jump onto our Earlybird Waitlist today and get a few extra goodies we’ve got planned for you when we go live. Hit the link in profile and register now so I can keep you updated when we get close!. 🙌🏽 • The question now is what languages do you want me to tackle next?? #theculturedkid #languagesforkids #moremilk #spanish pic by @fivelittlebirds
Throwing it back to days when my minis were tiny and the days were FULL and I was overwhelmed at where to even start when it came to outworking my dream of teaching these two French... 🇫🇷 For those who don’t know our story. I don’t speak French fluently however I did study multiple languages back in school and at college and LOVED it. 🎠 I did however know I wanted more for my kids. To give them a head start. To show them their world is bigger than their own (limited) backyard. And so we stumbled forward and had fun along the way. And I discovered my kids were forgiving with my pronunciation and wanted to ‘play’ French with me often. ✨ And now they’re older and at school. I miss those crazy messy but very fun days, grateful for the memories we had but also grateful for the foundation our lessons have given them. And SO grateful for an exceptional team that has helped me shape our stunning French program for mums just like me! 😬 What about you? Do you teach your little ones a second language because of your heritage or to set your kids up for their future? I’d so love to hear your story!
Had the most wonderful Easter long weekend celebrating with my little loves! Falling into a sugar coma tonight and I couldn’t be happier! Hope you have had the most special time with your fam! xx #theculturedkid #languagesforkids pic via @omy_maison
GOOD MORNING and Happy Monday!! 🙌🏽 • I wanted to pop in and let you know that in 24 hours we will be closing the doors to our French language membership: #theculturedhome • We’ve had an overwhelming response to our lessons over the past few weeks and have had such great feedback about how easy the lessons are to run at home. Particularly how much your kids have loved the videos and inspire them to speak. • If you have a spare 30 minutes in your week, you can easily teach the foundations of French in your own home for as little as the cost of a cup of coffee. 🇫🇷☺️ • As I’ll be spending the next few months working and supporting the families in our membership, (and working on releasing our Spanish program) I don’t have a date when we will open again so if you’re thinking about checking it out, I’d encourage you to do so and join at our founding members rate as the next time we open enrolments, the membership will increase. xx ✨ Hit the link in profile to signup up and start your first lessons today! #theculturedkid #languagesforkids pic via @hotelmagique
Planning and dreaming of our Europe trip later this year. ✨ Have you been Chateau de Maisons? It was built in the 17th century on a hill overlooking a bend in the Seine and was the work of the king's architect François Mansart who was then at the very pinnacle of his career. 🏫 The majesty, symmetry and harmonious forms of this chateau make it an architectural masterpiece of its age. #theculturedkid #languagesforkids
Saturdays in our household are generally hectic - ticking off all the boxes of weekend sport, birthday parties and finding time to just stop and be with one another! What are you up to today? Anything fun happening in your part of the world? x #theculturedkid #languagesforlittlekids via @oohnoo_official
✨ PRESS PLAY✨ Heads up all Francophiles! 🇫🇷 Have you got your hands on our FREE French lesson yet? ✨ Hit the link in profile to check out our immersive video lesson, play-based lesson plan that’s easy to do with your kids plus our custom illustrated flashcards and activity sheets. • Side note, how cute is Scout my pooch making a cameo appearance in our ‘Animals’ topic! 🐶 Tag a mama in your world who would love to teach the language of love to their toddler! #theculturedkid #languagesforlitrlekids
One thing I know as a mama, is that there are always going to be things on the ‘to do’ list to be ticked off. • However, there are some things that shouldn’t be relegated to another day. • So today, take even just a few minutes to speak to your child in your target language. Or read a book to them? Or play a quick game. • We’re currently diving back into French coz it gets a bit rusty with the kids learning Italian at school; so today we are revisiting our ‘animals’ video lesson - coz thankfully it only takes a few minutes to watch. • Time for some accountability - what are you going to do to engage your little one in your target language?? #theculturedkid #languagesforkids via @aolanow
Moon Valley - Bolivia ... just amazing!!! #mycurrentview #worldtraveler #Bolivia #theculturedkid
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