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Do you have someone you can talk to about anything you’re going through? If you don’t please DM me. I promise i got you🖤❤️🖤
Do you ever wish you could just drive away and never look back?
Do you make the first move when you’re out or do you wait for them to do it?
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How do prefer to be woken up in the morning?
Do you remember your first kiss?
Out of all the places you’ve been in the world, which one do you want to revisit the most?
What is your favorite feature on a partner?
How do you begin your mornings?
What song throughout history have you connected with more than any other?
Have many times have you been burned?
Have you or anyone you loved struggled with addiction?
Can you tell when you’re being lied too?
Do you know anyone who has only had sex with the person they married?
Do you fear death?
Did the person who raised you help or hurt your development?
What is your definition of home?
Do you believe in fate?
Has someone ever told you things would change but they never did?
Do you give your partner the necessary space they need?
Have you ever encountered someone who just walked through life with no regard for anyone or anything?
How long did you spend getting to know the person you were dating before you fell in love?
Have you ever dealt so much damage in a relationship that it became too late to save it?
What’s the most impulsive thing you’ve ever done for love?
Have you gotten better looking with age?
Have you ever been self destructive?
Have you ever felt numb?
How many of you are constantly at war with the voices in your head?
Are you content in a relationship or do you always want more?
If you had to choose 3 people at this current moment to spend eternity with, who would you choose? *Tag Them Below* ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️
Have you ever had something backfire on you that you did with the best of intentions?
Have you ever lied and told someone everything was fine just to end an argument?
If you could drop everything tomorrow and do anything without your finances holding you back, what would it be?
When is the last time somebody truly hugged you?
What memories keep you up at night ?
When is the last time you completely let yourself be vulnerable with someone?
What about you enables you to stand out from the rest?
When was the last time you truly felt alive?
Have you ever passed on dating someone because of their looks?
Have you ever given a relationship every ounce of energy you had only for it to still not be appreciated?
What’s holding you back from being happy?
Have you ever told a person you care about things you’ve never told anyone else and they used them against you?
Have you ever met anyone who mastered the art of lying?
How do you define perfection?
How have you improved compared to this time last year?
Have you ever felt like you lost your identity in a relationship?
When is the last time you read a text message and genuinely smiled?
When is the last time you felt the butterflies?
How would your life be different today if all the times you fell in love suddenly never existed?
When’s the last time you did something completely spontaneous ?
Have you ever felt smothered?
Have you been living your best life??
How far would you go for the one you love?
What are the things that broke you?
What’s the most important thing you’ve lost after a breakup?
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Are you able to accept compliments?
Whose name is autographed across your heart?
What does love mean to you?
What did you feel during the moment of your first kiss?
Where do you find your happiness?
What song will always make you think of your first love?
Has someone ever been honest with you with your best interest in mind but it still made you angry?
Have you ever wanted to run away and start over?
When faced with conflict do you shut down or make sure it gets resolved?
When’s the last time you put your trust in a stranger?
Have you ever met someone who completely shaped the person you are today for the better?
Have you ever had to break free from a controlling man/woman?
Have you ever found yourself completely stuck in a rut?
How many of you ladies have embraced your inner warrior?
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